Grandville Parent Town Hall – Elementary

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Grandville Parent Town Hall – Elementary

ok it is 6 o’clock so time to get started and we’re just like to start off by thanking all of the elementary parents our administrators our principals that are here very excited that we’re all able to get together very excited that we could have such a good number of people able to to remember these things sometimes I know you get in the middle of of something at home when you’re like doggone it I have a have a meeting so anyway we’re very glad that you could be here and the goal of this meeting really is to provide as much information as we can regarding two things and when I say as much information I mean as much information as we have right now because both of them involve decisions from both a state and federal level and I’ll talk a little more about that in just a minute but our goal is to talk about the school finance picture I’m sure you’ve heard a great deal about that whether it’s in the media or from from other educators regarding the almost dire situation that were in at this moment and trying to work through as we not only wrap up this school year but we look at next year so I want to talk to you about that a little bit I am an optimist I do believe most of the financial situation will get taken care of but I don’t talk to you about that in just a little bit also obviously something very very important going on is programming for next year and I want to talk about our philosophy of programming what we are doing at this time in regards to programming to prepare for next school year and very although a very different situation I think there’s a lot of exciting things that were that are in the works that I think will provide with a very quality and great experience next year before we go any further I’d like to have introduce the people that are here and just remind you this format is probably more of a webinar type of format I will probably do most of the talking people also on your screen some of them will do some talking as well to chime in you will be able to put you know place questions in the question spot on the zoom meeting and from time to time we’ll take a question will answer those questions and then if we do not get to all of them what we’re going to do is we’re going to post them on our website and it really start to develop a Q&A just like we did for our bond issue where we would list things and when people would would ask even in the future we would add those just to make sure everyone is in the loop on what’s going on so starting off by John hi my name is John Philo an assistant superintendent in charge of human resources for those of you that may be new to zoom probably are more more much more accustomed to it since March down at the very bottom in the middle of your screen is the Q&A and that should give you an opportunity to ask questions when when those come up so we’ll be monitoring those as we go and then breaking in and asking those questions of the group as we as we work our way forward okay Heather I am Heather is Kowski assistant superintendent of finance and business services Scott hi thanks for being here everybody my name is Scott merkel and assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction and we do have some of our principals here I don’t know if everyone’s on my tiles but the ones I can see Brian Brougham older I’m the principal at West Elementary Dave good evening Dave martini principal at Cummings Elementary Tonya I tied your shoe principal at Century Park and the early childhood Rome Jennifer hi Jennifer Harper early ed administrator okay any other principles on that I can’t see do you see well Roger we have three more joining they just got locked out on the limit my Kelly over at central Darla England from South Elementary and Emily MacAlpine program you all be joining here in just a minute

okay well thank you and the guy behind the scenes that has a little I think it’s a lego guy I’m not sure is Walt keener he is our our technology coordinator all areas technology coordinator for the district wall you want to say hi yeah hi I’m the technology director for the district making hopefully making the zoo meeting tonight work smoothly so okay so we have about an hour so why don’t why don’t we get to it first thing I’d like to talk about is the programming side of things and as you’ll recall in March when when we ended up going out of school we really had to scramble and we had to scramble because number one we knew that providing learning experiences for our kids is you know and number one it’s our job but number two the value of that we know it has to be something that goes on no matter what takes place so honestly we you know we put put some plans together and for the time and for the situation we we did the best we could with what we the time we had and I think overall we did a pretty good job of providing learning experiences but as we look ahead as we look to fall first of all from a philosophical point of view and I know that the philosophy of the people that are there on this call or administrators we want to be back to school more than anything and our goal is going to be being back having face-to-face learning because we know that is the most factor learning that takes place so the scenarios were coming up with just know the primary scenario is back to face to face learning however we know that even if the state says you can go back to all 100 cent face to face learning we know there are circumstances whether it be your preference and having your child stay home you’re just not ready yet for them to come back into a face-to-face environment whether it’s a student that maybe has you know it’s medically fragile or has some medical