Briarpatch | Zoo Town Podcast | Episodes 9 And 10 | on USA Network

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Briarpatch | Zoo Town Podcast | Episodes 9 And 10 | on USA Network

– We have to talk I need help No, not there It’s not safe Meet me in Packingtown [tape rewinding] No, not there It’s not safe Meet me in Packingtown [tape rewinding] – How many times did Allegra listen to that tape? The one she’d gotten from Floyd Ferness just moments before he was gunned down at her sister’s funeral Floyd wasn’t the only one The tape had followed a long and bloody trail on its way to Allegra Dill First, there was Felicity Then Floyd And finally, Harold Snow Harold had decrypted the tape, providing it for Allegra just days before he, too, was shot to death But after all of that, all the death and destruction, what was it that Allegra heard when she listened to that tape? [tape rewinding] – We have to talk I need help – She heard her sister Of course Felicity’s voice Alone, talking on the phone in a quiet apartment It was her She was scared she was trying to make things right Asking for help She was alive [tape rewinding] – No, not there It’s not safe Meet me in Packingtown [tape rewinds] – But maybe Felicity wasn’t the only thing on that tape after all There were the quiet moments, too The silences The little bits when Felicity was listening to whoever it was on the other end of that line But who was that? It wasn’t Allegra, that’s for sure Perhaps that was the thing she heard loudest of all In her time of need, with her life in peril, Felicity Dill hadn’t turned to her older sister Instead, she turned to someone else, and that someone had failed her Now, Allegra was determined to find out who it was It was the final piece, the missing answer, the last thing Allegra needed from Saint Disgrace But if she was ever going to get it, Allegra would have to get out of the desert first And when had anything ever been easy for Allegra Dill? From GingerPop Media and KQUT Channel 8, I’m Ginger Galanti and this is “Zootown.” A story in five parts about a little town in Texas and the big car bomb that blew it all to pieces This week, “One More For the Road.” No one knows for sure what happened in the desert that night Allegra and Jake had been taken from their 20 year high school reunion, which, upon further reflection, is probably a far worse outcome than having your reunion canceled altogether Though maybe not by as much as you think Anyway, they were taken by Clyde Brattle, knocked unconscious, handcuffed together, thrown in a van, and driven into the desert by one of Brattle’s men But Allegra and Jake managed to overcome their captor They took his van Somehow, in a vast and empty desert, they also managed to crash it, rendering the van completely useless And so, as the sun came up, with little more than a guess of what direction to head in, Allegra and Jake set off on foot The heat was brutal There was no cover anywhere But Allegra and Jake did what they had always done They dragged each other along, pulling and tugging, searching desperately for a way out What they found surprised them both and altered their lives even more than they could have realized [tape rewinding] – The natural state of the world is not order It is chaos The ancient deity, Atum, created our reality as a mirror of the divine sky But it is a cracked mirror, which will one day be subsumed entirely by the sun god, Ra Indeed, Ra will destroy the world, but it was in his benevolent eye, itself a wayward goddess, that created human life and allowed us this Our temporary dream of control Of course, it was the Nubian people that told a different tale They spoke of a dangerous time when the eye of Ra went missing Many brave heroes lost their lives in pursuit of her And when she was finally found, wandering in distant lands, the eye of Ra was benevolent no more

