Автомобильные путешествия по Европе. Большой выпуск.

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Автомобильные путешествия по Европе. Большой выпуск.

My Army! We are off to Europe again! It will be a difficult and long journey, and I want all of you to work like a clock! Microbe! Do not break down! Cameras! Do not get lost! Drones! You are ok actually So, since we are all ready, Let’s go get em! Bad judgement The Big European Road Trip As you can probably see by my looks, I am currently at the end of my trip I’ve done 5000km, one way, visited 7 European countries, and there was one more that I wasn’t let in This vid will be about car travel, and a small part of what you can see during such road trip Before we begin storming Europe, some news from my studio First, my number plate collection keeps growing, now including Ukrainian: All Me, and custom plates from Virginia Secondly, I finally received my gold button! Apart from that, my studio is home for valuable to me junk, like the Lord Title, medals from the US senator, presents from Estonian police, a hat from Japan, and some acclaimed art! I won’t be back for a month, and throughout this time, my studio will be in safe hands of AJAX security system, that I’ve setup before leaving It is a professional wireless security system, that you can set up by yourself in less than 30 minutes Then, remotely, just like Bruce Almighty, you can turn it on or off, and keep track of your house via a connectable camera If anything happens, you just press the alarm button I have both movement and door opening sensors set up, and if there is a break in, I’ll be notified via an app, and a siren will start blasting Connectable to stand alone security firm, the guards come within minutes of alarm being triggered Ajax can also notify you in case of fire, water leakage, and much more Hope it never happens, but it’s better to be safe The link to Ajax is in the description, as well as a 10% discount! Every little helps, as they say.) Aaand let’s begin! My goal was not to give you a detailed tour of every country I visit It is more of a Quick brief of interesting places I will select one place in every country, and label it as follows: RecommendaSHion Rules are simple, we do not visit capitals, go to places that are reachable by car, we shoot absolutely everything! Jumping ahead, I shot a lot, hence, this is a review of 7 countries, in 1 vid, shot over 2 weeks, and presented to you within 30 minutes If you love road trips, this vid is for you, and if you don’t, I will make you love it) I am a big fan of road trips, my car and I visited 18 countries, and I can state with full responsibility, that road trips are the absolute best! It allows you to select your own route, visit places you’d never visit otherwise, and go through multiple countries in one go! You can wake up in Romania and go to bed in Bulgaria, have breakfast in Albania, then eat lunch in MonteNegro, experience dawns and dusks in different places, and simply enjoy the views Any car will fit for this, sedan, estate car, SUV, something like this or a cabrio, with wind blowing in your face and a trucker tan Car trips are filled with romance, beautiful sights and everything else that you will see in this episode So, let’s begin! Given that my route was taking me via Western Ukraine, I decided to visit a bunch of places I’ve never been to before First, Kamenetsk-Podolsk, with its medieval castle, built over 7 centuries ago Then, Chernivtsi and its main attraction, the Ukrainian Hogwarts

A university building, designed by the same architect who build Vienna Opera House It is part of UNESCO world heritage and my first Recommendation! If you are in the area, both town and university are a must for a visit – I am really surprised by this town, – very unexpected I stayed overnight and left towards border early in the morning Apart from pastoral views, hay, and storks on every post, Romania is filled with horse carts, they are just everywhere You hate them when driving, and jealous when stuck in traffic It also became a place for my first, but not last interaction with police Just a warning this time.) Here is a set of rules to keep in mind so you don’t repeat my mistakes Obey the speed limit, buy Vignettes, always have your lights on, always pay for parking, and if a local guy starts braking in front for no reason, most likely he knows more than you, so better follow suite As for the sight in Romania, many of you know it for its castles, Bran castle being the most famous one, located in Transilvania but it’s a bit boring for me Transfagarasan is on the top of my list An incredibly beautiful pass, located in the Carpat mountains, acclaimed as the most beautiful road in the world by Top Gear I have a separate video on it on my channel, so I won’t concentrate on it now Let’s go to the next country! Bulgaria is home to Vanga, and it is the oldest country that never changed its name Also, roses are everywhere here, as it is second country in the world, in terms of rose oil production Bulgaria is well known for its Black Sea, but there is one more unique place, right in the centre of this at some point socialistic country I agree, it may seem as a weird choice, but it’s my list guys! This unusual monument, commonly called Bulgarian UFO, used to be the halo of a Soviet Communist Party It was build by all people in the country, as the whole nation chipped in to make this happen Today, the monument is completely plundered, most of its pieces including precious stones and metals like gold and silver were stolen, whilst the monument itself is in ruins It’s been a while since I wanted to come here, and unfortunately I am late All entrances are blocked, and under police security A couple of old pictures, is all I can show you This is roughly how it looks right now Those Bulgarians born after year 89, do not know much about it A place that attracted visitors from the whole country, is now utterly empty There are more horses than tourists here Nevertheless, there is much more to see in Bulgaria I came to Stob village to film local attraction, The Stob Pyramids These are column like structures, formed due to erosion and rains They look awesome, but the village itself made a bigger impression on me As it usually happens, by complete coincidence it was a village celebration on that day I love these kind of village days, with their own atmosphere, very cool! As you can imagine, during village celebration everyone is out! As for entertainment, there is a bold guy on decks, FIFA 1987, with fans of course, and an amusement park with a box machine Very casual) I would have never visited this village, but since I found myself there, I just loved it The national costumes, the grandmothers, and locals in general, it was as if I became a local myself It’s second time that I spontaneously end up at such celebration, and second time that I love it! As if someone opens up a door