conditions and you’re again just not ready for them to come back to school we know there will be situations where there’s both face-to-face learning and there will be the need for remote learning and not the remote learning we just had that served the time but it needs to be more school like it needs to to be a schedule and a learning experience that really as best as we can mirrors what takes place in the face-to-face learning so that is our goal our message to you that that we want you to know is no matter the situation no matter what the state says the scenario is and there are several there’s obviously the face-to-face learning all remote learning and you’re hearing a lot of these people talk about hybrid situations for us what we’re going to look at doing is providing a quality Grandville education no matter what the scenario is no matter what you choose but our preference is going to be 100% face-to-face learning and then from there we will work with you on what your preference is and will customize a quality Grandville education to fit what that need is now that’s going to take from the remote side it’s it’s going to take some work over the summer time and we currently have teams of people working we have first of all a district over and that district oversight team really is looking at they’re looking at three different learning areas they are really looking at program delivery in other words looking at the various scenarios we might be faced with and really working to take our in-person learning experience and saying how can we mirror this as best as possible in a remote environment so we’re taking a look at that and then we’re looking at some other options of what you know as far as accommodations for kids as far as special circumstances and again our support staff our ancillary staff they are looking at their school they they that they normally have in saying in those support services that we provide for our students are with disabilities

our ll students etc how can we take those in-person supports and replicate them as best as possible so that’s wonder that is meeting a program delivery also there’s a process what we call process procedures and PPE group and that’s really the how we will do school as we look ahead obviously there are a lot of guidelines out there as a matter of fact I think there are too many guidelines out there different groups coming up with guidelines but as we get closer and as the summer moves on we have a subgroup a team really working on the process of school so we will be following those guidelines along the way this summer and we’ll be saying how does that pertain to Granville elementary schools and how they function so you’re hearing a lot of again a lot of ideas out there you’re hearing a lot of schools around the world that have maybe gone back to school such as Denmark that are trying different things and I you know at this point there’s no clear cut this is the way it ought to be obviously we’re gonna minimize we’re number one we have to have a safe safe school in a safer school than we’ve ever had as far as you know hygiene inspires disinfecting and so on and you’ll see that take place in the overtime and that plan it’ll it’ll be a pretty robust plan you know as far as masks and things like that I think that’s yet to be determined and I think things have really changed over you know just from last month to this month have changed a great deal so who knows how much things are going to change in in a matter of a couple months but we are studying the guidelines we’ll continue to follow the guidelines as they morph and as things hopefully start to open up more and more like they have been recently and and we’ll see it where that goes but again in a nutshell we are going to have safer schools than we’ve ever had because we have to I mean as far as cleanliness goes we are you know when in doubt we’re gonna we’re going to over sanitize we’re gonna have times look at times even periodically through the school day that will be focusing on certain procedures and processes that will happen with that and the third phase are the first third subgroup we have is a group called innovation technology and that’s really making sure that the platforms for a remote environment work well that we have you know people have access when they need access devices you know we’re very fortunate that some time ago our district you know passed a technology bond for wonder long devices and and obviously it was very easy or easier for us than most to be able to go to a remote learning type of experience but we do know their students still without access so how do we get them access should they need it again it’s another important part and in a remote learning experience we already know what we’re going to be teaching and when in regards to what our teachers do that’s that’s the you know the thing in person that we do but how we take that and what platform or what we do we replicate that that’s best for kids that’s another part of the innovation technology group so three main groups and we have a district group that is the you know that it really is overseeing that also the ISD has a group that is is primarily doing you know creating recommendations for those situations and I also sit on on that group as well and a lot of the discussions are similar no matter where you go everyone is really really looking at those I think what might separate us though is you know we are doing you know we know you value a Grandville education we know you send your kids here because of the quality education because of the fantastic teachers and staff that we have and what we would rather do instead of look at some online program and say you know here’s your remote part we want to replicate as best as we can a quality granville education so that’s what we’ll be doing this summer if things don’t change significantly I do see is coming back to school I don’t know how that looks how the state you know will say we can come back with our guidelines but I we’re gonna be able to

