【ENG SUB】💕Love Designer EP31 | Dilraba,JohnnyHuang | Chinese Drama 2020

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【ENG SUB】💕Love Designer EP31 | Dilraba,JohnnyHuang | Chinese Drama 2020

Miss Fang, someone is calling you Miss Fang Miss Fang, are you OK? Nurse, nurse Why don’t you reply my message? Now I’m going to attend the equity meeting Reply my message when you see it What were you doing? Nurse Zhou Fang, it’s Zhou Fang What’s going on? The patient has pulmonary infection And now she also has hypoxemia which causes the coma Doesn’t she just have a common cold? Why would she be in a coma? Doctors are giving emergency treatment to her You don’t be panic Emergency treatment? Why the hell would she need an emergency treatment? As I told you, emergency treatment Stay here and wait Miss Qing, what should we do? I’ll go and have a look Miss Qing In recent years, WanFeng developed rapidly and rose quickly Indeed it is a miracle in this industry I was also stumbling into this and made some little achievements Song Lin, as the founder of WanFeng would like to see that WanFeng can develop well and grow larger in the future So He wants to find a competent and reliable buyer Right. Although this time It’s about selling stocks But I also hope that after selling the stocks the development of WanFeng will be better When WanFeng was first established, I kept an eye on you You’re really courageous You signed contracts with many independent designers and insist originality Impressive Thank you Then you shall take this opportunity to tell Mr. Xu about your thoughts OK, Mr. Xu I have a reference material here You can read it briefly Why our company insist on working with designers with original designs and do independent design It’s because in our country there are many excellent designers and original designs But they’ve never had a good platform to promote their designs Now I’ve contacted with partners in Japan and South Korea I’m doing a project of oversea warehouses It’s a promising project And that’s why all along, I insist on cooperating with independent designers I have to answer this Sorry Luoluo Brother, come back What’s going on? Zhou Fang is in hospital The doctor says it’s pretty serious OK, I’ll be back I’ll be back soon Mr. Xu I now have a emergency I really have to go now Song Lin Today, Mr. Xu put many important matters aside in order to arrange this meeting I know, I know But it’s really urgent I have to go back I’m running out of time Sorry, I’m really sorry Let’s meet at another time Sorry He

I’ll go after him Song Lin No matter what important private matters you have, this is about serious business You shall stay rational and keep calm You know how important this meeting is for your career, don’t you? But my girlfriend is in hospital now I have to go back A professional manager would never let problems like this happen in this kind of important moment Now I deeply doubt that this deal is totally false I’m really sorry What you said are all right We shall reschedule, OK? I’m really sorry Hey! Share acquisition of WanFeng ends Miss Cheng Sorry My girlfriend is sick I have to go back It’s late now Is there a ticket left? If I can’t get a ticket If I fail to catch the last train I rented a car It’s OK, I ‘ll drive home If you do that, how could I rest assured? It’s OK. If I’m really tired I would have a rest in the service area While you’re driving, always be careful, Ok Drive steadily Okay Sorry, Miss Cheng You naughty kid You’re awake What’s your name? Zhou Fang Ok Take some rest Don’t move Where am I You’re in ICU Your illness was getting worse and caused a coma The doctor had given you a Emergency treatment But you still need to stay here for one more night to be observed Don’t worry. Have a good rest It’s you I know that you won’t leave So I sneak out and try to approach you Where is Luoluo? She was sent back home Why don’t you just go home Why should you be here? You think that I’m willing to be here? You’re both here You don’t get me wrong I was worried about Zhou Fang It was really frightening just now It’s really lucky that you’re well again now You rest assured Doctor Bai, and the nurses, they are especially professional It’s really lucky that your sickness was discovered in the early stage Or I can’t even imagine the consequence Miss Fang is in ICU now She can receive timely monitoring and treatment Why don’t you go home and rest now Tomorrow when you are allowed to visit, you can come back If you really worried I’ll help you take care of her Forget it You’re no better You go back quickly I’m fine If I’m not feeling well, I would take care of myself Thank you for being willing to be my temporary family member and help my with these procedures Your clothes It’s cold here. Wear this Hey, It’s me

How is Zhou Fang Don’t worry. She is fine now Can I talk to her now? The doctor said that she needs to rest now Don’t disturb her Well, yes Then let her rest Thank you Be safe, while you’re driving Take your time OK Doctor, I’m the family of Zhou Fang Please open the door Let me have a look at her This is ICU Visit is prohibited If family is prohibited to see her, who else can see her Nobody can What do you mean, nobody? If family can not visit her, who can? Family visit is prohibited The situation of the patient is really serious She now needs emergency treatment Who is receiving emergency treatment? Doctor, doctor! Who is receiving emergency treatment? What’s the heart rate There is no heart rate anymore Prepare the defibrillation machine Prepare the cardiotonic Qin Qing Which inpatient ward is Zhou Fang in I was here long ago They won’t let me in She is in the ICU Why don’t they let you in There was an emergency treatment Now we know nothing What’s happening there? Mom Mom, mom, mom Doctor

