Town Hall COVID-19 April 2, 2020

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Town Hall COVID-19 April 2, 2020

– [Pete] Good evening and thank you for joining County Executive Olszewski’s Virtual Town Hall My name is Pete Kriscunas, and I serve as a senior outreach coordinator in the Office of Community Engagement Over the next 90 minutes, the county executive and senior officials from Baltimore County Government and Baltimore County Public Schools will provide an update on the COVID-19 response efforts to date and answer questions from county residents Questions have been submitted prior to [email protected] This email will be monitored during the Townhall if you would like to submit a question at any point For those streaming online, you can also pose a question in the comment section Tonight’s panelists include: County Executive Olszewski, Baltimore County Health Officer Dr. Gregory Branch, Police Chief Melissa Hyatt, Fire Chief Joanne Rund, Baltimore County Public School Superintendent Dr. Darryl Williams, Director of Rec and Parks Roslyn Johnson, Director of Economic and Workforce Development Will Anderson, Director of Public Works Steve Walsh Also joining us on the call is County Administrative Officer Stacey Rogers, and Deputy County Administrative Officer Drew Vetter Now I would like to introduce the County Executive Johnny Olszewski who will say a few words before turning it over to Dr. Branch – Thanks, Pete, and good evening, everyone Thank you so much for joining us tonight for our Virtual Town Hall Tonight I’ll be providing an update on Baltimore County’s ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic and then we’ll be turning things over to members of the cabinet who are helping to lead our frontline efforts As Pete mentioned earlier, I’m grateful to be joined virtually by our Health Officer Dr. Branch, Fire Chief Rund, Police Chief Hyatt, Superintendent Darryl Williams, as well as Economic Development Director Will Anderson, Rec and Parks Director Roslyn Johnson and DPW director Steve Walsh They will be speaking with all of you after I complete this update to provide the latest before we turn to your questions This is a crisis unlike anything we’ve ever faced before Unlike a snow storm or a hurricane or a flood, it’s impossible to know exactly how long this will last But what we do know is that by taking swift and decisive actions, like the ones we’ve taken to date, helps flatten the curve and save lives We continue to follow the best advice we can get from our health and emergency preparedness experts because the health and safety of the residents of Baltimore County remains my top priority On March 11th Baltimore County saw our first COVID-19 case Two days later, I signed a local declaration of a state of emergency We closed senior centers, libraries, and rec centers, and started meal distributions for children at PAL centers We established a hotline for residents and as of today, staff has responded to nearly 4,000 calls I wanna thank our staff, as well as BCPS nurses, who have been supporting that effort alongside our team On March 16th, we announced the prohibition of gatherings of more than 50 people, suspended evictions and water shutoffs and restricted access to our public buildings On March 19th, we joined the state to prohibit gatherings of more than 10 people and launched an online resource for food access On March 20, we tragically lost our first neighbor On March 21st, we led the first county-wide grocery distribution and to date we’ve provided over 10,000 meals On March 23rd, I requested assistance from the National Guard to support planning, logistics, and food distribution And I wanna thank MEMA for acting quickly, assigning us a planner embedded alongside our emergency management team This evening, Baltimore County has 353 positive cases of the coronavirus That timeline puts into context how quickly the situation has unfolded and reinforces how much we have to do still in the days ahead Every step of the way we work with state officials and Governor Hogan, who I’d like to thank for his steady leadership in this uncertain time He has set the right tone and he has taken aggressive and responsible steps to help keep us safe Unlike in other states and at the national levels, leaders across Maryland are working to deliver consistent messaging and provide a coordinated response Public health officials have made it clear We know that we are talking about

at least weeks of ongoing challenges, if not months That means we have to do more to prepare for what’s coming and to respond to what is in front of us We know the virus’ toll will be steep across the country We’ve lost thousands to COVID-19 already, including two Baltimore County residents and we know that number will continue to grow exponentially Unfortunately, the worst of our challenges are yet to come That’s why I’ve taken progressively aggressive actions to protect the health and safety of our residents And even as we try to keep our residents healthy and safe, we know that many others face job loss, food insecurity, and other challenges during this extraordinary time We need every tool available to bring as many resources as possible to our communities Time and again we’ve heard from foundations, the private sector and individuals asking how they can help give back during this time of crisis That’s why earlier this week, we announced the formation of the Baltimore County COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund to assist our efforts to promote public health and support our residents during this pandemic and beyond We’re grateful to the Baltimore Community Foundation for lending their expertise in this moment For foundations, businesses, and individuals who are interested and able contributions to that fund can be made at These are the times that challenge us as a people but they’re also the times that bring out the best in us, a time for when those of us who are able to step up and make sure our neighbors don’t go hungry, to pull together, and ensure that those serving on the front lines have what they need to be safe, and to work