Wild Adventures of Pink Panther and Sons! | 40 Min Compilation | Pink Panther and Sons

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Wild Adventures of Pink Panther and Sons! | 40 Min Compilation | Pink Panther and Sons

[narrator] We now return to The Pink Panther and Sons Thanks for the ride, Dad Catch you later Bye-by Okay, Panthers Let’s load up and move out Yeah, yeah Now, bear in mind, everyone, that taking an aerobic, ambulatory hiking adventure can be intellectually stimulati as well as physically challenging She means it’ll be fun I think Here, I brought this to take bird pictures for my class project It’s a new insult Instant camera I’ll show you how it works Smile, Murfe [camera shutter clicks] [surprised] Hey! Murfel’s indivisible! [Rocko] Nah, [chuckles nervously] he’s just sh [all laughing] [marching music playing] Keep a good grip on my tail and you’ll stay out of trouble Getting lost in the wilderness is no picnic [all exclaiming] “Danger. Do not cross bridge.” Now we can’t get to the forest You don’t miss much, do you, Rocko? [Panthers] Aww [inhales and blows] [chuckles] Do not become distressed, people I know the sturdier structure downstream Now you tell us! Let’s go Okay, grab a tail, gan Chatta, you and me Pinky and I will cover the rea Forward, hut! [Chatta] One, two, one, two, one, two I’m beginning to feel a breeze [cricket chirping] [humming] Pinky, why is your sweater swinking? Sinking. Shrinking Shrinking? Oh, no Now, who do you suppose is at the end of that thread Heh, I better reel the little guy in Pretty strong thread, I’d say Wee! Wee Wee! Wee Hey, uh, Panky, see this tail? Now hang on and don’t let go, got it? [sighs] Ooh, butterfly [babblin Hi [squawks [crashes] [little bird squawks] [panting] Wait her Water? How’s it looking back there, Panky? Oh, terrific I spend half my day looking for that kid Oh, brother Another curious episode in the saga of the Vanishing Infant Where will it all en Okay, guys. Hold the hike It’s Look-for-Panky time again We can’t let him wander the forest alone Yeah, yeah, it’s a jingle out there Jungle Everybody, spread out to cover the area He can’t be fa [Annie] Here’s a megaphone you can use to yell with [Pinky and Annie] Panky Panky! [loudly] Panky! Pank Chatta, do you have to yell that loud? Of course We must employ high decibel levels to penetrate the dense fores I think you just penetrated my eardrums [echoing] Panky! Panky!

[loudly] Panky! [whooping] [grunts] Hi, guys [Chatta shouting] Pank I think it’s time we got organized Organization We’ll split into search parties of two And maybe we’ll stay out of each other’s way long enough to find Pank Wherever he is [Panky laughing] [chirpin [chirping] [chirping] Whoa! [chirping] Uh-oh [Pinky] Pank [Punkin] It’s too dark in here I can’t see a thing Use the flasher on your camera [camera shutter clicks] Uh-oh [exclaims] Hey, Punkin Where are you going? [roaring] I don’t know where he’s going, but it looks like the right direction to m [roaring] Quick, up the tree [bear roars] Uh-oh, we’re pruned Ploomed. Doome Shh. Quick Give me that liverwurst and sauerkraut sandwich you’ve got in your backpac -What for? -For him Hey, I need that sandwic [roaring] Would you rather miss lunch or be lunch? [groans] Hm, I’ll say one thing, Punkin Your mom makes terrific sandwiche I’m gonna go back in to keep looking for Panky You’d better go find my dad to help us You can count on me, Pinky [tree rattling “Cross bridge.” Okay I’ll probably get a cold pedal A moldy ca… A gold medal for rescuing Panky [splashes] I can’t even get a medal for saving myself Help! Kid overboard! [Chatta] Panky! I bet Panky could get lost in an empty room What the– All right, we found him I’ll go tell the other How will we get him down from there? I have the perfect solution All we do is [Punkin] Help! Lifeguard That’s Punkin. He’s in trouble Help! I forgot how to swim Annie, catch Don’t worry, Punkin I’m coming Waterfall Waterfall? Oh, no! Punkin, catch the rope Got it! Fly, fly, fly! [grunting] Whoa [exclaiming] [all cheering] Hey Instead of falling down, I fell u Whew. If I were a grown-up, I’d have gray hair by now [squawking] Okay, everybody smile [shutter clicks] [Punkin] Gee, Anni Thanks for taking all these great pictures I’m sure to get an A minus on my class project now Uh, sure, Punkin You’re welcome [theme music playing] Sorry, Panky, but you’re the only little brother I’ve go

