The Hobbit: Theatrical Audiobook | Chapter 18 – The Return Journey (J.R.R. Tolkien)

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The Hobbit: Theatrical Audiobook | Chapter 18 – The Return Journey (J.R.R. Tolkien)

Chapter 18: The Return Journey When Bilbo came to himself he was literally by himself he was lying on the flat stones of Ravenhill and no one was near a cloudless day but cold was broad above him he was shaking and has chilled a stone but his head burned with fire no wonder what has happened he said to himself at any rate I’m not yet one of the Fallen Heroes but I suppose there is still time enough for that he sat up painfully looking into the valley he could see no living goblins after a while as his head cleared a little he thought he could see elves moving in the rocks below he rubbed his eyes surely there was a camp still in the plain some distance off and there was a coming and going about the gate dwarves seemed to be busy removing the wall but all was deadly still there was no call and no echo of a song Sora seemed to be in the air victory after all I suppose he said feeling his aching head it seems a very gloomy business suddenly he was aware of a man climbing up and towards him he called with a shaky voice hello though what news what voices about speaks among the stove’s said the man halting and peering about him not far from where Bilbo sat then Bilbo remembered his ring well I’m blessed said he this invisibility has its drawbacks after all otherwise I suppose it might have spent a warm and comfortable night in bed it’s me Bilbo Baggins companion of Thorin he cried hurriedly taking off the ring it is well that I found you said the man striding forward you are needed and we have looked for you long you would have been numbered among the dead who were many if Gandalf the wizard had not said that your voice was last heard in this place I have been sent to look here for the last are you much hurt a nasty knock on the head I think set-builder but I have a helmet a hard skull all the same I feel sick my legs are like straws I will carry you down to the camp at the valley said the man and picked him likely up the man was swift and sure-footed it was not long before Bilbo was set down before a tent in Dale and there stood Gandalf with his arm in a sling even the wizard had not escaped without a wound and there were few unharmed in all the hosts when Gandalf saw Bilbo he was delighted he exclaimed never alive after all I’m glad I began to wonder if even your luck would see you through a terrible business and it merely was disastrous but other news can wait come he said more gravely you are called for and leading the hobbits he took him within the tent hurled Thorin he said as he entered our approach him there indeed lay Thorin Oakenshield wounded with many wounds and his rent armor and notched acts were cast upon the floor he looked up as Bilbo came beside him far wall but a thief he said I’ll go now to the horse of waiting to sit beside my father’s until the world is renewed since I leave now all gold and silver and go where it’s Asaf little earth I wished parson friendship from you and I will take back my words and deeds at the gate Bilbo notes on one knee filled with sorrow farewell King under the mountain he said this is a picture adventure if it was denser and not a mountain of gold can amend it yet I am glad that I’ve shared in your perils that has been more than any Baggins deserves no set Thorin there’s more you’ve got the new know a child of the kindly West some courage and so

wisdom planted it measure if more of us valued food and cheer our song above hoarded gold it would be a merrier world but sad or Mary almost leave it now farewell then Bilbo had turned away and he went by himself and sat alone wrapped in the blanket and whether you believe it or not he wept until his eyes were red and his voice was hoarse he was a kindly little soul indeed it was long before he had bowed to make a joke again a mercy it is that I woke up when I did he said at last to himself I wish Thorin were living but I’m glad we parted in kindness you are a fool Bilbo Baggins and he made a great mess of that business with the stone and there was a battle in spite of all your efforts to buy peace and quiet but I suppose you can hardly be blamed for that all that has happened after he was stunned Bilbo learns later but it gave him more sorrow than joy and he was now weary of his adventure he was aching in his bones for the homeward journey that’s however was a little delayed so in the meantime I will tell something of events the Eagles had long had suspicion of the goblins mustering from their watchfulness the movements in the mountains could not be altogether hid so they too had gathered in great numbers under the great Eagle of the Misty Mountains and Atlanta smelling battle from afar they had come speeding down the gale in the nick of time they it was who dislodged the goblets from the mountain slopes casting them over precipices or driving them down shrieking and bewildered among their foes it was not long before they had freed the Lonely Mountain and elves and men on either side of the valley could come at last to the help of the battle below but even with the Eagles they were still outnumbered in that last hour they owned himself had appeared no one knew how or from where he came alone and in bear shape and he seemed to have grown almost a giant size in his rough and his voice was like drums and guns and he tossed wolves and goblins from his Park like straws and feathers he fell upon their rear and broke like a clap of thunder through the rain the dwarves were making a standstill about their law rounded hill then they own stooped and lifted Thoren who had fallen pierced with Spears and bore him out of the frame and he returned at his Rock twas redoubled so that nothing could withstand him and no weapons seem to bite upon him he scattered the bodyguard and pulled down balled himself and crushed him then dismay fell on the goblins and they fled in all directions but weariness left their enemies with the coming of new hope and they pursued them closely and prevented most of them from escaping where they could they drove many of them into the running river and such as fled south or west they hunted into the marshes about the forest River and there the greater part of the last fugitives perished while those that came hardly to the wood elves realm were there slain or drawn in to die deep in the trackless dark of Mirkwood songs have said that three parts of the goblin warriors of the north perished on that day and the mountains had peace for many a year victory had been assured before the fall of night but the pursuit was still on foot when doba returned to the camp and not many were in the valley saved them more grievously wounded where are the Eagles he asked Gandalf that evening as he lay wrapped in many warm blankets some are in the hunt said the wizard but most have gone back to their Aries they would not stay here and departed for the first light of morning Dane has crowned that sheaf with gold had sworn friendship with them forever I’m sorry I mean I should have liked to see them again said Bilbo sleepily perhaps I shall see them on the way home I suppose I shall be going home soon