together, look after, and care for one another I know this is a difficult time and that residents rightly have questions about what has happened and what can happen next We will continue to meet needs out there and answer questions as they arise I made a commitment to the people of Baltimore County that a more open, transparent, and accessible government would be theirs That’s what tonight is all about And before I turn things over to Dr. Branch, to give updates from all of our departments, starting with health I’d like to remind everyone you can be a hero, you can help save the lives of your friends, family, and neighbors by simply staying at home It’s not just a suggestion, it’s critically important for public health and under the state’s order, it’s the law So unless you have an essential reason to leave your house, you must stay at home And if you have to leave your house for an essential reason, it’s critical that Marylanders continue to practice social distancing This is a public health crisis, the likes of which we’ve never seen before This is an all hands on deck moment and my heart is full of gratitude for all of those who are serving and generously giving in this time And all of my prayers are with you, Baltimore County The only way we’ll get through this is together, and that’s exactly what we’ll do With that, I’ll turn things over to Dr. Branch for the latest health information I’ll return after the updates to field questions that you all have sent in advance tonight, as well as any new ones you have To reiterate Pete’s comments earlier, you can send questions to [email protected] or send them in the comments feature of the Baltimore County YouTube stream Thank you, Dr. Branch, the floor is yours – [Dr. Branch] Good evening, everybody, I want to begin by taking a second just to thank our county executives Thank you for the support and its leadership he has provided during this public health emergency As the health officer, I see the far reaches that the COVID-19 has on our county and its residents I would like to commend our selfless first responders, our committed emergency management team, and our dedicated public health workers They are all doing an exceptional job and are empowered by the county executive’s commitment to a more open, transparent, and acceptable government, thank you, Mr. County Executive, we are in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic According to the Maryland Department of Health, there are 2,331 confirmed cases of COVID-19 across the state And 353 of those cases are here in Baltimore County

This, ladies and gentlemen, will get worse before it gets better Unfortunately, there is no vaccine There is no treatment, And there is no cure for this virus What we do have is the ability to slow the spread We need to slow the spread to keep them from overwhelming our health care system If overwhelmed, the system won’t be able to care for our most vulnerable That prospect is something I know concerns all of us Not just people with chronic health condition, but all of us And not just people over the age of 65, but all of us It should concern all of us because we are our brother’s our sister’s keeper It’s important that you know that Baltimore County Department of Health and Human Services began preparing for this pandemic early on We have been working in tandem and with our local, state, and national partners to provide surveillance and tracking of this virus We have utilized guidance and recommendations on the CDC We’ve coordinated with the Maryland Department of Health to ensure the safety of our nursing homes and independent living facility and we have used our strategic stockpile inventory to provide personal protective equipment to hospitals and qualified health care facilities It is this kind of coordinated effort that will make the difference in the long run This kind of a coordinated effort will help us to maneuver around all the obstacles One such obstacle is the shortage of available test kits Just like other states, Maryland is affected by the national shortage of these test kits And at this time, there are just not enough kits available However, we follow the recommendation of the CDC We are using our limited number of kits to provide testing for people who meet one of the 4H priority criteria And that is folks who have a history of recent travel who are symptomatic, hospitalized person who are symptomatic, healthcare professionals who are symptomatic, and high risk persons, people over the age of 60, and persons with underlying health condition who are symptomatic Ladies and gentlemen, the fact of the matter is, it’s a marathon and not a sprint However, it’s a race that we can and will win What would help us is to stay ahead and we all have to commit to practicing social distancing Social distancing continues to be the battle cry in our first line of defense Let’s be clear, social distancing is about maintaining a radius of six feet from others at any given time But it’s more than that Social distancing also means that we should not be gathering anywhere In fact, the best way to practice social distancing is for most of us just to stay home And let me repeat that Let’s just stay home Now, while we are at home practicing social distancing, we should also practice staying away from fake news on some internet sites because incorrect information is harmful information Unfortunately, incorrect information can spread quicker than any virus The Baltimore County Department of Health has instituted a COVID-19 hotline when you can call and get answers to your questions and concern The hotline is open every day, including Saturdays and Sundays from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m It is staffed by critical professionals

