Kerala to Europe | EP:08| Oman national Day celebrations with Amina /ആമിനയെ കണ്ട ഓമനികളുടെ പ്രതികരണം

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Kerala to Europe | EP:08| Oman national Day celebrations with Amina /ആമിനയെ കണ്ട ഓമനികളുടെ പ്രതികരണം

Hello guys, welcome We stopped last episode after meeting the press reporters As I told in the last episode we will be going to beach side We have the national day flag-off ceremony there I will be showing the same in this episode Watch the previous video from the link in the comment and description and support the channel [Singing a malayalam song] The flag is bent I told them this would happen I dont feel like turning off the camera because this is a beautiful pace the views on both the sides and the sun all are worth it including the good roads and good vehicles That is why I am not turning off the camera You can see the buildings Oh god! The entire way is full of traffic No matter the place traffic is not an issue for bikes All these vehicles are going there Jeep, please give me a gap Only one vehicle can go, both of them tried to go together here People would be swearing if it was India That is the culture here We have lot of traffic If it was a car we would have been still a lot behind

Since it is a bike we can go through this small road without any issues There are lot of police personals and I hope they wont catch me If they catch me I will beg them for mercy We are finally here All of them are trapped here because of the block but I am going like a king here We are at the Al-Quram beach right now Aamina is here I have placed the flag here He is a YouTuber Let us talk to them and see how it is Even if I am from somewhere else they like us a lot. That is the speciality They are spraying foam there as you can see Even if they might not know each other they love each other This is the beach side

There are lot of people sitting here What you should note is that they dont care if you are from somewhere else I went to the other side to see the beach even if the road was blocked they let me go I told them I wanted to take video We have a priority coming with the bike Everyone warned me that the roads would be blocked I didn’t listen to them even though I came early I thought the bikes infront of me was riders But is is actually Oman police There is no crowd here and we can sit here peacefully if we want to Time is 5:15 There are no Malayalees here This location is blocked and it will only be cool once the lights are on There are some restaurents here This is the beach on the right as you can see It is a great place to come with your family The people here are very positive I thought there would be some issues here or there but turns out no issues We have two people here Just now an Omani family showed up and took photos of their kid with Aamina I am so amazed to see how the locals of this place behave They are from Germany I was laying here with my head on the helmet Both the sides of the road is blocked I was listening to some songs laying here Let us talk for a while I will go from here later on and I have to meet a few people Let us go from here. There are fireworks here at night but we dont have time We will me going to Mathra location right now There were few rides there when I came a few years back We are at the location right now

you can see a lot of ships there We will come here during day time once more You can see many ships here When you search for photos of Oman you will find Mathra Zook That is what you see on the right side This the Mutrah Souq building Let us park somewhere So this is the Muthrah Souq Board I will show you this in a later video It is already dark now. I will show you the place when it is lit [I saw the story on Insta] I saw the vehicle crossing the road Aren’t there any roadshows here? Used to have some programs here. But nothing now Where do you stay? I stay behind there [When did you reach here?] I got the vehicle released yesterday Do you have chain lubricant for bikes? I am unable to get it There is no chain lubricant anywhere This is because bikes are few here I did the lubrication from Bangalore. Now the chain is tight I have to get it from somewhere There is almost 11 more KM

Are you a malayali? Where are you ruding from? Kannur We have to go straight 11 KM to get to the room We did ride quite a bit today People tell me we wont get good mileage with 95 super Since we used to fill oil from India we dont need anything special like 95 Super From now on we will fill normal petrol We are finally at the parking Great It was a good day today You might feel bored because you are seeing this as two episodes One thing I ahve to say is I could meet many people today including Malayalees Many of them are our subscribers too It is great to see them We have a meetup on 29th. I will inform the location on the next episode Also follow on Instagram Now let me go to the room and then I will have a bath before editing the two episodes I will be going to Salala in two days I will be going after the India Oman match happening tomorrow I will upload that too in an episode The views will be so beautiful in the way to Salala I saw an Italian couple and even they said the same. They both took a bike from here to ride around in Oman We will see those views after two episodes So that is it guys, thanks a lot for your support Please support by subscribing to the channel See you in next episode