be back to face-to-face learning unless we have a major flare-up or change considering the way things are going they’ve been going pretty positive in that direction so that’s what we want and that’s that’s the best education that we provide if it weren’t we would have been doing other things before this in that world but please know that a remote learning experience here our goal is to make it as grand alike as possible not some you know some other online program that doesn’t have our people who doesn’t have our curriculum during the school day we I anticipate a schedule if a kid is in a remote learning environment a schedule just like the schedule we have it at school so not only does the curriculum mirror each other but the schedule also does so you know the classes will move along they’ll start at the same time and and the subject areas and so on will move along as those subject areas do why is it important for it for them to mirror each other it’s very important because in this situation when you’re looking at what’s best for our kids there may be kids back and forth let me give you a couple of scenarios let’s say we start school in person and then two months into school there’s a flare-up you know in Michigan and all of a sudden we’re out of school again we can’t take the time that we did last time to develop a remote learning plan we have to be ready to go that next day or if it’s a Friday we have to be ready to go on Monday and it’s important that if the what kids are learning and when they’re learning it is the same it’ll be very important that they’re able just to transition right to that remote learning experience and not miss a beat in what what they’ve been learning about same thing if I know you know a remote yumin remote learning and let’s say that you know as a parent I say you know I’m just not comfortable yet why you know I want my my child to be in a remote experience and then let’s say a month in I changed my mind and I’m ready for my my son to be in school it’s going to be again very important that my son can transition from that remote learning experience into what’s going on in class anybody that’s moved before you probably understand that how you go from a building to you know one district to another let’s say and things can be very different and what kids are learning you’re you know you might go TV like it already learned this you know two months ago in your just starting it so that can cause some some transition issues and so we’re trying to as best as possible make sure that both near each other so that if kids have to move in and out of situations that they’re able to so that is really in a nutshell that that’s what we’re preparing for for the Fall we are currently our staff what what they are doing we have groups of people that are taking say a third grade their third grade curriculum that they teach in person and they’re making sure that is consistently mapped out throughout the district what kids are learning when they’re learning it and then they’re going to get together with our technology innovation people and we’re going to create the remote learning study that mirrors that as best as we possibly can so so that’s what will be going on what I would say to you as a parent and I already mentioned you know no matter what the situation that our goal was having that quality Grandville education that is why we’re mirroring these two as best as we possibly can but there will come a point and I would say more like it’ll be mid to late July where we’re going to try to set up times to talk to two parents of every individual kid and have that discussion about what you’re looking for what you’re considering in regards to next year’s learning experience that will help us for that last part of July in August make sure that our plans are appropriate when we know how many kids will be in a remote setting or we if we know your student let’s say has an IEP and there are certain support services but your student’s not going to be here then we want to be able to customize that set up a schedule where if they need let’s say ot PT services were able to work with

you together to figure out how that’s going to going to happen how we can make that happen you know another big part of this and you know what as we look at the in person part the in person part test is so important because you know situations are different and we know there are many of you out there who may have to go you know you’re going to work and you can’t be at home if you’re at home and it works for you and you’re all about it great but if you’re some way that works we know a lot of people their you know their decision of getting back to work really is going to be in part due to how your your son or daughter schedule is – so we we are considering that as well so if either one from the programming side any questions to think yeah there’s one that I think kind of mirrors and helps in where you are question is when will you be making the final decision on a hundred percent full time in school versus hybrid so major address that all the first thing that has to happen we do not control that it’s what we want but it’s not what we we control the state has to tell us that we’re able to do that and I’m hearing right now I know the governor has different levels level 3 level 4 level 5 right now I think full back to school starts it’s in level 5 but I am hearing from the legislation that they are looking at that going to back to the level 4 of things that can be done and not done I believe what are we at now are we at four