Instead, she had taken the form of a wild feline A fire-breathing jungle cat who had surrendered to the very chaos she was meant to subdue Do you understand the power of an open eye? Can you look without blinking into the madness? Time has come to answer – At some point, C. Bar Bains had had it all Or at least as much of it as someone could ever have in a place like Saint Disgrace Or with the name Candy Bar The heir to the Bane sugar fortune, everything was provided for C. Bar, and everything was at its finest But then his father died Murdered in a kidnapping gone wrong One that by all indications had been plotted by C. Bar’s own mother She, too, would meet a tragic end Burning up in a fire at the sugar factory, stuck in the caramel After the fire, Candy Bar was left all alone in a world ready to gobble him up He had a big house, an even bigger fortune, and he wanted nothing to do with any of it And so, he disappeared Going about five miles outside of town, building a compound, and broadcasting wild conspiracy theory radio in hopes that someone, anyone, would listen That’s where he was when Allegra and Jake found him C. Bar gave them water, he treated their wounds, removed their handcuffs, and then he pointed them in the direction of a bus back to town And so, for the second time since her sister’s death, Allegra Dill returned to San Bonifacio This time was different Allegra was dirty and tired, and finally, she was ready to listen Allegra had heard something back at C. Bar’s compound Something beyond the fact that he was responsible for the zoo bombing In the midst of all of Candy Bar’s ramblings, there was some kernel of truth He spoke of our inability to see past ourselves About making the choice to stay in bondage because it is easier and more familiar than being truly free Allegra heard that and everything snapped into place For the first time, she was able to look past herself and what she saw what she’d been looking for all along her sister Felicity wanted to save Saint Disgrace To fix it, finally To make it a good place where people wanted to live Maybe, she thought, if she could do that, she could get her big sister to come back home But it was only down in death that Allegra understood any of that She could finally see Felicity as a full person A worthy person A person who made braver choices than she ever could And that made her loss even more devastating Wait… seriously? Candy Bar Bains did the zoo bombing and we’re just gonna skip over it? Whatever It doesn’t matter What matters is that, when Allegra returned to the Hawkins Hotel, her eyes were finally open And it was a good thing, too Because just like the first time, the only thing waiting for Allegra was a whole lot of trouble And her sister’s lawyer, A.D. Singe While Allegra and Jake were out in the desert fighting for their lives, A.D. Singe was hiding in a closet It was the same closet where he and Allegra had found Harold Snow, the day they’d tied him to a chair and broken his nose But now, Harold was dead, and Singe was picking up right where he left off Hiding Risking his own life All in order to record a meeting between Allegra’s boss, Senator Ramirez, and international gunrunner, slash, all around bad guy, Clyde Brattle Allegra was supposed to be at that meeting, but thanks to Brattle, she was off in the desert with little chance of ever making it back Still, the lawyer did everything in his power to make sure that, if his client ever did come back, she wouldn’t miss a beat And that tape it was probably worth the risk [tape playing] – Oh, there is one more thing

– Yes? – I hope your investigator isn’t an essential part of this deal – Miss Dill is very much under our control – No doubt, but she doesn’t know about our business together? And perhaps things that might be a liability for a presidential campaign? – What are you suggesting? – Would it be a problem for either of you gentlemen if Miss Dill never went back to Washington? – Senator? Senator? – Hmm? Not a problem – Good We’ll be in touch [door closing] – New plan Screw the public hearing Once we get all the evidence from Brattle, we’re gonna hand him over to justice No strings attached in hell They could keep [indistinct] – You do understand what Brattle meant about Allegra? – Yeah – And you’re okay with it? – Okay with it? I’m gonna be the —-in’ president [tape stopping] – Singe played the tape for Allegra as soon as she returned from the desert It told her everything she needed to know They were all out to get her Clyde Brattle, her boss It was Allegra versus the world The same as it had always been But there was more to that tape, too There was something Allegra could use She could use it to get Gene Colder The man who’d killed her sister She could use it to get the answers she wanted And she could use it to, once and for all, get out of this place Hopefully, in one piece [tape rewinding] – No, not there It’s not safe Meet me– – At Burgers & Burgers! That’s right, everyone’s safe at San Bonifacio’s premiere fast food eatery, Burgers & Burgers This show wouldn’t have been possible without the good people at Burgers & Burgers, and I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart for their support And their patience And don’t forget to use our offer code, CARBOMB, to get a cheeseburger, fries, and absolutely nothing else Burgers & Burgers, serving San Bonifacio medium grade burgers since 1962 There was one last meeting to be had Jake, Allegra, Clyde Brattle The old abandoned slaughterhouse This time, it’d be on their own terms Allegra had an offer to make She’d hand over the tape The one of the senator conspiring to commit blackmail, condoning murder For all intents and purposes, she was handing her boss over, on a platter All in exchange for one thing Gene Colder Brattle took the deal Of course he did Or at least he was about to, when– [gunshots firing] Gene Colder went ahead and showed up all on his own He shot Clyde Brattle, killing him dead And then, he turned to Allegra But he didn’t shoot her No, instead he wanted to explain himself Gene Colder, her sister’s killer, told Allegra Dill that he was a good man Yes, Gene Colder was a rotten, cheating, girlfriend bombing, reunion canceling sociopath, but he was still convinced he was the hero of his story That his intentions were good Colder loved Felicity He saw a future with her One where he could finally be the person everyone expected him to be If he had been able to do what he was sent here to do, to kill Jake Spivey, he and Felicity could’ve spent that perfect future together– [gunshot firing] Yep. Another one This time, it was Jake Either he’d heard too much, or he was reeling from the death of his mentor, Clyde Brattle, or maybe he never needed much of a reason, but Jake Spivey shot Gene Colder It didn’t kill him No Gene Colder was sprawled out on the ground Gut shot Screaming He said he may have killed Felicity, but he had never tried to kill Allegra He didn’t blow up Strucker He didn’t plant the second car bomb But Allegra already knew that [gunshots firing] I mean, come on Shootings are starting to outnumber car bombs here