[narrator]We now return to thePink Panther And Sons [Pinky] Better let me keep the rhythm, Panky You just keep your diaper up Hey, what’s all the drag on my tail, Panky? [cooing] Yeah, he’s kinda cute, all rit Maybe Dad will get him for your birthy Happy birthday, kiddo [coog] Great gift, d Now all we need is a name for this wild little guy [barking] Hey, how about Wildfire? [Pinky] Come back here [sobbing] Don’t cry, kiddo I’ll get your puppy back, I promise [Pinky] First, we put up reward signs all over the neighborhood Now, we’re getting the Rainbow Panthers to help us look for Wildfire Better cover your ears, Pan [Pinky playing trumpet] Glad you could make it, Rainbow Panthers We need your help Later, Panky I’m telling the Panthers what happened You see, Panky’s new pup ran away, and we’ve gotta find him Look [Pinky] That’s him, Panky Wildfire, come back! Step it– Stoop it– Stop in your tracks, pooch [tires screeching] Oh, what do you know? Those panthers have gone to the dogs. [laughs] What’re you laughing at, big boy? There’s a reward for that pup Money on the mutt, huh? Then let’s move out and cash i [laus] [dog snarling] [crying] Relax, kiddo. He’s just on the other side of that– Bulldo [growling] That big bulldog is bad news I wouldn’t wanna go 15 rounds with him Appearances can be deceiving I am confident I can work my whil upon his gentler sensibilities, and persuade him to surrender said infant canine to me Say what [Pinky] She means she’s gonna sweet-talk the bulldog into giving her the pup [Chatta] Coochie-coochie-coo -Nice big doggie woggie -[growling] Let Chatta have little puppy wuppy [barking] Here’s where immediate assistance is necessitated In other words, help! So much for the direct approach Let’s huddle on plan Now’s our chance to tell Finko about all this [Howl] Hey, Finko We got some hot news Tell me from there. Stay bac [crashes] Don’t you guys ever use brake Panky lost his new puppy, and the panthers will pay a big reward to get him ba Reward? As in mone Now you’re talking my language, How There’s just one probl A super jaws bulldog is guarding the pupp That’s no proble Let Pinky and the Panthers take care of the bulldog We’ll get the pu and Pinky will have to come acss with some handsome ransom Brillian How come I didn’t think of that? Because I got the brains and you’re a total airhead Your computer-controlled cat works perfectly, Annie Nothing to it Just a simple combination of some micro chips and an old video joystick That ought to put the bulldog down for the count Okay, here’s the plan Annie runs her compu-cat past the bulldog Then when he chases it, I go in to get Wildfire Unless I get him first [laus] Okay, compu-cat Do your stuff -[Panky crying] -Don’t cry, kidd Now we’ll get your doggie back [growls]

