Road Trip to Kissimmee| AirBNB Condo Tour| Universal Citywalk| June 14, 2019

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Road Trip to Kissimmee| AirBNB Condo Tour| Universal Citywalk| June 14, 2019

Courtney: Good morning guys, we are on day two of our trip and we’re getting ready to drive from Pensacola to Kissimmee C: Anything you want to say? Rob: We’ve got to drive seven and a half hours! *Cheerful music plays* C: Yep, or about seven. It’s like six and a half so maybe seven Khloe: Dang C: Especially with stops K: Sighs C: Yep *Feet thump on floor* C: Hashtag “real-life” C: Laughs C: Khloe have anything you’d like to say to the vlogspeople? K: I got bugbites! R: Hey! C: Alright, so anyway, we’re getting ready to go K: Oofergang! C: One last look I guess at the AirBNB that we stayed at last night and then we’re gonna go get in the car and go get something to eat. See y’all K: Oofergang! C: Don’t say that K: Why? *Cheerful music plays* K: So you’re saying that I can’t be an Oofer from Roblox? *Birds chirp* C: Oh, yeah, one thing I didn’t mention when I did like the little tour last night because I didn’t realize is there’s a fire extinguisher there. So that’s good C: I’ll show you what it looks like outside C: *Clears throat* *Birds chirp* C: There’s like a little sitting area here right outside the door. *Birds chirp* C: A little fireplace, thing C: This way there’s like a bunch of bushes so you’re kind of cut off from the main house, it’s separate, and then there’s a little exit. And the driveway is right there K: And they have a cat C: Alright guys, we’ll see you later. Oh yeah, she wants to tell you. Yep. They have cats. Oh my god, really? *Creepy music plays* R: *Sudden loud noise* C: *Laughs loudly* *Cheerful music resumes* C: All right, bye guys K: What is that? K: Camels? C: That’s a dog K: Oh, I thought that was camels! C: The little pig statue is so cute! *Cheerful music* C: All right so R: Yells STANK rudely C: STOP! *Ignition starts* So we just got gas and now we’re going to get something to eat and he’s yelling stank because he said the gas station that we went to stank inside *Air blows loudly* R: And I’m not like that. I mean it! It stunk! C: I always smell everything if it smells bad and he’s like, “What are you talking about?” *Imitates man voice* R: *Imitating man voice* Yeah, that’s how I talk! What are ya talking about? K: Oofergang C: What does that mean?! K: It means Oofer, like Oof in Roblox! C: Mm, hmm K: I’m an Oofer R: Oh, are we going the wrong way still? K: It’s supposed to be the Roblox… *Gets cut off* C: All right, I gotta go cause I gotta do directions. Bye! *Upbeat music plays* C: All right, so we’re just getting Wendy’s Cashier: You have a good one R: Thank you R: Thank you Employee: Have a good day R: You too *Upbeat music continues* C: Allright, so now we’re gonna drive around and try to find somewhere that has souvenirs C: There’s a bunch of restaurants we don’t have back home like Firehouse Subs and across the street we got Inner India C: They have a gas station here called Tom Thumb *Upbeat music* R: *Laughs* R: No R: Let’s see K: But I mean like, the Slytherin mascot makes sense for you R: I would be chaotic lawful, yes K: Look at my Spongebob, guys! R: I don’t mind… *Gets cut off* K: Spongebob! C: From the Raceway! K: And it was only $1.49! K: But it has gum. It’s really yummy. It’s cotton candy and fruit punch flavor