three or four think reform so so if if we’re at a level four now and that were the case we would be able to look at that and consider it again it’s not going back to school as as your your son or your daughter might have the last year it’s kind of luck is going to look different it’s it’s I mean from us from a sanitizing cleanliness and so on there will be a lot of protocols in place that will have to be sure and want to be sure are in place to make sure those buildings are safer than they’ve ever been in in that area I would anticipate you know when we talk to you around mid you know second third week of July we should have a pretty good idea of where we’re sitting the crazy thing about this the said scenario situation though is that you know we can’t have a major relapse where all of a sudden the state said sorry work you know going back to stay at home or what have you you know that obviously would be a game changer for us but the way things seem to be trending seem to be going you know I think it all points to us having a back-to-school experience with some variation of course on our end and with you know the choice of parents in and what they want to do we’re not going to just say well you have to be back to school or we’ve got nothing for you we will have a quality Grandville education and a remote learning environment look very different than what it did here last two months you had that was more to provide learning experiences and the executive order we were under really was a game changer for us and what we could do and couldn’t do in regards to grades and a variety of other things that the executive order said we couldn’t do at that time but but this will be a different if this will be school whether you’re in person your son or daughter is in person or remote and then another one just based on timing similar style of question but it’s more specific to tree house wondering if we have a time frame for when tree house childcare will get going yes very good question we are hoping after the fourth of July we have a July sixth date where we’re trying to look at child care we’re currently looking at community at programs of programs we have for kids throughout the summer and again looking at the process procedures of those how we can stay within the current guidelines that are out there and do those things successfully so we’re we are really targeting after the fourth of July to start some things up in tree house would be one of them so we’ve we’ve got had a

lot of questions recently related to masks related to the sick leave policies related to bussing and what our plan is for bussing in my group is dealing with the the PPE the protections and the policy pieces we’ve we’ve been meeting for the last three weeks and are continuing and our plan right as we’re building it our plan includes screening and how how we might be able to screen and how do we expedite a screening process what we do if we know that there’s a sick child how do we identify when there’s a sick child at the school what happens if there’s a sick child at the school and those are all things that were in the midst of developing in conjunction with the CDC and the Health Department and with guidance from the state so we don’t have all of those answers at this moment simply because we’re waiting on the the state the CDC and the Health Department to give us some guidance and how that might look but know that we’ll we will definitely have that information out well before school starts and we will align with the CDC recommendations and Health Department recommendations related to bussing right now the number of kids we can have on the bus would be even difficult if we were in a hybrid model with half of our kids so frankly we’re hoping that that gets opened up a little bit between now and August but we’re planning for the worst in that situation as well so I wish I had great answers for some of those specific questions we just don’t have them at this point because we’re still digging in and trying to figure out how do you how do you screen if it’s half the students at the high school 900 kids at the high school 450 kids at the elementary school and do that in a way that gets kids into the school and gets them learning as quickly as possible so it’s a big it’s a big hurdle to try to jump and and work we’re up to the task but it’s going to take us a little bit of time one of the things with busing – and and I hope you’re open to this we may really need your help in that area because I mean you’re talking one kid every other seat according to the latest guidelines that I heard and again it doesn’t mean that won’t change over time as things hopefully continue to improve and so on but what we may ask you to do is hey if you don’t mind bringing your child in and oh by the way if you have a neighbor next door and you can bring them in – we greatly appreciate it you know if the financial landscape which I’ll talk I’ll talk about a little bit is better we you know we might even try to compensate some people something to do that I don’t know if we’ll be able to I don’t know if we can do that but we really will need your help because if we had to run waves of busses we’d be busing all morning in all afternoon to take them back home so and I hope I don’t saw imeem I know I’m kind of chuckling at it either laughter you cry about some of those challenges right now because we don’t have enough information and we don’t know where we’ll be but I know this community would come together I’m sure there are a lot of elementary people who would help get kids in for the sake of of you know not having to do wave and wave and wave of busses which would standard times for kids to get in school so that is one of the biggest challenges right now than every district every superintendent