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At that moment the questions are running through our head Have we made the right choice? 3 month ever before imagined we would find ourselves in this plane Everyone knows the existence of this country but no one knows where to locate it This country of 2 million inhabitants is less than 2 hours flight from Paris Yet, this trip would book us nice surprises but we did not know at that moment Upon our arrival, doubt has given way to confidence We immediately felt at home I am in Slovenia at home. BLUE Go, Go! (French anthem of the World Cup) But what does he do in this position? What were you doing all fours ?? Uh I had a great desire What will I do with him? LOL No no it’s not me! Our Road Trip to the discovery of Slovenia began BLED Welcome! no joke on his part because Bled means in Arabic countries Here is the famous Lake Bled There is a beautiful walk of 6 km of walking to do It is located in the Triglav National Park and is one of the largest natural reserves of EUROPE We certainly chose the best time to come to Slovenia We were able to do our tourist photo with red heart This place is beautiful. Lake Bled is super romantic love! Just behind, you can admire the castle and the calm of the lake In this season, very few boats On this lake, you can make nice boat trips Romanticism is the appointment for a romantic getaway We will take the opportunity to climb the hill STRAZA The course is called the fitness trail It’s in the middle of nature There is a path to follow This is the price to pay for an elevated view of Lake Bled It has a beautiful view of the lake You can see the castle, the small island. That’s wonderful ! This place is so empty now vibrant summer Coming off season allows us to enjoy one of the relaxing atmosphere It is a haven of peace A must of Lake Bled is the boat ride We chose to do the ride Pletna is the local gondola Access to the small island of Bled is the only island in Slovenia Slovenia, we take full eyes This is a jewel in the rough. It’s super beautiful is super quiet I imagined a Slovenian population, rather cold and yet they are the opposite I find welcoming For the record: these are the pictures of Lake Bled which have given me want to come here

The reality is breathtaking: a true fairytale setting It’s magic: it is in the heart of nature Since we are in the low season: one feels alone in the world Slovenia is a lot of lakes and waterfalls We could not leave this area without visiting Lake BOHINJ! It is the largest lake Standing Slovenia Nicknamed the lake side of the world as there is only one road to come It is 30 minutes from Lake Bled Located in the heart of the Julian Alps, it is a haven of peace It’s much more natural, much less touristy, much wilder than Lake Bled Personally it has only just arrived but it’s my favorite We made friends. Ducks came to keep us company I’m going to join them You go down in the water! Come back here before falling What is the sound of the duck? You make great LOL duck scream Blejska Dobrava which means the path to the cliff LOL we do not know at all what it means Since we arrived in Slovenia, this is simple: we do not understand LOL Usually we always manage to get by a little to understand but the Slovenian is complicated LOL To say, you think of Doberman: they say DOBERDAN It does not follow the signs? We follow the path traced Look, you have yellow dots on trees DOBERDAN that’s the only thing I know say LOL Slovenian So you’re going to say hello all the time? I mean let’s go, I’ll pronounce it with a different tone It is believed hear Dora the Explorer It is the Cascade SLAP SAVICA It starts with a 20 minute walk There are plenty of stairs to climb, it works the legs If you pass by Lake BOHINJ, we advise you to come for a tour to SLAP SAVICA We have to go at the end of the road: the road side of the world, you can not go further It is one of most visited natural sites in Slovenia Flap unions and was mounted umpteen market rose from 20 One can not escape the rise of 20 minutes When we end: one has a breathtaking view of the entire BOHINJ valley You can see the mountains, their peaks We see the eternal snow on the high peaks it is beautiful We will finally be able to admire our famous waterfall

