WAY TOO MUCH FUN! | Super Fancy Pants Adventure #1

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WAY TOO MUCH FUN! | Super Fancy Pants Adventure #1

*wapoosh* Top o’ the mornin’ to ya laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye and welcome to God Welcome to a game that I have played… so long ago and in a flash game called “Super Fancy Pants Adventure” A lot of you probably know what this is This was like… THE GAME to be playing on like… on school computers and shit like that and I remember trying it out I never played a huge amount of it, but i always loved the style of It and there’s a full version of it now on Steam They actually released the whole thing on Steam now and I don’t know how extensive it is, how much games are in it if it’s an amalgamation of all of them or what, but y’know what? We’re in it, so we’re going to win it God It feels SOOO good to play Glad it uses a controller as well ‘Cause if I had to play all of this That was one of the things i didn’t like about the flash version I didn’t like using keyboard keys for It I like using controllers for these types of games Look how fast I am Hey Big Bro! Look outside, the rain’s finally stopped. Everything’s different! Look out the window ಠ_ಠ *looking intensifies* Yep! that’s different! I can’t even remember what the story in this game is about Again, very brief uh playing of it on my end I know its super popular though Okay. I’m so fast. I’m so lickety-split *Whoop of joy* Kabootle must have hid under the house during the storm HeeeEEEeeeEEEEre kitty kitty kitty kitty Okay, um… *laughs* *breaths in* Heh I pressed ‘A’ to skip… [the cutscene] and he just smacked his head into this *whoop of joy 2.0* So i think this game is all about, like sliding and shit *hiyup* How did i do that? Aaahh You can f***ing backflip yo! I… I completely messed this up already Nice Yeah, I think the game is all about like speed and momentum *Fancypants man does his thing* It’s like Sonic Hyup! Oh God There we go boing… boing… boing… boing! “Tap for quick combo attacks.” Dude, I have a f***ing pencil. I completely forgot “Hold for charged attacks” Holy Bananas! That thing’s never gonna stop. F*** yeah! *whoop of joy III: the return of the whoop* F*** you! Aww it’s so good F***n’ ninjas! I’ll get ’em! I’LL GET EM Don’t you even worry about it *war cry* Imma kill you wi’ my pensol hup! woah, woah, woah woah woah! *flawless transition to whoop of joy 4: dawn of the whoopinator* Yes! Fff… oooh God the The feeling of like, jumping and running Is so smooth and so perfect and my controller plugged out! Where’s the hole?! *sarcastic laugh* But also This smacky smacky is really good also i thought these are ice cream sandwiches when I landed on them “Gain Speed” Oh yes! I am all about that speed bro It also reminds me of Super Meat Boy, with all the… bouncing off walls n’ shit Oh Okay Oh yes That’s what I remember from the game Was the… running under roofs and everything Again, like, uh– LIEK DA SONIK We all like Sonic, we all know Sonic, you all love(?) Sonic Oh f*** yes That’s not a thing That is Oh! I got a f***ing badass sexy hat, look at me “Complete your first challenge” “Travel downwards and help find the cat” I don’t know why my sister ran off Is she as adept as this shit as I am? Whoa, different perspectives Yes so, because I haven’t played a whole bunch of this, I never really had a computer at home to play this on and in school, we very, very rarely got to use computers for anything *hoop* Oh i can f***in back-flip into those I don’t know if any of this is, like, new content or if this is all stuff that’s been in the games before Who the f*** knows? You– some of you probably know, actually *hoop* Oh yep– Oh *yet another whoop of joy* Bye! Can I break this? Oh Imma do it, Imma do it Come here Come here HAAAAHAAAA F***ers Oh, I can break ’em Okay, got it *hoop* *hoop* Yesss Sound effects and everything is so awesome Imma just hang out, don’t even worry about me