R: Chaotic lawful *Wind* GPS: Keep left to stay on Florida 295 North R: If I do stuff just for myself and my family no matter what it takes without hurting other people if I don’t have to, that’s my alignment. *Laughs* I don’t want to do bad stuff but if you come up on me doing bad stuff you gonna get bad stuff, ya heard! R: I don’t even know what that thing said. We gotta take a left? Right? Straight? C: *With food in mouth* Yeah, keep going *Cheerful music plays then fades out* C: This is a good tomato! *Fast-paced cheerful music plays* GPS: Use the second to the left lane to turn left onto East … Drive then slight right to merge onto I-110 north ramp C: I don’t know how we got into this direction cause I thought the Raceway was on that street *Music continues* GPS: Slight right onto the I-110 North ramp R: Here? C: No babe! C: I don’t know. Maybe that was it. That was it… and I told you no. Now you gotta turn around GPS: Make a U-turn, then turn right onto Florida 291 South R: I’m getting a new navigator! You suck! C: *Laughs hard* R: You do this to me all the time! C: Continues laughing *Music* R: Moves like Jagger… *Obnoxiously loud and high-pitch* Move e e e oooves! K: Oh my god C: Dude! Nobody in their right ever mind wants to ever, ever, ever hear that! K: Sings The 7th Element by Vitas GPS: Says directions in background R: Left or right? C: *Referring to GPS* Well this just turned off R: Ha ha haaa! C: We’re taking a left up here R: Left? Right here? C: Not right here! R: Annoying singing again GPS: In a quarter mile turn left onto Florida 291 North C: Quarter mile C: Florida, 291 North C: Okay, we’re using all the gas we just got going in circles GPS: Turn left onto Florida 291 North C: This one *Cheerful music starts again* C: Okay, take that ramp, babe! GPS: Slight right onto the I-110 North ramp GPS: Continue for half a mile *Cheerful music continues* R: That’s you! K: She’s a bad navigator! I’m a better navigator than her! C: Okay, miss yellow-mouth K: Because, when you said it was 22 miles I listened and it was 21 K: It was 21 miles, not 22 K: She told him the wrong amount of miles

K: I was listening K: Yesterday R: *Makes opera noises* GPS: Keep left K: Keep left *Upbeat music continues* C: Alright, we’re going on 280 something miles of… this R: *Laughs* C: So we’ll be back if anything interesting happens. Bye R: Oh! C: He still didn’t tell y’all bye! R: *Creepy cartoon laugh* Bye! *Music fades out* K: Jesus! R: *Burps obnoxiously loud* K: You’re scary! R: *Makes cartoon noise* C: It ain’t crazy to be a cat lady! It’s good! R: *Burps even more obnoxiously than before* K: Then how come you’re crazy with the cat? K: Logic R: Toxoplasmosis! Ya heard! *Relaxing driving music starts* C: *Sings* I would understand *Driving music continues* *Music continues* *Driving music plays and other music heard in background* R: Look at that lady drivin’! R: Look at that lady drivin’! C: Stop! Omg! Are you recording this? R: Yeah, this is Rob, I’m bustin’ into this vlog! Boy this is mine now! C- roll Rob in the house! R: Yeah! You gone find me on the cutting floor! K: *Giggles* R: Hi, welcome to the vllloooggg!!! R: *Obnoxiously* We’re going to Universal Studiooss! R: *Still obnoxious* We’re travel logging R: Travel VLOGing R: *Obnoxious laugh* R: *To Khloe* Hey R: *To Courtney* Hey! I got the camera now. What you gonna do about it, girl? C: Sorry you guys! R: *Super obnoxious* Sorry you guys! R: Okay? R: You guuuyysss! C: *Lauhgs* Sorry, y’all! R: *Laughs* C: You’re filming that way. Just to let you know, you’re not filming me C: You’re not listening R: Sings copyright strike repeatedly Music in background: We all believe what’s on TV, because it’s what we want to see K: High school musical! *Driving music continues playing* K: Everyone wants a school like High School Musical. But it’s never gonna come true, sadly Music: sell your hair K: Ewe! Why they wanna sell their hair! *Song changes in car* C: Oh! This is my favorite song! *Heavy beat music plays over it* *Heavy beat music plays*

*Song in car plays under heavy beat music* R: Getting cinama-graphical with this mother- freaking thing! K: Here is the freaking tea… and I’m about to spill it! K: This song is amazing! *Heavy beat driving music plays* *Car music plays under heavy beat driving music* C: Robert!!! R: *Laughs loudly*