from our health department and nurses for the Baltimore County Public School System The hotline number is 410-887-3816 That number again is 410-887-3816 I’m gonna wait a few moments for people to get a piece of paper and their pen, so they can write that number down And that number again is 410-887-3816 Baltimore County, we are on the job Hello, please remember and understand that this is a marathon and not a sprint Nevertheless, it’s a race that we can and will win, especially if everyone does their part So you may ask, what is my part, Dr. Branch? And I’m glad you asked You have all heard this countless times in the past several weeks, but I think it certainly deserves repeating First, don’t panic Second, wash your hands frequently with soap and water Third, practice social distancing and four, remember to cover your cough and sneeze And if you cough and sneeze, go back to number two and wash your hands with soap And of course, the absolute gold standard is to stay at home if you’re feeling sick Baltimore County is on the job of working nonstop to ensure that our staff, our residents, our families, and our pets are protected And we are counting on each and every one of you to do the same Thank you and God bless – [Pete] Thank you, Dr. Branch At this time I’d like to introduce Baltimore County Police Chief Melissa Hyatt – [Melissa] Good evening, and thank you for having me It’s important that we communicate accurate information to our residents I’m here to communicate that the Baltimore County Police Department is open for business We continue to respond to critical 911 calls, as we always have If you have an emergency, we will be there If there is a non-emergency call, we have some options that can help limit your exposure to our officers Online reporting allows you to file certain police reports without requiring face-to-face contact with a police officer Our telephone reporting team can also handle your report and provide you with information that you need if it fits the criteria You may call 410-887-2222 for non-emergency calls, at 410-887-2222 And you will be relayed over the phone to a police officer who will take your report Our 911 center is screening callers for flu-like symptoms, so our officers can don PPE gear when they respond, if needed The dispatcher may ask you to step outside if possible to meet our officer to limit exposure Please rest assured that we are still patrolling your community and we are still catching criminals when crimes occur Our appearance may be different at times of responding PPE gear but our responsibilities to keep you safe are the same In reference to the governor’s orders about restricting large gatherings, we have formed a social distancing task force to combat these issues This task force allows members of the police department, health department, fire, liquor board, and several other agencies to work together Education and compliance are always our first goal, but if that is not effective, we are prepared to take enforcement action The businesses determined by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and deemed as critical infrastructure sites, meaning a business is deemed essential We’ll see police officers patrolling and sometimes static in parking lots or near businesses while they are doing paperwork This visibility on press is to be proactive, as many of our businesses are not open As the pandemic limits certain things, we aim to protect our local businesses as well as our residents and shop owners Non-essential businesses have also seen an increase in business checks from our officers Although this pandemic has changed some things in the way that we are living today, we are adjusting our tactics in order to keep the community safe As for traffic enforcement and non-essential versus essential personnel traveling on the road, there is a clear directive from the governor that he is attempting to mitigate this crisis and stop the spread of COVID-19 If you do not have to leave the house, please do not If you are traveling for one of the reasons permitted in the order,

then there’s absolutely no issue However, if you decide to take a ride for no other reason than to be out and about and should get pulled over by some other traffic violation or involved in a crash, this added offense of not abiding by the order could be added to your traffic violation We want all of our citizens to understand that the police department will be here with you the entire time throughout this pandemic We took an oath to protect and serve and we are proud to carry out this oath Thank you for your time – [Pete] Thank you, Chief Hyatt Next we will hear from Baltimore County Fire Chief, Joanne Rund – [Joanne] Good evening, everyone I want you to know the fire department is here for our citizens and will continue to respond to your emergency The Fire Department hosts the Emergency Management Program under the direction of the county executive and the county administrative officer for Baltimore County The fire department and DMS team is in the Emergency Operations Center on a daily basis, staffing positions to coordinate the day-to-day activities of COVID-19, operational aspects throughout the county The Emergency Operations Center, better known as the EOC, is utilized for the county to manage large incidents such as this, as well as weather incidents, and many more The EOC is made up of many positions, that they basically are made up of all the county agencies and all the positions that cover things such as logistics, planning, financing, public information and things like that Along with representatives from each agency, other resource leaders are also here with us, the National Guard and our wonderful Health Department The EOC is currently being managed virtually within the county, so that we’re practicing our six foot distancing and doing our social distancing Reports to the EOC come in virtually every day, twice a day And we make sure that we keep the information flowing day-to-day within each agency of the county Those agencies reports on things such as operations that are going on, what we’re currently engaged in, and any plans and actions that we’re taking, to mitigate anything moving forward When needs are identified in the EOC, the operations officer involved, will make sure that that team mitigates those needs and assures that those things are taken care of, and our citizens are well being cared for The fire department has established also a fire command and control center within our headquarters, who