WHOOOOOO What is this? *gasps* Fresh new swirls, are those Naruto’s? *hoop* Okay, okay, gotta be better about this Watch *hoop* F*** Maybe I actually just use this There we go *laughs* I thought it was going to bounce me down again “No direction needed while wall jumping, just focus on jumping” Oh, that’s nice I like when wall jumping is like that, I– AAAAAH MY F***ING HEAD I like when wall jumping isn’t You don’t have to press back and forth, you just wall jump Also, I can change my pants I wanna be super red pants Super red pants and hat I look like I should be either selling weed, or selling my ska album Maybe both Maybe “Ska Weed” is the name of my band Just hang out, dude Hang out, Fancy Pants *gasp* Secrets Smack this shit around Smack this shit around(x2) Now we’re playing– Oh God, what’s the name of that game The game where you… bounce shit into the roof Like the… the colored balls and then you make them match each other(Breakout?) Yeaaaaah *whoop of joy VI* There you go And go… back a bit F*** yes *laughs* God, that’s fun Oh yeah! *hoop* Ah, shit, I jumped over it *hoop* Oh, come back F*** yes And BABOOM AGH BABOOM(x2) Just break ’em all Break ’em all, and I’ll love you forever Let me get ’em all I’m not happy until I get them all What’d I get? Did I get an extra life? Yes! Come on aaawwww shit *laughing* awwww maan I got rid of the thing 🙁 Still goin’ around. Can You kill This dude for me please? There you go *laughs* *still laughing* Bye! *laughing* Okay, down we go “Hold down while moving Backwards to roll” What? Oh, i thought I was stuck *laughing* oooowwww Oh shit Ah, there we go See, that’s the cool thing. I like that Oh God it feels so bouncy I didn’t f***ing Say to get back in here Okay, I’m not killing You I’m just going down *Fancypants man cries out in pain* OW F*** SONS OF BITCHES! Come here, niñas! Actually, no. Niña is like a girl Uh I was trying to say ninja but Keep the ‘J’ Silent So, ninjas, I’m just gonna call you ninjas Otherwise we’re gonna get confused Is he talkin’ about ninjas? Is he talkin’ about little girls? What’s he F***ing talkin- *hup* *hup x2* *hup x3* *Fancypants man ends it all* *lol jk pranked* Okay, that was death Why’s the camera super up-close? I don’t like that *confused Jack is confused* *10/10 landing* Okay, weird I CAN kill them like that! Awesome! That was what- I wanted to ask that I was going to ask it and then I forgot Yes OH COMBO COMBO (x2) COMBO (x3) C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER! CHECKPOINT: YOUTUBE GENERATED CAPTIONS FROM HERE ON Want to see if there’s Any Secrets back there No there’s nothing Whoa nah come on i Just fucking Missed one it’S fine oh? Just Keep That Speed going Keep That pain train Rolling Dog look At It Shit oh God That’s fun that fun didn’t Smack Ramela bitch yes we okay i’m gonna have to kill you Guys i Promise to my sensei that i would kill Everyone Who betrayed my father my father Was my sensei Yep oh i want to keep Juggling i’m like a Big Juggle boy i wanted to be the jungle boy guys That’S me Jacksepticeye Juggle Boy What’s behind Door Number two is it poo tonight imagine is behind Door Number two okay but Where to now oh shit oh Shit Do i even have the moves? Okay i’m gonna have to? Go back This Way again i Need The Speed ha ha Hey train again So i go further if i Just do that. Oh?

Yeah That’s how you make a cake oh? oh, sook cease lee spandana i Like My Hat more oh shit oh Shit oh shit oh? Never Mind i Am a sexy Badass Ninja i don’t that Backflipping like swooshing Through There i wish more Games had Controls Like These We’re sophia’s super sushi and Bouncy i like that Shit It Kind of Feels Like Speedrunners Kinda Feels Like Death and Just Like Sonic it’s like oh do i go Forward or Backward Explorer or Dead There Was a Door back here i want to get to i Saw you Dork I’m Dead again store right there i want that door that Door who shall be mine oh? Suck okay here we Go nice Good One mr. Fancy Pants We are all Friends of you Right oh yeah oh fine What are you Yellow Pants oh That’s gonna make me stand out in the Crowd of Generic Pants Wearers i Like This Okay Now we Go with the Actual direction where it’s supposed to go all This Time okay we’re safe We Got it Man i want to get me some Fancy Pants i want as Cosplay as Fancy Pants He’s cool discombobulated it’S the name of My move the discombobulated These Numbers are getting Very Confusing Now i don’t Know where i am or where i’m going ah Cool oh? Not so cool Yeah Yeah oh? Stripey Pants Stripey Baby oh These are the fucking pants to make The Boys Wink Where does that Pink Was to make The Boys Wings stripes or how you make a Boy he’s Weak you know Why Cuz they’re gonna be so confused as to what the fuck is going on your your pants are the optical Illusion To their life also i like How your Health Changes Colors Based on Your Pants It’s Weird as well cuz i remember? Thinking about Making a Let’s Play of This game Like The flash Version but i never did and i don’t know Why or because i’m Just a dick cabella cool do We Find her Okay you you Just Kept on Hearing This since a Young man cat. To what Make me say My Brother after you don’t make me don’t don’t make me oh i have to do it don’t i oh What the Fuck Pen Get Now usage Was hip Is this getting super meta Again i haven’t Played This game enough to know the Actual story Am i peering into the Actual Real World Thanks brah go on ahead because some chelated for cool beans, oh? My God yes That’s amazing This game is amazing Holy Fuck And They assume it’s stronger to take Out Those Guys as well oh? I feel like i’ve Been Missing out big time and i playing This game That’s incredible so clever ah Cuz i like Games about like Momentum I’m using That’s like Flow Around the levels especially levels That are designed Well Like This it Just Lets you flow I’m missing a Lot of Things but i don’t care I’m not messing up my steez for nothing look at That you Just Keep Going oh Yeah There we Go i want to get new pants a New Pants and you hurt a new Backpack