[Punkin] Oh, boy, it’s working like an arm Um, farm– No, it’s working like a charm [Pinky] Right, Punki And it’s now or never [Howl] Make that never, Pinky Howl, give me that pup I got him, and now, I’m gonna get my rewd -[bulldog growls] -Uh-oh [barking] Yow! That bulldog sure KO’d Howl Yeah, and ruined my chance to get Wildfir [crying] Wildfire [Pinky] Don’t cry, kiddo I’ll think of somethg Oh, maybe Annie should build another pussyc Copy ca– No, compu-cat No way, Punkin I’m fresh out of par I’ve got it Listen, Panthers You got scared off by a doggie? What are you, Howl? A lion or a mouse? Give me a minute on that one Forget i -Now take this steak -Ooh, thanks It’s not for you, lowle It’s to lure the puppy into this Oh, I get it Just get the pup Rit Your proposed masquerade as a canine is a dubious proposition at best, Pinky [Pinky] Meaning? Meaning, I don’t think you’ll fool that bulldog with that silly dog suit Relax, Chaa At least I’ll get close enough to grab Wildfir Woof, woof Woof, woof, woof Uh-oh Pinky’s disguise is working too wel The bulldog won’t let him leave Now’s my chance to grab the mutt -Howl, that’s our pup -Oops [Rocko] That was a low blow, Ho You want this pooch, you pay some loot [laughs] [crying] My Wildfire Don’t cry, Panky We’re not whipped yet Worked, Finko Yeah. [chuckles] Sometimes, my brilliance amazes even me. [chuckle Now let’s return him to the Panthers and collect the cash Return h? I can get twice as much as they can pay. Come on Oh, Daddy. Isn’t he cute? Can I have him? Oh, he’s a real steal, mister Only 100 bucks We’ll take him And now, to enjoy the fruits of my Finko-ring What about my share, Finko Oh, of course Here’s a dollar [Pinky] All right, Finko Hand over Panky’s puppy Or else Sorry, Pinky You’re too late I just sold him to a higher bidder [cryin I see him, Panky Hang on Hey, wait, mister We’ll take a shortcut Over this fence Or under it Hold it, mister That’s our dog Oops [barking] [girl] My dog! [cooin Well, I’m afraid it really is his dog And I’m afraid I don’t understa It’s a long story You better let me tell it, Panky That darn video button took every cent I got for that p Not every cent, Finko I still got my dollar You mean, my dollar [laus] That’s my dollar And you owe me $99 more for selling me a dog that wasn’t yours It sure was nice of that man to let us mow his lawn to work off the money [Finko] Ni? He’s got five acres of jungle here. [cous]

Well, Panky, uh, it looks like Finko and Howl are gonna have a lawn, lawn d [laughs] Get it, Panky? Lawn? [giggles] [narrator] We now return to The Pink Panther and Sons [Pinky] Thanks for helping me straighten the house, panthers My cousin, Punky, should be arriving any minut He’s staying with Panky and me for a few day [bird chirping Oh, boy He’s gonna wanna join the rope Murfel says we should take the kids in our corner and show him the ropes Well, that’s why he’s coming, guy His folks wrote Dad a letter sayin “Poor Funky had no pals to play with Great. Wow. Blast Whoops Punkin, uh, watch where you point my super suction super vac It’s super powerful Uh, see what I mea Oh, well, don’t worry, Murfe I’ll just rehearse this one Uh, reverse the switch [mumbles] [coughing] [mumbles] Your cousin Punky has chosen a fortuitous time for his visit as it coincides with the film festival honoring your fathe Yeah, it will be a real family affair tonigh [Pinky] In fact, Dad’s in the garage right now, looking for his best shorts Hey, he can borrow a pair of mine, Pinky Film shorts, Rocko Film shorts Faster, man, faster. I must get my latest discovery to the museum, before it thaws Hey, what’s back there Dr. VanLoo “What’s back there Only the missing link between today’s domestic cat and the ferocious felines of yesterday Now, step on i One micro centimeter down No, no, no, a little highe Perfect Pinky [crashes] That must be cousin Punky now [mumbles] For once, Murfel, I couldn’t have said it better, myself That’s cousin Punky? [grunt Well, I haven’t seen him since he was a little baby Welcome, cousin Don’t be shy, cousin Punky Come on. I’ll introduce you to the Rainbow Panther Shut the door behind you And this is Annie O’Gizmo Doesn’t say much, does h Uh, I guess he’s just a low key kind of ca -[doorbell ringing] -[grunts] [yelling] So much for low key [grunting] [Pinky] Don’t be so jittery, cousin [panther grunting] [Chatta] Yeah, Murfel, he is sort of weird I guess you’ve already bumped in to cousin Punky, Dad He seems a little high-strung, so we’re gonna take him out for a little while, okay Maybe Punky would like to try his hand at the video arcade Yeah. What do you say, cousi [grunt [game whistling] Hey, Pinky, who’s your far out friend? Yeah. Finko, get a load of that freak pink weird Oh, don’t bother me, How I’m 200 points away from a free game This is my distant cousin, Punky, Liona Charmed, I’m sure I just love the strong, silent type -[game ringing] -I did i It took three years but I wo Oh, no, not again Quick, Liona, grab him My pleasure, Pinky Whoa! Your cousin seems to have swept me of my feet -[game ringing] -[cousin gruntin [yelling] [short-circuiting] Hey! No fair! I had a free game coming Who’s gonna pay for this Gee, thanks for helping us out, Dad And you! Stay outta here Hey! How about reimbursement for the free game I missed Get lost, Finko Nothing’s for free Ice cream. Ice cream Good idea, Panky Maybe an ice cream will cool off our cousin

