Tso Moriri Lake Ladakh | Ladakh Road Trip 2019 | Day 10 & 11

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Tso Moriri Lake Ladakh | Ladakh Road Trip 2019 | Day 10 & 11

Hello world tour world tour are you going on a world tour wahhh wahhh so we made the plan and then cancelled it again made it and cancelled it and finally decided that we are going to TSO Moriri so the time is already 10:30 and it is already late. I know bcz the plan was getting cancelled again n again again there is a twist there were 2 more guys joining us today one is Abrar bro and another one is imtiaz bro. Who is sitting right next to me Hiii…..Imtiaz is the owner of this hotel imtiaz bro….where are you from? from gulmarg (Kashmir)..He wanted to go with us but abrar got some urgent work bcz of that he went to office and imtiaz bro doesn’t have any vehicle right now and the weather condition here in leh is not good it is getting worst so many clouds and 5 mins before there was a wind storm here so lets see what to do thinking about the plan again what do you say lets go and if the weather will still remain same we will come back to hotel again so whatever plan we make. i’ll update you he is showkat bro. Where are you from i am from gulmarg (kashmir) showkat gave so much of his services to all of us till 12 in the night dinner and everything with the sweets while standing all the times but i dont feel that i gave enough hospitality no you gave more than enough services to us and if we gave you trouble then we apologize. no sir no sir there was nothing like trouble this is our duty…thanks you so much and if someone is coming to leh ladakh then this is naaz guest house i highly recommend to come here and stay i really liked it staying here okay see you on the bike. bye bye showkat bro we finally left for Tso Moriri and it is late 12:30 lets see what challenges we will face there is one bad news my halmet cam which is go pro hero 4 is not charging. May be there is some problem in the charging port or in charging cable i tried changing the cable, but nothing happened it is working properly, but not charging so i am using hero 7 on my helmet but the problem is….i dont have mic adapter for it i searched for it in delhi but out of stock everywhere so whatever noise and wind blast you will experience i am really sorry for that i am trying to show you maximum as much as possible for me we are on leh manali road and there is a turn ahead for Tso moriri dont know what we are going to face we are carrying two jerrycans for petrol as we are get any information about petrol pumb there its is okay yes fine what is this same metre for all bikes is there any petrol from near Tso moriri till manali no…there is no till tandi not till tandi…okay and where this road. connects from tso moriri till manali which place in upshi hello world tour…world tour are you on world tour wah wah !! when we left from leh the weather was not good and then it was good we packed everything and left half the way the climate was again cloudy we saw some fresh snow on some mountains and now here again the sky is clear i hope for the best sometimes i let rohit and tarun to go ahead bcz i have to look for their luggage and jerrycans rohit is here go go….all good what a road friend means the road is like, if somebody goes away 10-15 kms you can still find him here turning hahaha now lets see what will happen when we reach….how the weather will be how much fun we have

and how much adventure we gonna face mahe is around 100 kms from here there is a river and this road and mountains all around and we are riding haa riding still riding road condition are awesome till now we are enjoying our ride but i am doubtfull that road condition are like this ahead another one roads are still good around 50-60 meters patch was bad they are first bikers i saw on this route otherwise before here no one i saw here is the bad roads again and here is our world traveller Mr. Tarun pujara riding in front of me i have to take care of him i am holding him today with me and not allowing to take breaks anywhere bcz yday we was stopping in every 5 mins and everytime we have to wait from him and used to give new excuses every-time which we never understood thats why i am behind so we dont loose eye on him it is very difficult to make him understand anyways i am just joking and speaking truth go go go goooooo hahahaha video game has started there is no sign of road i can see the same road ahead we have already done 3 kms on this road see the big rock. they are breaking it to clear and the good road started finally almost 10-12 kms road was really bad we did it anyhow lets see now same river same road same mountain and we are riding again same road every where let me show you one thing seee isn’t it awesome purple yellow and multi color here and sky above wowww woowww wowww what a beauty bro