AnyThing That you’re Willing to give me game i will take oh? yes oh yes God That’s One cat Near bandana It’s a fox it’s Great Things for me best Game best Game I’ve Played in my life Thank you for reira leasing This game It is incredible it is Now my Child and My Child gets What It Wants i treat my Child Well Nope nope nope there’s Things back there i want to get hey lady What you Doing oh? That’s your house Lucky i think it’s the only one that Didn’t wash out This is my Kitty oh and right Brother is somewhere he’s so slow hey i’m super Speedy Hi kitty and you and your brother Shouldn’t, come through The cops at the Mayor set up Yay s’mores No, no the King’s Royal Bathtub Flipped Over during the rain it’S so large This squiggle Villains are using it for Shelter ah no more Stinky pirates That Stick is Terrible you sure You Should Find a spare tent There Just Keep an Eye on the volcano all right sure Volcano For for Reals Hey Guess you Finally found a Way down That’s Nice Hey leave me alone i’m missing a Thing I’M Missing a Thing? you Guys do realize The spiders everywhere Right Like coming to kill you eat You Destroy you no one Cares you Know what i don’t care Either i Was Just pretending to care because i thought everyone Else did Now did i know everybody else doesn’t care i don’t care I’m a free spirit oh? Yes oh yes speak to me game What is it you need What is It you want more Bouncies It’s not That Anyway i hit you i gave you what you want game i Was good to you Job Like This game anymore Take Your time hey i jumped Listen Here game Okay no one Was different that Wasn’t your Fault that Was my fault i was bigger Okay don’t Jump Just Let the game flow you like Water oh? Oh oh Keep It keep it There we Go There we Go screw That i don’t want it and Get a Slider Do Going oh Yeah I look like a Lollipop You’re Looking like a Lollipop some is my favorite Thing to look like Besides Myself oh my God the gun are that the gone the pain Sounds like a Gone When you take it out Sends It you’re Loading Up a Shotgun Bye see you later don’t come back Now you hear oh? Yeah Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah? Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah oh yeah? Get All The Things Get All The Things if you want in life Just Go boyfriend Stores Good Boyfriend store and live Your life hey cabbage hey What’s going on You Like My hat i know okay no i don’t like It anymore i don’t even want to talk to you cuz you’re pretentious Don’t want pretentious do shuri Around Here I have great Pants on Hat – Do You see me going on Flaunting It Around Thinking i Better Than People Yes? Because i am The rest of You are allowed to that i Want to see What’s in behind a Special Door whose Special map for special Boy oh This is not Going well Don’t do That Just Let The Game flow you Let The Game flow you the game Knows What it Wants the game Knows What It needs the game Knows how to take you there Don’t want them no, no No i want the Yellow Ones back The Yellow Ones Really fit My Sir and i want these back This Really Speaks me Ow my Head but Hoeing patong Patong okay Wow Man i would love to see someone speedrun this game can You imagine The Sheer efficiency some People Must have at This game What’s up here you got Secrets oh dude?

And Love me some secrets i love them What the Bouncing these ones oh? Pocky do dah die You die and You die and It Sounds like a name you die oh? Good Night I’m out i’m out i’m out fuck this Room you can Keep your fucking Weird and a Little Orgy to Yourselves. Oh? God That Was awesome i Wasn’t yes back to my Paper Baby Yes i Love It I love love love it Yeah i know i’m missing a Lot of them but it’s not like I’M short on lives or Health? He says right before he dies Man I Just want to keep Bouncing Just Let Jack Bounce Let Check Bounced 2K 17 these fucking Flips Nikolas Squirrel Squirrels – Flips I’ve Seen them We Actually Have a Squirrel that Visits our Yard Every day And he’s so cute Every Now and then he’ll Just go by the window in this Room And I’m Just like i love you squirrel Buddy i hope you have a Great day This? Shakes His butt and runs Away oh? yeah Boy yeah Boy yeah Boy i Think this Shit Just Keeps on going and going and going But There’s a Special Door over Here for a Special Need ah i Don’t even do a post my ass off the Ground To sell my ass miss oh, oh? Oh god oh God i don’t like This oh This is where you Actually have the circuit and good at the game i Know Who’s gonna move I’m out i’m out i’m owned for a Super Speedy Bouncy Stuff but I’m not for stuff pissing me off Okay i’m gonna Need this episode the Fancy Pants Man Here this game is amazing i don’t think i Actually Have to say It it’s Redundant at This point i’ve Said it a billion Times and My enthusiasm has Shined Through for my lovely Little Fancy Man Right Here So good i like that i want i want to play more of This but for now Thank you Guys so much Watching this video if you Liked It Punch That Like Button in their face Boys Bouncy Bouncy Baby boy Bouncy Baby Boy