Hey, kids. Get some nice cold, ice-cold, ice cream Forget what I said about good idea, Panky [cousin grunting That’s two dozen vanilla cones, 14 ice cream pie eight frozen chocolate bars, and one set of bells Now who’s gonna pay for all this? Oh, sorry, we have to bother you again, Mr. Painter, uh, Punter, uh, Panthe Thanks, Da Listen, Punky, you’re just gonna have to learn to control yourself [mumbling] You said it, Murfel Cousin Punky is an expensive guest to have around I’ve seen boxers act the same way Real calm, then they go wild in the ring Ring! You’ve hit it, Rocko -I did? -Yes The doorbell, the video game, the ice cream truck, all had ringing bell Annie appears to have isolated the troublesome stimulus, Pink Just in time, too We’re all due at my dad’s film festival in a couple of hours If you ask me, taking this guy along is a risky perspiratio uh, preparation, I mean, propositio Yeah, Punky might KO the place One bell and he comes out swingin Then we gotta make sure he doesn’t hear one And I think I know how [indistinct chatte [announcer] Quite a crowd has gathered at the hote for tonight’s festival banquet honoring the films of the Pink Panthe He’s just arrived with his two sons, their friends, and, u assorted relatives [crowd cheering and clapping] [Annie] Those ear muffs were a good idea, Pinky But I didn’t have much time to sound proof ’em Then we better keep an ear out No, I mean, an eye out for any bells Our guest of honor will screen some of his favorite films for us Right after the gourmet meal prepared by our french che Ladies and gentlemen, dinner is– Uh, served Quick hands, Rocko First time I ever jumped a bell [slurping] Oh, if we get through this banquet, I shall take it upon mysel to teach you the rudiments of etiquette, Punky [announcer] And now, for our first choice, Pink Pandemonium Ze Panther Rouge is mon favorite I keep one eye on ze souffles, the other on ze film [laughing] Punky’s behaving himself so far [sniffing] I am receiving olfactory evidence of an apparent conflagration [sniff I smell something burning [laughing] Sacre bleu! Ze souffles, they’re flambe [bell ringing] Oh, no! Fire! -[alarm ringing] -Oh, no, fire bells [babbling hysterically] Sorry, we let cousin Punky get out of hand and mess up your night, Dad Au contraire He has saved the day by putting out the fire. Bravo! Mon am You are the hero Yuck! Yuck! [Annie] We’ve taken all the necessary precautions, Pinky The phones are off the hook [mumbling] You said it, Murfel No way those alarm clocks are going to rin In fact, when it comes to bells, I think we’ve got everything covered I regret to inform you that in your haste you apparently have overlooked [gasps the front doorbell [Pinky] Whoa, that was close Afternoon, kid I’m Doctor Darwin VanLoon, and I’ve been searching the neighborhood for a missing missing link, he looks something like [gasps that! You mean, that’s not cousin Punky? Certainly no That’s my missing link Thanks for looking after him Hope he didn’t cause much trouble These links can be real terrors if they hear any ringing Hah! We know We kno [Pinky] Hold it, kiddo Why, you must be cousin Pinky I’m your cousin Punky Sorry I’m a day late

