How to prepare yourself while waiting for the permanent resident visa?

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How to prepare yourself while waiting for the permanent resident visa?

ok well concerning the preparation into back once you receive just let me quickly introduced myself so i’m david has back I run up against Montreal great idea and whenever international talents are constantly looking for the best and brightest were on their way to coming to come back and we hope you’ll probably be best that you can have a great crew career continuity so you can take continue working in your field as possible as quickly as possible so that was a follow-up of our previous video regarding regarding preparation and the reason that we did this video is that generally we see candidates do recurring mistakes and that is well after times for example the golan friends to get this interview and what they’ve got him to see insecure well by the time this is Judy stop practicing French these type of stop learning French and a limited time only time to get the permanent residency to get to come back in August and they lost their French and that’s a big scene so what happens that is that behind us time and time to go to the next thing you know 6-8 months have passed and that’s where they because the whole point of preparing for your right to limit the amount of time that you’re not working once you’ve arrived here with every month that passes it gets harder and harder to get a job and this is why we always before you arrive so you can work as quickly as possible once you’re out and so of course jet-train specific questions now unfortunately most of the questions that we received were immigration-related they were asking what’s hot and what’s those communications and I have these topics that are covered in other videos video at the coverage of the hot technologies over here in Montreal on into back whatever whatever to get up and coming what’s covered already and saving about the language that we’re gonna send you those videos but today’s focus is really beyond operation what must we do it what’s important and so on so I they said unfortunately we haven’t had many questions that were relevant to today’s top unfortunately so what we’re going to do is get the ball rolling by copying the important points and we’re gonna spend most of this time today answering your life so I’m I N the most important the most common mistakes that I see but that we still be an organization is generally people will wait till they get here to improve their English her friends that’s a big mistake because communication is just as important as your technical knowledge again these are all covered in other videos and so it’s really important for you to we’re not here to tell you how you should learn it i mean there are many choices when it one of the points well you know it’s tough for me to practice have no right to practice neighbors 10 . but there are resources out there I know there are a lot of teachers you know depends on one’s budget realized that this is an investment in yourself and it’s an investment in you know the language you gonna make once you’ve come to you made a decision to come here to come back and the language is really the best investment you can meet once you get here if you don’t properly speaking the language for robberies big language

understand the language that you know you gonna go a lot of times we getting great job and that’s going to be very costly so that’s a good investment if you’re connected by the way because we’re having people connect slowly but surely you can start asking questions already gonna be as I said we’re going to be spending today’s today’s session to be alive questions because as I said most of the questions that we received not really relevant to the topic so let us get questions now that I’m gonna answer but while I wait for this precious to come in and get a continued recovery what I believe is the most we could read the language of Christian by the time you get here in the next day it’s one of the most simple lines but you know I get surprised on the time it’s his TV you know find a proper CD model and just that we have a great in the free guide the dot dot com if you go and find the vanguard for basically all preparation that’s good and we also have the CD template in there and if you don’t have a problem hehe recruiter next thing you know angular really well while doing so finding out what the trends over the way to get really good at changing your job or project or something that’s gonna meet you at the top level well that’s another TV technology those are the three main areas if you have any questions now is the time to ask questions communion great question LinkedIn is actually great resources I’d say is that it’s the number of wine so the question was how important this is very recruiters over here use it as their primary tool to companies use their primary tool to find thats not yet to make sure that your LinkedIn profile I guess by our friends generally LinkedIn is even if you try again next week talking about Montreal for some reason the tends to look at me French and it’s extremely important connections connections and when you actually arrives to Canada make sure to change your location can give you is if you receive your permanent residency and that’s about a month to reform arriving change location too much rather see what happens track that is going to be interesting in contact with those of you and would like to thank you for your help I give you my 13 month you’re not to arrive change location to Montreal and you can get just the right again make sure to deploy LinkedIn profile correctly we have actually a guy that region’s YouTube LinkedIn profile on the spot today