to another life for you, and you become a citizen of another town and another country As if you swap life with someone, becoming a local in a new place Fantastic! This is a big advantage of road trips Another advantage is that you are not attached to hotels in the capital cities and can save money by staying in small towns Out of all my travels and hotels, where I always film the rooms, Bulgaria was where I was most lucky with the hotel room It cost me 35$ and the room was huge, with all amenities and a terrace Next country on our list, the one we are now approaching is Macedonia Oops, sorry! I think I made a mistake, but let me explain Official name as of 1983 is Ex Yugoslavic Republic of Macedonia, and it’s not the only Macedonia that exists in the world, because Macedonia is also a region, ancient state of Macedonia, historic province in Greece, and a region in Bulgaria, basically there are a lot of them Very easy to get confused, more so, back in a day, using this name cased some serious beef with neighbouring Greece, and Macedonia actually sued Greeks, to be able to use the name, which kind of looks like two companies fighting over a brand name Most importantly, as of Feb 12th 2019, the country has been officially renamed to Republic of Northern Macedonia It’s a full name of this country now Do not mix it up! Having the naming issue figured out, let’s indulge into 3 places I got to see here First, is the Matka Canyon, located near the capital Skopie It’s a picturesque place, with turquoise water, bunch of caves, and all necessary infrastructure Only disadvantage to it, is that it is very popular, with flocks of tourists Nevertheless, having a car you can find more secluded places, and this is why I am taking you to the mountains! Krusevo is the highest city of the country’s Northern part, and Balkans altogether Situated 1350m above sea level it boasts clean air, cleanest streets ever and some tourists Being distant from the civilisation, this town has its own advantages Time flows slowly in Krusevo, much slower than in the rest of Macedonia Apart from the town itself, there is an extraordinary sculpture Macedonium, that stands out from the typical landscape Although it looks incredibly futuristic, and modern, it was built over 40 years ago Turns out it’s a very cute town, and I didn’t really expect such place to exist here Krusevo is a cool place and it deserves to be visited A must if you ever end up in this area and if you actually do, the next place will definitely be on your list Ohrid is probably the most recognizable place in Northern Macedonia It’s a city located on the shores of the lake that carries same name, and since Macedonia doesn’t have access to the sea, this may just be the main resort here Incredibly clear water and sea like sunsets As per town itself, there are things to see here, since the town and its lake are part of Unesco Heritage Main attraction is there and it’s a church First time ever do I wake up at 6am to film a church) Had to happen though This is probably the most famous sight of Northern Macedonia Not sure if it’s good enough as final destination, but it’s definitely OK as part of your trip Next country that was supposed to be on my list is the Republic of Kosovo, buuuut Issues appeared at the border So I won’t be able to show you Kosovo, because as it turns out, you need a visa to enter The Kosovo visa or schengen visa, and I don’t have any of those and that’s why I can’t enter But, I still want to show you a building which is the sole reason for my visit It’s an unusual building,

