Spying On The Hacker With The Ohana Adventure!

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Spying On The Hacker With The Ohana Adventure!

Previously on The Beach House Becca: I’m really Michael: Hang on a second. Just got a text message. Take a look at this, what’s that say? Whats that look like to you? Michael: Does that say hacker? Becca: Taken something away from you. Do as I say to get the next clue Becca: You won’t get it back unless you do. I can see your every move Michael: Look there’s a sign razor. What the heck? Michael: What is that? Becca: Sign that was in the picture he sent Michael: Right. So this is the right one Michael: I got another text message from the hacker just now. It just hit my phone. Look it says Michael: You followed my instructions good, but you will never find me. I can see you because I have eyes everywhere Michael: Continue to the Park of Pioneers, okay Michael: That’s not very far away from here. Let’s go. Look and see if there’s any video files on it that might be from the hacker Becca: No way Michael: You think that was all I took? Think again ♫ ♫ (THE BEACH HOUSE THEME ‘WHEN ADVENTURE CALLS’ BY CODY CRABB) ♫ ♫ Becca: Okay. I cannot believe that just happened Michael: Okay. So someone is watching us right here right now, and we got this message that says Michael: You think that was all I took? Think again. I’m still watching and there’s more to find. We work together If you want back your treasured possessions Becca: Treasured possessions? Michael: Number one. He took something else from us. Number two, he’s here right now watching us Ohana: I agree. Oh my goodness, they’re like across the way Becca: What are we gonna do? Michael: I don’t know where to go next Micheal: But hopefully he sends us a message so we know where to go so we can Ohana: Or know what he took Michael: Again, I don’t know what he took Becca: Did he take just one thing from.. did he take one thing from each of us? What did he do? Michael: He says possession so there’s two things Ohana: Well, he took our camera. So I thought possessions meant like, because we got back our cameras Michael: Right, but it looks like there’s more. Looks like there might be more than he took. So Becca: Well, let’s let’s make sure all of the kids are accounted for because we don’t want any of those treasured possessions to be taken Becca: Obviously our most important things are people. Our family Ohana: No, no, we want to keep them safe and Ohana: But I don’t I don’t want to leave mine at home Ohana: I don’t feel safe leaving them even with like the older babysitting kids. I don’t want to leave them Ohana: So. We gotta bring them with us Becca: But I do feel safe leaving Charlie at home with Grandma and Grandpa. I think we should bring him home and then keep going Becca: All right. We have got to get out of here. This is so creepy Michael: Okay. I just got another text message Michael: Yeah. Got another message from the hacker Michael: It says Michael: Did you get one too? Ohana: I just got one too Michael: We keep getting them at the same time from the hacker Michael: Okay, it says; “To make your future you must go to the past.” Michael: “Dinosaur bones go find them fast” Michael: “What I took from you, you’ll want back soon. Follow my clues or it will prove your doom.” James: Wait. He took another thing from us? Becca: Yeah Becca: He took something else Michael: Look, there’s the message right there Becca: To make your future Becca: You must go to the past Becca: Dinosaur bones go find them fast. What I took from you you’ll want back soon. Follow my clues or it will prove your doom Michael: That’s super creepy Michael: I wonder what that means? Dinosaur bones Ohana: Well, I know that here in the desert. There’s a lot of dinosaur bones Michael: I just got another message. A picture. Look at that Becca: Whoa. What is that? Dinosaur bones Michael: Check it out guys Becca: Where is it? Ohana: Let me see yours. We got the same. Okay

