European Championship of folklore EUROFOLK 2019 – (Official Film HD)

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European Championship of folklore EUROFOLK 2019 – (Official Film HD)

– Welcome to Bulgaria! How do you feel on Bulgarian land? We feel great! The Bulgarian land is amazing! Magical land, friendly people, hospitable hosts, we are very happy and glad that we are here! Nice championship, beautiful championship, good groups We have something to surprise the jury and spectators and we try to do it In my opinion, the Championship is at a very high level This is our second participation in this festival We thank the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev, who gave us such an opportunity to come and participate in this festival We thank to the Ministry of Culture, the governor of Tashkent region, for giving us this opportunity to be here – Hello! Hello. – You come from the Rhodope Mountains, how many kilometers did it take to get here? Pretty much, about 300 – What brought you here? The love of folk dancing and children’s desire for performances We participated at Balkan Folk, we have participated in Euro Folk in Nessebar And now again Very good organization Everything is very good, it is related to dancing and children’s rest Hello! We are in Bulgaria for the first time We started our participation with Euro Folk 2017, which took place in Kharkov We won first place there and the Audience Award Then we were invited to Euro Folk – Chernivtsi In May this year, we also won the first place And then we came here to you in Bulgaria Hi, we āre fine. We āre a little tired, but still happy to be here, dancing in front of you – For which time does this group participate in the European Championship of Folklore? I think this is their first time Let’s hope we will also go to the World Championship We will try to go It depends on the jury I dedicate this participation to my 70th anniversary, which I celebrated a few days ago It’s not the first time I attend your festival – our festival, people have the desire to come, because they meet many friends, many collectives, many groups We are in Bulgaria for the first time Thank you very much for inviting us and we came to you We learn a lot here We have seen different nations, who also present their folklore I will say categorically that there is much to be seen and much to be learned Good evening, ladies and gentlemen!

Dear audience, dear guests,

participants, This is the official opening of the XI edition of the European Championship of Folklore “Euro folk 2019” It is my pleasure to introduce the official guests on the stage of the Championship Mrs. Kremena Stoyanova – Main Expert at Culture Department of Nessebar Municipality Mr. Valko Lyubenov- director, choreographer, teacher, Doctor Honoris Causa of Folk Music & Dance at Ansted University, UK, Vice-chairman of Commission 6 at the International Organization for Folk Art IOV-World UNESCO Mr. Kaloyan Nikolov – President of the European Association of Folklore Festivals – EAFF The jury committee is also here on the stage The chairman of the jury is Maestro Georgi Yankov – music specialist Members are Mr. Valentin Halvadzhiev – choreographer and Mrs. Mariana Nutsova – Ethnologist and Program Director of Euro Folk TV Dear ladies and gentlemen, from June 27 to July 7, 2019 the XI European Folklore Championship “Euro Folk” will be attended by more than 1000 singers, dancers and musicians from Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine and Uzbekistan “Dear participants and guests, it is an honor and a pleasure for me to welcome you to the XI edition of the European Championship of Folklore in one of the most ancient towns in Europe The old town of Nessebar has become part of emblems related to the European Association of Folklore Festivals Holding an event of this kind in such an ancient place, illustrates the significance not only the preservation of architectural and historical values, but also the spirit and culture expressed in the songs, dances and customs For 11 years now, the Municipality of Nessebar has been long-standing and successful partner of the Association I wish success to everyone! I believe that what has been seen and experienced in the hospitable resorts Nessebar and Sunny Beach, will make everyone’s stay unforgettable Good luck!” Nikolay Dimitrov, Mayor of Nessebar Municipality Dear Mrs. Stoyanova, dear jury, dear participants! I ām happy, that at this point I can attend with you the opening of the XI edition of the European Championship of Folklore 11 years are both: short and long time For 11 years, on these scenes, have passed for more than 700 or 800 teams, more than 9000 participants I want to thank, of course, the hosts – Municipality of Nessebar, Municipality of Pomorie, Sveti Vlas for the opportunity given to participants to perform on these nice scenes I want to wish them health and strength,