It is a must place to Slovenia! This is a very nice discovery We take the road direction: the coast We go to Slovenia only area where there is the sea Slovenia is approximately 50 kilometers of coastline Direction: south-western Slovenia For cons, I did not notice that it was so far It will travel 200 kilometers duty Here we go: PIRAN Directorate We got up early to enjoy the maritime benefits It is currently on the edge of the Slovenian coast. This small country has its own mother There is therefore no need to go to Croatia to see the Mediterranean Sea You can find all that in Slovenia It has made two boyfriends. Cuckoo for ducks around us Today we have nothing to give you to eat my friends Piran is known as the city of salt Feel free to lose yourself in the narrow streets of the historic city center We see the walls, doors The houses are very colorful: it is very Slovenian It really is in the discovery of medieval Slovenia. It is very beautiful Before coming to this country, I was a bit skeptical We are a couple that does not go unnoticed So we always inquires before whether foreigners are allowed etc Much has been exchanged with Slovenian In reality, it is a people that does not usually tourism and who knew no distant countries of immigration We had read that the Slovenian were quite cold The experience that I live here, it’s just the opposite Discover this country without any suspicion, I do not speak of racism but rather lack of knowledge of the other I was in Prague and I think that the Czech people are very cold While Slovenia: as soon as you request information, or you talk with them They take the time to explain everything to you in English They master the fine elsewhere Do not worry, once you go up to them: everything goes well Tour must if you come to Slovenia It is located between Ljubljana and Piran Just behind, you can see the entrance to the Postojna Cave It is the most visited karst cave in Europe with 38 million visitors It includes an underground train This is also the only karst cave equipped with an underground railway double track It’s unique Here was inaugurated in 1872 the first railway in a cave It is a must to visit DEPARTURE WARNING! There are three kilometers of track within the tunnel Then there is 5 km footpaths Everything was arranged perfectly for us to walk there I am in full contemplation of the works of nature Small feature of Postojna Cave This is the cave that offers the most biodiversity in the world Slovenia found in caves more than 250 different animal species In this cave: there is a legend with a dragon We still have something to discover: according to legend lived here a dragon The Proteus anguinus (OLM English) is the largest subterranean predator Legend has it that this would be the baby of a dragon It is found inside the cave POSTOJNA The Slovene are very proud

In 2016 we were able to follow the birth of a baby dragon Here in Postojna: one traces the history of this fascinating species We will get to VIVARIUM order to see more closely This concludes our discovery of the Postojna Cave There is also a castle to visit It is the largest castle with a cave in the world Welcome to Ljubljana! This is one of the nicest cities in Europe It also speaks of Slovenia as a very safe country According to a recent study, it appears in the top 10 countries of the safest cities in the world So we will walk without fear in Ljubljana It is currently in the TIVOLI PARK This is the largest park of Ljubljana with its 5 square kilometers of greenery Can you tell us what happened? A spider (I hate spiders) You can put a hand in the spider web or if you come home in the house is better LOL We’ll let you because … DOBER DAN. euuh here we are telling you that we love Small obligatory passage if you come to Ljubljana it’s here! It is currently on the roofs of Nebotičnik is the first skyscraper built in Ljubljana The Slovenian were jealous of the US It was essential for them to have their skyscraper also The big advantage is that we have a wonderful view of Slovenia It is over 70 meters high. It would be still the highest tower in Ljubljana Since the beginning of the week, we wondered where were the tourists I think we all found! They were all in Ljubljana LOL Welcome to Križna It was equipped to visit the cave It is not far from the cave POSTOJNA This cave is much less touristy So we will have a more intimate tour This is completely different: no train here, we’ll take the boat We chose the tour that lasts an hour In this cave, there are 47 lakes We will borrow only open to tourists It is a world famous cave We would find the remains of cave bear I hope to see a real cave bear The cave is not illuminated. It provides us with a lamp so that we can have light I feel like an explorer We walk in the footsteps of cave bears. It’s crazy to say that they lived here

The water is beautiful Oh look a bat It was a great tour! Today it is a place that is protected and closed. This is a must We had the chance to see several species of animals What we saw inside the cave? bat, everything I like (irony of course lol) In this cave lived cave bears The species disappeared because there was enough food in the cave. They have not managed to survive It is currently located in the heart of a forest Our guide explained so we could cross bears strolling Some tourists were surprised It also crosses in his garden When spring preserved these places rich in history, because that’s the story Moralizing MINUTE We realize that we have a real role to play in preserving the environment We do not encourage you to throw your garbage on the ground or in water Preserve our environment because it is the future of our children I wish you all to come and see it with your own eyes Bring them your children, they will love it!