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(motor squealing) – So here we are, finally down at the TTC for 2017 Who remembers Crazy Joe? – How’s it going? – Ah, finally back We know so many of you guys have been waiting for the Tough Truck Competition How many Tough Trucks have you done now? – I’m pretty sure this is eight – So how many events today? – We’re gonna do four events today – And this is, how many events in total? – We have six events in total – It looks like it’s gonna be a beautiful day There’s a ton of people here How many trucks are checked in right now that you know of? – We’re over 40 – Over 40, so we’re gonna do the very best we can Everett is here to help me film as well We won’t be able to get everybody, on every single run but we’ll try to get the best highlights possible Joe can I get a woo? – Woo! (cheering) – Scale truck challenge, Rude Boy’s RC RC Sparks 2017 (engines revving) – [Narrator] First event, the hill climb But it doesn’t start at the bottom It starts at the steeper area up the hill itself Huge crevice going down the middle and you just can’t quite get the steepness but it certainly is banked at the top where those guys are Everett, what’s going on dude? – It’s going down – [Narrator] You ready for your first hill climb competition? Brought your Wraith today? – Wraith, yeah it’s back at the camp I’m gonna be running it a bit later – [Narrator] Yeah that’s okay Three S Lipo today I believe – Three S, yeah – [Narrator] And I got my tracks here to run up I might as well get up there – You are marking in the hill climb category So there are still two judges at camp – [Narrator] We’re running in groups today, so this is the first group All the judges in the film crew go first so we can judge and film everybody else Some of the Rudeboys here Joe, here ya go Pres Good luck! – We’re finally waiting for my wind controller get here but we’ll just deal with it – [Narrator] Nice truck, Joe Love the rims (motor squealing) And we’ve been waiting all year to see a new TTC Right by my boot, you’re in big trouble Oh, nice job Look at the crawl! Up the shale, nice First gate, that’s how hard the first gate was Because he touched the flag, he is pointed on that gate The whole goal of the TTC is to have the lowest amount of points and the lowest time These are timed events, I believe five minutes each (background chatter) Backing down- completely legal Backups do not count as points against you The more scale accessories you have on here, the more points you get at tech-in Each point you get gives you a deduction in points later on So the more scale gear and accessories, I.e. gas tanks, jacks, everything else, helps you in the long run (truck motor whining) James up, puts his trail finder Mighty cool looking, love the back bar on it Great protection for the cab Snorkel, of course Driver on the inside And there he goes What you can’t tell is this truck is in a six foot gully

Lyle, from RC Athletes starting on his first gate What ya doing, Lyle? – [Lyle] One gate, one roll over (motor whining) – [Narrator] Good job, that’s a hard course Good job – Woo! – [Narrator] What’s up, Chris? – Not much, hill climbing! (motor whining) – [Narrator] If you get past that, you’ve made it farthest (laughter) – Come on, Lyle, you can do it! – [Judge] Five, four, three, two, time – [Narrator] Good try, man. Good try Next competitor (motor whining) Tyler, killing it Nice job, nice job, plenty of power Upsy, daisy It’s a tough journey here, my friend Dirk (motor whining) (gravel crunching) (motor revving) – [Judge] Tyler, you got a minute four left so you’re gonna have to cook up this Three, two, one, go 2:40 left (engine revving) (engine revving) (motor whining)

(engine revving) – [Narrator] How’d ya do? Good for you! A lot of us our timing out on this one – [Competitor] That cross section is a tough one – [Narrator] Your truck looks so good today – [Competitor] Thanks! By the end of the weekend, I’m pretty sure it won’t – [Narrator] That’s the whole point, eh? Here’s a view of the mountains from the top of the hill climbing As I pan back, really hard to get the scope of how beautiful it is over there But we wanted to bring you guys course along Another TTC can share in the fun and excitement 2 wheel drive Rear wheel right now She’s not the front She’s doing good, though for rear She’s pushing! Yeah, something sounds crunchy Oh yeah, there it is (engine whining) – [Driver] Somebody put these flags too close together – [Judge] They’re sixteen inches – [Driver] They’re not wraith friendly (engine whining) (gravel shifting) – [Narrator] Nice progress, you’re burning it up the hill Good climb, good climb! Nice and quick Steeper and steeper (engine whining) – [Narrator] Gets harder from here Good job, keep up the good crawl Here comes Brian’s truck Looking very solid, stable

Nice, he’s just smoking it up there Flawless, good job Brian Good job, Adam Yeah, man Did you time out? – By one second – [Narrator] You had one second left? Congrats Good for you. Good man Yeah, she’s steep, eh Ron? (engine whining) (laughter) – [Driver] I’ll take a repo on that one (laughter) (motor whining) (laughter) (laughing) – [Narrator] That thing is wild, it’s a wild beast! Good job, man, that was entertaining! Thanks for the good show Brian, that was your first hill climb of the year at TTC How was it? – Oh, it’s grueling – [Narrator] It’s a lot steeper than I’m able to capture on camera cause it just looks pretty flat Your truck did very well, good job You may be in the lead – Oh, I don’t know (laughing) – [Narrator] Good control, nice work Cruising! (motor whining) Here comes Tim’s truck Little shadowy, looking good though Plenty of balance, plenty of wheel speed Wheel speed and traction Seamus, killing it on the hill climb Moving like water through a canyon, basically Good job, dude! (motor whining) Oooh, over he goes Nice flip over He’s caught in a hole, he’s doing the right move That’s right Backed himself out of the hole, powered up You’re good!

Always just ask me to move so you’re not in danger Oh no! Great job So epic Nice work You clear? You good? Are you excited, your first hill climb? Got the wraith ready to rock – Take the repo – [Narrator] Yes, sometimes it’s better Don’t listen to that guy There’s Kyle, I wish I would’ve caught your run Sorry dude, off to get your run – Took off like a rocket – [Narrator] Nice! (chatter) Good luck, dude His custom made wraith Built by my buddy, Chuck, who loves his heavy trucks Everett is running the 3S Lipo today It’s got very wide axles but it is heavy Definitely take your roll over Okay but you’re doing roll overs and recoveries Pat, what’s this truck based off of? – It’s based off a Russian 66 – [Narrator] Nice, looks good. Ready to rock I don’t want to pressure Everett too much cause it’s his first hill climb Yeah, go bug the shit out of him! (laughter) That’s a point! That’s a point! Ten points! What’s your name and what kind of truck do you have? – My name’s Damien and I got a highly modified Trailfinder2 (motor whining) – [Narrator] First gate Second gate Away he goes, backing up seems to be the way to go without rolling over here Here he goes Next gate’s right in the middle Good luck! I ran up ahead Get a good view of the truck