Alone on foot across Romania 👣 🇷🇴 A Walk Across Europe 7

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Alone on foot across Romania 👣 🇷🇴 A Walk Across Europe 7

I think that’s a bear print maybe they’ll start singing hi my name’s Ashley and in 2018 I went for a walk at 2,500 mile walk across Eastern Europe from the wild woodlands of Hungary to the warm waters of the Mediterranean this is my adventure from a Hungarian border I would forge a route through Romania the plan was to link several Carpathian mountain ranges together using roads eventually I would reach for Transylvanian city of brush off for stunning blue cache mantains and then trek across the remaining plain first to Bucharest and enter cross for Danube again into Bulgaria I would be starting to walk in the gritty northwestern city of satu mare a few days episode you might recognize these shoes as the ones I bought and birch has gained so I crossed into Austria what’s cross Austria and Hungary and issues is probably 1100 to 1200 miles maybe bull cheese new shoes this place has a strip club vibe going on downstairs so let’s go [Applause] [Applause] kind of glad to be I’m pleased to be honest last night I was sat any room and as it bought I’ll go online and see if I can find some sort of like history of this of that place I was staying see I went online and I found out that that place is the scene of two murders one one of them happened only like a couple months ago that one some guy came in and tried to rob robbed the bar and hit the barmaid I think she hit her head and injury and then the one before that something about bouncer had a grievance against the bar man there so he decided to take his revenge by decapitating him so yeah when I heard that okay welcome to Romania so Romania I’m quite nervous about this one to be honest more so than in any of the countries first of all Romania is one of the country or the country that people have like warned me about the most you know you gotta be careful you know it’s it’s Europe that it’s not like the rest of Europe you know and stuff like that like watch your back and all this Romanians got the biggest population of bears and wolves that had a guidebook that says not to worry about the Bears and the wolves it’s the sheepdogs but a trained to protect the flocks of sheep against the Bears and the wolves are the problem and I like dogs but only the kind that like

that you lick your face and not you know bite it off I read this I read this bit of the book out abandon all your soft Western impressions borne a first-hand experience of large dogs that are pleasant pets in a little walked over stretch of mountains a pack of uncontrolled Carpathian sheepdogs away from the Shepherd will normally unhesitatingly try and kill you they know how and are very good at it space here prevents me from explaining the method of attack but I can tell you it is effective so yeah so Romania is going to be an adventure I am of those who makes bill mara morash is one of the most remote and poorest regions of Romania it’s a place where horses are used instead of tractors and villages were filled by Hammond it was fascinating to see a way of life it’s disappeared over the West [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

[Applause] [Applause] and walking over what will probably be a third and final Romanian mountains I was going to head over to the bookish mountains which is just south of brush off the the weather is going to deteriorate from tonight and it’s going to be the next four days according to the forecast it’s going to be heavy rain funder he the forecast snow at one point so I’ll probably back on the road which I’m not looking forward to because Romanian roads are bloody awful yeah yes I’m here I’m in the woods and I’m looking out for bears possible I think I think these must be the bookish mountains the weather on them already look awesome

I’d love to this is what the weather’s doing today so Kourt the new plan I don’t fancy walking down this twisty turny mountain road in the rain and it doesn’t look on the street view it looks like it doesn’t happen to the hard shoulder so I’m gonna go back up to brass off get the train to brass off and for a couple of days touch up on some of the stuff that I couldn’t do when I was here every day and and then tackle a bouquet from the other side like from brown or as my fam decided yet [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] four days of rain falling the endless probably heavy rain just a little drizzle great so yeah just starting in brush off for the most of it I went to the bear sanctuary thankfully the rain kind of let off for a few hours while I was there was I would have got drenched it’s just sad there’s a lot of his bears you were put in little cages outside kind of hotels and restaurants and I guess you were there as some sort like tourist attraction well you know state is cinema lost movin bananas if like keeping these bears in a and a tiny cage wasn’t bad enough many of them wouldn’t kind of mistreated tortured yeah I was just sad cuz he bears you know because he spent most of the lives and these cages they’ve got no it wouldn’t be able to be released back into the wild because they just wouldn’t know how to you know survive how to kind of hunt for themselves and stuff so now during this sanctuary which is essentially just like a bigger cage really like the guy who gave us a tour you were saying that the ones who come up to the fence and stay around the fence or the ones who haven’t rehabilitation so for still cometh used to you know being in a cage basically said he fine like give you next to the fence I guess you know reassure which is really interesting to see anyway hung climbed up into the boot cache might see some bears today you know I’m kind of hoping I won’t because you know a bear in the wild and when I’m on my own so these would be the third and final mountains have been over in in Romania first ones with a color money where got this massive storm come over overnight and when I was come to like 1500 meters the second one was the hush hush mountains hush hush hush hush cleanness I think it hush-hush motion or hush hush anyway what from Lake Lake Red Lake to belong that’s a great walk that that was them I got stuck had an extra day in Red Lake because of the weather so I kind of waited that out to kind of to enjoy the mountain walk really which I’m glad I did and then I got to wait a few days for the weather to clear here yeah few clouds around it might rain later on that hopefully it’ll be a lot better than as last few days boop-boop up up up all the way over reach the end of today I look done around 1800 meters of climbing I still got thousand to go [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