be able to continue this holy cause – to preserve folklore I am announcing the XI edition of European Championship of Folklore “Euro Folk 2019” for being open! Our ensemble was established 4 years ago It happened a little unexpectedly and spontaneously I was offered this position and I agreed At first we were three, then we became ten, and then twenty We perform authentic folklore, our Ukrainian folklore Mostly we perform folklore from our region – Sloboda We also cover the Kiev region, also Poltava. Of course, there is the pride of Ukraine The singing in Poltava is in few voices The songs themselves are constructed differently, in comparison with the Sloboda region There you must sing by opening your soul A flight of sound is obtained Everything is more melodious there We don’t sing a lot of songs from Western Ukraine, because Eastern Ukraine is closer to us – Are you happy about the Gold Medal, the honors that you have received? Of course, the children cried with happiness about the prize we won here No one expected It was very pleasant, unexpected and we are very glad they evaluated us that way This group of the ensemble participated for the first time here

This is the preparatory group They were very, very worried and excited! They know about the festival because the older have already participated in this festival And they told at home how they resided in Bulgaria, what emotions they experienced So these kids were preparing a lot And if you noticed, when they were told they were winning Gold Medal and Grand Prix nomination, they cried for joy This is a relatively young ensemble It is 7 years old, it was established in 2012 The children in the Preparation Group are learning little by little the program and over time they will have increasing success The youngest participant is 9 years old, and the oldest one is 12 years old Some have been doing dances for an year, others – for two, some of them have been in the group for four years There’s still plenty to grow The dances are mostly from our region We are from Central Moldova Moldova has three zones – Southern Moldova, Central and Northern Moldova We live in Central Moldova, where our roots are, which we are proud of And in general, our dances are from the center of Moldova Our first dance is only a small excerpt from southern Moldova Our group has also participated in Turkey, we also traveled with them in Moldova at various festivals They have good success so far – Hello! How are you feeling after receiving this distinction? I feel surprised! Verry happy! – Tell us more about yourself When did you start playing an accordion? I started playing at an early age, when I was 6 years old I started at the community center “Rodina” with Dinko Karadonev, in private lessons Then, in II grade I went to the Music School in Stara Zagora – “Hristina Morfova” in the class of Stanimir Stalev and Veselin Dzhankardashliyski To this day, I am with them both – How old are you now? I am 18 – How do you plan to develop in the future and does the accordion go into the plans? Yes of course! This year I graduate, XIIth class After XII class I intend to apply at the Academy of Music in Plovdiv – I wish you success Let’s tell to viewers what works did you perform,

who are the authors? I performed the “French Waltz Musette” by Andre Astier The first night I performed “Concert dance” by Peter Ralchev The next day, today, I performed “Concert dance” by Ivan Milev – And what does someone need to learn to play the accordion? Did anyone in the family help, from whom did you inherit this talent and interest to this instrument? My grandpa plays an accordion, my dad and my brother also play accordion So do I This is by family The group was established 10 years ago, it is actually the 11th year from the history of the group The idea and philosophy of this group is to preserve authentic folklore in its original form We only perform authentic folk songs exclusively from Kozichino village, folklore from Erkech Our clothes are absolutely authentic, made by grandmothers, great-grandmothers – How do you find songs for the repertoire, who do you get them from, do you have them recorded and archived? The group’s repertoire has about 60-70 songs, quite rich We try to keep it and look for new songs We search for them in the village The majority of women are resettled They know them from their mothers and grandmothers The oldest members of the group are those who are our source for the repertoire Most notably, their song folklore has been preserved to this day Even today “Lazarovden” is celebrated, to this day women gather at “Babinden” – sing and dance the way we did it on this stage today “Koleduvane” (Christmas custom) is preserved This is a village that even in the 21st century has carried over the true authentic Bulgarian traditions – A few words about the round dance, that you presented? The round dance is from Kozichino village, Erkech It is called “Kalgamashkata” It’s extremely old, but is still danced today Our children also know it, so we pass it on to the others, who come after us Our group has a diverse repertoire, songs from Butov, Cossack, Rektrutsky We do rituals, like weddings,