has teams dedicated to the fire and EMS professionals out there, trying to make sure that we take care of any of the pandemic impact that has on the county We provide guidance and support to our responders through that team And we make sure we’ve worked to ensure that the county has all the cities that Excuse me, the services that the citizens need, our EMS team is on the forefront, working closely with the health department, physicians, and the state agencies to identify specific processes that need to be put into place to keep our citizens and our emergency teams safe Keeping our responders safe means we are going to be wearing personal protective equipment on every call So we may look a little different when we come to your house if you call us for help It’s okay, do not be afraid Please follow our directions because we are following the recommendation from the health department and the CDC to make sure we keep you and ourselves safe Our providers have also increased daily workplace protocols to make sure that they’re healthy and they are safe for you, as well as we take care of you They have increased hygiene practices, such as washing hands, using hand sanitizer, taking extra showers, and practicing social distancing within the workforce The fire department and EMS team has everyone’s safety at the top of our list Please ensure that you provide our dispatchers with the needed information and the requested questions that they ask you, so that we keep everyone safe If you have a fever or cough or trouble breathing, it is so imperative that you follow that profile and that you let them know that you have these things so that we can make sure that we approach you with the proper precautions, and we can get you the proper care Thank you and always know your fire department is here for you – [Pete] Thank you, Chief Rund For those just tuning in, senior officials from Baltimore County Government are providing updates on how their respective agencies are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and supporting county residents We just heard updates from Dr. Branch, Baltimore County Police Chief, Melissa Hyatt, and Baltimore County Fire Chief, Joanne Rund Up next we will have Dr. Darryl Williams, the superintendent for Baltimore County Public Schools – [Dr. Williams] Good evening

Thank you, Mr. Pete, for arranging this virtual townhall meeting And to our partners, all of the chiefs and directors, especially Dr. Branch, Chief Hyatt, Chief Rund, Director Johnson, Chief Administrator Rogers for the collaboration and support to Baltimore County Public Schools First off, I’d like to inform the community of our donation of 1800 masks, 400 individual kits, or personal protective equipment kits, 73 digital thermometers, and additional masks for our healthcare workers Secondly, high school nurses have been very busy High school nurses were assigned to staff the Baltimore County Health Department COVID-19 hotline and were assigned to three intake unit for all the new COVID-19 cases Syntonic disclosure, Baltimore County Public Schools served more than 50,000 meals during the first week of school closure We continue to operate on meal distribution sites through Friday, April 24th There are now 50 sites around the system, where we are providing breakfast, lunch, and dinner grab-and-go meals to thousands of BCPS students each day No service on Good Friday, April 10th and Easter Monday, April 13th So I wanna thank our food and nutrition services staff for the incredible work during this state of emergency Also, I would like to thank health service workers, the building operations workers, drivers, and attendants, and supervisors for their work to clean and sanitize all 175 schools, programs, centers, buses, and central office buildings And finally, our continuity of learning plans starting April 6th will provide materials and resources that students can use at home Each student will be able to do the following: use prep materials available on website or in Schoology Contact teachers daily, sorry, contact teachers during weekday hours, and meet weekly online as a class Students in grades three through 12 will have the option to use digital resources Students in grades pre-K to two will have access to Packett So thanks to our central office staff, principals, teachers, office professionals, IT personnel– (audio cutting out) The public staff members for developing these action plans and for their collaboration to conduct business in a different and new way But I also wanna thank our students and families for their flexibility and patience, knowing that we are dealing with a health issue and we as a school system cannot conduct business as usual – [Pete] Thank you, Dr. Williams Next, please welcome the Director of Recreation and Parks, Roslyn Johnson – [Roslyn] Good evening, everyone I will start off with one of the county executive top priorities of the county’s response and that is addressing food insecurity The county executive has created a task force of government and nonprofit entities and partners to scour the country looking for resources and opportunities to continue to provide food to our residents in need As part of the effort, in addition to schools meals at 50 sites for children 18 and under, seven town sites will distribute meals every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m We will be giving out as grab-and-go, two breakfasts and two dinners to anyone who shows up, as long as supplies last We’re fortunate to have opened this up to everyone because we know that this pandemic is not only affecting children, it’s also affecting adults, and in many instances, entire families For the last two Saturdays and this upcoming Saturday, you can find the county executive himself and his team from various county departments, along with volunteers, passing out non-perishable groceries This Saturday starting at 11:00 a.m., at 11 locations, residents can drive up