I think nuts a bear prints maybe bear start singing shut up I know of up for gay waiting brush-off for that weather to clear I know it’s pushing me over schedule and I know it’s probably pushed me over budget and I’ll probably regret it when I come to book a flight home or something but I have no regrets cause it’s amazing bit so much better walking down some windy road in heavy rain with this lunatic Romanian drivers this is where I’m spending the night Cabana Oh woman I’m not sure but anyway hits on the summit of a movie is the highest peak in the Prakash and 2500 5 meters it’s gonna get 2-1 tonight so to you waddle scale [Applause] of the Eastern Bloc countries that saw a revolution in 1989 Romania was the only one to end in violence after or during the shooting of civilian protesters dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Eleanor were captured and brought here to a Military College in Targa Vista on Christmas Day 1989 during a televised trial that lasted less than an hour the church s coos were found guilty of charges including corruption and genocide and sentenced to death

Rema Rema down their sentence was carried out immediately they were taken outside and executed by firing squad it was a brutal end to communism in Romania and in Eastern Europe just before I got to me possible campsite a young walk through this like poor village and let’s build this now I’m sorry about that’s the agenda returned and I’ll get to that in a second but I am I was walking down this road and that spotted something online it was like a farm truck and it looked good on satellite imagery you know that’s the world camping and I knew that when I hit this town I probably wouldn’t get out with it before doctor the next semi-decent place and I got to this truck a bunch of like Roman he lights it like probably eight or nine of them and run up to the road and start asking for money and then he started following me along the road asking asking for money so in the end they told the mob I’ve not got any money until I reach Bucharest and then they left me alone but but by then I was like almost on this truck that there was also like loads of horses it belonged to the RO many people in the fields where I was abundant to go so the risk just wasn’t worth it so I pressed on sort of into the village hoping that you know I could find like a pension or something I couldn’t find anything so but found a police station so I went in the police station they said no is nothing here so I asked if it was somewhere I could put my tent and he brought me to this football field but then they wouldn’t let me pitch on the football field because of sprinkles so he gave me this little kind of it was like garage by a carport thing on an open garage and they said ah he can sleep in there so I said let me sleep in Parden stuffing was getting like comfortable but yeah gendarme returned up and us for passport this bloody passport check and and then this other policeman turned off who was I coughed you he had comment from home and he brought me like a big bag of food and he even gave me some money 50 light she was just like you know not not what you were not what you expect so yeah thank you Marius if you’re watching us and then he opened up the football clubhouse for me he says you can put your stuff in there and sleep in there so I’ve got like a proper roof over my head and a door which is nice but it’s quite late it is ten past midnight now as I left in the morning the man I hadn’t met was waiting in the car park with another bag of food for me I had to refuse it it was just too much I was blown away by the friendliness of hospitality of the Romanian people it was a feeling but not even yet another long road walk spoil [Applause] before World War two Bucharest was known as the little Paris of East due to its historic architecture and high culture today only a small part of the old city survives and has mostly been taken over by touristy bars and restaurants the clearing of the old city is down to one man Nicolae Ceausescu Ceausescu replaced the city center with wide boulevards lined with colossal modern buildings it gives Bucharest a very different vibe to other European couples and I was kind of glad when it came time to leave well me I dunno such a sweet

[Applause] No long last have made it to the Danube which in this part of the world means I’m on the Romania Bulgaria border got walking across the Danube bridge which was built in the Communist period and used to have like the much better name we the friendship bridge despite early anxieties my worries were overblown and Romania had become one of my favourite countries to travel for it though I’d had people ask for money in remote villages Romanians were always friendly and hospitable and I never felt friend there’s an edge to travelling in Romania like someone once told me that’s you but not like Western Europe it’s a rewarding place to travel next was Bulgaria I didn’t know it yet but I was heading towards some of the best hiking in Europe but furred out you’ll have to tune in next time so you