The greatest gameplay of X-Plane 11 ever (not)

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The greatest gameplay of X-Plane 11 ever (not)

Hello the internet here we’re in X-Plane 11 We are at gate B56 We are just getting ready to a flight to Philadelphia Let me get my map up We are at Newark Int’ and we are going to Philadelphia Int’ It is going to be a short flight today. We will be cruising at 10,000 ft Also, let me file a flight plan I should have done this earlier (no duh) This may or may not be the second time I’m recording this video Because my computer ran out of battery (Self depreciation) I have to literally do it all over again (Self hate) I’m getting my pen and paper (More self hate) Lets request altimeter Lets do that You can see the altimeter right down there So I know my microphone quality is terrible but bear with me here (Excuses) You should probably just skip till takeoff The squawk code is 4700 Also, I’m not going to be doing other little stuff like starting up the engines all that Because that would be very boring (no clue) I should set the flaps to 10 (Checking what buttons do because I am a nub) So we are going to be flying direct today (to Philadelphia Int’) Flying by the defalt ATC Whoa, jeez So we’re going to be cruising at 10,000

winds as of right now on are 285 @ 14 knots Oh, geez what are these people doing Last time he had me heading 070 Jesus and oh my god, I’m My voice is lost (Complaining because life is hard) (Repeating why the footage was lost for the second time) Oh no one who cares about taxi lines anyway I have it. So it’s realistic time and weather It was a bright sunny day I was recording earlier Well, it’s not sunset oh it’s just behind clouds I need to make a RIGHT (I’m stupid) here (Trying to figure out where the heck I am going) (Lies) (Figuring out the meaning of life) Okay, I guess, we’re just gonna cross (random southern accent kicks in) at our own discretion I am going way to fast We are just going to cross this runway to I guess I don’t exactly know how to work the ILS I kinda know how that never done it in an actual flight If I can’t figure out I’ll just fly visual I keep pressing that button (accidentally) (Trying to figure out what the same buttons do because I am a huge nub) (Excuses) (Bragging) (Talking about my yoke even more) (Nub)

Also, I’m just gonna completely guess the V1, V2, and VR (Useless stuff about apps) Full power! Ok a little less than full power (80 knots) (120 knots) V1 Rotatè Positive rate – gear up At 1,000 ft we will begin making the turn to 070 1,000 ft- we are gonna make that left turn (One notch of flaps up) Another notch (Self dougt) (Flaps are coming out) I actually can’t hear the sound right now Let me turn autopilot on (Panic) (f’s up) (Lies) (Still trying to figure out what the same buttons do for the 50th time) I just got a flash on my screen Okay Oh, yeah here oh my gosh, I forgot about the fasten seatbelt sign That’s about it and the lights oh my gosh, I forgot about it last time too

Those should all be off anyways Now this is the awkward portion of the flight We are not going to be flying (at cruise) for that long anyway Oh We are right there you’re going to here There we go, I don’t know what runway we are expecting I have no idea what runway we are expecting (Terrible joke) Our callsign is American 112 (Deafening roar from the engines) (Thumbnail) Oh that’s a 25-knot crosswind I was totally not looking at this before when I told you the wind – I was going off something else but that’s the wind right now (Messing up) (Airplane alert) (Panic) (Talking to an airplane) Why are you screaming are you just trying to make me nervous (I am going insane) (Checking the altimeter) We’re going to be landing here We will probably land at Runway 09R We’re 45nm from the runway Probably landing 09R The ATC usually has me Left traffic pattern? Whatever way this is (I am pro) (Complaining)

Very precise (Douting the ATC because I just switched frequencies from that frequency) (Mad at ATC I just switched frequencies from that frequency again) I’m like a volleyball going back and fourth (F’s up) (Completly misses that the autopilot is setup wrong) Oh, that’s why they keep on telling me to descend, I didn’t read it back (Wrong) (Lies) I’m just nervous (No S***) (Realizes incompetence) That is a BIG decent 23-knot crosswind there Tune our NAV (Airplane Alert) (Talking to an airplane again) What are you screaming at me for? What are you screaming at me for? We are descending very quickly. Oh we’re heavily overspeed NO NO Good boy (I am losing my mind) Really

How the heck are we gonna make this oh my gosh (foreshadowing?) NO NO I went the wrong way (Idiot) There we go Right, no, we’re not jesus (Excuses) (???) (More excuses) I guess we’re not going to do an ILS I don’t know where the button for the glideslope is I’m gonna pause the game real quick. Am I going to search it up? I need to search it up (Looking for a NOT EXISTING glideslope button) (Lies) If I press something wrong, I can lose everything SKIP TO 33:45

I already did it. I was right that was right there. It has done No, I’m landing (FATAL MISTAKE) (1,000 ft) (Self-hate)

(500 ft) (400 ft) (Autopilot disengaged alert) I am flying the plane manually (200 ft) Full flaps (100 ft) (50 ft) (40 ft) (30 ft) (20 ft) (10 ft)