a Kosovo Library, part of the ugliest buildings on earth list Yep, I also wasn’t aware that such list exists So, The Ugliest Buildings in the World! It’s not a joke, but a real list, compiled by DailyTelegraph It includes: Boston’s Municipality building, the 432 skyscraper in NY, Beijing Central Television building, a Chinese Fan-Yuan house, a sad elephant in Bangkok, a slightly different to Duomo, Terra Vilaska in Milan, South Korean hotel, Selfridges in Birmingham, and finally, the Kosovo Library Located in the country’s capital city Of course we can argue with this, but this is not an architecture channel, so we won’t, especially taking into account, that a very very beautiful country awaits us Yep, it’s Albania, and I did not lie about its beauty Albania is one of the poorest countries in Europe You can still buy CDs at the border, and wash your car for 2EUR, but this doesn’t detract its natural beauty, that not many know of This country is wildly underestimated, and I’ll try to prove it to you! On your way here, you’d expect poor quality roads, but no, the roads are actually good and many are beautiful Mercs are everywhere here It seems that if you don’t have a Merc, you are not a man, man! The language is also quite interesting, sparking a myriad of memes online whilst the pinacle of success, is a place called Borsh, near the sign of which, I absolutely had to take a pic Albania has a long communistic history, back then, all religions were banned, and you can find bunkers, scattered all across the country Only two cities preserved their state because of the regime and I’ll show them to you now First, is Berat, often called a city of 1000 windows Houses do have many windows and they are all of the same size This is why it looks like the town is made out of windows, not walls You can find a well preserved area here with traditional Balkan houses of 19th century and an old fortress on the mountain Berat is part of Unesco, just like the second unique Albanian city Gjirokaster They are refurbishing the city right now, but it still looks like it was untouched for a couple of centuries What’s cool is that there are some people and tourists, but it is so very silent here I feel a special atmosphere here, of a town that is not yet overly touristic You can wander around it for ages and never meet a single person The town is well preserved and you can even walk into Ottoman period houses to see 300 years old interiors This specific house boasts 64 windows, 44 doors, 6 bathrooms, and a terrace with a view! We’ll return to Albania in a min, but for now, another road trip life-hack for you You may need a couple of days driving, to get somewhere in Europe, and this may not be for everyone Some of you may want to fly in, and then rent a car locally Where do you go for this? Check out Economy Bookings via web or app It is a search engine for most lucrative rent a car deals You type in the country and dates, select the price, location, and specs of a car It even has a rating of rental firms EB looks up all available options, so you could then compare the offers, and find what works best for you! Then you fill in the details and within minutes you’ll get a confirmation It usually comes quick What’s awesome, is that EB usually gets additional discounts, so it’s cheaper to book via EB, than on the vendor websites directly Check the links below, and get additional 5% discount on whatever you go for! It’s obvious that most of us tend to like the sea more than the history) and Albania has not 1 but 2! Adriatic and Ionian Seas What you see now, is a Greek island Corfu and this ferry can take you there Albania has resort towns, with beaches, and rest of the sun and tan stuff, but since this is a road trip video, I was more interested in nice roads, that float along the sea shores,

and this country has plenty The most famous one is Lagara Pass Not the prettiest road in the world, but, as per relative height, it must be one of the highest Looking out of the window it feels like you are flying on a small plane, it’s that high! The road takes you 1027m up, and only when you reach the top, you realise how high up you are Basically, it’s a spectacular driving experience Not far, there is another interesting place a geological site called Blue Eye It’s a unique spring that is pushed out of the ground at high pressure It’s temperature never changes, remaining at 15C all year round There are 6000L of water being pushed out every second! It’s hard to see it because of the shade but the water is bright bright blue! This is a karst funnel, and it’s researched depth is 50m, as this is how deep the divers gotten, It’s actual depth is unknown, maybe it’s 200m or 300m, but the deepest one in the world right now is 600m Anyway, jumping in you don’t have to worry about hitting the bottom, as you definitely won’t) To be honest, This country really surprised me with its beauty I mean you drive to a country called Albania, and I am sorry but without any high expectations, but, it really surprises you Albania is a strong contender for a Discovery of the Year prize, my opinion! It’s not all what I wanted to show you here, as the next place surprised me more than anything Honestly, I did not expect such scenery from Albania! Yep, there is a national park here It’s not big, but just look how beautiful it is Given that it’s Albania, there are no good roads here So I reached this point, and everyone is telling me that it will be crazy to continue, as the road is non existent any further Best to leave my car here, and continue on a specialised transport Such, has cost me 30EUR one way This gets you a drive on a scenic, but extremely scary route) which isn’t important, since it’s not your car) The drive is very long Hour and half drive, at speeds not over 10km/h, and you start to understand how isolated this place is Leaving all the jolting behind, we finally reach our destination Village Theth, located at the bottom and being completely isolated from civilisation is a great place for a city detox Not many people around, and amazing views! As per Albania, I think it’s an underestimated country, from a tourist perspective There is so much more apart from the Adriatic and Ionian Seas Theth is a good example! Albania is not perfect, but it really gave me more than I expected, and this is why, for me, it’s one of the top discoveries of this year! I definitely recommend it! Before we continue, let’s summarise out trip We’ve been to 4 countries, and finally reached Adriatic Sea, hence expect more of this scenery and Montenegro, our next destination, should not disappoint in this regard It is a tiny and very young country, with a population below 1 million, it gained its independence in 2006 only I am sure most of you have heard of it, so let’s gist over the most interesting parts! Tourism is extremely developed here, with constant growth of 8% per year There are definitely things to see here, mainly thanks to a great sea side and nice resorts, Sveti Stefan alike It’s a small island, packed with hotels, which embraced stars like Marylin Monroe, Sophia Loren, Claudia Schiffer and Sylvester Stallone Not at the same time obviously) Water is just WOW here! Budva on the other hand, is the most popular resort, most beach and party like Typically,