Michael: So the hacker is gonna be there I think. He’s been watching us Michael: What if we split up? What if I take a couple of the boys Michael: Maybe we go early. Like, maybe we go ahead and we try to see if maybe we can catch him before he gets there Ohana: Okay, so we are gonna do like two teams Ohana: So what if we make him mad? Like, I’m really kinda scared. Like he knows where I live. He knows where you guys rent too Michael: He’s here at this park right now because he just took our picture. Then if we go fast, Michael: I’ll just grab the boys will go quick. Then maybe we can beat into the next place Ohana: Cause then maybe we can stop all this. We’re gonna…this is great. So, I’m gonna take the girls Ohana: So the girls are gonna come with me. Okay guys, come on Michael: Be careful, be safe, okay?Whatever you do, be careful. I’ll be with the boys. All the boys are coming with me Michael: Let’s go guys. We got to go fast. So let’s get buckled as quickly as we can Michael: I want to try to see if we can beat this guy Michael: Okay, get buckled up. All right Michael: We really want to see if we can beat the hacker to this place Michael: Try to see if we can get there before him and spy on him this time instead of him always spying on us Corbin: You’re gonna go find dinosaur bones Corbin: I like seeing dinosaur bones. It’s cool Corbin: I don’t know what he took from us. But I think it’s going to be cool Corbin: We need to get it back Corbin: It might be very important so we gotta take it back James: Okay, so we are so excited to find dinosaurs and look who we got with us Wyatt: So we have to get there before the hacker gets there. We know where it is James: And they brought their friend with them. Tegin. That’s his name Wyatt: So, we got to get there before the hacker does. Let’s do this Michael: Alright, we just got here. We came as fast as we could and I think we might have beaten the hacker here Michael: So keep your eyes open you guys Michael: Keep your eyes peeled because we’re trying to see if we can catch them. Okay, we want to get here faster than him Michael: So let’s go and look and see if we can find him here Michael: Hey Corbin. Have you seen anything yet? Michael: Okay. Be careful. Alright guys, so we’re here. We’re looking for the hacker guys. Keep your eyes open, okay? Michael: Let me know if you guys see anything. We got to be really sneaky because the hacker could be watching us right now. It could be anywhere Michael: You guys see anything yet? Michael: I think we’re in the right place because I keep seeing dinosaurs and dinosaur bones Michael: It’s like we’re just trying to be really careful Michael: Hey, there’s dinosaur eggs over here guys. Do you see that? Michael: Where could he be? Corbin: i think we’re getting close to the hacker Michael: Oh, yeah, I see them Michael: There the bones Michael: Is there anything around here? Michael: These are definitely the bones from the photo that we saw. So I know that we’re in the right place Michael: But I still don’t know Michael: I don’t know if we beat the hacker here or not. So I don’t know if we made it in time Michael: He should have left something. Okay. We’re we’re here. I don’t know if we beat the hacker or not

Michael: You guys don’t see anybody have you? Michael: No? I wonder if we beat him here or maybe we’re too late Michael: We might be too early. Maybe he hasn’t even coming here yet. Let’s just keep our eyes open Michael: We should probably find a hiding spot. Somewhere that we can hide Michael: So that when he gets here we’ll be able to see him coming before he sees us Michael: Is there any good hiding spots around here? Michael: Oh yeah, there’s a cave over here Tegen:. Whoa, that’s a better place to hide. Just hide up there Michael: Guys I just got another text message and it’s from the hacker. Check it out Michael: It says Corbin: I know you’re here now go to the train station. You won’t beat me there Michael: He beat us here Michael: How in the world did he beat us here? We came right away Michael: Okay, where is the train station? Do you guys know where it’s at? Okay, let’s go Michael: Okay. This is the train station. We’re here right now. Do you see anybody? Michael: We should find a hiding spot Michael: Maybe let’s go hide around the side of that building over there. Let’s go ahead over here. Come on guys Michael: Okay, Now get back here. Get behind the building Michael: Get down Michael: Okay Michael: So we’re gonna see if we can find the hacker before he finds us Michael: He keeps…he keeps getting ahead of us Michael: But I’m so tired of him stealing our things and we don’t even know what it took. So we need to try to see if we can get ahead of him Michael: Do you think we need to ride the train? Michael: He said go to the train station James: All of us that are old enough to go alone, maybe we should split up Michael: I don’t know if I feel good about everybody splitting up cause what if he takes one of you guys? I don’t want him to take anybody Michael: That is way worse. So I think we should stick together. But let’s spy the train. Should we go Michael: Wait, did you see that guy? There, looks like there’s a guy standing around the corner over there Michael: He’s watching us. Do you think that’s him guys? Wyatt: Yeah. I think that’s him. Let’s go. Let’s go catch him Michael: Let’s come around the other side. He’s watching us Michael: We got to stay out of his way Michael: I wonder what he wants us to do here Michael: James, did you guys see him? Michael: He was right around the corner over there by the train station Michael: I wonder if he’s got a camera watching us again. Because I know he can see us before we can get here Michael: So I’m pretty sure that we just saw the hacker, but I just barely got another text message Michael: Yeah, check it out. It says: Corbin: Marine sprouts and waterfall. You won’t find me, don’t try at all Michael: And then there’s a picture of a waterfall. You guys know where this is? Kids: Right there! Michael: You need to be more careful, let’s go around the side Michael: Okay, I think we’re in the right place Michael: We just have to be extra extra extra careful here. I see the waterfalls too Michael: Be careful you guys Michael: Watch where you go and watch your steps Michael: There’s the waterfalls right there. That means the hackers got to be close. This is where he told us to go Michael: How does he know where we are? Michael: This is just crazy. And what did he steal? What does he want from us? I wonder what he took? Wyatt: I think he’s just trying to be mean or something and get us on the look or something Michael: But he’s like always one step ahead of us. How does he always know? Wyatt: How does he know we’ll be there? Michael: Lest he’s watching us. Do you think maybe he’s got cameras around here? He’s taken our pictures before so I know he’s been watching us Tegan: Those are fake bushes and they’re camera bushes

