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THE TRAIN We’ll visit the 20th Czech Raildays in Ostrava We’ll celebrate 170 years of railway repairs in Česká Třebová And we’ll see a real railway wedding Hello and welcome to Czech Raildays in Ostrava There are many new things here which we’ll show in Express But we’ll start with Czechoslovak history We’ll look at how the repairs of Slovenská Strela go As a treat for you, we have discovered a recording from 1936 that was taken by Josef Sousedík a.k.a. the Walachian Edison So let’s start with the very interesting report M 290.0 You’re watching a unique recording of a test run of Slovenská Strela in 1936 On the left, you can see Hans Ledwinka who gave the M 290.0 motor coach its aerodynamical shape On the right, there is Josef Sousedík, the Walachian Edison He designed an innovative electromechanical transmission system for the vehicle The train used electric motor for acceleration and switched to petrol engine at around 80 kph Slovenská Strela 001 recorded in the film was destroyed by fire in 1960 for unknown reasons Slovenská Strela 002 is a national cultural monument Since September 2018, it undergoes restoration for CZK 35 millions This is the current look of Slovenská Strela We’re in the ČMŽO repair shop in Hranice Na Moravě, where the work is being done Many parts of the body were corroded so they had to be replaced or welded This took several months of work which is now being finished Prime coat will be applied to the whole body soon Subsequently, the body will move to the paint shop where it will get the top coat It will be painted in the original cerise red We don’t have a reference sample of the original paint The original red does not exist Unlike the grey paint on the bogie, the red paint did not survive We have only documents that state that the paint is “cerise red” So we used the cerise red according to ČSN 8300 and we used the red paint from the 1930 Tatra colour chart for car paints We’ll chose from these two colours In the end, the experts opted for the cerise red ČSN 8300 It was already tested on a small piece After the repairs, the roof of Slovenská Strela will get the old golden paint – – the same as in 1936 The original equipment was completely removed from the body It is now in eight locations in our country, where it undergoes expert restoration Now, we’re standing in the ČMŽO repair shop in Přerov ČMŽO is the main contractor for the repair project It’s the inspection day today You can see the completely dismantled bogie We had to completely dismantle the brake system, we also dismantled the combustion engine, as well as the Sousedík transmission system We had to remove all these systems and send them to our subcontractors The heart of the SLovenská Strela, its engine, was transported to Kopřivnice There, it took four days to dismantle it The engine was in a relatively good shape There was even oil which prevented corrosion All damaged parts can be repaired without any major issues This is a very good news These are scintillas We found out that they are missing in the engine Therefore, we had to get new ones They work as a distributor providing sparks to plugs We searched the whole world and found them in the Czech Republic

In Kopřivnice in the Czech Republic a very skilled expert was found Lukáš Prorok restores all gauges of the Slovenská Strela with surgical precision This equipment was in a very bad condition Some instruments are ok but most of them are destroyed and some are missing Everything must be dismantled very carefully because there is a risk of irreversible damage So all the parts must be dismantled very expertly and carefully And this is the final result – great craftsmanship Mechanical parts are corrosion resistant so they can be repaired or made new But the electrical parts such as wiring must be replaced with modern materials because copper and brass products completely break down after eighty years I’ll be very interesting to see how the Slovenská Strela is re-assembled again The main question is whether the Sousedík transmission system will run again In 1936 the system was an ingenious world-class invention Why is it that your father had such high technical skills? It’s quite a mystery because my father was from a very poor family with seven children and so he was a self-taught person We had some skilled craftsmen in our family but none of them was a genious technician or anything like that But my father was like he had a gift from God The same applies to the whole team that developed Slovenská Strela In humble conditions, they created a legend that offered luxury travels with a bar which is being restored by Tatra Trucks In 2020, Slovenská Strela should run again – not only in the Czech Republic EXPRESS Express railway news is here ČD Supervisory Board removed the chairman Miroslav Kupec on June 10th who also ends as the CEO The reason given is the loss of confidence