when everybody is left then tarun start moving view is like this we couldn’t left move move bro we didn;t had anything since morning from leh time is 4:30 pm and the temp is 14.5 i guess something is here ask someone how far is tso moriri lets have something and then ask i wanted to have samosa. momos is also written here momo momo momo momo so we are in chumthang valley this is very beautiful valley we stopped in indus view restaurant for our lunch break lets see what are the lunch option available let me show you from inside weather outside is so cold but inside we fell cozy, may be bcz of kitchen so let see and leave for Tso Moriri we had wonderful lunch the owner aunty of this restaurant was very nice very funny type i had rice and pulse, mix veg malika had maggi rohit tarun atiya has rise, pulse, mix veg and noodles and we had tea of yalk milk there is a hot water spring down the road but we dont have time we have less time if we had some time, we would have definitely go and try bcz after sometime it will be so cold here and riding will be more difficult so our journey is again started in this beautiful valley i guess we have to go from here so the mahe is 15-16 kms from here and as per information from local the roads are not good after mahe but till now everything is good we are having fun weather is so chilled now temp is 13.5 any ways i am filling cold and have to bear with the bad roads but you enjoy the view we reached mahe and this is the mahe check point jammu and kashmir police we have to show our permits here lets tie tarun here in hand cuffs i am listening…hahaha oho omg this is all broken i am feeling we are going down i dont know where we are riding we saw nobody but we saw nothing….no human. …no milestone temp 10 degrees time 5:51 pm and the road conditions are in front of you hello hello yes i also stopped to ask what an amazing view…ice how god created this so we took left from this small village for Tso Moriri truly speaking the beauty of this place i am feeling i am not in india

now you can guess how much beautiful is india these boxes i dont know i guess this is temporary house to stay for the people who stuck here in between bcz there is a facility for ventilation pipe and window also this is the beauty of leh ladakh and the temp is 7.5 my hand are freezing cloud going straight or twisting i dont know whats happening see there are we loosing our mind…hahahahaa roads are little bad but dosn’t matter as the view is awesome i am looking at the view at this time in evening and travelling at this place at this time aaahhh enjoying so much ooppss omg how was the day and how we reached here is difficult to explain in words we reached here around 7pm we started at 12:30 from leh just 40 kms before reached here we felt like this is no mans land when we reached here we thought this is the end of india and we will find nothing here but we had a hope we were walking for many kms hahaha we were riding for many kms then we got a small lake before Tso Moriri we thought thats tso moriri but there was no hotel and nothing nor any single light was there i know it is difficult to explain but when we were on the way we know what was happening with us and then we encountered snowfall then we started thinking. how we will go back if we find nothing luckily after riding and riding we found a vehicle who told us…it is 20 mins far but there was no roads only stones everywhere since this was our first time so we are not sure. whats ahead so anyhow we found some army camp we made the entry after showing our permits they said to go 300 meters ahead and then we found this hotel we asked nothing and came inside we didn’t even washed our faces after sometime we will go to have some dinner anybody wants to share his/her experience if anybody wants to come here. i just wanted to say very beautiful roads. We saw it for the first time so many beautiful scenic places. must visit place if you are coming to ladakh very very beautiful me and rohit visited leh ladakh earlier but this was the most beautiful part just 40 kms before. My soul was about to meet god. hahaha but bcz of hope we are again together i have only one advice if you are coming here make sure you leave early morning so max 5-6 pm you reach here okay guys

how was the view the temperature here is freezing cold sun is also shining but the wind is so chilled if you see the snow on the hills so i m guess the wind is coming from the snow mountains it was so chilled yday night that we were not able to stand outside little breathless here and tso moriri is 15400 approx from the sea level if i am not wrong location is very beautiful and truly speaking i like it more than pangong lake so let go near and see the view from there bike are parked here and see the wind force we are not wearing halmet since we are going till lake which is around 1 km temp is 6 and sometimes 6.5 but we are having so much fun bcz we never saw such a beautiful place i hope you liked the view of tso moriri bcz of freezing cold we are unable to give expressions for photos we tried to click some nice photos my friends are also trying but look at the view friends so beautiful we couldn’t do much, bcz of no expressions feeling cold in this jacket now lets leave from here and go towards our hotel to have breakfast this is the most difficult task to unload and load in the morning we are late again but we came here to visit so we enjoyed near the lake clicks some pics and had breakfast with the coffee we started feeling sleepy then we had coffee again my luggage is ready i did it all alone and these 2 are still doing it i was filling petrol in the bikes you came to insult me okay so rohit did so many things. He cleaned his bike hahaha in the morning hotel staff brought the bags here and they were looking at the jerrycans only hahaha hahahaha give me the cloth i made this entire can empty leave okay lets go i’ll put you on fire with this

so now the plan is to go towards manali and we will try to cover as much as possible and they stay somewhere hopefully we will try to reach till jispa lets see rest god knows. what will happen the biggest challenge is to cross this 20 kms road but it is worth coming for this beautiful lake there is nothing more to show whatever it is the right side view crystal clear water it is i am trying to show you if you can see many different shades bye bye tso moriri