Döme Gábor – Vadvízi kalandok 35. rész – Dunai amurok nyomában

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Döme Gábor – Vadvízi kalandok 35. rész – Dunai amurok nyomában

Wild Water Adventures part 35 A movie by Gábor Döme On the Trail of Danube Grass Carp With my fishing buddy sitting next to me, Róbert Szabadi we have been planning for years, that we would like to fish together on the live River Danube sometime for several days However in most cases, it was either the water level, or the weather that was not favourable for us, or we just simply didn’t have any free time and so we couldn’t implement our plan By the end of the summer however, it seemed that finally everything happened in a good way for us The water level is extreme low, and the temperature of the water is 26 Celsius degrees The weather is very pleasant, there is no front effect, and concerning fishing it is just perfect, and what is even more important than this is that finally both of us have free-time. So it wasn’t a question that we have a go this time We planned to stay for at least 3 or 4 days, and we decide the carrying-on on the basis of fish’s activity However life is the biggest director and we know now, that we surely have to end this tour today because of Robi’s engagements, which I highly regret, since the pieces came together so well by yesterday night, and we managed to catch such wonderful fish, which are every river fishermen’s dream But perhaps not only river fishermen but still-water anglers would also like to take photos with such fish, though during the many years and decades we learnt that only one thing can be taken granted in the course of Danube fishing trips, …that nothing can be taken granted This there is no guarantee that those fish will visit us today as well But still, what will make this fishing movie so unique? Well primarily we know the end-result already, and secondly we would like to show you the past few days’ events in detail, and last but not least we gathered together such useful practices in a bunch, which are essential during the course of fishing for big fish on River Danube, especially when it comes down to fishing for grass carp River Danube Location We arrived on Tuesday afternoon and we carried our fishing tackle here with this boat, because as you can see it, the shore is very rocky and it is hard to approach it, it would have been very difficult to bring all the necessary equipment here on shore After we settled down, we established our camping place My dear Robi, we pack these things out, and then we can start fishing already By the way, about choosing location. It might arouse in the kind audience rightfully why we chose this special spot The answer is highly simple I have been fishing here for years, I know this spot very well, and I also know it well that this is an ideal place for fish Everything can be found here in the water that will hold all the additives we cast in, and all the fish that will arrive later It is apparent on the whirling of the water that there are rocks and other bottom structures here in front of us On my right side, or more precisely, between Robi and my right side rod, there is a big snag, due to which the water depth is shallower The water level might be about 4 meters there now maximum And behind this snag the bottom breaks down drastically and it gets deeper and deeper In 12-15 metres further the water depth gets shallower again, it goes back to about the same 4 metres, furthermore, further away it gets even shallower Thus the biggest advantage of this place is that there is good chance that the additives will remain at this spot, the current of the Danube cannot scroll it past, cannot drift it away Thus it is crucial that those who sit down fishing randomly at a place where the bottom structure is entirely homogenous and steady, well, those have very small odds to catch such fish that you will see in this movie Feeding strategy After we had built up our camp we completed the feeding and started fishing On that day we did not catch any valuable fish Robi has just said a very important thing, namely that we completed the feeding During the course of Danube fishing for big fish, one handful of groundbait,

which is normally highly enough for still-water method feeder fishing, that is a drop in the ocean here only Of course one may try it, furthermore if he or she has enormous luck they may even catch fish, but I have never succeeded that way so far In order for us to concentrate fish, and make them stay at our fed spot, we have a great solution Firstly we put together such a seed mix which is essential for Danube fishing The basis of this is the freshly-boiled feed corn prepared by Robi This has such an intense and strong fragrance that I would like to eat it willingly. You eat it, Robi! MMM, very good! The grass carp should eat it, so pour it in here! We experienced that one can even further upgrade this perfect basis We use strawberry flavoured corn for this, Robi pour it in here already! In favour of grass carps, we add some lactic-acid flavoured, and some honey-brandy flavoured tiger nuts to this You solved this much faster! It is enough to use only 1-1 packet of these, because the basis of the groundbait is the feed corn However we experienced that if we use these flavoured seeds as baits and put them on the bait floss, we have bites much earlier, than if we used feed corn as baits which fish can find in great quantities around the fed spot Robi, mix it together! Well, this is spectacular already, isn’t it? This is a very good seed mix considering both quantity and quality We would like to cast this in here to our fishing spot in the most concentrated way possible Let’s mix the groundbait, because we will need this in the future We can mix and wet this in a moment of time This will help us to close the two ends of this feeder, which we fill with the seed mix And since we are talking about river fishing, where we have to cast in a large amount of groundbait, being economical is not a final viewpoint This cheap Bázis mix is perfectly suitable for this goal, which, by the way, considering its taste and aroma, even fits the strawberry flavoured corn that can be found in the seed mix And now, here comes that trick, or more precisely feeding strategy that we apply here on River Danube, the object with which we cast in this seed mix We need a special feeder for this. Well, it looks like a stove pipe considering its size We fill the seeds into this, we are going to close down the two ends of this. Robi, help me in this please Well, no matter how strange it may sound, I am going to cast this in with a fishing rod Of course, I need a suitable, extremely strong catfish fishing rod for this, because what I am dangling here on the end of the line weighs minimum 500-700 grams Thus, it is like half a brick. I can even reel it up only if I apply some dynamism. I make it spring a little and reel it up with the reel The application of the casting gloves is absolutely justifiable. The reel’s drag is completely tightened up, the I make a swing, and the feeder hits the water like a half brick, then I jerk it, and the feeder comes out empty In this deep water, all other method for feeding seed mixture would be very inaccurate, the seeds would scatter on a huge area, but with the help of this method I can cast the seeds nice and accurately to the spot where I want to When the line gets a little bit loosened, you know, that indicates for me that the feeder is already on the bottom, then I jerk it, and the groundbait already came out of the feeder. This method is really fast and effective Two-people-work One can cast in a great amount of seeds within a short period of time like this In order for every feeder to fall to the right spot, I clang the main line into the reel’s line keeper on the spool, in this way, after the cast, it stops the feeder nicely and it is guaranteed that I can feed one lane, almost like one single spot precisely