and have team members place a box of groceries, a box of produce, and a loaf of bread in your trunk, along with the postcards for food and other helpful resources One package per car and they are while supplies last I would suggest residents get there early because people are starting to line up between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m and the supplies go quickly Every week we have increased our numbers but the demand is very high the further we go into this pandemic The 11 locations are Arbutus Community Center, Cockeysville PAL, Dundalk PAL, Hereford Senior Center, Hillendale PAL Center, Mars Estates PAL, Reisterstown Senior Center, Scotts Branch PAL, Shady Spring PAL, Winfield PAL Center, and Woodmoor PAL Center We would like to thank all of our partners, especially the Maryland Food Bank, Keany Produce, and H&S Bakery We have created a food hotline number, and that number is 410-887-2594 Or you can email [email protected] The county website has a free food distribution map that is kept up to date in real time Also, there’s a food to go map highlighting those restaurants who can offer carry out for paying customers, carry out businesses can also register to be included Many have asked how you can help your neighbors and on the webpage, there’s a link about the new funds to support COVID-19 response Click on the link to go to the website and you can hit the donate now button Now we are asking everyone to stay at home, but some can walk the park As it pertains to parks and trails, the CDC has flagged mental health as a top concern associated with the COVID-19 outbreak As we know and studies prove that parks, nature, and trails can help combat that So Baltimore County parks and trails are open, but the following are closed: playgrounds, basketball courts, tennis courts, dog park, skate park, restrooms, portable toilets, water fountains, pavilions, and benches They are closed because we cannot guarantee these surfaces are free from the COVID virus We have snow fenced all of our playgrounds, but people are still entering with their children Please do not enter these areas We have also taken down our basketball rims and tennis nets to keep residents safe Proper park etiquette during this pandemic is shared by the Center for Disease Control, ask park goers to please do not use trails or parks if you are exhibiting symptoms, prepare for no access to restrooms and water fountain While on trails, warn other users of your presence and as people pass please step aside Observe at least six feet of distance between you and others at all times, which is known as physical distancing, or formerly social distancing In the interest of conservation, I would be remiss if I did not implore you to please dispose of your masks and gloves properly, so they do not end up in our streams, rivers, bay, or ocean The governor has made all counties aware that he and his staff are monitoring parks, and as long as we use them properly, they will remain open I’m happy to announce that our department will be launching our social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram We know that residents won’t be able to recreate how we used to during this new not so normal period, so we will be bringing recreation to your house, virtually that is, please check the county’s website and social media for updates We anticipate getting you and your family involved at least three times a day, and providing resources for recreation such as exercise, mental health, arts and crafts, virtual bingo, virtual 5K’s, games, and all sorts of exciting program offering Just because we’re staying home doesn’t mean we can’t and won’t still recreate in a creative, fun and safe way That’s it for me, and I hope to see you all on our social media pages so we can all recreate together – [Pete] Thank you, Roslyn Next, we’ll have Director of Economic and Workforce Development, Will Anderson – [Will] Thank you, Pete, and I’d like to thank County Executive Olszewski, and all of you who joined us here tonight We do hear your needs

We’re talking about economic needs in the face of public health needs and our team of economic and workforce developers have been meeting with hundreds of workers and businesses all across Baltimore County during COVID And you know, we’re blessed to have a very efficient government in this time, but we’re also blessed to have some very strong businesses out there, including our health care industry, which is responding tremendously and so many of our manufacturing companies that are also responding to the need for PPE and other donations We’re a big economy with 21,000 businesses and 400,000 workers, and COVID has had a big economic impact here And we know you feel it Are you feeling it in your families with a You may be feeling it with lost jobs, we know businesses are failing and struggling to stay open, and to keep their employees, especially our small businesses And we put out one of the many surveys that you’ve seen, you see the impact, 96% of our businesses in the county are feeling the effects of COVID, and nearly half have already lost half of their revenue and they’re having a tough time hanging on to their employees And lastly, our independent workers are worried about being left out in the response As part of the county’s COVID-19 response effort, County Executive Olszewski charged our department with pulling together all the information that’s available, and the resources, so you can stay informed A lot is moving quickly There’s some key things that we wanna bring your attention to tonight I’ll give you a shortcut I’d ask you to find us on the county’s website but for economic help, please go to That’s You can also call our team at 410-887-8000, you can email us at [email protected] And all of our COVID-19 business and worker impact information is found on our page online and this is where you’re gonna get all the resources for state and federal, you can take a quick survey, give us your contact information, and we’ll keep you connected throughout it Now we know time is ticking, each day matters to businesses who have no income, but they have looming rents, they have looming bills Each day without a job matters to families So what is actually out there to help you economically? There are a number of relief programs coming from the state and federal