TIPPY TIPPY TAP | Music For Sight' A Short Film by Adeel Khan |

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TIPPY TIPPY TAP | Music For Sight' A Short Film by Adeel Khan |

I am not Ayyan, Sir Your turn I have 149 friends now Are you on Facebook? You dumbass It does not cost anything to open an account on Facebook Sanjay, give his phone What’s this piece of crap? Here Take this Make an account on Facebook And send me a friend request “Dayanand K. Pakhre” It’s the one which has my photo in goggles. Search it Search it Now I will have 150 friends Sir, he will be shot dead in an encounter in the next five minutes You will be the only facebook friend of this dead guy It will look wierd. And the bounty that’s on his head I mean… the bounty on Ayyan’s head That will be gone too I am not Ayyan, Sir Shut up Tell me He does look like Ayyan Doesn’t he? I guess, he does Anyways there is only one photo of Ayyan in our department When he used to be a courier boy Here Don’t move If he can be flattened from this edge he will surely resemble Shall I try? Yeah, let’s do it Splash some water on his face first What a resemblance! No, Sir. Please Dude! Why dont throw a bucket full of water at yourself! You smell like a pig! Sir This case kept me so busy that I couldn’t take my wife to the movie Sultan As a revenge she has refused to wash my clothes So, do you take permission from your wife for Facebook also? What do you mean? I am the one who introduced you to Facebook And you deleted me from your friend list! I am on Facebook for the past one year It was my nephew who taught me how to do Facebook And who taught you how to add friends? And who suggested friends to you? And you deleted me you thankless bastard You don’t deserve to be on Facebook It’s You who don’t deserve to be on Facebook What! Everyday you keep on flirting with my sister-in-law with your comments on her pics! This is shameful Then tell her not to poke me! Delete her from your friends if she’s the problem Why should I delete her? She’s my sister-in-law Yunus! Don’t move! Yunus! Throw away the gun Stay back or I will shoot Come here buddy! It’s alright. Listen Stay back or I will shoot Take out the gun asshole It’s stuck, Sir Listen son, we Take out the fucking gun I will shoot Get back or I will shoot Don’t you dare! It’s alright Yunus. Come here Freddy Bangkok here

Come and meet me. You will be safe Don’t stop. Move! Move! Wakeup sleepyhead Are you here on a date or on a sleepover? Why are you always dozing off? Because of your dad Professor of Condom Physics Professor of Quantum Physics Yeah I know And all drug dealers call him Schrodinger Schr┼ŹdinGer Who was that? A scientist And what did he make? Scientists don’t make stuff. They give theories And what theory did he give?

Sir There is a courier for you He said that there is a box with a cat in it And it has equal chances to be dead or alive So until we open the box the cat is Both, Dead and Alive And when we open the box the universe splits into two One in which the cat is alive And the other in which it is dead But whose cat are we talking about Mine Bye Papa Ayyan For you What’s in this? Schr┼Źdinger’s Cat. Take it Shall I open it? Later. I have to hurry Wait. Hold on for a second Choose one Tippy Tippy Tap Which one do you choose? Ayyan why do you always make the wrong choice? What the hell! Mitali Mitali Ayyan I am telling you there will be a time when you won’t have a single right choice Why do you always talk about running away? There must be some other ways Tell him “Sir I have delivered your package Pay me my commission; and by the way, I am also marrying your daughter.” I will tell him “I don’t need your money. I will take care of your daughter.” Ayyan Will you peddle drugs even after our marriage? Listen I have to earn a lot And it’s not possible by a normal job Ayyan everyone who wants to earn money is not a drug dealer Why don’t you tell this to your dad! I am just a delivery boy. He is the one running the racket Ayyan Ayyan I am pregnant I have got a superb idea What? Let’s run away from here Your idea? Where are you? Still packing? Your dad’s also calling on other line Come fast I have got for you the biggest assignment of your career Come over in ten minutes Freddy Bangkok here

Come and meet me. You will be safe Who was on the call? Freddy Bangkok He’s waiting for us Sir from now on I will keep the gun ready in my hand Stop these guys Stop! Sir Have you seen a hooligan running with a gun Yeah, he has escaped with Sir’s gun Why are they staring? It seems they don’t understand Hindi Stop! Get off the bike Get off or I will shoot Get off! Stop Hands up Turn off the ignition Hands up I suggest we should try in English Take it out That’s the real Ayyan, Sir Take out your gun asshole! Good shot Only one of you is welcome Which one do you choose? I would have regretted

if you had been killed before reaching here Is this because what happenned to Mitali or because I stole your last consignment Tippy Tippy Tap Which one you choose? Tippy Tippy Tap Which one you choose? Tippy Tippy Tap Which one you choose? Tippy Tippy Tap Which one I don’t really have a choice, do I? Why are we here? To run away So… shall we? Yeah, let’s run away