as soon as you like set the wizard actually it was some days before Bilbo really set out they buried Thorin deep beneath the mountain and bard laid the Arkenstone upon his breast there let it lie till the mountain falls he said may it bring good fortune to all his folk that dwell here after upon his tomb the elven King then laid or ‘christ the elvish sword that has been taken from Thorin and captivity it has said in songs that had gleamed ever in the dark if foes approached and the fortress of the dwarfs could not be taken by surprise there now Dain son of Maine took up his abode and he became a king under the mountain and in time many other dwarves gathered to his throne in the ancient halls of the twelve companions of Thorin ten remained fili and Kili had fallen defending him with shield and body for he was their mother’s elder brother the others remained with Dane for Dane doubt his treasure well there was of course no longer any question of dividing the hoard in such shares as have been planned to Balin and Dwalin and Dory and nori and Dory and Dawn and glowing and biffer and Bofur and Bamba water bill burr yet a fourteenth share of all the silver and gold wrought and unwrought was given up to bard for Dane said we will honor the agreement of the dead and he has now the Arkenstone in his keeping even a 14th share was wealth exceedingly great greater than that of many mortal Kings from that treasure Bard sent much gold to the master of Laketown and he rewarded his followers and friends freely to the elven King he gave the emeralds of Giri on such jewels as he most loved which Dain had restored to him to Bilbo he said this treasure is as much yours as it is mine though old agreements cannot stand since so many have a claim in its winning and defense yet even though you were willing to lay aside all your claim I should wish that the words of touring of which he repented should not prove true that we should give you little I would reward you most richly of all very kind of you said Bilbo but really it is a relief to me how on earth should I have got all that treasure home without war and murder all on all the way I don’t know and I don’t know what I should have done with it when I got home I’m sure it is better in your hands in the end he would only take two small chests one filled with silver and the other with gold such as one strong Pony could carry that will be quite as much as I can manage said he at last the time came for him to say goodbye to his friends farewell Baumann he said to me and fell or Dwalin a farewell Dori nori Ori Owen glowing differ Bopha hand bumper may your beards never grow thin and turning towards the mountain he added farewell Thorin Oakenshield and fili and Kili may your memory never fade then the dwarves bowed low before their gates but words stuck in their throats goodbye said Balin that last and good luck wherever you fare if every year visit us again when our halls are made fair once more then the feast shall indeed be splendid if ever you were passing my way said Bilbo don’t wait to knock tea is at 4:00 but any of you are welcome at any time then he turned away the elf host was on the March and if it was sadly lessened yet many were glad for now the northern world would be merrier for many a long day the dragon was dead and the goblins overthrown and their hearts look forward after winter

to a spring of joy Gandalf and Bilbo rode behind the elven King and beside them strode Bayon once again in lands shape and he laughed and sang in the loud voice on the road so they went on until they drew near to the borders of Mirkwood to the north of the place where the forest river ran out then they halted for the wizard and Bilbo would not enter the wood even though the king bade them stay a while in his holes they intended to go along the edge of the forest and round its northern end in the wastes that lay between it and the beginning of the gray mountains it was a long than Sheila’s road but now that the goblins were crushed it seemed safer to them than the dreadful pathways under the trees moreover Bayon was going that way – whoa whoa Oh Alvin King said Gandalf marry Billy Greenwoods while the world is yet young unmarried boo all your funk farewell Oh Gandalf said the king may you ever appear where you are most needed and least expected the oftener you appear in my halls the better shall I be pleased I beg of you said Bilbo stammering and standing on one foot to accept this gift and he brought out a necklace of silver and pearls that Dane had given him at that in what way have I earned such a gift Oh hobbits said the king well I thought Donna said Bilbo rather confused but that some little return should be made for your hospitality I mean even a burglar has his feelings I have drunk much of your wine then eaten much of your bread I will take your gift Oh Bilbo the magnificent set the King bravely and I named you elf friend and blessed may your shadow never grow less or stealing would be too easy farewell then the elves turned towards the forest and Bilbo started Hannes long road home he had many hardships and adventures before he got back the wild was still the wild and there were many other things in it in those days beside goblins but he was well Qaida’s and well-guarded the wizard was with him and beyond for much of the way and he was never in great danger again anyway by midwinter Gandalf and Bilbo had come all the way back along both edges of the forest to the doors of bayens house and there for a while they both stayed yuletide was warm and merry there and men came from far and wide to feast at baylin’s bidding the goblins of the Misty Mountains were now few and terrified and hidden in the deepest holes they could find and the works had vanished from the woods so that men went abroad without fear bayonne indeed became a great chief afterwards in those regions and ruled a wide land between the mountains and the wood and it is said that for many generations the men of his line had the power of taking bears shape and some were grim men and bad but most were in hearts like bayon if less in size and strength in their day the last goblins were hunted from the misty mountains and a new piece came over the edge of the wild it was spring and a fair one with mild weathers and a bright Sun before bill burr and Gandalf took their leave at last of Bayon and though he longed for home builder left with regret for the flowers of the gardens of Bayon were in springtime no less marvelous than in high summer at last they came up the long road and reached the very pass where the goblins had captured them before but they came to that high point at morning and looking backward they saw a white sun shining over the outstretched lands there behind lay Mirkwood blue in the distance and darkly green at the nearer edge even in spring they’re far away was the Lonely Mountain on the edge of eyesight on its highest peak snow yet unmelted was gleaming pale so comes snow after fire said builder and even Dragons have their ending and he turned his back on his adventure

the Turkish part was getting very tired and the bagans was daily getting stronger I wish now only to be in my own armchair he said you