government, principally the federal government where this scale really needs to be solved I’d like to have you focus on two important things this evening There’s many things, but there’s two I wanna draw your attention to in the confusion of what pieces of relief are coming One is unemployment, and the other is a program called Paycheck Protection Program for some unemployment insurance We want everyone who has lost a job to file an unemployment claim online Normal unemployment has been greatly expanded So even if you didn’t qualify before, you should file again If your job has been affected by COVID, if you’re self-employed if you’re an independent or a gig worker, these are all covered now under unemployment The time has been extended up to 39 weeks total, the amount of financing is increased up to $600 more per week And already in our county, we’ve had over 13,000 residents file Each day, our career counselors are assisting hundreds of people, helping them get on unemployment And if you looked at what happened this past week, six million Americans joined unemployment insurance, bringing us to 10 million people relying on it We encourage you to do the same thing It’s where the resources are The second big program, one that is just rolling out tomorrow This is for our small businesses and our nonprofits, specifically If you are a Maryland business with under 500 employees, or a nonprofit, please pay attention to this and apply for this program as soon as you can You can all begin making preparations tomorrow What is the Paycheck Protection Program? This is the $350 billion program coming from the federal government Yes, it is loans It is 0.5% for two years, although much of this money will be forgiven over time, as long as you meet certain conditions So we encourage you to begin preparing to apply immediately As I say small businesses and sole proprietors can begin applying tomorrow, April 3rd, and a week from tomorrow, April 10th Independent contractors and self-employed individuals can also apply Now, how do you do it? This is a program that you apply through the banks There’re over 170 existing lenders in Maryland and more banks will follow The Small Business Administration, site has the application forms You can find them on our website as well We’d like you to talk to your bank If you don’t have a bank, look on our list of all the SBA approved lenders They’re out there We’d like you to apply as soon as possible

because even though this is a lot of money, when that money is gone, it is gone So it’s a capped program, most of you will be able to qualify Okay, so what else? Those are the two biggies We also like you to pay attention to the Small Business Administration’s Emergency Economic Injury Disaster Loans, excuse me This program is a smaller loan, but it now includes a key provision, a $10,000 emergency grant And what we’re seeing with these Economic Injury Disaster Loans from SBA, is they are moving out quickly in a matter of just days And for our small businesses, days matter so much And for jobs, the things you can count on us doing, our career consultants continue to help people with jobs We are remote but we are fully staffed We are taking calls and we are doing career services online, helping you with resumes, job search, and placement And yes, there are still many companies hiring during the COVID crisis We’ve been connecting people to these jobs, you’ll find us posting new jobs on our Facebook page every day We’d also encourage you to go to our economic development website on the county I’ll ask you again to file for unemployment if you’ve lost your job And I’ll ask you, if you’re a small business, file for the Paycheck Protection Program online with your bank There are many solutions coming, there is hope, our economy and jobs will bounce back We are resilient and it will take hard work, but your county’s economic and workforce development teams are there working beside you Thank you – [Pete] Thank you, Will Our final panelist this evening is the Director of Public Works, Steve Walsh – [Steve] Thank you, Pete Good evening Public Works continues to provide essential public services Our roadways, our vital transportation, and our sewer and water system, and our solid waste system are absolutely vital to the public health of our residents Since the beginning of this crisis, as the county executive as directed, we have promoted social distancing in all aspects of our operations, including working from home if possible for our office staff enhanced cleaning of work areas and equipment as well as revised shift schedules to reduce overall risk to our staff We will continue to respond to all Public Works emergency, such as falling tree, malfunctioning traffic signals, residential sewer backups, and any storms which may come along and we are working closely with the city who also continues to respond to water line breaks and water emergencies Some non-essential maintenance work will be delayed, unfortunately, but all Public Works inquiries, large and small, are still logged in and tracked So we ask folks to continue to reach out to Public Works, either by phone at 410-887-3300, through email at [email protected] The county website for the Baltimore County smart phone application BaltCoGo Regarding solid waste, we have three items to report Most importantly, curbside trash pickup continues on its regular schedule And this is both the regular trash pickup and the recycling pickup We have seen an increase in material due to the stay at home order We just ask folks to keep their trash bags secure to assist the track pickup Yard waste material collections, which regularly starts April 1st, has been suspended so the focus can be on the residential curbside trash pickup We ask that residents hold their yard materials until this service resumes And finally, county residential waste drop off centers at the central acceptance facility in Cockeysville, the Eastern Sanitary Landfill in White Marsh and our Western Acceptance Facility in Halethorpe are closed to the public starting today This is a safety measure to protect both the public and our staff, and follows the broad stay at home order These sites remain open for commercial haulers We’d like to thank the county administration and all other departments, thanking DPW staff and our trash hauling partners as we proceed with this very important work Again, we ask our residents to be patient with us during these incredibly difficult times You can find this information, this important information on the county’s website under the COVID-19 coronavirus updates and guidance data Thank you very much