That’s okay, cousin At least, we won’t have to worry about bells with you Bells? [honking] Horns drive me batty! [exclaiming] [narrator] We now return to the Pink Panther and Sons [Pinky] Here you are, Panky, just like I promised A special bedtime snack, crackers and peanut butter Yuck! I want candy Remember what I told you about a balanced die Can’t slee [Pinky] You can’t sleep? All right, I’ll read you a bedtime story “Once upon a time, long, long ago, in a far off land of genies and flying carpets two young panthers were lost in the desert.” -Water! -Candy! Forget candy for once We are los Let me look at that desert map Panky, this is a dessert menu, not a desert map Don’t you ever think of anything but sweets Uh-u Come on, we better find something to drink fast Or we will never make in to Bhadgag Look! Lemonade! You first, kiddo It’s sand! Sorry, Panky, it was just a mirage Uh-oh, we better keep moving before we end up on a menu [Chatta] Come one, come all, to the Bhadgag candy bazaa Our exotic candy concession appears to be thriving nicely Especially with Rocko in your corn to KO any thieve Yeah, we all feel safe with you around, Rocko Look! It would appear we have been the victims of a vandalization Not only that, but we was robbe The city is just honored to be robbed, by Howly Baba and his 40 thieves “Howly Baba”? We are lucky we still have a roof over our head [laughing] Looks like this is the end of the line, kiddo Look! Forget it, Panky It’s just another mirage [laughing] [splashing] It’s wa-wa… I want lemonade Pinky, it’s real water We are saved [Howly Baba] Yay, we are home Oh, looks like we got company Oh, no, it’s Howly Baba and his bandits Quick, Panky, hide What did I tell you, men? Easy as taking candy from a baby Yuck-yuck-yuck [all] Yuck-yuck-yuck Now to hide the goodies with the rest of the stash Open sesame [gasps] [Panky] Candy everywhere Oops, almost forgot Close sesame Oh, that was close, kiddo Let’s hang around and see what they’re up to Live it up, guys Watch this, guys [all laughing] [music playing] [cheering] Hmm, I’m wasting my time dancing for these guys They don’t appreciate fine ar Hey, fellas I just remembered There is a candy caravan due in Bhadgag this afternoon What are we waiting fo -Come on, let’s go -Let’s party Open sesame Uh-oh, here they come again Hide, quic

Close sesame Charge Okay, Panky, now is our chance [stammering] Open sesame Yum! [stammering] Close sesame Oh, no, Panky Jelly beans! Panky, where are you? Oh boy! Panky! Oh, no You are gonna be real sorry you ate so many jelly bean No fudge either We have to get out of here [grunts] You know what the bandits would do to us, if they found us? Open sesame Why, they probably Yike Who left that door ope Hide, quick! [Howly Baba] Thieves, there they go. Get them! [Pinky] We’re trapped [all] Whoa! Close sesame. Close! After them! They have the key to the secret cave! Faster, Panky They’re gaining on us [groaning] Too full I warned you about all those jelly beans, kiddo Hey, have you seen two pink panthers? Which way did they go? Hmm, something about those two It’s them! Almost there, Panky I think we lost them Hurray, we made it! Here, this is the key to the secret cave where the candy is hidden Thanks, I’ll take that [Pinky] Oh, no Quick, Panky, in here Ha! Think you can fool me, huh. Now, I got ya Oh, yeah? I don’t have time for guessing games Hand over the key! [stammers] Uh-oh Be a little more careful in the future, young man Hey, lady. You dropped your jelly beans “Jelly beans”? It’s them agai We need to rent a flying carpet and fast Sorry, this little rug is all I hav We’ll take i Whee! [laughing] After them! Whee! [laughs] Which is the fastest number on the lot? Ah, this one But it’s not for rent Hey, come back! What’s that? Oh, no Faster, Pinky, faster I can’t make it go any faster, Panky All that candy made you too heavy Stand by to come aboard Better jettison the jelly beans, kiddo [sobbing No more candy No more candy No more!

[Pinky] Panky You were having a nightmar Here, I guess a few jelly beans won’t do any harm Yuck! What’s gotten into him? Hmm, kid brothers You just can’t figure ’em