Швейцарки едут через Россию | By Bike through Europe, Russia, Asia

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Швейцарки едут через Россию | By Bike through Europe, Russia, Asia

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knew like after this I will feel better but I long time did not have the idea of going travelling by bicycle and then the two of them started to do this and then they came up with the idea of this rather long journey and so one day I asked like hey Jung would you take me with you and they said yes yours and I said cool and so we went and we thought maybe now each other like since very long time like we know each other since like you leave the children so make me now I don’t know maybe it’s like 22 years yeah something like that like since a very long time we could say we know each other very well an old and strong friendship the bicycle I Drive with is by arias it’s produced in Switzerland so they do everything there it’s a steel frame special thing about is that they put this until here so that gives more stability even so that it’s really like it won’t break even with lot of luggage in the rough country side then this frame here is special too they put like this so that your hand feel natural so your hands will not fall asleep even if you go for hours driving they make it in Breitenbach which is a village next to the place where we grew up and lift for a long time then on the road we at some point but this thing here to stay safe it’s really cool too like when you are in a lot of traffic to be able to like check it’s the car coming too near do I have to get on the side or is it fine do I have enough space so we just basically when we run some highway or so we just drive and when we see a big car not enough space we can move away from the street friends of us when we started they put this here we did not even see when they put it so now when we see children we can make bubbles which is cool I have in the front kitchen things and then here I have some gifts some things to sit on and I brought a chair which is in here glamping then in these two I have clothes for like to get warm I have the sleeping mattress and the sleeping bag and here I bring like the tarp right now my boombox is in here when it’s not raining I put it here it fits perfectly which is really cool so I can drive and I have music really coming straight directly to my ears this part here is food at arias you could choose basically all the components you want to have so choose the type of frame I took the most stable one they suggest you to put a good light on it’s it’s really really bright so for us it’s cool when we end up in the darkness in a forest it’s actually no problem with this it’s for traveling what you do normally is file camping and but sometimes you cross other cyclers and they say telling you oh you know there is a free camping ground and it’s very beautiful spot so we go there sometimes you go to official camping ground but you don’t do that too often because it’s not too much in our picture and like really sometimes there’s no opportunity we also go to hostel but one thing what you really love doing is like now going there is the platform couchsurfing and warm showers and you ask people if they if you can stay overnight or maybe for two nights and this is really cool because you meet a lot of amazing people and it’s nice to share stories because and get to know the people from the country really well we also do sometimes is getting invited from the street yes so that we just by chance run into somebody start talking and then invite us too often but it really it happens sometime so and I mean we’re three so it’s really like to get invited like this it’s really a beautiful feeling too we must say we are really well equipped but for snow the sleeping bags are maybe not too warm it would work but it’s not very comfortable night and these two nights we had if snow the both of them we got invited by really warm people

just a holster when we say in a city often it’s just sleeping austere and camping it’s nice when we need to take a shower to wash our clothes and also with it she was like I was before or like it was when somebody was sick and like we need to stay inside because outside it was cold normally in the mornings you don’t know where we arrived in the winnings unless we go to the city and so we are in the evening when you’re tired you arrive somewhere you’re first what you do is mostly starting to cook one is steering and the other tools are putting pitching up the tents so it’s cool to be three people so it’s when you after food normally the tents are already standing and you can go to sleep because in the evenings you’re very tired ever even if you’re tired I think I have always the map in my mind and I know the road and so every day you know approximate how many kilometres you do but the thing is you never know what is the better how how big is the traffic on that road because maybe on the map it looks like a very small road but in real it’s really bad Road and you’re not driving as fast as you thought so planning is really hard and it’s also sometimes you meet people and then you also do less kilometers because you meet them and you don’t want to say oh no we cannot totally feel because you have to race you know it’s like oh yeah and tell me about your life tell your stories because we’re really really curious women and we know we hate traveling because you want to know the people you want to know something about the countries you want to know like on what planet you’re living I think by coffee it’s also the time like what do we do today should we go there oh I heard this is nice Oh didn’t we say yesterday that or well how was it again and tell me oh no you didn’t told me and and I feel like sometimes I’m doing plans and I’m realizing oh I didn’t told them and it’s a lot about communication anyway but I think in my coffee we are somehow planning as you see our plans I’m not like really exact like – we know which countries me won everything but we like the way we’re going we plan like everyday or sometimes even on the road we see the road and then we said do we go left or – we call right but we don’t know before we see actually the road yeah and maybe in the politic States or maybe somewhere from Poland to Estonia you really sometimes have to see the way because sometimes it’s stony or even sandy and you don’t wanna drive and it’s and it’s horrible you can do that if a 4×4 car you cannot do that with bicycle this is my bike it’s the same bike as no amy has I chose this bike because like it’s produced I can Switzerland it’s a local production first thousand kilometers it was not so comfortable now it’s I got used it and it’s got like my shape so now it’s like really comfortable here I got a helmet I think for safety it’s like really important to wear a helmet front back like in here I have all the things that are like really important so I can just take it off when I go away if I lift the bike I got the map so I can actually see where we going through then I got as well like kitchen stuff and first aid kit in the other bag I got a spare like an extra tire and a back row with the tent and food in it the back roll I can also make as a backpack I don’t know how heavy this and actually I don’t want to know how heavy it is yeah the people we made so far like we made so many like so helpful people that invent that are so more like we got to know just so many amazing people there was maybe the biggest not surprised but that’s what made me the most happy to discern yet for me something quite

