We Found A 1890 Ghost Town in the Black Hills ► Spokane South Dakota Tour

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We Found A 1890 Ghost Town in the Black Hills ► Spokane South Dakota Tour

so I’m in Spokane South Dakota in the Black Hills one of the best ghost towns I have seen in this area it is definitely worth a visit you parked down at the forest road that is blocked off you can catch vehicles back there and it’s about 1/4 of a mile walk up to this area there’s a bunch of cleany old cars maybe fifties error the old houses is a great place to explore so make sure that you if you’re in the Black Hills that you check this out Spokane the ghost town this is pretty darn cool there are a ton of structures to see here just really watch your footing since we’ve been here the weather’s really changed so be prepared for changing weather we’re here at the end of May you know it was perfectly sunny and we were thinking shorts and now it looks like rain so be prepared when you come out here again it’s only like maybe 1/4 of a mile from the car we were told it was a mile it’s one of the reasons we brought the bike sort of you bring our equipment in but it’s it was a it’s an easy pretty easy walk it’ll be a little bit of an incline on the way back you kind of get a wheelchair back here it’s pretty rutted the path is but it is definitely worth the trip to come see it’s it’s awesome Spokane itself to cut in Black Hills not much is left in the mining town of Spokane but what is left is worth the short hike from Playhouse Road you can find it just north of custard State Park and south of Mount Rushmore National Monument the ghost town is one of many ghost towns that can be found in the Black Hills and another remnant of the mining days people first came to Spokane in the 1890s for the gold but they soon discovered that silver bled copper zinc and other minerals could also be extracted from the Spokane mine but as the minerals ran out so did the people and by the 1940s the mine as well as the whole town was abandoned you need to be very careful this was a mining area and you just need to be on the lookout for mine shafts and things of that nature and the structures are old and crumbling so you need to be careful with that also so we basically came off a playhouse Road it’s a beautiful residential or I should say ranches back in here and you just pull off the road and you park on this service road here and you can go back so these it’s definitely not a mile like other people had told us it’s more like 1/4 of a mile maybe even 1/2 mile at the most it’s like we rode our bikes and boom we were here so let’s take a look at some of these structures so this was somebody’s house I overheard somebody that this was the managers house let’s so there was a caretaker here for a while and look up beautiful it is absolutely gorgeous out here there’s a lot to explore these real careful with

nails and make sure you have sturdy shoes you know why people feel they have to like putting Nazi symbols up on a wall some of the wallpaper second floor so you can see there’s like different layers of all paper flowered wallpaper and then they went green he put like it was very common for them to put that roofing see the green on there to help waterproof you know and it gets windy here too second floor it looks like there’s some bedrooms up there I can see doors but the whole house that the flooring and everything is it’s too dangerous to go inside big pieces of car that looks like an old it’s an old washing machine over there this is an old truck what what what’s this piece yeah what kind is a friend so this looks like a kind of a crawl area by the garage so there’s definitely a lot to see here and so make sure you carve yourself out a couple hours it’s been much it’s pretty cool this one’s dirt ground so it’s okay to go in as the old fixtures there’s a little power fixtures in here like the wiring up with yet live wires pulled through here live wires and that’s what those insulators are for these were life life and that enslaved here there really this looks like real you know this is an old crib they take the sides to it we’re ahead to no crib

either that or a headboard the headboard of doesn’t make sense that a crib would this is I think an old washing machine it’s outside the garage tell me that isn’t cool get up motor well they had motors in the 30s this car tire over here isn’t that a car tire like from an old thing huh nothing it is that’s funny what kind of car do you think it is the there’s these old cars up here I’m gonna go check out Wow it’s a pretty cool there’s even more over there like just a lot of what year do you think these hell cars are there’s more over there well look at how thin the tires are see this tire in here the tire is like super thin maybe they used to race this says like riding on it and numbers like 369 and that’s 396 something or bust it’s true uh-huh that intakes air and then it brings it up to here and there’s another one on the other side then it’s added over to the carburetor see it’s almost like a primitive era ram air injection do you think that they raced them yeah it is it looks like it’s been fucked and repainted it’s not even that mint green that these cars you know what these cars are let us know down in the comments and the reason was these must look foreign to me they don’t look american-made to me he’s I don’t know 50s cars very well calm the old three on the tree so it’s really nice having the bikes at first I was like we don’t need the bikes to get out here but everything so spread out you can get to different rooms really quickly on your bikes and brain equipment so so it’s kind of nice to have the bikes there’s like just wood structures that have collapsed everywhere we ran into a guy saying that when the building’s worked down and some other structures during a fire he used to be the fire chief in Rapid City so he was pretty familiar with what happened to this area this looked like it was some house or something was a pretty big structure there’s a lot of wood Oh in this structure you can actually see that this is the side of the wall there’s the window there’s a window like right in there and it looks like it was painted yellow at one time actually or that was plaster I’m not sure which outhouse yeah this is like a well or mine even yeah yeah it’s a pump house

sir sir yeah it’s the shitter yes it would unless is this a septic tank no it’s our enough away from the house in the garage but we’re going here what we think was the powder keg you see those quite a bit here because of all the dynamiting that they used to do you know it’s up in the into the ground there’s an explosion do you think it’s more of a root cellar he says our shelves in there you see a lot of roots cellars like that here too oh here’s concrete right here like a foundation do you see this okay you know what I bet you this is the building he was looking for because he said it was a long building and it burned down careful there’s a big hole right there yeah the Foundation’s even over there to pry it up bisects the path yeah I bet you this was the building he was looking for so if that’s the foundation this looks like it was indoors so maybe it was a root cellar you know because they wouldn’t put a powder keg inside of a building yeah exactly so this was definitely a root cellar and the shelving in here and everything there’s a there’s a vent yeah see there’s wood-frame you’re not going to have a wood frame on a powder cake and this is this is a pretty good-sized building what’s that black thing over there no this oh it’s like a skirt like a gigantic possible bolts like they were tying something down oh is that a stove yeah yeah this foundation is like all over the place yeah I’m pretty sure this is the building that that gentleman was looking for if you’re watching this we found your building and maybe no he said that it was long that it was of this long thin building and this foundation is long and fell and then so we yeah but maybe he didn’t see the foundation so this is up the road from that house there’s more ruins right there so check those out a double stove if at the top does it make sounds like it’s got rollers inside I see the child ornament or Nanette ornamental metal but man that sumbitch’s built that iron I thought that maybe it was from a bank or something maybe and I see the ornamental of me so it’s nothing else to do with the or I think you’ve flipped it over that way uh-huh it would be a stove oh so you think it’s that’s like yeah oh yeah now I see it I think yeah it’s got the racks and everything it’s got ornamental so it’s just upside down oh it’s got the racks yeah well it could have been to feed a bunch of crew somebody might have dumped it up here yeah so Spokane or it’s really really worth it it was awesome we saw maybe about 10 people the whole time you know about three groups

of people ten total you know and nobody had been here before so they were asked to answer a lot of questions but make sure that when you come here that when you park that you park to the side and make room for everybody because there’s no official parking lot it’s just a road that you’re pulling dirt road that you’re pulling off on so definitely move this side to make room for everybody but this is a must see when you come here and like I told you in all my back hills videos there’s so much more here than a bunch of presidents on the face of a mountain make sure to catch all the videos that we have on South Dakota and the beautiful Black Hills make sure to check out the links in the description they help support this channel and thank you so much for coming by you have no idea how much we appreciate it you