that I talked to around our area is looking at is how in the world are we going to make that happen but I think there are some there are some ways and I think together we might all be able to to come up with some good plans for that so stay tuned and then yeah there was there’s a not a theme but a couple of questions I’m just scrolling through them just clarifying the the online only option for families that clarity in and around well if people if a student or a family chooses to be remote exclusively will that be an option and available for them can they choose to be under the hybrid model if it’s a hybrid model obviously we’re not really sure what that looks like yet from the statement we’re planning for it but just talking about that choice piece and how do we how do we address that yes and the answer is yes if you wanted to be fully remote you could be fully remote and like I said it’ll be a school experience it won’t be what you want your child experience before I mean we will have we’ll have a schedule just like the school schedule you know the different subject areas the things that happen laid out in a remote format for them so yes that will be there if there are certain circumstances for a hybrid

type model that that you want to do we certainly and you know mid to late July we’ll have that conversation and and we’ll make that happen we’ll take a look at it and customize that to meet your kid your child’s needs and meet your needs with it so so yeah those those will be options we know they’ll have to be options for some kids and we know sometimes parents might just choose that option and as they’re not ready to send their child back yet so we understand that and we’ll have it and then several questions about masks screening and those kinds of things our group is following the CDC guidelines for school opening and so there are four columns and the far left column is the screening question and then the protection of high-risk students and staff and we can’t move to the next column to the right until we have addressed that piece so if we have high-risk students or staff that want or need to be in the building we have to be able to address that before we move beyond that and into the next several stages so again it’s add-on tasks and we’re and we’re working at it but know that if you have a student that’s high risk for getting the the virus but wants to be in school and we’re able to be in school we’ll work with you and figure out a way to make sure that that happens also with that just watching the history of what’s taken place it’s so far I’ve been very clear how much Governor Whitmer is following or relying on the health data side of things the the health side of things with CDC the health department’s and so on so that’s what we anticipate is if we’re able to come back to school 100% face to face back to school there will be some guidelines in place I doubt she is going to tell us figure it out I think there will be some specific procedures whether there’s CDC or whether they’re taken from CDC health department’s will have you you know we know those there will be guidelines to follow we just don’t know at this time how that will look and again a lot has changed in the last month I’m sure two months from now around two months from now and we’re really looking at going back to school I’m sure a lot will have changed there too so we’ll see where it takes us as we go to me again mid mid to late July is a pretty good point to say RA what do we start focusing more on and you know and other things take a backseat because it really looks like this is where we’re at I think that would be a good time and you know we’ll have more information that we can give you you know right now and in June yeah so brother before he moved to the financial piece two things just to address as a whole we didn’t get everybody in right away at the start we had a zoom setup with a hundred people and then Walter did a quick change and so obviously we’re up to 213 so some folks didn’t get in and just recently but there’s also been several questions about is this being recorded and will it be available the answer to that is yes we are recording it yes it will be available in addition we have town hall meetings both tomorrow tomorrow at 6 and at 7:30 in the topics will be very very much the same we just split it up elementary middle and high school but anyone that missed this one could certainly drop jump on or miss the beginning of it could certainly jump on to either one of those and get very similar information another thing to point out as well as there’s a survey I hope most of you have taken that survey it was put out by the ISD but it is meant to fold number one to give us Kent County data on what parents are thinking in regards to the return to school but more importantly for us obviously is we will get Grandville specific data from that so Louisville will be able to look at that information and that will help us inform you know decisions as we’re moving forward I still think we you know that point in July is really where we we have that conversation with you and and really find out what you’re thinking you know that’s again going to be a little more time getting a little closer to school and that’s really I think the data work that’s really gonna you know create what that looks like as far as