“Kupalski” ritual Our repertoire consists of more than 400 songs We study them from our villages and surroundings We also have festive songs We perform different Ukrainian songs, for example humorous We make our costumes by ourselves, but we also have old costumes They have been worn out over the years They are more than 100 years old We took our grandmother’s clothes and and modeled on theirs, we made new ones We also keep their clothes, but we dress them less often We preserve them a lot because they are valuable to us – Do you enjoy this distinction or does that responsibility weigh more? How shall we not be happy, we are so happy the whole group We thank very much to the jury for the evaluation! Indeed, it is a great honor and joy for us, but also, it is a real responsibility, because more festivals are yet to come, and we shall have to prove our level – When was the group “Kitka” established? The Club was established in 2011 This year we had our eighth birthday, ninth creative season with many festivals, many participations, many awards, but this one is our highest, largest and most prestigious so far Due to the reason, that we perform traditional Bulgarian dances, we decided that everyone should find an authentic costume from the native land of which he comes Currently there are more Thracians here Wr have dancers from Chernichevo We also have from Egrek and Avren, Thracians, Rhodopians First of all, the costumes are related to the genus, which the dancer comes from Otherwise, we perform dances from different regions of Bulgaria – Thank you so much for this interview! Hope you had nice two days here Very nice! – In Sunny Beach, St. Vlas and Pomorie And when you have the opportunity, you can feel invited! Welcome! Thanks for the invitation, we will come! Thank you one more time! – Good luck in the final standings! Thank you! – How are you? First let’s share Excited, just incredible emotion And there is no way to describe it in words “Kitka” exists for 9 years

When we started, we started with 12 people In about a month we were 30 and we have been 80 We are already from several towns, not only from Rakovski, but we have groups in Stryama, in Brezovo and in Krichim We strive to develop and promote what we do We have performed Shoppian dance – “Na megdana v Shopluka” and Thracian dance I think they were interested, because the dancers worked with such processed choreography for the first time I think they found it very interesting while they were being taught during rehearsals It could be seen on the stage – the emotion and the desire they have – Thank you for the dance that was addressed to the jury and the audience! What is its name, who is the choreographer? It was made by the colleagues we lead the group with Mixed dance. We made it for all the dancers in the group, in order to have one common dance, to participate together at the stage and to experience the emotion together! – How many people the dance involved? About 55 people – When was “Kitchitsa” established? “Kitchitsa” was established 6 years ago The group is 6-years old It is divided in six groups – including students from I-st grade to IX-th grade – Thank you for the appearance. We will see you in a minute during the official closing ceremony of the Championship See you soon! You are always invited here! Thank you! Who is number 1? “Kitchitsa” is number 1! Our dance group includes participants of different ages – from 20 to 50-60-years old We all dance our whole lives, and when we dance age doesn’t matter All that matters is that we feel great pleasure from the dance We become people the same age And although we have different professions such as teachers, businessmen, and students, we just adore dancing! We perform folklore dances Today we presented dances from our region – Poltava region And these dances were made by the famous Ukrainian choreographer Nina Uvarova We are trying to preserve her style and to pass on these dances to new generations Today we presented dances from our region – Poltava region Tomorrow they’ll be different Tomorrow will be another day We will show Ukrainian dances and dances of the peoples of the world Before that, we had performances in Hungary at a festival, in Macedonia, in the Czech Republic, in Austria, in Ukraine But even though we are a very young group, we do not wait, we do not stay in one place We travel and show our skills We have many awards, we have three Grand Prix – from Greece, Austria and Czech Republic – Do you enjoy the awards you received here? Of course, we very happy for the awards