This time, it was Chief Eve Raytek, doing what she’d always done getting the job done Allegra had already figured out it was Raytek who’d planted the second bomb See, Jake and Raytek were in cahoots They knew Brattle would come for Jake eventually They knew he’d have an inside man And then, one night after a tough shift, Felicity Dill made a mistake She slept with her boss, Captain Colder, unwittingly discovering he was in town to kill Jake Spivey along the way To Raytek, this mistake, just like anything else, was an opportunity She had Felicity keep tabs on Colder to stall him out She knew, if Colder couldn’t get the job done, eventually, Clyde Brattle would come to town And that’s when Raytek would swoop in, nab him and the headlines, and ride the arrest all the way to the top Then she and Jake could really get to work But she dangled Felicity for too long It got messy She planted the second car bomb to clear Captain Colder, to clean up her mess And from the looks of it, that’s exactly what she’d done Clyde Brattle was dead Killed in a shootout with one of her finest men, Captain Gene Colder Raytek was going to get those headlines after all But there was a catch Allegra knew that Raytek had betrayed Jake, too She’d signed over all of his land, all of Durango Global, to Cyrus, in exchange for the senator’s support The former partners turned on each other Allegra left them there, along with the tape Oh, they could fight over it It was what they deserved And fight they did Raytek won that fight Raytek always won She walked out of the slaughterhouse with a smile on her bloody lips and the tape in hand She got in her car, and then what do you say? How ’bout one more for old times sake? [car engine starts] [explosion] Well, maybe she didn’t always win In the end, other than Allegra, Jake Spivey was the only one left standing He found the recorder in the wreckage of Raytek’s car Then he sat down and listened This was it His ticket out of the whole entire mess With this over the senator, immunity was just the beginning Only, the tape wasn’t what Jake expected Not at all [tape plays] – We have to talk I need help No, not there It’s not safe Meet me in Packingtown [tape rewinds] No, not there It’s not safe Meet me in Packingtown [tape rewinds] – Allegra had switched the tapes She was never giving up the real one Not to any of those people They didn’t deserve it She’d hidden the original in the house she grew up in Though, these days, there wasn’t much house left As Allegra walked through the shambles of her childhood, through what was left of the kitchen, someone stepped out from behind her It was the person from the tape The person Felicity had called in her time of need The person who could have saved her Jake Spivey was aiming a gun at Allegra Dill He couldn’t let her leave Without that tape and its promise of immunity, Jake would have nothing He’d already lost Allegra He wasn’t about to go and lose everything else It must have broken Allegra’s heart, this confirmation that Jake Spivey was exactly who she thought he was Still, she knew Jake could never shoot her And so, Allegra Dill took the tape and walked out of that house She never looked back Allegra Dill got a car from A.D. Singe She bought it with the money from Felicity’s life insurance Added it in on top of all of his legal fees And then, she drove that car right out of Saint Disgrace As if it was that easy Or maybe it is As for where Allegra washed up, well, that’s a story for another year Or season A season of a year Or a podcast “Zootown” is brought to you by GingerPop Media

and KQUT Channel 8 It is written, produced, and hosted by me, Ginger Galanti, with editing by Ginger Galanti Our consulting producer is Bobby from the office Bobby, I’m sorry I’m leaving Saint Disgrace I still have all of your equipment I’m gonna figure out a way to get it back to you someday Sorry about that Additional research by me, Ginger Galanti On the next “Zootown.” Oh, wait I guess that’s it Thanks for listening Until next time