Michael: There could be cameras in the bushes Michael: We should look around and try to see if we can find a camera in the bushes somewhere out here Michael: So we’re looking around here. Looking behind these waterfalls Michael: Look for cameras guys. Lets try to see if we can find maybe the hackers camera Michael: And the hacker’s got to be close somewhere around here Michael: I’m underneath the waterfall right now Wyatt: What if he took the camera that was from this hole? Michael: Oh no way! Michael: That would be a perfect place [sound of waterfall] Michael: Do you see anything? [sound of waterfall] Michael: We found a really good hiding place back here Michael: So this is a really good place, kind of tucked away in the corner Michael: Guys I actually just got another text message and I want to read it to you guys Michael: I think this one’s also Michael: From the hacker. Let me let me just read it really fast here Michael: Yeah. “You’re getting hotter and hotter still.” Michael: “Closer to me, but you never will. What’s the hottest place to go looking near a lava flow?” James: The volcano! Michael: There’s a volcano here?! Michael: No, I don’t think we should climb up there. I think we should go around Michael: Let’s go around the other side and see if we can see the volcano Michael: We need to be careful, whatever we do, let’s be safe Michael: Oh, no way! Where’s the camera? Do you guys see any cameras? Michael: That is really creepy. I don’t see any cameras anywhere Michael: I wonder how much of this is fake Michael: Well, then I’m seeing the volcano up there at the top of that building Michael: Do you guys want to go see if we can find out if there’s anything up there? Michael: So right now we’re looking for two things Michael: We’re trying to find the hacker before he finds us but it seems like he’s got cameras everywhere. And other than that Michael: We’re still looking for the thing that he took from us because he took something very special Michael: So we need to try to see if we can find it Michael: Okay, I think up on top of this is the volcano. Could that be a camera? Michael: Well, that’s a speaker Michael: Keep an eye out for cameras guys Michael: Is that the volcano up there? Michael: Whoa, that is the volcano. So we’re inside the volcano right now Michael: Where is this guy?! Michael: The hacker has…you guys, I know what the hackers watching us Michael: He must have control of the video surveillance system. That’s how he’s able to see us all over the whole park Michael: Did you find a camera? No. Just another sign but where are the cameras? Michael: They’ve gotta be around here somewhere Michael: Okay, this is getting really freaky. It seems like he’s got a total control over the whole park Michael: Which means he might not even be here. What if he’s just watching us remotely? Michael: That’s why we can’t seem to find him anywhere Corbin: I think i see a video camera Michael: Where? Michael: Where’s the camera, let’s go see Michael: There is a red dot Michael: That is a camera. You’re right, that is a camera Michael: He’s watching us from that Michael: Maybe he must have hacked the system. That’s how he’s able to watch us all over the whole park Michael: Yeah, let’s get out of here. He’s watching us right now Michael: We tried to get ahead of them