due to serious accusations which were handed over to law enforcement bodies Miroslav Kupec denies any wrongdoing and prepares to defend himself at court A part of a new two-floor unit from Alstom-Bombardier for Belgium has arrived for testing in the Czech Republic The vehicle was shipped on rivers and channels from France to Mělník There, the 36m long, 3.2m wide, and 5.8m high load was moved to a special trailer which took it to the VÚZ test circuit in Cerhenice The last set of the 451 and 452 series departed the Prague South storage yard These units were decommissioned last year after 50 years of operation The train set nicknamed Pantograph or Frogmouth went through Vršovice and Vysočany, reversed to Libeň, then it went to Smíchov and continued to a scrapyard in Kladno Now, one operating museum set remains in Šumperk and one non-operating is in Chomutov We’ll also visit the 20th international railway fair in Ostrava, Czech Raildays I admit that I wasn’t sure if it is a good idea to do Czech Raildays every year If the number of exhibitors and new products justifies the annual frequency But the reality is that we are still growing each year And also, the Czech railway has to keep up with the rest of the world and this is a good way to move forward From the interesting new technologies there, we have to mention the Hybrid Shunter 400 locomotive from CZ LOKO We’ll take a closer look at it after the Express A joint AŽD Praha and Ústí nad Labem Region launching ceremony took place at the modernized Regio Sprinter unit The unit will operate on the U10 line from Litoměřice to Most since December 2019 It’s an important connection of Litoměřice and Most I believe that it will attract many passengers

like during the tourist season in the summer Apart from the repair, the unit features a vacuum toilet, Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, 230V sockets, comfortable seats from Borcad, information system and other modern equipment The upgrade was made by CZ LOKO I want to thank them for all the great work they made In total, four train sets will be delivered, equipped, tested, etc The Czech Railways introduced a prototype of the modernized coach Bdmtee 267 Its original artificial leather seats were replaced with new seats There are also tables, sockets, information system, Wi-Fi, modern toilets and a bicycle compartment However, there is no air conditioning The modernization will include 53 coaches for passenger and express trains in Prague, Central Bohemian and Pardubice regions And also one news for the Czech railway – this one from Leo Express The private carrier presented the look of new train sets from the Chinese CRRC Leo Express has ordered three sets with an option for another 30 for CZK 5 billion The units are designed for speeds up to 160 kph They have low floors, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, sockets and a new kitchen concept The Express ends and now for the winners of three USB sticks from the last competition Correct answer to the last question: Three Series 781 locomotives nicknamed Sergej were used for the Pňovany bridge load test The Train USBs go to: Radovan Osoba, Plzeň Jan Morava, Pacov Lukáš Rýdlo, Brno-Řečkovice 170th ANNIVERSARY Today, we celebrate 170 years from the start of operation on the line from Brno to Česká Třebová The operation began on January 1st, 1849 For the occasion, the Poličská Lokálka Association prepared special rides with the Series 423.009 steam locomotive and former third-class coaches from Česká Třebová to Letovice Apart from that, there are accompanying programmes in Česká Třebová, Svitavy and Letovice To be exact, on June 1st, we celebrated 170 years from the departure of the first train from Brno to Česká Třebová There was a rich accompanying programme prepared We visited the site of CZ LOKO that also celebrated 170th anniversary The anniversary of railway repairs in Česká Třebová which were brought to the city by the newly built railway What awaited the railway fans there? For visitors, we have locomotives Mainly shunting locomotives because CZ LOKO is a leading European manufacturer of shunting locomotives You can see also main-line locomotives There is a locomotive for metro in Warsaw You can see the Regio Sprinter or our hybrid locomotive The Hybrid Shunter 400 has caught our attention The number indicates its equivalent power of 400 kW in battery mode Without batteries, its diesel engine provides 129 kW Hybrid cars are a major topic on the road Some diesel cars are prevented from entering big cities We expect the same on the railway Therefore, we develop alternative shunting locomotives After mastering CNG technology, we began to develop hybrid technologies with battery systems Next, we’ll focus on hydrogen power We’re still looking for the best technology Mainly from the viewpoint of environmental protection and operating costs It’s what our customers expect But back to the programme Like the static machines on display, the moving ones were also popular Apart from the handcars, visitors could take a ride with a special railway vehicle MUV 75 from CZ LOKO It can carry 7 people, it has a platform and a hydraulic arm and it can be supplied with various accessories