special on that specific trip is travelling with my two best friends is just you wherever I am here I have my home with me and that somehow crazy because I really feel at home wherever we are I think it’s if we either eat put up our tents in a forest in a camping ground or at the coast of you oh that’s our home it’s like everyday you have the mirror and you have two mirrors so like if you’re talking you’re gonna know it immediately I did not have to the time or the capacity to really think into the future and that just went that just dived into this experience somehow and I just took it day by day somehow so they’re like I mean they were of course surprises but somehow everything was a surprise because like I haven’t done this kind of a travel thing and I did backpacking before which feels like really different it was all in like one flow you just you you leave your home you still know the region then you get to reach and slightly different but you still know the trees the name of the birds it’s changing slightly and then you for a time I called the tone of my home because we were riding along then the river changed but he was still a river so the river was my home and then the river was gone but like you you move from place to place everything is like your home you are my home as you said you meet new people who become your home because that’s like what makes you feel safe is this people that take you to their place and make you feel good I think most people know know me like not to like a person who’s not doing sports or something so and when I tell people in advance like yeah I’m going to this journey we go by bike they would be like okay cool and when will we start to train as I was saying yeah they pray and then they ask o : I pray and when do you leave and I said yeah well in April so and that was how I did I mean I did not train before I went on the road I trained on the road doing the churn and I think we all did that hmm we did not start at the same point of physical shape or how do you call that we did the same distance every day we got here oh yeah what school I think the last two months you made a lot of training you trained where you do it and right now we are quite fit I would say I mean in the beginning we did boots on her yeah yeah the biggest heel we did the first day we had to walk France took the luggage part of it what’d he buy you know oh yeah it was said very start that was amazing yes the three of us the last week we have been living at our mothers houses or family houses and we met together at her mother’s house it a lot of friends to accept all those ah first day you are coming with you and so in the beginning you have been a big group of people cycling all together it was amazing next day a little less some joined like three days now that was really good first we had the idea of the charity and then we had like the idea in mind for maybe a year and actual preparation started like maybe two months before we left we had to work in ice like Noemi we had to organize a new bike like we both had a bike but like really not a good touring bike so we organized a good bike and then like we already had so my equipment but not all so we bought more equipment and like actually that was not the most work the most work I think was like the Russian visa finding out yeah

and the Swiss bureaucracy like all the things you need to do so that when you left they will not be like a company or a state following you with you have forgotten to do this like I don’t know all this paperwork the hardest thing maybe was planning like to arrange like which visit we have to make when where will we make it and also like discuss who is gonna take what who has like what all has what which materials and what do we find new and what medical stuff do we need to organize I am riding if the MTV psychotic to be honest it was just a really bicycle what I caught by chance I just walked passed by and it was on sale so that’s why I have it maybe it’s also a little bit too small for me but it works it’s a steel frame actually I took everything off and I had to replace most of it like I replaced all the parts changed the handlebar I tried a new one like this butterfly handlebar because of all it’s nice to be able to change a little bit I’m still not biggest fan of it because like you’re not it’s not you don’t have to super comfortable position but I think that’s a really long way to find the perfect handlebar for yourself but it’s fine I like it but on this trip I also tried to Brooke so um I really like it it’s comfortable even it doesn’t seems looks like that how you see I took this ten years the other travel also so they really survived after seven months and they’re still good what the proof I think they’re gonna stay forever this travel I am carrying also a little backpack quite cool because now we’re going on the train to trans-siberian chain as he told you and it’s just full of food because you’re gonna stay there inside for two and a half months it’s also nice to have that when you’re in the city I’m really big fan of having like here a big bottle which is not plastic that’s nice and like a front paddle which just is really easy and fast to drink of course and you’re traveling you’re bringing a good lock because you don’t want that somebody’s taking your bicycle so I have the possibility that I can just leave it here and then I can take it out a lot of people are asking what is that like do you have like this fire secure thing if there is a fire happening that you can turn it off no it’s not really it’s actually more the opposite it’s one part of the stuff so here’s the fuel inside for our stuff right now it’s a pure gas inside this bag is also quite old and it’s not closing so nicely anymore so I have this here in front that like when you’re bumping somehow it’s a bumpy road or something it’s not opening because here really important I’m carrying my camera it’s yeah I also must say I have a cool thing here it’s a crash flew back and so I think it’s really safe to carry my camera in here one thing which I really love to carry is to have a solar panel because you know it’s when you’re traveling there is and you’re camping outside you don’t have a place to charge your mobile phone or your camera items or your GPS things but maybe the whole day the sun is shining so I have it always here really handy like as soon the Sun comes up it’s tada I can take it out and also just leave it here and it’s quite small but if the Sun is really shining nicely I can fill up my Mobile’s I can charge my mobile phone or my power bank for maybe one full day or even two full day charges so it’s really handy and also what you have for this there is like some water bottles or not bottle is