we have received here, but tomorrow we will dance again and hope to win the Grand Prix Your country is so friendly, warm and sunny, so that our expectations won’t be different Thank you! Thank you very much – I congratulate you on the success you have achieved! A lot of work and energy can be seen here What is it like to be the winner of such an award? The feeling is incredible, as you have seen the energy of the children and all participants both in preparation and in performance, is huge on the stage They are very happy. As you can see, they are all smiling, they are happy With so many awards and certificates, there is simply no way that the feeling is not incredible – Now let’s talk about when this composition was created, how many age groups are there? Our group was created more than 20 years ago There are four age groups – 6-9 years old, 9 – 13-14 years old, 14 – 20-years old, and adults Adults are us, the women We all rehearse twice a week under the guidance of Mr. Stoykov As it is said, with hard work and perseverance as our community center is actually named, absolutely everything is achieved We are glad that our children are ambitious, persistent and they show success! We are so pleased, this is a reward for our work, and for their work, of course, for which I thank them very much! – Are these qualities that are most important for a dancer – hard work and perseverance? Definitely, this is our motto Hard work and perseverance so that everything can happen properly As the spectators have seen on the stage, children have a lot of qualities, as a energy, as plasticity and as a representation of our Bulgarian folklore Let’s not miss our orchestra, there are already quite a few groups left in Bulgaria that have such a nice and rich orchestra With our pretty strong repertoire, I think we were great tonight – Tell us what dances did you perform and who made them? The first dance, performed by the second age group, is called “Severnyatsi – veselyatsi”. Choreography by Asen Pavlov and music by Kiril Vladov The second block they performed was mix of three dances, two of them made by Margarita Dikova, and the third by Dimitar Dimitrov – Serious works I congratulate you on what you have achieved! For which time does “Bulgargarche” participate in the EAFF’s Championship system? Many times. – I can’t say specifically However, we are glad that we always get golden medals. Thanks for the organization and keep going – Thank you! I wish many more success! See you soon! Thank you! We are very happy, we are glad that we received this award!

Thank you all! We have musicians in our group, we have dancers, artistic directors During the festival we showed national folklore music of Uzbekistan and dances from Uzbekistan The group works in Tashkent region Our group is very large Part of the ensemble came to this festival My name is Umidjon This instrument is called “ghijak” It is made of wood, walnut I started playing ghijak when I was 10 years old My name is Farrukh This instrument is called “nay” I have been playing for more than 10 years Now I study at the Conservatory Nay is made of bamboo and metal My name is Naimjon This is a national instrument called “oud”, the most famous instrument In the national music of Uzbekistan, this instrument is characterized by providing harmony in performances I’m Jasurbek This instrument is called “doira” and it is one of the most ancient in the history of Uzbekistan In our national music, the instrument gives a rhythm It is made of leather My name is Golib Khojiev In our stage presentation we showed folklore from Uzbekistan, and in particular, we have such a trend in music and songs called “maqam” We performed “maqam” during this festival My name is Madina We presented national dances of Uzbekistan from five separate regions – Fergana-Tashkent, Bukhara, Khorezm, Surkhan and Karakalpak Good evening dear audience! Dear guests and participants, the official awarding ceremony of the nominees for the Grand Prix Golden “Orpheus” in the XI-th editin of the European Championship of Folklore “Euro Folk” 2019 starts Our guests are Mr Sarvarbek Foziljonov and Mr Jasurbek Shermukhamedov, representatives of the Ministry of Culture, Republic of Uzbekistan Among us are also Svetlana and Yuriy Spiridovich from the “Talents 21st centtury” Association – main organizers of the World Cup of Folklore in Ukraine and National Championship of Folklore “Euro Folk” Official awarding ceremony of the nominated groups starts with the special prizes The first winner is one of the littlest participants in the XI European Championship of Folklore “Euro Folk”