it includes a nice old town with a tower and houses with terracotta roofs, and a modern part, with hotels, yachts and other common attractions I am not an ornithologist, but Montenegro is one of the only countries where you can see flamingos They can be found at a spot which I just cannot pronounce, sorry) You can reach it by car, and then bike for couple of kilometres But, I can assure you, the birds are there! Landscape of the other side of the country reached after a 2 hour drive differs drastically to the sea side part, but it’s not less beautiful! People come here for Tara Canyon, deepest canyon in Europe, with a good rafting trails, and a very beautiful arch bridge with a zip line An amazing place indeed! But, this was just to warm you up, before the top of the hits of Montenegro! A city that became part of best destinations list in Europe Of course it’s part of my personal list also It’s called Kotor! Fortress walls, palms and old town are all part of Kotor Some parts of it actually remind me of Venice, which is logical since for a long time it has been under management of Venice Republic Old Town is teeming with cats and Russian tourists As a respectable Unesco site, Kotor houses a fortress, with an ‘undoubtedly’ best view in town, that every tourist feels obliged to reach, setting you back by 8EUR I also decided to try it out, and 30 mins in unbearable heat after, the only thing I could pronounce was: I am dead! Aaaand I didn’t make it to the top But, since I have a drone I can still show you the hell climb, fortress and the view from it The view is actually incredible! Moreover, there are other reasons to come here, the Kotor serpentine, that we’ll try out right now! I decided to go from top to bottom, so we start here, 900m above sea level and will supposedly end up somewhere below in Kotor It’s that occasion, when being here is much better, than watching this on tele, it’s just ridiculously great, turn by turn! You won’t be able to go fast here, but then again, this road is to be enjoyed Apart from the serpentine road, you can also drive around the Kotor Bay, the biggest bay on the Adriatic Sea It’s jokingly called ‘The Most Southern Fjord in Europe’ There are a bunch of cute towns here, like Perast, and a very picturesque road that hugs the bay It’s best to come here for more than one day, to drive around, to enjoy this place in full, it’s definitely a nice place to visit! By evening, Kotor starts to remind me of lake Como on a budget Jokes aside, its very similar I spent couple of days here, and really enjoyed this place The same can’t be said about my car unfortunately, which I realised a week later, in Italy The downside to all those serpentines, is that they killed my brakes They are literally non existent by now But, in exactly 1 hour and 100EUR, this will be resolved) Italians changed the brake pads, but forgot the lubricant, leaving me with squeaky brakes, all the way till Switzerland where I had to pay 50 euros again for this All of this came later, but right now, I am heading to Bosnia Herzegovina! A big advantage of road trips, is that you can visit many places on the way to your destination I mean, I doubt any of you would go to Bosnia specifically, although since it’s on the way, why not pay a visit! I dropped by for the town Mostar,

