Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure All Cutscenes | Full Game Movie (PC, X360, XB1)

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Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure All Cutscenes | Full Game Movie (PC, X360, XB1)

okay kid this is it just head down that path there to the playground kids are expecting you have a great field trip so you want to read it to me on course I’ll be a girl rhadigan Jim Appel slowly and let’s say Skinner’s and lien chef just called the health inspector so I’ll see the rats eat listos and shut the place down and Skinner gutter rat French which he’s showing him to the health inspector as proof and the health inspector puts which in a jar we’ve got to get that journalling way so he can let twitch out that way he can stall Skinner and a health inspector while we get the rats out of Gusteau’s gotta work fast first we need to get rid of these pigeons hey I bet that water will scare them off it’s foolproof come on what’s the matter little buddy’s in health health inspector I think goodness twitch is saved and we have time to warn the other rats this calls for a celebration you were fantastic that was so much fun any time you want to play on the rooftops of Paris again you come and find me one of the other children must to try out a new pretend scenario with you it’s so exciting hey I hear you like ratatouille meets you my name is Peter okay I’m gonna be a meal that’s Rama’s brother and you can be your own rat and what if there’s this big rain storm the skies over Paris are opening up rains coming down in buckets it pours through the streets and into the source the drain pipes are filling up fast pretty soon the whole sewers gonna be flooded and Django that’s her dad he had a boat loaded up with food and supplies for the rat colony for just such an emergency we seconds hold on son first we gotta get the boat back safe to the colony I need you to pull those handles and open the sluice gates along the way or we’re gonna be trapped it’s a boat not a submarine nice work I couldn’t have done it without you nice work that actually said nice work this may be the best day of my whole life let’s eat good listen any time you want to play in the sewers again you just find me see you later somebody was looking for you they got a whole new idea for an adventure hey I heard all about you I’m Jack I was just about to play some more ratatouille okay what if we’re in the kitchen I do stoves and linguini got the rats out before the health inspector came but now Skinner’s madder than ever any knows the ants on ego the famous food critic is that goose toast tonight because he knows Remy’s ratatouille and Skinner wants to ruin the ratatouille and then ego will change his mind and give Gusteau’s a bad review and they’ll have to shut down forever it’s Skinner he’s coming to the kitchen he’s gonna ruin lettuce Chilean Rose that steak I need a soup for mr. ego it’s raping everything mr. Eko wants the ratatouille there you go slide a little more that’s what I’m talking about team one tired that Chef up and get him in the fridge team to get this mess cleaned up hmm you my friend are one cool rat under pressure weights Beit Skinner

let’s just savor this moment and you’re welcome in my kitchen any time what I like about Remi is that he knows who he wants to be even if he’s not sure how to be it I feel that way sometimes nice going you met all three of the biggest ratatouille fans they’re not done yet though they still have a lot of cool ideas and stuff to share with you hey I’m Tony you like Toy Story let me tell you if you do you’re gonna love this place let’s listen to our story pretend I’m always sure woody and you can be your own toy now picture this we’re at Sunnyside daycare and Barney’s real excited cuz her grandma’s coming for a visit Barney wants to show that she’s been taking good care of the family toy granny gamer mr. Pricklepants but mr Pricklepants the body’s backpack which means we gotta get him outside and into the car before Bonnie and her mom leave for the airport to pick up grandma we need a plan to get you over that gate well perhaps if we procured of batteries you’re a genius goodness shudders now what do we do we hold on no matter what do not let go next stop the airport we hung in there and saved mr. Pricklepants now I’d call back right everybody that was awesome partner I played Toy Story with you anytime just come back if you want to play some more hey you got a fan who wants to try out a new idea for an adventure with you hi my name is Roger and you’re just in time I’m about to blast off on a new toy story mission ready I’m Buzz Lightyear let’s pretend we’re riding on the back of Barney’s mom’s car then when we get to the airport Alice he’s on his way to a toy museum in Japan if he sees this awesome one-of-a-kind really valuable Hedgehog toy so he grabs mr. Pricklepants puts him in his back and sends the back to the airplane now we gotta find mr. pants before they put up on that plane to Japan who else suitcase I do like to watch you work mr. Pricklepants can’t go to Japan so it’s up to us to make sure that doesn’t happen we did it all toys are safe and accounted nice work our mission with mr. Furcal pants is complete proud Space Ranger nicely Todd my friend you my friend are great in a crisis anytime you want to play Toy Story again just come find me what you need is a new mission one of the kids has one for you I think well lookie who the cat dragged in I’ve heard all about you let’s play us some Toy Story now I’ll be Jesse what if Bonnie’s grandma mr. fly so there’s still a chance to get home to Bonnie before grandma gets there and all those toys are flying on our kites but the wing grabs mr. Pricklepants and pulls them right over the garbage – we gotta land safely get out and get back to Bonnie’s house before grandma arrived and now mr. Pricklepants we’re coming for you