However, steam locomotive was the most popular This is the 1435 BS 200 steam locomotive made by ČKD Sokolovo It was manufactured in 1954 1435 BS 200 means that it’s a 200 HP, standard gauge, two-axle, saturated steam locomotive Its maximum speed is 35 kph It weighs 26 tons Its grate area is 1.2 square metres – it was used mainly in sugar mills 19 locomotives were made in total, three of them survived Two operating and one non-operating Tired visitors could buy refreshments from a stand or listen to Leoš Mareš who put on a great show But we were more interested in the 5,000 railway fans I like it here because I worked here between 1957 and 1977 before becoming a train driver I experienced the end of steam and the dawn of diesel traction here Now, after all these years, I can see the repair shop is in a great shape The working conditions here are much better than in the past It’s beautiful As a citizen of Česká Třebová, I hope they will remain here I heard that they move some operations to Jihlava but I hope they will also stay here It’s our pride I came here with my son from Vrútky I came to see how they do it in Česká Třebová in CZ LOKO First impression? My first impression is very good It’s perfect, there are many locomotives, you can see the whole production process As huge fans of your show, we say hello to the whole crew of The Train And we greet everyone who came to the CZ LOKO site It was a great event with many things to see The weather and the mood were great So we thank the organizers for a beautiful June Saturday SLOW TRAIN This is a place to which you, our viewers, have sent us We’re in the Ore Mountains, where steep hills and forests surround the Rolava river We’re in Nejdek The first train arrived to Nejdek from Chodov in 1881 But the old station is not there anymore In the 1890s, discussions were held about building a new railway line from Karlovy Vary to Saxony The railway was opened on May 15th, 1899 In connection with the construction of the new railway, the Ore Mountain Semmering, the Nejdek station was built The railway has attracted many movie makers For example, the movies All Quiet on the Western Front or At the End of the World were made here In the Nejdek train station, a Czech series was shot known for the quote “I detest tragic life” In the Autumn of 1983, they filmed here one of the episodes of the series The Train of Childhood and Expectation Wherever you stand in Nejdek, you can see it was always a very rich city Nejdek was built as a mining city for the mining of tin and iron ore The city was established in the 13th century It was first mentioned in 1340 After the railway was built, the housing construction accelerated ten times Now, we’ll visit another railway related place I’m sitting on the Sheep Bridge above the line to Horní Blatná Some call this bridge the Forgotten Bridge Why? Because there was a road in the past but today you can see only tourists here We leave railway attractions and proceed to a magical place A 24m high stone observation tower “Pajndl” was built by the Mountain Ore Association on the Tisovský Hill between 1895 and 1897 After climbing 111 stairs, you can see the Ore Mountains, Karlovy Vary, Doupov Mountains, Klínovec and many more

We’re back in Nejdek to see the Way of the Cross It was built thanks to Anna Marie Heklová who gave 28,000 golden coins to build it The Way of the Cross was built between 1851 and 1858 It is 1,600m long and has the usual 14 stops After the World War II, the Way of the Cross decayed until only the stone chapels remained In 1999, the civic association Jde o Nejdek began to repair it In 2008, the restored Way of the Cross was consecrated Wow! After 1,600 metres, we are at the last cross and we climbed 110 metres There is a beautiful view of Nejdek! Come and see A little snack and we proceed to the “Heinrich Hájek Villa” from 1927 The villa is now the Retromuseum Nejdek and it has trains, so come We’re in the Nejdek Retromuseum This year we have a new exhibition dedicated to Heinrich Mattoni and his company covering the history of the brand until 1950 I love museums where you can touch things like this bottle filling system Bottle by bottle by bottle This was an old manual bottle filling system It’s one of the few non-originals here Other things are pure originals like historical photos, certificates to mineral waters and trademarks, commemorative medals, guest books etc What’s interesting in the guest book? In 1852, the guest book was signed by the King Otto of Greece He wrote: Thank you for a beautiful trip, Otto What about the commemorative medals? The first was made in 1905 to celebrate 40 years of the