the you know kids that are in a remote world and kids that are in the typical face-to-face learning that yeah we we have so so if you haven’t taken that surveyed still it’s on our website if you go to the coronavirus section right below the awesome pictures that are on our website if you click on that coronavirus spot it’ll take you to an entire page and on that page is a letter that has the survey in it it’ll you’ll see it very clearly there but you have until the end of Wednesday to take that and I was told today we’ll have our data back next Wednesday so I’ll try to communicate that as best as I can in a summary form to our parents yep and then just then we talked about at the beginning but not everybody was on we will take the questions that we have here we’ll put them in a Q&A document and we will get that up on the website so that we answer more directly each of the individual questions we’re trying to take them in a in a grouping of here’s some common threads but well we will definitely make sure that we get those answered in on the website for you so great and again before we go away from programming and for those of you that didn’t get on at the beginning you know our our goal our intent and what we’re going to do is create a quality Grandville education that mirrors each other as much as possible in the in-person and the remote rural we’re going to do that because we know there are different situations with kids at the beginning of school some parents might not want to send your kid back right away some will have that issue some kids are medically fragile and they will they will need a more customized schedule but we also know as the year goes on if there’s a flare-up without missing a beat we can easily go from one you know from one situation to the other and we won’t have to miss a beat as far as what’s going on at school versus the remote world kids could jump back and forth should they need to and the transition should be rather smooth for them so that’s that’s the goal that’s the intent we want to be in person and all things tend to be pointing that way trending that way we just you know hope it continues to do so all right financial landscape we need your help and that’s that’s a big part of this why we added this to to the meeting Michigan obviously during the corona virus pandemic lost a lot of revenue a lot of revenue you know and because of that and because of the way schools are funded we are mainly funded through sales tax through the purchase of you know the purchase of things and when during that time a lot of people were weren’t you know generating the revenue in Michigan that typically is done during that time we found out and may we have what’s called the legislators have in the state have what’s called the revenue estimating conference and you know significant impact to not only the general fund in Michigan but obviously because of the lack of revenue and the sales to the school aid file here is the discussion that’s going on right now they’re talking about a cut for us this past year so the school year we just finished and have pretty much expended all of our money our budget you know our school year it’s coming up it’s going to end here at the end of June but they’re talking a 650 to 700 dollar cut per student so take you know $700 times about 5700 kids that’s a lot that’s a lot of money to have to cut when you just expended your budget for the year so that they have that as a challenge and the second part of that challenge is the vast amount going into next year is a very similar cut maybe just a hair lower than that per kid but per you know pretty close to the same amount of money for next school year so they are figuring out how to deal with this school year and they could do what’s called the proration which means that they would just say well we’re taking this much out of out of your per student

funding as we we get funded per student the 650 or 700 we’re taking that out and you know it’s gonna it just compounds and just moves forward but the challenge either way is that twofold number one it would be one of the largest cut if you combine those the largest cut in my 31 years I’ve ever seen in education number two this is a time when we know our kids are going to need the quality support systems the education that we provide and they need it more than ever and and sort of have a have these types of cuts would quite frankly be devastating the other challenge is that the state of Michigan can only do a little you know they can only do so much to fix this problem because they don’t have any money they they don’t they don’t have the revenue so really what we need is we need federal aid we need our Senate like they have with with business some other places to provide funding to at least make us whole from this past year that we just finished I mean that I’m sure you would agree with me that is not just simply not fair to say hey I know you’re at the end of the new school year and you expect your money the best you know how I’ve been good stewards for your kids but now we need to take a big chunk of that away that’s that’s that’s almost impossible to do so so it to at least take care of that the good thing is from a federal level as far as the funding goes you know they have had trillion-dollar packages for other people to fix the public education and funding to at least restore us to where we were would be in the billions now I know billions are a lot of money but when they’ve been providing packages that were trillions for us that would be billions so it gives you that scope I feel very good about the fact that I do think the Fed I think Congress will pass that and I think they will they will restore you know a chunk of that money and then we’ll have to look at you know how we can do some some things maybe to to do a smaller part of that okay I could see that happening the problem that I think can happen that I worry about probably more than the getting funding from them because I I do do believe they know that that is going to be needed are two things number one typically federal dollars come with strings attached in other words they say you can only do this or only do that and I think every school district right now their needs are different our