now we just hang on to get to Barney’s house by day that was my girl great I have somebody in my room who’s gonna be just in the nick of time and we sure couldn’t have done it without you that was great this ain’t your first rodeo is it partner well I sure would like to play again sometime just come find me Happy Trails way to go you made friends with all three of the biggest Toy Story fans don’t think are finished with them though they have plenty more to show you hey I’m autumn you like superheroes I do The Incredibles is my favorite you want to be a super with me I’ll be violet cuz it would be super cool to turn invisible what’s if we were on no Madison island with Mirage now that Syndrome is gone we have to check to make sure the islands safe but one omnijoin is still acting kidnaps Mirage and takes her inside the volcano base we’ve got to save Mirage from the arm Detroit let me go you horrid I think we have to open that door so I bet we each need to stand on one of those activators hurry come on thank you I knew I was in good hands you too truly are incredible well that’s what the I stands for but I couldn’t have done it without my new friend but he messes with my family or our friends so we make SuperDuper team wow that was awesome let me know if you want to play again okay because obvious super with you anytime if you’re not busy I heard this kid say they had a cool new idea for you what’s up I’m Eli hey somebody told me you’re an Incredibles fan well I’m just like – when I was little they used to call me turbo so you guys saved Mirage right cool but what if we find out that wasn’t the last time the droid that the whole on Detroit Factory is back online and a new on Droid 9000 is working its following its original programming to destroy the city by creating an army of on the droids so we sneak into the base and add up the auto drugs battery auto destruct sequence activated it’s now you have to get off the island before everything explodes and sets on the volcano which would be so cool I mean really bad come on venture Wow you were great you see that explosion that was awesome being a super is pretty huh I love this family let’s play Incredibles again sometime soon okay see you oh yeah this kid said they had a cool idea for a new adventure go find him look who’s here ready to be a super okay I’m mr incredible and here’s what’s happening we destroyed all the Amna drawings except one and it’s headed straight for metro Ville the only thing standing between just in the city is us you are one incredible soup hey I’m just glad everybody’s safe it feels pretty good to save an entire

city huh and you you you are something else hey how fast do you think you were going who do you have some great moves that was totally wicked we gotta do that again sometime okay don’t forget awesome you’re friends with all three of the biggest Incredibles fans but you’re not finished with Incredibles those guys have so many ideas left to show you hey there you weren’t about any chance want to play cars would you well you sure came to the right place I’m Shelby and I’m crazy about cars I love playing mater he cracks me up hey what if we’re at Willy’s Butte and Radiator Springs and Lightning McQueen is looking for a new car in his racing team thank you but first you got to try so you’re gonna have to pass the tow mater fancy driving challenge yep I designed this course specially shows only the best drivers in the whole world confetti and I’ve got complete confidence in mater if he says you’re good enough that’s good enough for me oh it ain’t what I says it’s what’s the tow mater fancy driving challenge said you are awesome buddy haters right that was some of the best driving I’ve ever seen you’re gonna be a great addition to my team indeed I was observing the whole time that was a most impressive display yes Holly she’s my girlfriend our friend here would make an excellent racer but an even better spy and we’ve a mission that’s perfect for your speed and talents that is if lightning doesn’t mind waiting of course he can wait get your light well Who am I to interfere with British intelligence that was some real good driving you did there buddy man you got you I know he was going to impress everybody but this is better than axle grease with transmission fluid on top I’m proud of you buddy that was more fun than a barrel of greasy lug nuts off like cars you anytime just come and find you you feel like pretending something new cuz I hear some kids got a great idea for you I’m Anna I hear you’re quite the cause enthusiast fancy another go round a brilliant I shall play holy shift whoa British intelligence and our mission takes us to Tokyo where someone has planted a bomb somewhere on the course of the Tokyo grand prix I have a bomb detector and you’re carrying a new device that can disarm the bomb but it only works at very short range so you and I have to speed the course find the bomb and get close enough to deactivate it before it explodes the signal must be somewhere francesco bernoulli for the course trains will not give a quick hits francesco he’s carrying the bomb and he doesn’t even know ships and deactivation I see it deactivating the phone why what do you want with lunch s we had no choice someone sabotaged you with an explosive device but you’re safe now they did your loss Francesca and why not it sounds like there’s plenty of room in there I’ll get our technicians to work analyzing this device immediately as for you you did your job brilliantly no one ever even suspected a crisis quite a fast learner Artie well done well done let me know if you’re ever game for more adventures in the spy car trade cheers to them up for a new challenge I hear