– [Pete] Thank you, Director Walsh At this time, I would like to welcome back the county executive for additional comments before we go into questions and answers – Yes, Pete, and thank you all To all the directors who have issued the report outs, I also want to thank and recognize we have a few elected officials who have joined us for the stream tonight We’ve been joined by Councilman David Marks, Councilman Izzy Patoka and Delegates Ben Brooks and Lisa Belcastro Delegates and councilmembers thank you for joining tonight, as well I hope everyone who’s been watching had an opportunity to get some important updates from our partners There were questions, again, that were issued prior to and as we’ve been coming on, and we’ll be getting to them in real time We’ll start with Director Walsh Just as a follow up to the question about the yard waste pickup and the landfills and the drop off centers Could you give residents a bit more suggestions and details about how they might wanna store or address and yard waste that they may have to deal with? – [Steve] Yes, sir, thank you I guess the first place we would point folks is to the county website If you go to county website and type in composting, we do have some resources out there for folks to consider One is an article about compost and yard materials, the other one is an article about grass cycling, which has a nice little catchphrase, cut it high and let it lie Folks really don’t need to bag the grass clippings And it’s actually better for the environment to let the grass clipping stay As a last resort, you know, if you’re doing some bush trimming and things like that, we just ask you to hold it as best you can Ultimately, the service will be resumed but hold it as best you can, again, we’re trying to focus on the residential curbside pickup, and we just ask folks to hold that yard waste Thank you – Thanks, Steve And that was a question from Nancy Thank you for that question, Nancy This is a question from Joe who came in, and just as a reminder to those watching, if you have a question that has not been answered yet, you can still send them in live We are recording live to [email protected], or through the comment feature on the Baltimore County YouTube stream Next question is for the health department This came in from Joe asking Dr. Branch and Baltimore County if it’s possible for us to publish where we are on the curve in addition to issuing our day by day updates on new cases to give a broader picture? – [Dr. Branch] Thank you, Mr. CE, and that’s an excellent question, and we are actually in the process of doing this and that information will be available very soon – Pretty good, Dr. Branch, while you’re still in the line I’ve got a couple other questions One is from Kimberly and the following, that question will be from Molly Kimberly asks, should my teenager wear a mask when she goes out everyday for exercise? I’m concerned about exposure to COVID-19 as I have a chronic medical condition – [Dr. Branch] All right, great question the CDC has recommended that persons who are not sick need not wear a mask However, some people will feel that they need it That they would like to wear cloth mask If they’re gonna do that, I have a health officer’s warning If you’re going to wear masks or cloth mask, please do not touch your face Do not touch your face Because by touching your face that’s when you introduce the coronavirus into your body So if you’re going to wear mask, do not continue to touch your face The CDC has recommended that persons who are not sick need not wear a mask But what I would say is that when she goes outside she can actually ride her scooter, but she should practice social distancing and when she comes back into the house, please wash your hands with soap and water – With that, Dr. Branch The second question from Molly is, what, if anything, can Baltimore County do to ensure that residents who return from Florida are quarantined to limit the spread of the virus? – [Dr. Branch] So what we say is the fact that we need to ensure that we all, we all take our efforts and do what’s right, and we’re saying that when someone is traveling, they should actually always, always self quarantine themselves, so that’s the part what they can actually do

Please, please, please, if someone’s traveling back from an affected area, they should definitely self quarantine themselves – Thank you, Dr. Branch We also recently we’re joined by some other elected officials, Council Chair Cathy Bevins and Councilman Wade Kach have also joined the call, as well as Julie Henn, who’s a member of the Baltimore County Board of Education With education in mind, we have a couple of education related questions that have come on since we’ve joined as well as before So, Dr. Williams, we’ll start with you The first question was another sort of question about grading, about what the plan might be for grading the additional quarters and if students will be required to take any standardized tests? – [Dr. Williams] So, thank you, Mr. CE So families, students, and teachers are being informed today and tomorrow about our plan for marking period three, which we’re supposed to begin tomorrow and the new and last marking period So we’re gonna give our students additional time to complete assignments, seek assistance So we’re looking at potentially combining these two marking periods And we’re following the footsteps of many of our universities out there, as we’re looking at grades potentially being a pass, fail or pass incomplete And in terms of the state’s assessment, Maryland State Department of Education was granted a waiver for state assessments and