Mattoni company The second one is the first medal for mineral water that Mattoni got in Vienna in 1873 We promised trains and here they are Look at the photo of Kafemlejnek, the 300.623 steam locomotive that pulled trains with bottles since 1895 In the series I Mattoni, the authorities didn’t want to approve his railway but In reality, it didn’t take Heinrich Mattoni long to build the railway Thanks to that, he got a seat in the State Railway Board The only condition set by the Buštěhrad Railway to grant the license to Mattoni was that he had to run the railway at his cost And did you see the petrol locotractor used on the Mattoni’s railway? It was a modified Praga car In short: Visit Retromuseum Nejdek, you will enjoy it That’s all from Nejdek Send your tips to [email protected] My train is leaving, and so take care! AMAZING RECOLLECTIONS Everyday, railwaymen have to handle very precious cargo safely and reliably However, human lives matter the most Therefore, it is crucial to observe all regulations and to work responsibly and carefully However, there are still many railwaymen who do not work properly and do not respect regulations In addition, they justify such behaviour claiming they want to speed up their work What is the result? Runaway of wagons was a frequent accident It was also shown in the movie Iron Old Man Today, we’ll visit Vrbno pod Pradědem In the Vrbno pod Pradědem station, which is the end station of the Milotice nad Opavou – Vrbno line, the local freight train no. 8150 was being shunted The shunting was approved until 12am by the head guard and the dispatcher At ten past twelve, the passenger train no. 2607 was scheduled to arrive to Vrbno So far so good

On August 27th, 1961, bolster wagons were being shunted Some of them carried timber The locomotive 423.0114 in the film was made in 1930 and decommissioned in 1968 Notice also the M 131.1 motor coach Now a long chain of mistakes begins Shunting by pushing is not permitted here Is it possible no one knew about this? There is 17 per mille slope after the point no. 1 All employees were tested in the regulations for this track Is this a job for a head guard? It is more important to supervise the shunting It’s time to end the shunting Now, the train route must be prepared on the track no. 1 One mistake follows another Today’s safety officers would get sick from such practices Trying to stop a moving vehicle, missing safety helmets That’s why shunting caused many deaths in the past Poorly secured wagons start to move but the assistant just watches them Without waiting for the locking of points and derailers on the train route, and without storing his keys, the head guard notifies the dispatcher that shunting has ended and the track is locked Therefore, the dispatcher orders the passenger train no. 2607 to leave Karlovice and go to Vrbno When the head guard found out that the wagons are moving, it was too late It was really late All attempts to stop the wagons were futile Wagons cannot be stopped on a 17 per mille slope There’s nothing left to do but wait The set passes the point and accelerates The acceleration is high on such a slope The unsuspecting passenger train approaches The first empty wagon jumped and pushed the body of the M131.1 motor coach away Leaking diesel oil caused fire The connected passenger coach was disconnected but everyone in the first coach died and one person died in the second coach There were 19 dead Railway work cannot be neglected Regulations must be observed This reminder should really be the last one Next time, we’ll see a railway recruitment film called “Your Opportunity” STOP BLOCK Today, something unusual: A pure railway wedding of the train drivers Michaela Koláčková and Jan Hájek And it was nice! The bride took the the motor coach M152.0604 from Liberec to Rynoltice By the way, Rynoltice was voted the most beautiful Czech railway station of 2013 There, groom waited for her and the ceremony took place under the open sky And when your train set is extended with other small coaches, be happy and enjoy it because there is nothing like that And so I ask Jan Hájek: Do you take Jana Koláčková to be your lawfully wedded wife?

I do Thank you I ask Jana Koláčková: Do you take Jan Hájek to be your lawfully wedded husband? I do I wish the newlyweds good luck and health and a happy life I which them a great life journey, either by train or by other means, and I wish them to be happy in their marriage Many great experiences with family and friends and a happy journey Good luck and a lot of love in their new life The whole team of The Train joins the wishes We wish you to be on the right track the whole life Long live the railway! The Train almost ends but we have another competition for you We ask what was the anniversary of railway repairs in Česká Třebová Send your answers to the addresses indicated on the screen by 15 July 2019 And that’s all Take care and Long live the railway!