Kerala to Europe | EP:20| mutrah souq ഇൽ കേരള വണ്ടി കണ്ട മലയാളികളുടെ പ്രതികരണം….. 😍

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Kerala to Europe | EP:20| mutrah souq ഇൽ കേരള വണ്ടി കണ്ട മലയാളികളുടെ പ്രതികരണം….. 😍

Welcome to Muthra Kannurs own Hello guys, welcome I slept well after the meetup Now the time is 11:30 I slept late after editing the video Right now I am at grand mall Today I will be going to Muthrah Souq here in muscat There is a lot to see in here We are going there. And before that, I have to replace my screen guard from Lulu which is right in front of Grand Mall From there we will be going to Ganesh bro’s workshop to complete the LED light works on the bike We will then go to Muthrah souq and see the views there We will wind up the episode after the dinner One more thing, when you hear me talking, if you feel that I am pride, I have to tell you that this is the way I talk and I dont know to act on videos I show you what I am in my videos and I dont act infront of you guys In order to get something from someone there is no point in acting like innocent infront of anyone That is the main reason some of you misunderstand me Aamina is ready here I am inside and I am going to the first floor There are a lot of mobile shops here and let me see if I get anything for discount This is the first time I am coming here in this Mall We have a Samsung showroom with only TV’s I am in this shop and we have people from Mangalore in here The name of the shop is mobile souq I have given my phone to fix the screen guard I am also looking for a JBL headset The one I am using is not that good I like headphones while I travel This is a JBL headphone What is the mode? This is model 600 They are changing the display glass We have a malayali here Where are you from? [kochi] It is KL 43 I was checking everything Seems good Here we have Note 8 for 348 Riyal It is around 50000 INR There are many offers here So it is over People here are very good I also bought the JBL speakers It was around 17 Riyal which is around 4000 INR No, it was around 3000 It is very important to me I need something to listen to music when I am in desert The staff there was very friendly

From here we will be going to Ganesh bro’s shop and after completing the works we will go to Mutrah Souq We are here in an other shop now called auto electrician He worked for 6 and a half hours for fixing the lights Oh, you haven’t seen it I will show you This is what he did last day He give it all around, but this since the strip is of low quality it got cut from here and it is not working properly That is why we are changing it This is the new one that we bought We got this for 5 Riyal since we wasted 6 Riyal last day We also have the remote We can connect it using the adapter and use it The work is over and now the time is 6:30. It took around 1.5Hrs We give the switch here last day, but this is not given in the same method, We have given it safely without cutting any wires and we can turn it on using the remote We can give which ever color that we need The first thing I have to say is that it is not for showing off This is for the safety of the bike during long rides You can see it from back and both sides He worked for 2 hrs to get everything done He is a friend of Ganesh bro Ganesh bro went to his house in Bangladesh They both have been here in this workshop for 28 years So the work is doe and we will go to Mutrah Souq And our Shabab bro is here with us after rushing here This is mutrah souq We will be going inside this They are here seeing Aamina We are entering into the Souq We came this way Bike is in the other entrance and this here is the second entrance This place is very old and this is mainly a tourist location I showed you the other side of this souq in a previous video near the port And people coming from ship are the main customers here Most of the people here are Malayalis We are waling through the Mutrah Souq We finally reach a junction walking though the souq

We have to go through this route and we will reach near Aamina if we take this path This is the main entrance what you see here Antique items start from here All these are Antique shops I guess we get such items the most here in Mutrah souq I haven’t seen these many collections anywhere else in any other souq That is why I told you we would come here Look here We have a glass decoration on the roof From here we have a path to both left and right We have lot of items here These are magnets I bought one from this same shop around 2 years ago when I came for a visit My friend used to work here in this shop opposite The path here is a bit narrow We have a junction here too We have a wooden ceiling We can go this way too His is a handicraft shop Let us see the inside Looks like Aladdins lamp When there are many objects in camera, it might take some time to focus I am walking very slowly We have some knives here This is a traditional knife which you can also see in the Omani flag I am entering into Kornish I showed you that in the ride video We came through this side and this is what you see in most of the Google map photos This is the monument This is what you find when we search in Google

We did drive through this road and that is where we parked the bike for a while and the so called issue happened That is the port infront of me Those passengers come here to the Souq for purchase We used to get free Wi-Fi here and I used to come sit here to get the wifi For those who stay here it is the same view everyday You can hear a sound here. You might think this is an engine issue. But it is not Below we have sea We have a huge rush up there. I was waiting to tell you something They called me telling that wanted to meet me Let me talk to them and see you later They are one of our subscribers and they came here from Sur to see me This is a proof that there are people who love us This is what we have up here We have English in the front and Arabic behind We have sea on this side We are going back in a different route We came here seeing every items We will be going back only after meeting everyone Tourists comes in this way There are some issues with autofocus I have been seeing all the videos since flag off Let me give you an Atthar I am getting it for free I only need a small one Thanks a lot for this This is the entrance

Mostly we have malayalis here 90% of them are malayalis There are also gold souq inside There is nothing much for us to see in gold souq There are lot of nostalgic feelings for me here I used to stay here when I came to muscat I showed you the place where I would go for free Wi-Fi I am so happy to come to the same place with a camera Ziyad is a friend of mine I used to stay in his room Welcome to Mutrah Kannurs own I reached Salala day before yesterday Through costal road Let me go now. I also have to have food I have to ask them for the location And then we will wind up the episode We are here. We have a lot of people including our subscribers at this location This is the owner of the shop I will show you the name of the shop We will be having food from here today We have a good vibe inside We saw this at Kolkata during the Singapore trip We came here after walking through Souq and let us have some food Or food is here, So let us start the eating competition in the “Oman Thattukada”

Let me have food and I will tell you how it is We had food. And we also had the special Tandoori Chai Thanks a lot bro We got many items from here My brothers name is also Zabir You will get really good food from here in a great atmosphere Come here and have some food from his shop Tomorrow we will be going to see dolphins and for snorkeling Just like we did in Zanzibar Island in Africa Dont miss tomorrows episode. Support the channel. See you in the next video