like packs other bags like four liter inside so in the end of the evening it’s like a tower in here like the morning is always starting and Farina wakes up [Laughter] breakfast but before actually we always put tower like we arrange our stuff so that after breakfast they can leave yeah we have two tents with us usually we put those up to sleep so two of us share a tent but we will also have a tarp and mosquito net so if we need like private sphere we can sleep separately if you want in case like somebody wants to go another way or we meet some day apart we have like the possibility that we don’t need to stay together we can actually take clicked and so after standing up the first thing what we are looking for is mostly coffee we are I am a big coffee fan and I already took Serena she’s now also coffee fat and also Noemi she’s also coffee fan we got a restaurant with our three cappuccinos and it’s so beautiful there’s every date you are I’ve had a very different location different people like there are so many different little restaurants and cafes and that somehow the only routine we really have but until then most of the time it’s already after midday like normally we leave our place like at 10:50 then we go to drink coffee and maybe it’s like 11 or 12 o’clock when we leave the coffee and then we drive I don’t know some kilometres sometimes it already takes like 10 to 20 kilometres till we reach like a coffee and then like after we go for some kilometres it depends and then we get hungry and we eat lunch and after lunch we drive again till we find someplace to buy some dinner until like maybe three o’clock we don’t do a lot of distance and then after three o’clock is like the main distance me to where they so maybe until three o’clock we only did like 20 kilometers sometimes maybe 30 and then it depends we do one more time 30 sometimes we do like 50 kilometres a day a lot of taking only 250 kilometres now I’m gonna be just straight on the road and then when we see like a really small road then we take this road to see like what’s next and then we go like we where we feel comfortable at the place maybe we stay if we see like sort of place where many people cross but sometimes also when we tell you to just stay somewhere also and like maybe other people cross the way yeah somehow you always are looking for like the place where we have like the as less human beings coming across as possible and as less wild animals and monsters coming as possible so that’s where that the one spot you wanna be when you want to sleep no so you go a little further not too far and the rule is that everybody has to feel comfortable if one of us has a bad feeling on one place you say no we don’t stay here you’re gonna have and search another place even it takes one more hour and higher but it’s one rule we really have like that all of us need to be really comfortable cycling is the perfect speed like walking is like maybe too slow going with a motorbike maybe it’s too fast so with the bike you go with the perfect speed you’re not too slow you’re not too fast you’re like everyday I would say do you move and the bicycle is also good because you know maybe how to fix it it’s quite easy thing and it’s also like you to sports every day it’s really nice to do that every day you can listen to music while writing it’s you wanna say anything while writing I mean if you just write

like this and and you don’t talk to each other we have the chance to see lots of animals I mean we were writing through like the best zoo ever and people talk with you a lot I mean if you just go through with a car nobody will talk to you and like this with with all our luggage we are like three elephants standing in the street and people are like what do you do and we start to talk and I mean that wouldn’t happen if you have your luggage in a car and nobody sees it or sees that you’re traveling seemingly for like far distance you really get to know different people and also places I mean we ended up in places you wouldn’t end up with you couldn’t go with a car or you just end up there because you have the possibility to go there with a bicycle when you’re telling your story on the street to somebody a lot of people telling you oh you’re crazy so far bicycle you’re not here and but it’s not a crazy thing to do it’s just what you love to do it’s just your cycling and your traveling and you go step by step and it’s a big thing but if you do it always a little step it’s not too far and if you have a bicycle you must do that once I always explain like it’s like when you go with your bike to the train station but then you just don’t stop you just continue and like we also like we didn’t train like we just went and so like we got more training and more trained so I think like most people can actually do like it’s not really something hard or yeah and there are people telling you why you should do that and you’re young until you’re young now you’re it’s possible for you and before you have children before you have a man or whatever but we met a lot of older people like a lot of people after pension like maybe 70 65 years old and it’s so good to also see all the elderly people and doing still doing sport everyday going up on the bicycle putting up their tents and it’s amazing to see and it’s such a easy and also cheap way of travelling matching you’re just cooking how you’re cooking at home and you have if you’re putting up your tent in the wildness and there are countries which is totally legal and there are other countries where you have to hide but then it’s also for free and so it doesn’t need a lot of money to travel like that you also can do that just for one week or two week or if you have to time you go for a longer trip and the world so beautiful we should see it what your what your love