and an amazingly awesome ancient bridge that can be found here What’s interesting, is that this bridge has been build in year 1567, it’s 427 years old! Actually it was 427 years old, as in the 90s, during the Croatia-Bosnian war the bridge was destroyed by Croatian army, and what you saw is a precise copy, of the bridge that used to be there The signs of war, can still be seen on Mostar’ buildings It’s turned out to be an interesting town, where I wouldn’t mind staying for longer, but instead I decided to show you one more beautiful place in this country There are noticeably more cars in Croatia, more traffic jams, and hence you spent more time to get anywhere Living is slightly more expensive, compared to Montenegro, whilst customs control is a tad more angry I swear no one ever searched me the same way those guys did Croatia is an undeniably beautiful country, with the most heritage sites in Europe Protected by Unesco, town of Dubrovnik is living through a tourist boom, solely because it’s where Game of Thrones was filmed Town Ston, with its walls, it’s the second longest fortified construction, that preserved to this day, after the Great Wall in China of course Rome like amphitheatre in Pula, is 6th biggest in the world, and the only one, whose all 3 crests are still intact It’s now used as concert grounds, that saw the likes of Luciano Pavarotti, Jamiroquai, and even Foo Fighters There is also town of Split and others, but to be honest, at some point you reach an overdose of old towns, as they generally look the same, and let’s be honest, who comes to Croatia for its heritage….? People come for this this and this Some come for waterfalls and lakes, that can also be found here, but many just come for the sea, which is great here, just like anywhere else on Adriatic Croatia though, has a trump card, the islands There are more than 1000 of them, mostly small and uninhabited, with only 47 inhabited and counted as resorts These islands are reachable by ferry, although I decided to leave mine behind, bought a ticket, and got onboard Three hours by sea with one stop, and you are on an island called Korcula! It has not only attributes of continental Croatia, including old town, terracotta roofs, but also a unique element, the traditional island sloppiness, an atmosphere of relaxed slow living I didn’t come here for no reason, this is where model and dj Dasha Malygina is now Boys, if you are still not subscribed to her Instagram, I am jealous of you, there is a lot to see indeed! But, let’s ask if we can visit, and see what the island living looks like in Croatia – [Dasha] Hey! – Welcome! My company for tonight consists of Dasha, Petya, Pasha, and retriever India *not his photogenic side This one is) These guys arrived here by car – It’s my first road trip, – although flights annoy me the most, – since you lose so much time, – spending 9 hours in air,

– missing out on so many things – you could do instead – Car is different! – You see so much compared to a flight, – where you see only the sky – Car travel allows you to see people, – cities and all the interesting bits – I am genuinely a fan of road trips now! – Think we’ll be doing this – every year from now on They rented a villa in a secluded part of the island, and Dasha will now give us a tour – Hey, I’m Dasha Malygina – and you are watching Cribs – This is our living room, – actually I rented this place – because of the telescope – but it turned out that it doesn’t work – It’s only later that we’ve been told that it’s broken, – and my friend who is into space and stuff – said that we weren’t even using it correctly Such villa will set you back by 180EUR per day, it is quite remote from neighbours, there is access to the sea, a beach, many rooms, a terrace, and other delights Still, the best part of it are not the views, but hospitality – Our plan was to stay here for 2 days only, – but once we rented this house, – we just decided to stay here for longer 10 days to be precise! – The house owners are very cool as well, – they didn’t know that – someone booked their house – it came as a complete surprise to them – [Anton] You were the first? – [Dasha] Yep, – so they come a minute later, – the girl jumps out of a moving car and goes: – Yo guys, you are our first clients, congrats!!!! – We loved it basically! – They made a dinner for us that night – We then had to fly away to Moscow, – so they changed the tyres on our car, – they are just amazing! – So we extended again, – although we weren’t even planning this, – we found this village, – and just don’t want to leave, – It’s awesome here! I also met the hospitable owners when they offered to share Rakia with them It’s a strong Croatian spirit made from herbs that’s a nice way of describing it, and otherwise called moonshine I don’t want to delve into its taste, but I can assure you that it affected our evening in a positive way) I love this kind of Croatia) Best thing about this villa, is that you get the most ideal sunset ever, situated right in front of it, basically this place is a separate world, a Croatia in Croatia Sunsets didn’t work out for me along this trip, as I usually spent them driving, rushing somewhere as per usual, and I only dreamt of a sunset in good company and perfect setting Finally, it was this evening, when I found myself by the sea, in a beautiful place, with beautiful people, Rakia, and right in front of a sunset My puzzle became complete! I can’t say that Croatia is my kind of a country, but thanks to this evening and the guys, I understood that any country can become your kind, if only you find your place, and looking at these three guys I can assure you that Dasha, Petya and Pasha, have found theirs in Croatia It is thanks to them and some rakia, that I found mine, just for this one evening, and frankly, it was an outstanding evening! We are on the outskirts of Milan now, don’t know where exactly, but lake Como is 20 minutes from here It is here that I decided to end the first part of my road trip, just to get some sleep and rest This trip turned out to be more complicated than others, because I never filmed so many places at the same time Still, I am extremely happy I went for it, and two weeks into my travels, I can state that road trips allow you to reboot your brain I really needed that! This is probably why I didn’t talk much, but thought more Road trips are just amazing, and you should definitely try, if you haven’t! Overall, it doesn’t matter how you travel, what counts is if you travel or not Do travel, guys! It’s totally worth it!

and now, some rest, I really need it, both microbe and I