someone’s come up with a lovely new idea for you I’ve been waiting for you I’m called Ian I hate you not playing cars as much as I do let’s cut to the chase remember that bomb somebody stuck on Francesco well now there’s a whole convoy of trucks full of those bombs traveling through Porto Corsa Finn McMissile British intelligence and if we can get near enough to the convoy we can suss out who’s behind those bombs discretion is vital we’ll keep a low profile and see how close we can get ready let’s go everyone all right in there professor no thanks to you McMissile no thanks required mate all in a day’s work nicely done my friend very impressive indeed that’s the sort of performance that earns medals and nitrous if you follow my meat it’s been a privilege working with you hope we can do it again sometime you know how to find me nice you met all three of the biggest cars fans awesome those guys are really imaginative so keep checking in with them they’re always coming up with new ideas and things I’m Jeffery I was hoping you’d come over I’m guessing you like up me too I especially like Russell it’s not want to be an explorer when I grow up what if Charles months knew Kevin had baby birds and he kidnapped him in his dirigible and flew off and then Kevin jumps on mr. Richardson’s house to say we need to use it to save them except the wind blows the house away it’s floating down on the river we’re gonna have to go rafting the end the house you say Kevin babies you’re gonna be done in no time I can do it I know I can hey it’s like it says in the oneness or handbook work together and that’s just what we did Wow the house is safe Kevin’s babies wow you’re a great Explorer you know that you can explore with me anytime adventures out there Wow you other kids coming up with new adventure ideas for you and everything I got to hang out with you more oh hello my name is Kendrick I hear you’re pretty good at exploring the jungle you want to play some up and venture is out there right okay I’m gonna be done don’t laugh Doug is awesome squirrel and we float mr. Fredrickson’s house to the dirigibles to save Kevin’s babies for a month and she can’t smell them she’s gonna lead us right through them but cabins babies they’re all in cages get them open we will help do not worry Kevin’s baby we will save you and your brothers and sisters because we love remember you literally open the cage I am so happy you are safe and the bird is safe and the birds babies are safe I have never seen baby birds up close those were definitely baby birds that we saved your coffee that was amazing what a great team we made we gotta do that

again sometime okay don’t forget Adventure is out there a new adventure is out there least that’s one of the other kids told me look around this should be hard to find that’s where up are you good for you I mastered by the way mr. Fredricksen so funny he reminds me of my grandpa so he landed the house safely with Kevin and her baby birds right except just what much as the driver is that’s the blue flags the house back up into the air hey baby we gotta catch that house friends and I’m not just saying that oh sorry excuse me that’s it man waste him up by there easy Kevin they’re safe now we did it we saved the house yeah thanks without you we never have saved Kevin’s babies or a house boy I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun come play up with me anytime you want adventure we’ll be right here cool you’ve met all three of the biggest up fans don’t be a stranger to them though they have lots more cool ideas to explore Oh all right gang Wow you’ve met every kid in this park that’s fantastic you’re not out of fun stuff to do though there’s plenty more left out there just go ask them