in 2019 This is 6-years old Nastya Borodina from Korotich, Ukraine On behalf of the forum organizers, she will receive her diploma and a gift from Mr. Kaloyan Nikolov Applause for Nastya! Special award by the criteria “Complexity and technique of the performance” goes to Grozdan Hristov at “Saznanie 1871” Community center from Sarnevo village, Bulgaria The award of the young accordion virtuoso will be given by Mr Georgi Yankov – chairman of the jury commission The next prize is from the hosts – Nesebar Municipality and the Mayor Nikolay Dimitrov The prize goes to Vocal folklore group “Veselka” from Korotich, Ukraine Artistic director of the group is Karina Vakulenko Diploma for preservation, promotion and honorable presentation of folklore arts and a gift are given by Mr Kaloyan Nikolov The special prize of Pomorie Municipality with mayor Ivan Aleksiev – a Diploma for honorable presentation in the XI European Championship of Folklore “Euro Folk” and a gift go to Group for folklore dances “Kitka” from Rakovski, Bulgaria Art directors of the groups are Pavel Chalakov and Penko Dimitrov The award is given by Mr Valko Lyubenov We continue with the special prize of Sveti Vlas Town hall Diploma and special gift on behalf of Ivan Nikolov Mayor of Sveti Vlas go to Ensemble for folklore dances “Velchinetseniy” at House of culture “velchinets”, Moldova Art director of the group – Georgi Furkulitsa The next award is provided by the EuroFolk TV – main media partner of the European Championship of Folklore “Euro Folk” The award is for Dance group “Kitka” from Krumovgrad, Bulgaria Art director – Daniela Boyadzhieva Mrs Mariana Nutsova – program director of the medi gives the award Dear ladies and gentlemen, the next award is provided by the main organizer of the Championship A diploma and plaque of the Euro Folk Academy go to the Group for authentic folklore “Zdravets” at “Sveti Georgi” Pensioners club from Pomorie, Bulgaria Art direcotor is Petka Zlatinova The European Association of Folklore Festivals – EAFF gives its special award – a diploma and plaque to the Folklore ensemble “Ternitsya”, Kharkov, Ukraine. Artistic leader Lyudmila Bogutskaya We are moving to the announcement of the first three places in the ranking of the nominees Third place in the European Championship of Folklore “Euro Folk” 2019 is for the Folklore dance ensemble “Vizerunki” from Poltava, Ukraine Director of the group is Valeriy Shulika Bronze medal of the Championship and the Bronze “Orpheus” are awarded by Valentin Halvadzhiev – choreographer and member of the jury Applause for them! Second place in the XI European Championship of Folklore is for the Ensemble for songs and dances at the Cultural Department, Tashkent region, Uzbekistan Art director – Dehkhonov Hamroz Abdusodik The group receives Silver medal of the Championship and the title “Absolute vice European Champion” in 2019 Silver “Orpheus” is given by Mr Valko Lyubenov – arbitrator of the jury committee Applause again! And now, attention please, the first place of the European Championship of Folklore

“Euro Folk” 2019 goes to the Dance group “Balgarche”, third age group at the “Trud i postoyanstvo 1901” Community center, leaded by Stanislav Stoykov The group receives Golden medal of the Championship and the title “Absolute European Champion” in 2019 Applause for them! Mr Nikolov gives the check in amount of 1,000 Euro, provided by the organizers Good evening all! We are very happy and grateful to the organizers, to the jury, to everyone who has supported us It is a great honor for us Thanks again for the invitation and the trust you all voted for us! Dear guests, dear jury, dear participants! Dear winners! I would like to thank the municipalities of Pomorie, Nessebar and Sveti Vlas I would like to thank the welcome teams the organization teams, the accommodation teams,the transfer teams, the sound and TV teams, for broadcasting this event worldwide I want to thank the jury committee! Thanks in particular to all the participants, because they give their strength, so that they can continue the heritage of our ancestors and to pass it on to the next generations This is the most important thing our generation has to do I officially declare the European Championship of Folklore closed Until the next time! Bulgaria is a very beautiful country First of all, we would like to thank the organizers of this festival Thank you for giving us this opportunity – to present ourselves and to show our national culture and art Thank you! Thanks to the organizers! Thank you! Goodbye! We are annual participants in both European and the World Championship Our impressions – wonderful organization, many different groups, many colorful groups Each team has its own charm Very good impressions! Thank you and we will continue to participate We have incredible impressions We really liked Bulgaria! The way you welcome us, the warm climate, in our country the weather is a little colder The sea is very clean. We liked it! The competition itself also impressed us a lot The organization is at a very high level I wish you success. Let this festival exist, because that is the future of our people It unites all nations and peoples I hope to see you soon!