P3D V4.5 HD | VATSIM full flight w/subtitles | Amsterdam to Paris | KLM B738

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P3D V4.5 HD | VATSIM full flight w/subtitles | Amsterdam to Paris | KLM B738


Ground is now closing, continue on UNICOM 122.8 bai Paris control, good evening

KLM25P with you, FL290 inbound NILEM with G

KLM25P, hello, squawk 1000, G is correct

1000 in the box, KLM25P

KLM25P, Paris, identified

cleared MOPIL8W arrival, descend FL250

cleared MOPIL8W arrival, down to FL250, 25P KLM25P, descend FL150, direct DEVIM Down to FL150, direct to DEVIM, KLM25P KLM25P, report indicated Indicated Airspeed 265, Mach .64 Copy, KLM25P any chance you can increase that to Mach .7? Absolutely, 25P thank you KLM25P, free speed

free speed, 25P KLM25P, contact Paris 125.825 with the info, bye 125.825 with info H, KLM25P, bye De Gaulle Approach, good evening KLM25P, with you inbound DEVIM info H KLM25P, bonjour Descend FL130, LORNI5W transition, ILS 26L Down to FL130, LORNI5W transition, ILS 26L, KLM25P KLM25P, descend FL70

Down to FL70, KLM25P KLM25P, fly heading 220 fly heading 220, KLM25P KLM25P eeeeeeeehh KLM25P, descend to 4000ft QNH 1006 4000ft on QNH 1006, KLM25P KLM25P, cleared ILS 26L

Cleared ILS 26L, KLM25P KLM25P, contact the Tower 119.250, bye 119.250, KLM25P, bye De Gaulle Tower, good evening KLM25P with you ILS 26L KLM25P, hello winds 190/10, RWY 26L cleared to land Alright, 26L cleared to land, KLM25P thank you KLM25P, cross RWY26R

on the other side contact 121.6, bye

Cleared to cross 26R, once on the other side contact ground 121.6, KLM25P thank you very much, bye you’re welcome bye De Gaulle Ground, good evening KLM25P with you, just crossed 26R, currently on T6 requesting taxi to the gate KLM25P, welcome to Paris Taxi Terminal 1 via taxiways T, N and A Taxi to Terminal 1 via T, N and A, KLM25P Ground, KLM25P Do you have selected a stand for us prior, or do you just want us to go pick one ourselves? KLM25P, well you’re not on Terminal 1 sooo you just take anyone you want 🙂 roger, thank you very much, 25P All stations

Ground is now closing, you can switch to UNICOM 122.8 Have a good evening everyone, bye Thanks for your help, G’night