Er How is Zhou Fang? Are you the family of Zhou Fang? Yes She is basically stable now After observation for another half day She can be transferred to public ward Song Lin What’s going on? How is Zhou Fang? She is fine now. I misunderstood just now The doctor said that Zhou Fang is fine now After another period of observation She can be transferred to a public ward Give me your phone You scared the crap out of me It’s lucky that it was a misunderstanding You drove home through the whole night You must be very tired You should go back Have some rest I would keep watching here It’s ok I would accompany her, here You be careful I will be all right Uncle has not left the hospital yet You go home and accompany your uncle You just rest assured I can arrange that You be careful Who I worry most is you You’re sick like this And you’re still hanging there Your mom just called I said going on a business trip I’ve already responded to her I bought this for Xiaozuo Why do you want to drive me out so urgently You rest and recuperate Don’t go off into wild flights of fancy I gotta go Talk slowly When were you back? Who am I to you? Why don’t you tell me while you’re sick Well, I thought Before you can come back I would be fine I don’t want you to worry about me So? In the end, I’m worried like crazy I can’t find you, I couldn’t get in touch with you I know all this from other people that you’re sick I would be more worried, right? Listen, no matter when it is, no matter where I am, if there’s something wrong, tell me instantly Or you could never See me again Sorry Look You little weeper Sorry I shall never be sick again Do you feel ill? No, I feel better Don’t cry. Lie down Come on. Lie down Well. Don’t cry See if you dare again The doctor said that your sickness is not stable yet At night, you may have a fever and would suffer a little more Do you get it? You shall eat something now I don’t want to eat How could you get well if you don’t eat something A hug would be enough A hug? I won’t let you have it Smells good You send it here? Song Lin prepared it If everything is OK, I gotta go Be careful

Drive slowly If there is anything wrong Call me Why do you get up so early I can’t fall asleep You’re missing Zhou Fang? Call her if you miss her She may be sleeping right now Let her sleep I don’t want to disturb her I could never imagine, a flu could make people in ICU If it was me, it would scare the crap out of me I never know that a flu could make people be sent to the ICU She is already scared to death You don’t worry Zhou Fang is so energetic And she is also so strong She would be fine I hope that she will recover soon This is the porridge you made for Zhou Fang? It’s done now. I will help you to ladle out it Miss Qing So it means that even if I go to hospital, I could still not visit Miss Fang Right All right Let her rest, quietly When the fever is gone that’s the time for her to go out of the hospital Yes, yes Miss Fang is obviously the kind of person Whose life is tough enough This kind of illness could not beat her Miss Qing, don’t worry The pencil boy would be fine too I’ve never been worried about him But you mentioned him for several times Did I? Yeah I see you two now talking in tune with each other With tacit understanding Bullshit Then, I’m leaving Recently, when you’re out you shall be careful You must wear a mask Is it just for me? I think everybody should keep in mind See you Okay Contact me through WeChat You’re so annoying I am annoyed My father doesn’t feel well Zhou Fang is sick How could I not be annoyed Then why you’re still telling jokes You ask us to come here You’re not willing to come? If it’s not because of me, how could you see him You should care more about the pencil boy Don’t always pretend to be so mean If he really has something wrong, you would regret Pooh, pooh, pooh Knocking the wood Pooh, pooh, pooh See, you said you don’t care, I don’t want to talk to you anymore Hello, mom Fang, are you coming back? No, I need another a few days You told me that you will come back in a week You be assured, mom Once I go back to Shanghai, I would immediately call you You thought I don’t want to go home? Oh, If you’re going out Remember to wear masks There are a few infectious diseases out there I’m afraid that you may catch them I told me for several times Do you really think that I have AD? I know, I know that OK, I’m hanging