our you know our needs for the things that we the support services and things we would spend that money on for our kids are very different than let’s say a god freely or Kent City so I I hope they don’t come with certain no strings where it’s the only place that you can put that money towards because I don’t in some cases it won’t help some of our districts around the area so I hope that doesn’t happen and the second thing is again their budget ends in October I you know if they wait until too late in the game until say August we’re gonna have to go into a year you know we’re obviously trying to balance a budget and having a significant hit to our funding and the help might come too late it might come while we’re already in school so how can you help there is there is a grassroots group that has been put together when I say grassroots I mean parents from PT o–‘s around around Kent County teachers administrators and so on and they have put together a committee and they have a website called our kids future mi dot-com our kids future mi dot-com and there it’ll show you exactly who your legislators are it will provide information for you it gives you quick ways to contact from the president right on down through your legislators you know to sign a petition that that’s

out there for the funding and also it has various letters and ways you can communicate that hair our schools need that funding and they need it earlier than August and you know that schools could look very different quite honestly some schools I vote in districts I believe would close if they don’t get that money that’s that’s how significant I think it is for the state of Michigan and like I said it’s a situation it’s a perfect storm and that Michigan doesn’t have the revenue or the ability to make up that revenue lost that quickly I think our economy will bounce back quick don’t wanna sound like politician I think it will bounce back quick but this next one to two years of the budget situation for everybody is going to be a challenge and we really are going to have to rely and both side and sides of the aisle agree with that that the feds you know they just have to come through with that school funding so that we’re able to help our kids at a time when they’re gonna need us more than ever any questions are and they’re about the financial side general yeah actually I Roger that I cannot answer so I one of the questions was with the schools closed and operating costs down assuming a no proration and that this year’s budget isn’t altered what was the district able to add to the fund balance we are 22 days away from closing out at the end of the year so I’m currently working on that with our team down here we are looking if you go to our website there’s a transparency page and you can see when the latest amendment that contributory wasn’t proved by the board that called for about a seven hundred thousand dollar deficit however obviously there were savings with the operate from the operating standpoint with schools being closed and we’re looking right now at about a break-even for the end of June 30 2020 and a follow up to that was what is our current fund balance as of June 30 2018 the audited fund balance was ten point six one percent so again with a bail approximate a balanced budget at the end of this year very similar and five years ago we were below five percent when you get below five percent the state starts making you do a lot of things that are unfunded mandates that cost a lot of money and it’s like you give them a little five it’s a it’s truly a black hole we’ve worked very hard to build our programming and our fund balance somewhat to get to where it is but I do see even if we get federal aid more than likely our fund balance because that would be the first thing that that we would you know that then we would utilize our fund balance will go down somewhere you know we won’t go below six just because like I said as you get closer to that five you it’s so very hard to ever get out of that since it’s like interest on a credit card it just keeps eating at you and eating at you and you have a hard time getting out when you get get that low but we we won’t hesitate to use fund balance if we have to as part of looking at cost savings but fund balances are gonna take care of the problem we have today only the federal government aid will take care of that fund balance wouldn’t be even in the ballpark of enough to save us from from bad issue so there was a follow-up question on what was the website so it’s GPS Bulldogs org and when you’re on that main page there’s a search bar up in the upper right hand corner right below it is a little icon it looks like the state of Michigan and that’s the transparency webpage that every district has so if you click on that you’ll be able to see the amendment that was approved in there and if it’s a website if it’s the website I mentioned it’s our kids future MI dot-com so oh you are kids future MI dot-com so it looks like in the in the comments Roger one of the one of the parents says that the website is my kids future org is that something that’s different than what you’re referencing