holders or just primary residence I’m not sure maybe you can tell us which information you’re talking about are we talking about the CG and all of that if you’re talking about all the information regarding Communication and Technology yes definitely yes the reason it’s important for you to get started as soon as possible because sometimes you know if you’re looking to update their technology but if you’re looking to improve your life was that you do overnight to get your private residence well there you may go longer time into your arrival getting the job and then as we said the one you go without getting a job at a really high level so my my advice to you is everything that giving good advice is don’t ask you you know you may or may not get it up to you to decide whether you want to take that chance of putting in effort but once you have you see ask you see is also uncertainty and mice and so that the right time to release type question so tragic management perspective one of the top skills be asked I’m assuming that’s no way to brush up on its a very tough question because essentially project management skills project management were looking excellent communication so if you have trouble with communication we are again I’m gonna get too deep into this subject because everything that country’s communication we’ve covered in our video so you can just take a look at it this is a project designed by to look at communication communication as being a top skill you want to have at least four to five years experience that’s important as well a minimum of four to five years experience and of course if you’ve presented in your experience as a product manager people use managed big rear times how important to your projects did you have a long day last night was the budget for those products did you manage those budgets did you manage the people directly so understanding the complex idea what you do that’s very important so yeah I’m not sure that is the question skills it’s a tough question to ask but essentially the more complex the projects you’ve done it yet certain certifications that a deal that’s great as well next question so hard and so on good question you know to be honest I prefer a bit odd I’d say that there are certain companies here that do take a look at it but I’d say it’s not the majority I do think it’s that question probably a year ago when it said yeah not so much it’s taking a little bit more clothes now and probably in the years to come but I tell my kids use to giving the still maturing and catching up to these types of sites I don’t agree but what you would have to realize that right now the structure of the most companies over here is they had her courage to the recruitment they don’t have programmers 290 people doing the recruitment and so for our program doesn’t do anything that’s changing know if not it’s better to focus on LinkedIn as as a public settings but not to

ignore typos orkut next question whether the best way to develop a network of contacts for arriving to get back good question well to begin with five people here already that you know that maybe you know online networks blogs find people who are there again the best way to develop tax is to build those contacts that you know you know many people and they’re going to you connect with recruiters and these are the people and ask them to connect together to practice is so so if your profile is from you know overseas will call it is is from international profile you’re connecting the recruiters so that we get confused as to why you’re connecting with this person has probably is looking for a way to movies and that’s a whole other game so if you’re gonna connected recruiters to the data that’s fine but make sure that your message don’t keep the state linked to connect with you and make sure to just do a little little little sentence as much as you need to let their situation and get in contact with them their program project management skills I think I just answered that question yeah the same question twice so I have a personal project management but there’s a follow-up to it ok certifications yes oh so certifications provided management consultant here the major ones are generally PMP especially PMP I think that’s one of the most interesting but he had a great flight thank you I just screamed certification of those those are really important not only important but really appreciated as well that being said the most important aspect for your project management will be being able to properly communicate the complex products to somebody does a little bit of experience with a very simple projects but has everything but doesn’t want to be attractive to potential employers and complex projects so my advice to you is if you get to all of this if you have a lot of time to listen to something easier said than done theoretically theoretically would be better for me to go and find a job that gives you access to really complex projects that would be to go get this right now if you are in that context job experience cases if you don’t the change of ok get the certifications as well but our priority is to get really hands-on experience in that context and pirate next month so much well but not a permanent residency but the candidate a disadvantage against holders in terms of billable job offers I’m not sure how to answer that question because the CSU another PR and you’re working in Montreal not sure how your work clothes were coming I don’t know where to meet your vacation on that but the point is the employers want qualified and then there was the most readily available to sell it was amazing we qualified with someone who’s well qualified is available in 2 weeks are gonna go from the two weeks so it’s about being available that’s a priority so yes if you if you don’t do not readily available even if you’re qualified the next individuals with really readily available you will sometimes you know