Michael: We tried to see if we could find him but it looks like no matter how hard we tried, he could see us everywhere Michael: Yeah, take the escape tunnel. Let’s get out of here [screaming] Michael: I got through. Okay, let’s go find somewhere to hide. We gotta find a place that the hacker can’t see us with his cameras Michael: Okay, let’s keep looking Michael: We’re here in the volcano. We’re inside. We haven’t seen anything yet Michael: But I just felt my phone rumble, so I think I might have gotten another text message just now Michael: It is from the hacker Wyatt: “Had enough. It’s time to go. You were supposed to work together, but you didn’t it. I’m watching you from everywhere.” Wyatt: “You don’t have a minute to spare.” Wyatt: “Meet your friends on the trail in the open air.” Michael: Well, we left all the girls. I hope he doesn’t have them Michael: Well, he says to meet them on the trail right? Wyatt: In open air Michael: I think I saw a trail as we were coming in here. So maybe let’s go back that way and see if we can see them Michael: Okay, lets go Michael: This is crazy. So we thought maybe we could get ahead of the hacker Michael: And see him, but we couldn’t. He was just always that one step ahead of us and always watching us Michael: I just hope that the girls are safe. I hope that they’re okay Michael: I haven’t seen them since we’ve been here and we know that the hacker sent us off to the same place Michael: So, I really hope that Michael: Maybe they were able to find something. I don’t know if they got the same clues as us, but I haven’t seen them this whole time Michael: So, I really hope that they’re okay. Let’s go to the trail guys Michael: Stay close James Michael: Where’s Corbin? Michael: Where did Corbin go? Come on, Corbin Michael: Stay together. We got to go to the trail. It’s over here at the entrance to the park Michael: Stay with us. Okay? I was worried I lost you for a second there Michael: Okay, we found this trail right here Michael: It’s pretty open out here and a lot less crowded. So maybe this is the right place, but I’m not seeing the girls Michael: Anywhere around here Corbin: Will we stop and wait for them? They might be coming here Michael: They might be coming. I hope they’re coming. We’re in the right place cause this is the trail Michael: Okay, let’s all go and look. Kind of look around keep an eye open for the girls, okay guys? Do you see them? Michael: There they are Ohana: You guys, did you find the path? Michael: There’s the…the path is over there Ohana: Has he been finding you? Michael: We haven’t found him. No. He’s got cameras everywhere James: We’ve seen one camera Ohana: No, we thought…did you, did you guys see the sign that say you’re on camera? That was really creepy Ohana: Wait. So did you get texts too? Michael: Yeah, we’ve been all over the place trying to find him Michael: We kept thinking we were gonna get ahead of him, but he is able to see us. I think he’s hacked into the camera system Ohana: Yeah, we haven’t seen you guys this whole time. I thought for sure you guys were like watching him Michael: We tried to Michael: We tried really really hard Ohana: He seemed really really upset that we were apart Ohana: So this is..is this a path? Michael: I think this is the path Ohana: Said something about like an open air trail Michael: That’s the…we got the same message Michael: So, I think this is the right place, but he did seem irritated that we split up so I wonder if maybe Ohana: But, I mean. That was such a good plan. I’m hoping that he doesn’t get so angry that he does something else Ohana: Like what if he does something to like our houses? Becca: I think what’s so scary is that he is unpredictable. Unlike we don’t know, what his taken Becca: We don’t know what he’s capable of. Like we don’t know anything about this guy and he’s watching our every move. That’s creepy Corbin: I think i know a place we can hide Ohana: That’s a good idea. I don’t, but I don’t know like, he kind of seems to know every where we’re going Ohana: I just got a notification. Oh my gosh. “You disappointed me.” Ohana: It says: “You disappointed me again.” Oh my gosh. “I can tell you don’t work well with others. I’m tempted to not return your precious stuff.”

Ohana: I don’t even know what’s gone. Like, I don’t know what’s going on here Ohana: Okay. “Do you know what’s gone? And do you want it back? You have to pay attention and stay on track.” Ohana: “Keep close and wait or you may get hacked.” Ohana: You guys! There is a picture of my computer on this. I just got a text. I just got a picture of my computer Becca: No way Becca: They took your computer?! Ohana: He’s going to hack my channel!! Michael: Rebecca! Becca: What? Michael: I just got a picture too. Look at what it is Becca: Wait. Did you get the same message as she did? Michael: I did. But look at the picture Michael: It’s the clue from Mr. E Becca: And it’s like outside somewhere. Oh my god Michael: He stole it! Becca: He’s gonna steal like you’re your Mr. E gifts and stuff Becca: We haven’t even figured out that clue yet. So we don’t even know where Mr. E was leading us to next Becca: What are we gonna do? Michael: This is really bad Becca: Oh man. That is scary. We’ve got to find it Becca: What are we gonna do? And he said or you may get hacked. We already did get hacked Becca: That’s so crazy Michael: I think we need to stay together from now on Becca: Oh! Look over there on the brush! Michael: Is that the hacker?! [ominous electronic sound] ♫ ♫ (THE BEACH HOUSE THEME ‘PAUSE THE GAME’ BY CODY CRABB) ♫ ♫