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Hello Guys welcome back to my channel glam with ujala In this video am going to introduce a new app known as Meesho app with the help of this app you can do reselling work and can earn through it. i will explain you about the quality of the product on meesho app, how you can do reselling work how is the return and replacement feature of app work i will exam every detail about the app even i will share my own person experience with you i will tell you how you can earn descent amount of money through meesho app especially if you are housewife and college girl then this app is for you guys this can become a potential earning source for you before that if you have not subscribed my youtube channel please subscribe it and hit the bell icon so that you can recieve my latest video notification like and share with your friends and family so lets begin 1st question what is Meesho Meesho is india’s number 1 reseller app through this you can resell product without any kind of investment. You can resell through it you can make a good earing source i have introduced the app in the last video on my youtube channel you can check it so dear lets begin how you can do reselling through the Meesho app you can earn well if you are a housewife college student you can earn well but before using the app the most important thing is the personal experience which no one shares with you but i will share with you my own experience so 1st important thing is you should have a social network a good network on digital platform such as whatsapp, facebook, telegram minimum you should have 10-20 people in connection with you maximum can go anywhere but more the people you have more you will earn through the meesho app you just have to share the product catalogue listed on the meesho app in a year you can earn around 20000-40000 i am earning around 30000 per month its all depends upon you social connectivity how you are able to connect people with you you will become a kind of influencer in your friends and family taking about quality of the product on Meesho app the quaity of product is brilliant there is no compromise in the quality of the product selling on meesho app as compared on the other shopping sites such as flipkart myntra amazon meesho product comes with best price and quality the next thing in the meesho app that we will talk is about the return and replacement policy of the app well guys the return and replacement policy of the app is very good they offer easy return policy, just hassle free return you can expect from the app only you have to place a request for return process and the courier partner from the meesho will send the agent most probably next day for pickup. there is no charges for the pickup no more than 2 days they take to pickup the product all you have to do is to keep the original packaging and bills

along with tags and whatever thing that came with the product within the packaging well i will say that in 2020 era dont trust any shopping app blindly but in case of meesho app if you dont have experience or you are new to this then this video is for you guys.let me tell you that in my initial days i used to do reselling from more apps which are not so good in replacement policies due to which i have to keep that product with me inorder to keep my customer happy with my reselling but this started creating losses for me so left using those app and stick to the meesho app only I dont know why the online reselling other companies dont create strong return and replacement policies But with the meesho aap this one is good The cons of the meesho app is that the search option does not work accurately you will find difficulty in using the search option to search product with the help of product description but i would recomment you to seach using the tag cod mentioned in the bottom of the photo in the right of video and you will get the accurate product but another thing that i want to tell you that while searching of product with description you will get some amazing product which are very costly on other shopping sites such as myntra, flipkart and amazon You will find a huge difference in the cost to the product and the quality of the product will be the same you will even find many instagram store jewellery product on the meesho app but you will have to search them. Many times i have just enquired the product price on instagram store and after some searching found the same product on meesho app with huge price difference the meesho app offer same product with very less price around 200 to 300 you will get almost all the jewellery and the return and replacement is very easy or i can say super easy. i will give you all the overview about my own experience over return and replacement in the upcoming minutes. first lets install meesho app you have to open play store on android phone or apple store on apple device then search meesho app you will find a pink logo with meesho text install the app then open the app and the app will look like what am showing on the left on screen You will get the home interface as shown which contain many options all the offers curently available and you can scoll to view them in the below you will find the options collection order and account for you 1st lets take the account tab in account tab there you will get lots of option the first option you will get is the add bank account details where you will have to put your bank account credentials such as as your name as in bank account ifsc code you have to enter then your account number as printed on your bank passbook you will get all this in your bank account passbook then the second option is my chatalogue where you get two two option one for shared catalogue and wishlist when you share any product from meesho app to your group on whatsapp facebook instagram telegram all this will come into shared catalogue and the product which you have saved by clicking the heart save logo will come in the wishlist the next option will come is my payment here you will get all the list of earning on the product that you have earned through reselling which you can check and then comes challenges and here you will

get to know about the challeneges and lottery offers which meesho runs to boost sale of products these mainly comes around festivals such as christmas diwali or special occassions then comes refer and earn this will show your earning through reffering to others so this all are the important options that you should have understanding about before using the application so you just check out the overview how the reseller is earning on your first order you will get 100 rupees as first user bonus. you can create your store logo using logo creater as i have created my store with name the gallery and you can generate logo from thousands of logos available you just have to type your store name and you will get thousands of readymade logo for your store you just choose one logo from them and select it when you resell your product your customer will get your store logo on their invoice or bill and they will feel that they are really getting product form some trusted seller’s store you can even download the finalised logo to save for future use you can even browse your catalogue using the logo selected here you will get different catalougue such as womens wear, mens wear home decor kids wear party wear jewellery inner wears you will get highly competitive products on the meesho app as compared to other shopping sites on meesho you will find all the products that you need even the same or similar ones as on the flipkart and amazon only you just have to search the product and patiently scroll the result you will notice a huge differnce in pricing Now i will show you how you can return products you have to goto your order section then you have to select the order product then you have to upload the picture of recieved product showing the defect you can click more than one photo to showcase the problem to meesho you can click the picture right from the meesho app order page also or if you have clicked the pictures then you can upload the pictures lets order a product by setting our margin there is no limitationon setting margin you can set as much as you want you can see on the screen on left then select the size of the product then comes the option for payment for payment you can opt for cash on delivery also or you can opt for online payment also

after payment you have earned your margin as in my case it is 100 rupee then you have to put the address of the person for whom you want to send the product just put the right address with his accurate mobile number with accurate pincode then next you will get option to add your store address you can add your own name or your store name with the logo when your customer recieves the product on the product only his name address and mobile number will be printed with only your own name or your store name with logo there will be nothing mentioned about the meesho app not even a link even you can create a mailing address too in the order while placing it after recieving the product if your customer have any issue he will contact you only and only you can contact the meesho about the same and based on the problem stated by your friend you can decide to either return it or exchange it but there is only one thing that you have to keep in mind that meesho will only accept return or exchange within 7 days of delivery of product then only the product can be returned otherwise after the return period of the delivered product is over neither return can be ceated nor exchange can be done so keep this in mind its very important in this business the most important thing that you need is bank account. if you dont have bank account you can use your parents account or your brother or syster or your husband account and the query that i got form the viewers is that what ever i have shown on my channel such as kurtis, plazzo, tshirt, jumpsuit whether these items get faded after wash or they loose colour so i have decided to make another videos on them about after wash conditon so guys i will upload that soon the benefits of opening store on meesho is that your store name your biling address your mobile number gets printed on the packaging only no other information regarding the origianl seller is printed so ther is no problem about revealing the secrecy

about your store from meesho side in the matter of payments the meesho app does not take much time you just only have to wait till the retun period is get over once the return period is over you will get the margine of your own share in your bank account if you got any problem you can contact the messho customer care number given in their mobile application or on their website i have explained earlier how to add bank details jsut be carefull at adding the details because if you make mistake there is chances of not getiing your money in your account and you can loose your money into someone else account. so please keep this in mind bank account is very important please comment on my video if you want the wash review of the products that i have brought from the meesho app and if you want to view my other videos about meesho haul please browse my channel you will get many haul related to kurtis plazzo home essentials meesho saree haul meesho blouse haul meesho jewellery haul and many more thats it for this videos guys i really loves to share my experience with you all about my shopping experience because it will help you to became a smart shopping freak and you can get better deal so good luck see you in next videos