In order to avoid the breakage of the main line at the moment of the strike, I am using a size 0,43 mm Power Pro, because there is a great amount of requisitioning here Of course you don’t need to feed the whole amount at once We cast in about 8-10 litres per occasion, which we are going to complement according to fish’s activity and hunger This means that we are going to feed again only when we will manage to catch fish again Wednesday was our first day, when we could finally fish whole day long from the morning until night However our happiness was not complete, because a downpour freshened the air, which later turned into a continuous rainfall The rain was falling for three hours without any break, but perhaps this is not even a problem, since this weather finally refreshed the previous days’ heatwave, and eventually this brought along a change in fish’s hunger Finally, finally! Here is the first carp on my hook! I am in the final stage of the playing of the fish already This is going to be nice, Gábor! There is only the landing of the fish what’s left, and the first nice carp will slide into the net soon Wow, got you! Congratulations to you, this is wonderful In addition to this all this happened under the supervision of a fishery officer. Here is Dénes Fias, the main fishery officer of the area We were just planning, during the playing of the fish, that whether this fish belongs to the new stocking, or it is one from the old breeding stock? What do you think, Dénes? I have mixed feeling in connection with this fish by the way, but I believe that it is from the breeding stock, or from an earlier stocking It is quite suspicious by the way Well, it is not an ordinary carp from River Danube that is for sure Call the others too, and may your mother and father visit us too! Late in the afternoon it was followed by an even bigger one, but that particular fish was a very experienced creature, because it knew it immediately where it should flee It went into the snags, and after a short playing of the fish, the hook got out of its mouth and I lost the fish It is interesting that it can be observed in every case that carps have so called harbingers Such harbingers include fish like ide fish, common breams and common nase So these fish arrive to the fed spot at first, and by the way, this is why we need to feed such a huge amount of seeds, for the late-comer big-size fish to find something on the bottom of the river Tackle and end-rig The hard terrain and the large-size fish demand suitable heavy tackle It is spectacular that I also spooled braided line onto the reel’s spool. This is 0,28 mm Power pro This is the braided line that proved to be the past choice for me during the course of Danube fishing I put this onto one of my river feeder rods, the Master River Feeder, and I will show you soon what end-rig I use on this heavy action, 100-250 grams casting weight feeder rod I use two different kinds of river feeders One of them is the Barbel River, while the other one is the Big River that you can see here A huge advantage of the Big River, even in its smaller sizes, is that thanks to these special clinging nails it is guaranteed that it will hold on the bottom This is stopped by the hook line holder quick snap The end-rig can slide in all cases thanks to a snap. There are two reasons for this One of these is fish protection. In case it happened that I got snagged, or should the fish ran into a tree, and my line broke, the fish would free itself from the end-rig, or more precisely from the feeder, and the hook line would remain in its mouth only And the other reason for this is that we need to use heavy feeders, in order for the end-rig to stop on the bottom stable, and not to drift away, so the fish does not sense the weight of the feeder at all, if it is tied so as to slide, because at the moment when the fish takes up the bait the rod tip will indicate the bite immediately