let me look here just want to make sure that we’re yeah the one I am mentioning is is the the website I gave you it doesn’t mean there isn’t another one out there that my Jersey it’s a very similar thing but the one I’m talking about is a it’s really a three County Kent County Ottawa County Muskegon County design and it’s called our kids our future yep there were a couple questions just about wondering where they could donate or how do they donate if we have fundraisers planned those kinds of things and I think just addressing that might be might be prudent at this point how to donate to the school funding situation yep yep I would say this let’s wait let’s see we’re let’s see where I do believe the federal government will come through will have a better understanding of that once we find out you know if and when what they’re going to do I am hearing that also is more than likely to happen if it’s going to happen in that mid – you know second third week of July so hopefully again as we’re looking at our programming we’ll also have a better handle on that that financial side but the best thing you can do now I would want a buddy to to donate money to you can donate to that cause if you want but really easily you can contact everyone that is your you know your state and federal representative for your particular area in a very easy way on their and that’s they you know they look they don’t mind hearing from people like me but that doesn’t make the impact that parents do when parents contact their legislators and and you know let them know that they’re concerned about you know this time and in education and the funding issues that are there at a time when our kids need us more than ever that makes a much larger difference one good note also our state legislators have also jumped on to in support Democrat and Republican have jumped on in support of the Senate acting on this to help the students of Michigan so a lot of good signs pointing towards us getting some assistance is just you know how much any strings attached to it and when are are the key components for school districts to be able to continue to operate and function the way they they’re trying to do for next fall a couple of questions rods are related to the cutting of extracurriculars like art music PE layoffs those types of things related to what we’re attempting to plan for not knowing what that budget will look like right we you know is my belief our greatest resource and where were 85 to 87 percent of our budget is tied to people and that’s our greatest resource is the resource that we have for your students the the people who teachers students support your students in various ways and make the school experience you know what what it is then it’s too early to speculate again what’s going to happen with with the financial picture I would hate to you know look at laying people off only to find out that the feds come through and you know the budget picture looks very different and why we did that and we didn’t have to we do have different scenarios for very different cuts that you know that could happen even after the federal dollars come in so for example if we had a $300 per pupil cut instead of $700 situation then you know how much money is that and what are some things we look at our goal is to stay away from the classroom as much as possible and the impact on kids you know the least possible and so that’s that’s what we’ll be looking at this is a late you know we we will have a budget next Monday projected budget but it will change over the summer as we learn more about the funding you know potential that we have or don’t have so I do see that morphing so anything in regards to

any kind of program cuts staffing cuts will be laid in this later in the summer it won’t be we wouldn’t say something now because we don’t know enough now with with the the situation that we’re in and I’m optimistic I think it’s going to be much better than it is if the federal if the federal you know if Congress comes through it’ll be much better than it is some of the other questions are just kind of cycling back to you know are there gonna be limits on how many people at a sporting event and Assembly’s community and large gatherings and quite frankly we don’t know because we don’t know what we’re going to be able how many people are going to be able to have in a singular space at any point but that’s my group in that protection and PPE and process planning those are all of the things that we’re continually working through and looking at the updates and trying to figure out the best way that we can to make that make that work for everyone so as we know more we will communicate that out to our community and I just appreciate that that question but right now we just don’t know for sure right okay so John mentioned the questions and answers we’ll make sure we get that on our site this is being recorded so we will have that out there as well if not we have two more tomorrow six o’clock and 7:30 the six o’clock one is is trying to target although many of the conversations are the same trying to target middle school and then we have an I school audience at 7:30 mourn happy if you ended up late in the game and you want to hop on tomorrow feel free though there’s there’s no rule against that so we’d love to have you and like I said some of the conversation is are pretty much the same types of things it just might be a little different for middle school a little different for high school on behalf of our group I would just like to say thank you so much for being a part of this we wanted to get some information out even though we don’t have all the answers we wanted to get some information out what we’re currently doing the landscape as it is today which again will look very different in July and August I’m sure and just thank you so much for being a part of this and at any time you have any questions our Barrett at GPS Bulldogs org feel free to email me or give us a call at one of our offices I’d like to thank the principals and the district administrators for being on here as well and we have a fabulous fabulous group of elementary principals here in Grandville I’ve never met a part of such a tremendous group so and I’m not just saying that because you’re on here folks I dream about you all the time but anyway we’re very blessed to have the people that we do here in Grandville so thank you for your time and have a great evening everybody