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Hi all today we will be making a flight from the port of honolulu to the airport hanna phhn this is the second part say the flight that follows the route we made lanay Honolulu, as we mentioned in the previous flight, we have a few passengers have been the whole day seeing interesting things here in honolulu and it’s time to go to the hanna airport I tell you, it’s a flight about an hour flight quite a bit long but good we’ll have it for sure very well with respect to the channel I made some some videos of real flight simulator the new flight simulator for android devices and then it’s quite interesting but good as I told you and as I have always promised the flights of x plane will never be missing in the channel because first they are the ones that I like the most but good I wanted and incorporate the new simulator to the channel because it’s also interesting, it’s fun, so well, we went to the to the plane to start it we close doors We are going here, we have batteries We opened could flaps and turn on the plane beacon light,pump number one this step I think you have to do it first, but let’s see if it turns yes, it started we go up to 1000 rpm we do the same with the number two engine we make the flight plan we put GPS, flight plan, select departure departure,PALAY 2 runway 22 R transition Molokai,enter next point OGG,the VOR next point SEYOL next point GPYLE GPYLE and PHHN

ok arrival procedure RNAV 26 ,vectors I’ll put the VOR frequency of Molokai and the VOR of OGG the Molokai is 116.10 and the OGG is 115.10 we have here the checklist we removed the yaw damper and the flight director the flight plan is complete, I think we are ready to taxi to runway 22R, to see if there is something left to do I think everything is correct I taxi to runway 22R and we start the the flight, the TRIM is missing I taxi to runway 22R and we start the flight heading

we are ready, we take off full power gear up As this departure is by vectors, we are going to we are going to ascend above 2000 feet, and make a direct until PALAY turn on autopilot we are adjusting the power a bit and since we are over 2000 feet to do the direct until PALAY As you have seen, it is very easy to make a direct on the GPS, we select the point where we are going to go we press the arrow direct and press ENTER, the plane will automatically obey the command that we have indicated We will ascend to 11,000-foot cruise

the trip is long, more than 100 miles and we will have a 15 or 20 minute cruise continue, nice views about the landscape and the airports this airport according to the developers, in the next update that will come out in summer, that is, June, July or August will be global, will launch x plane for mobile devices that is, we will be able to fly around the world, and it would be good to see the amount of realism there are in airports and in cities, and if they keep if there will be buildings in 3D, because I think that takes up a lot of space there are many expectations and hopes in the next update It will be very beautiful, I put the the frequency of the NDB that is next to the VOR OGG so we have it ready we make an external view Well, 11,000 feet, we’re already cruising, we put ALT we must be arriving at the VOR of Molokai This is the island, we must be very close to the VOR of Molokai 3 minutes from VOR of Molokai we close cowl flaps and pass checklist we program the VNAV to schedule the descent we must be at 2500 feet sometimes it’s a bit tricky, 2,500 feet in GPYLE at the rate of about 1000 feet per minute

we have a 22 minute cruise I have it, because the most possible thing is that I make a cut not to be 22 minutes of cruise, because there is little to do As I told you, the trip is quite long, but interesting and it’s worth it, and especially with this plane that is very well As I said, we are flying over Molokai we are on the VOR And we’re almost there, we start the descent, we lower the power a little and we start the descent at a rate of about 1000 feet per minute 1000 feet per minute to be at 2500 feet in GPYLE and there and there intercept the GS lo que hay es GPS(CORRECTION RNAV) the Hanna airport I’ll leave the skyvector link of this flight in the video information if any of you are interested in doing this flight, do it, it is very interesting We are in SEYOL, when the plane stabilizes we will activate approach that as we arrive by vectors, the first point is GPYLE, which is the one that comes we will activate it so that the plane arrives at the airport without problems, the airport is not yet seen the island but soon you can see we activate approach you can see the island We are at 2500 feet, and at this point we are waiting for intercept the GS, we activate approach runway is sight

and we begin to descend in the glide path, we finish configuring the plane flaps 12 gear down flaps 30 and checklist and now we turn off the autopilot good landing, although we pose first with the right wheel, to see if we can enter this taxiway a little past, but if it has given time is that I think I’m running out of batteries and I want to take advantage of the time for me it has been a nice trip 56 minutes, almost an hour we will now pass the checklist

I repeat what I told you, it has been a long but nice trip so I hope you all liked it I will continue uploading videos of x plane and also of real flight simulator and some aerofly video feel free to leave me in the comments of the video of some simulator in particular that they want to see and if I can and I think it’s interesting, I’ll upload it to the channel I hope you liked the video and as always I’ll park around here and I will turn off the plane I’ll leave you with some music and I hope to see you soon, greetings to all and bye!