We can achieve much more bites this way than if it would be fixed Of course the hook line is also braided line, which is no other than a size 0,15 Power Pro, which ends with a Gardner Mugga hook, which size is 10, or maximum 8 One thing which is very important is the length of the hook line We are talking about river fishing, where we often use 1 – 1,5 metres long hook lines as well, for bream fishing But when we fish for carp or grass carp, the length of the hook line rarely exceeds 50 centimetres Let’s get back to the events of the tour briefly. Wednesday basically ended with this singly carp Of course we were fishing after that as well, since we got zealous because of the catch We were fishing until late night, until 11 o’clock, then we went to bed, then we started fishing again on the next day early in the morning One thing that reassured us was that we saw several promising fish jumps on the surface This indicated clearly that fish reacted to the delicacies, attractants we threw into the water However, it was really interesting that as soon as the sun rose, all the jumps disappeared We haven’t seen any fish turning on the surface, or just rarely, very few It seems as if fish would have disappeared, swum away from here We were fishing whole day long, and did not catch anything else except a few bream fish Things began to change perhaps when the sun started to set down on the horizon That time we experienced more and more fish swimming into our line, then, after an extremely intense bite, I hooked my first grass carp I waited enough, and behold, here is the first grass carp I had to wait for it quite a while, but behold, my first huge, Danube torpedo has finally arrived It is in unbelievably good condition and good shape Its still-water mates are not as thick as these here in the river Thank you very much for the experience! I will let it go immediately Let’s stop here for a moment! An expressly unpleasant, and sensitive issue is next I was about to release this fish you know. But was I allowed to release it? Well, according to the local fishing regulations I was not! Grass Carp is a really sensitive issue, since it is classified as invading fish species in Hungary, thus, a huge grass carp like this, worth only as much as a small-sized black bullhead catfish, thus, its noxiousness in theory is equal to the noxiousness of a black bullhead catfish But let’s turn back to a more pleasant issue I have experienced several times, by the way, that grass carps are group fish, they rarely swim alone, and it proved the same this time as well, since, after I caught the first one, another, even bigger one followed Let’s have a look at the baits and groundbaits with which I managed to catch them Groundbait – bait I put such a groundbait into the feeder, which is not unknown for Hungarian anglers, since this is one of the most popular Haldorádó groundbaits, this is no other than the Wild Carp We designed this originally for wild water fishing, but in the meantime it turned out, that it is extremely effective for any still-water fishing Furthermore, its real uniqueness is that it performs perfectly even in fierce situations, during competition circumstances Thus, this is a really universal groundbait, which performs very well everywhere when we are aiming at grass carp or carp I only fed half a handful after every cast from that mix which we also used for the grounding feeding, I mixed it in a little bit and I filled it into the feeder It is not a problem if the groundbait is a little bumpy and sticky, what is more, it is pronouncedly good that it is as sticky and tacky as possible, in order for it to be able to hold in the feeder and carry as much seed as possibly This is also very important because here we don’t need to make a new cast in every 5 minutes We can leave the end-rig in the water for even 30-40 minutes, and it would not be a problem if the bigger fish that arrive later to the fed spot could still find some delicious bits of food here I hold the baited hook in my other hand, this contains three pieces of sweet corn laced up on a bait floss, which are lightened up with a sponge at the end This was one of the baits with which I managed to catch fish I tried out many different kinds of flavoured sweet corns and many different bait combinations, however I managed to catch fish with two of them only This was one of them, and here is the other one which is no other than two pieces of strawberry flavoured corns, I also lightened these up with a sponge at the end. This is the same corn that can be found in the seed mix as well Lightening up the bait is especially important in the fishing for carp or grass carp Probably the reason for this is not just that fish can absorb the bait easier this way, but also that the bait cannot fall into the snags on an uneven bottom structure, the bait will remain on top of every structure by all means

This means that fish will notice it earlier, given that it is in the water, so I will cast it in immediately As soon as I sense that the feeder sank down to the bottom, I stretch the line, I open the main drag of the reel in every occasion, in case if fish would bite extremely vehemently, so it cannot take away my tackle for sure The loosened drag was absolutely necessary indeed We were very happy after we released your grass carp, and two minutes after that the second fish arrived Should your drag hadn’t been loosened up, you would have had to say goodbye to your rod However, this way you can be grateful that I filmed your second grass carp There is a huge fish on my hook It started out with such power and vehemence that I had to walk down here, 50 metres from my fishing spot, in order for me to be able to catch upon the fish at all In this powerful current it is impossible to simply pull the fish up, it is impossible to reel it in to the fishing place It is a huge luck in itself if I will manage to play the fish out from the strong current at all Well, this is what I am trying right now The fish is getting closer already. I feel a huge weight! It will either be a huge grass carp or a large carp This is going to be a grass carp, Gábor. They make such runs It pulled the rig back with such power like, wow! My feeder got stuck for a minute Be careful with the snags! This terrain is not easy from any point of view at all It is starting to get away by gathering all its strength Oh my God! Wow, how huge you are, oh my Gosh! That’s nice! I don’t dare to say anything at all now! And, it is in the net! Congratulations, nice job! While I was carrying the fish up, it kicked the landing net apart, and tore the hook leader line It is still here in the net. But it’s alright, the most important thing is that the fish is already here in the carp cradle I will show you immediately, and then I will release this huge Danube torpedo Wow, it won’t be easy to lift this fish up. I take very good care of it! Here it is! In its total site. I am pretty sure that it is more than 15 kilograms. Huge! My dear Robi, thank you very much for this fishing trip! It was a huge experience! You caught as much as you usually do, namely you did not catch anything! I also thank you, basically in river fishing, the angler who fishes lower usually catches more fish Interestingly enough, whenever we fish together, I am always the one who fishes upper, basically this limits my possibilities! But still, I like fishing with you, because this is enough for you Listen, are we going back with your boat? Yes, I am, but I don’t know about you!?