there’s so much to answer to try to get it yet as much as possible and they’re not been confusing them yet to see if you feel that there needs to be more to build up these and other questions you know and this actually improve their studies in Brazil arriving here this brings us back to the initial point which is a back is always more appreciated than whether you’re back in Brazil Canada you know the times have changed where we are today cut cut companies recognize morning one of the International back so if that’s if you’re back to the back but back to investors degree is the back will always be more pieces was also gonna be most appreciated experience so if you have been back by Jason experience again it’s not going to be as attractive as having a technician degree this is the most cases but it was the generation that doesn’t but yeah you’re always better off getting good contacts experience if you’re choosing between New time but if you have no choice to get that experience and you will get get back to ya is better to meet certain information from the CD because it’s over qualified for the position that stuff to to answer I guess my question is that you wonder if you’re qualified for the position applied for the business rules to qualify if you have again just proper communication good technology there’s no reason for you to go for positions for which under I guess how an answer that if there are more options to worry infrastructure services specialist Microsoft VMware special this question I would say yeah possibilities in both yeah it’s possibly both save which one of you more stuff we did depends I guess of which time of the year but you’re pretty much what about you I’m going to jump back to the question about the person said it would you be disadvantaged if you lived here with the CSU dollars versus somebody was a permanent residency well in this case you talk to the prison just clarify that they have there were so there’s a program here that if you see a scheme and that your articles in two days can get you a new program but not many colors and all about it so I would say would still be a disadvantage but if you’re able to properly that there is going to be more openness but again employers don’t know much about general rules and this is gets scary so I think no matter what you gonna be at a disadvantage but what you can do to make that possible to make sure that you can to the employers so yeah that’s my voicemails from that project management known as a prerequisite have good

communication and expiry 22 networks were either most required certifications again certifications are very rarely require what’s required is really great experience and if you go back years experience in community issues are the two most experienced type of experience resulting complex knowledge that you got from that experience lose the most important that’s what’s required certifications are fantastic assets better deal than they would be thirty years I got the question what’s more important CCNA CCNP quit 44 networking well obviously the higher you go in the certification the more it’s got to be appreciated so this is the eighth grade but if you can go to the next steps with the certifications that he did but again sort of the cases are set but not a general everything I say is generally my my roots requirements that I purchased a general rule it’s just talking to the general tendencies within the market asked a question about the experience would have probably qualify for a job but I don’t have any experience gained experience question is the one that always hurts me the most because I wonder what can you do with his religion for King experience what does that even mean what we do is that the cases that we help professionals get a great job for it qualifies as soon as possible after the rights to come back and we do this all the time and get you mean jobs jobs and so on and so forth I’m not trying to build a dream that these are people who don’t have experience so you want to be successful so I’m going to go on on a topic that I keep rehashing opportune context it’s all about perception of risk when somebody’s hiring somebody there’s always forget about something no matter how much they’ve interviewed them tested them to never there’s never sure but I think it fit well with you know they did about technical task but I dot and there’s always another country well you just increased that perception of risk I don’t know this person deploy a lot I don’t know the company I don’t know you know that is so that perception of risk gets bigger so it’s your job to lower that perception and how did you do that that starts of course with your CD everybody and not coming to video entering in on the CD was a very important topic where you can show it as you you can go with it we’re gonna go to that topic come up with that but it’s just to follow us at that time is the time when the CD you make sure that you have really strong technical skills with at least that’s a three four or five years experience and then you have all the tools you need to be going up as the risk of getting the job in your field just has a local is not a few jobs for something else and doesn’t have to either you don’t have the proper skills in the proper communication the proper attitude or you haven’t been able to properly communicate those skills through see generally if you have any trouble finding a job in nineteen we’re not doing their view of the nineteen it’s not because it’s an expert

zone again asked the question you know someone is doing QA and testing and have some certifications in a death but not about is that a problem again experience is the most important probably get a better salary about will probably give you an advantage but it shows experienced development and you really strong letting you know I mean really strong but then there’s the possibility to express will always be the trunk I experience and skill and ability combined with experience will always be number one well that’s all the questions I have for now I wait a few more questions and I guess those words is joining us I meant to ask them questions because if you want to have a recap you can watch these days of course disgusting and breaks to go see the video that we’ve already that’s available regarding the topic preparing for UCSD but I guess what’s your address es Q that’s the time you want to try to carry you around 22 back made the preparation tips can take time and thought into them when you hear the whole point is to not all rights should be home at school because that’s not the time to do it locally at having a long time you know obviously it’s not find a long time before he comes into the same time it’s true that you have a pic as an important time to bring rain gear again go many months a year it’ll become exponentially so that’s a pretty much for joining us invite you of course to join our Facebook and like us on Facebook Twitter Google+ and in the meantime just letting you know the upcoming videos will have to do with the interview how to do you see what to expect in the interview and many many more again if you have any suggestions would like any sort of video created on a certain topic please write to us and we get the same question would create a video of advice someone’s mountains and they they trained much for joining us today and