How is Zhou Fang? Don’t mention it The nurse said that she couldn’t even get sleep And she always has bad dreams When I send meals to her, she couldn’t eat much And she would be full already Sick people tend to be paranoid The more she tried to sleep, the more she could not I used to be like this But, now she doesn’t eat or sleep Any normal people would not be able to take this You go to sleep I would go to hospital later If her sickness get worse again It would be really bad Well, it’s very late now. Even if you go there, you would not be allowed to see her I could still at least be close to her When you meet her, what are you going to say I would just stay with her Do you remember that when we were young When I was sick, how did you joke with me? Before everything turns out OK The hardest moment shall be endured It may be a long time But maybe one day, you just have to wake up to see that But you shall never be afraid I’m here This is a special program for our little friend, Zhou Fang Night Radio Welcome When Luoluo left home, she was small She couldn’t fall asleep at night Then what to do? Every night, I would tell stories to her Every night, 9:30 P.M Every day She listened to my stories and fell asleep Sometimes she would have good dreams So From now on Let my voice accompany you No matter what happened in the future No matter how frightening it is Don’t worry, my babe I’m always here I’ll always be your side I’ll always be with you How is your sleep last night Pretty good But I’m kind of hungry now Hungry? Then call your boyfriend Let him bring you some food Ok Take your temperature later Ok I tell you that as long as you can eat something, the disease is half cured I don’t think you slept much yesterday Do you want to have a rest for a while Just leave me alone How was the broadcast yesterday? Are you satisfied? I never thought your voice could be so beautiful Do you want to be a voice actor Do you have any ideas today? What do you want to listen? Let me think about it Hmmm It can’t be auditory sense only What about visual sense? Would you like to have a try? What do you want to see visually? All right I know there’s nothing good Say! What? Manly striptease show No way! Are you crazy? It’s in the hospital You want me to be picked up by the police Ok

All right Sleep for a while after eating up Bye What are you doing here? It seems that taking care of patients is really hard work About what happened last time, I’m sorry It’s really embarrassed! It’s emergency situation I have no idea about that OK! Stop it Don’t mention it How is Zhou Fang? Much better Bur still in hospital By the way You told me last time not to tell Qin Qing that the negotiations were over I didn’t say that Yeah, don’t tell them If you tell Qin Qing, she will tell Zhou Fang then After Zhou Fang hearing that, he will be self-condemned and sad It’s not necessary Seriously The negotiation failed last time, which does make you more passive Ling Xi and others will no longer follow up the investment, other buyers on the sidelines are also starting to speculate Their attitudes are vague, as well as their intentions I know. I can understand Last time I left, I thought of that But thank you all the same You really helped me a lot this time We will talk about the things to come later Yes In the future, you can only rely on yourself But as for Ling Xi, I know she is not an unreasonable person The fact that she is willing to talk to you means that they feel the deal is in their interest Now we just have to figure out how to get them continue thinking about the deal The power of love is great It seems that in a week, you can leave hospital May it be so These two days, you didn’t come to see pencil boy I don’t know how hard it was for him Just mind your own business Don’t worry about other people Other people? Pencil boy is not other people I will make time to see him for you Is it OK? It’s you who want to see him You are still janus-faced Hang up and go to bed Mr. Song Here is the progress report of the project Please have a look Okay. I will go back and read it About the follow-up investment, let me tell you something You don’t have to worry I’m already working on it Thanks, Mr. Song We are relieved to have you here Lately it’s really hard for everyone Busy after this section, I will give you a paid vocation Thanks, Mr. Song Let’s get busy Ok What’s going on? Miss Fang What are you doing here? As your ward mate, I come to see you You’d better go back If Mr. Lin knows, he will worry about you again He just came I heard the nurse said your medical indicators could not be kept down Like drinking, how can it have delayed effect Indeed It’s OK. Take it easy Don’t be like I was a few days ago Why do you cry again?

I want to cry when I can’t see you I also want to cry when I see you Alright If one day, I could easily make you cry, then I must be the last person to make you cry Don’t cry Let’s go Let’s go You have been discharged from hospital How come he never gets better? I don’t know The doctor said his indicators could not be kept down A big man is not as good as you That might be because no one took care of her If you miss him, just call him up Maybe you should call him The subscriber you dialed is power off Sorry Power off? Power off? Why did it shut down? Is there anything else wrong? Come on Could it be that the phone has no power I have to go and see Hello Excuse me, Where is the patient on that bed? I have no idea I just moved in But I just heard the nurse said there was a patient taken to the emergency room Emergency treatment? This is the emergency room What are you doing? I’m the family Neither can the family of the patient The doctor is in the process of rescue inside Isn’t he fine? Why? Why do sudden rescue? You need to calm down The patient now has a sudden onset of viral myocarditis Life is in danger Don’t mess it up Waiting for the news Qin Qing

Why do you turn off the phone My phone is out of power I’m also anxious to go through the discharge formalities So Qin Qing I agreed to break up with you at that time because I didn’t want to push you But now I want to push myself You are right The lover and the other half are two distinct concepts But who isn’t start from lover develop step by step into the other half? Could you not formulate what other people call standards into a framework And put yourself in the framework That’s not Qin Qing who I know Sometimes standards are the most unreliable thing As long as the feelings I give you are real and warm Then I can be your first choice Can you stop letting me out so easily That I like you is the standard I want to be with you forever I love you I love you, too Stop scare me again, OK? You scared me!