accountability for this current school year, so should we return to school on or after April 24, schools will not be administering any state assessments – Thanks, Superintendent Williams That was a question from both Jennifer and from Garrison As a follow up, Jennifer also was asking if you had any details about proms and/or graduations, potential for virtual graduations at the high school level? – [Dr. Williams] Well, I know our seniors are not gonna be happy, and as well as family, but right now I can say we’re looking at proms based on our timeline and the fact that we have to stay at home on executive order, it looks as if proms will not occur this year However, in terms of graduation, we are still discussing what alternatives could exist for graduations, realizing this a milestone for all of our seniors So we’re still having those conversations, our first set of graduations were scheduled for May 30th And so we still have some time to determine next steps but the facilities that we are going to use more than likely will not be available That’s why we’re looking at some alternatives So we’re working with our principals and leaders to determine, if possible, some type of alternative graduation – Thank you very much, Superintendent There were at least two questions on broadband access, particularly for our neighbors in Northern Baltimore County One came from Kathy, another came from Susan The questions are about how can Baltimore County help the thousands of rural residents with no or inadequate access to broadband, concerns about how that impacts your ability to be connecting with education, employment, and virtual medical consultation I will tell you that we have prioritized expanding access here in Baltimore County And we will continue to do so I’m gonna actually let Rob O’Connor, who’s actually here helping coordinate tonight, answer in more detail He’s our Director of Information Technology about some of the efforts to date and some of the things that we’re still trying to move forward on, both in the short term in response to COVID but also in long term Director O’Connor – Thank you, Mr. CE For short term, sorry, for short term The county is currently building out four mobile WiFi hotspots They will be deployed after the stay at home is released We are also expanding our external WiFi to 10 library branches Also, Comcast has announced free WiFi, public WiFi, and it is available on Comcast hotspots If you go to and Google the WiFi hotspots,

you’ll be able to put in your address and find hotspots that are available near your homes – Thank you A couple of questions that have come in for Director Will Anderson in the Department of Economic and Workforce Development One from Ronald is, does Baltimore County have or can it produce a comprehensive list of restaurants that deliver? Director Anderson, I know that you might wanna, again, share some of the online tools we have But I think this request is specifically about potentially doing just a list of distribution per Ronald’s request – [Will] Sure, thank you, Mr. County Executive And thank you for the question, Ron The BaltCoGo map does include all of our restaurants that are doing takeout and delivery as well I’d encourage you to go there My family goes to it regularly to see what close to our home is open and available So that comprehensive list is updated constantly and connected to the county’s website – Thanks very much There’s a question that came in from Ryan, was questioning about Baltimore County’s distribution of the food services, about it being for adults versus children I’m gonna let it be maybe a tag team effort, whoever wants to jump in between Director Roslyn Johnson from Rec and Parks, as well as Dr. Williams from the school system In terms of what we’re doing on both sides again – [Roslyn] Thank you, Mr. CE This is Roslyn Johnson with Recreation and Parks And we are fortunate that our meals that we serve at the seven PAL locations are for people of all ages, as allowed by some of the federal programs through the partners that we have working with us So anyone can come to our seven PAL locations and be able to get a meal Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m And that’s grab and go meals, it’s two breakfasts and two dinners that people will receive – [Dr. Williams] I would just add, this is Darryl Williams, that for our grab and go, there’re three meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner at 50 sites, and we are saying students 18 and younger, but we have been very supportive of our families that need additional support So, again, it’s open to our students 18 years and younger – Yeah, I’ll just reiterate, Dr. Williams in Baltimore County Public Schools has been a great partner to us, and Rec and Parks, in finding sites and expanding deliveries They’ve been very kind and sharing their resources with us as we address this overall crisis head on Director Johnson, while I’ve got you on still, there’s a question about dog parks being closed and asking for some additional guidance and motivation behind what’s pushing the decision, if you wanted to weigh in on dog parks and their closure, from Philip – [Roslyn] Sure let me, thank you, Mr. CE That was a great question from one of our residents As a dog owner, this was a very tough decision but there were several factors that led to this decision First, dog owners tend to not practice physical distancing when their dogs are interacting, or when they’re trying to retrieve their dogs and also while the dog park owners tend to sit or lean on surfaces, and those surfaces we cannot guarantee are free from the COVID virus And there are times when more than 10 people are in dog parks and then of course, it’s too early for us to know how dogs react to COVID So this does not mean you can not walk your dog and pick up after them, it just means that our new normal for right now means that we cannot have our adults congregate in dog parks because it’s just not safe during the pandemic – Thank you very much And I’ll just reiterate what Roslyn was talking about earlier, we are very much committed to trying to keep our parks open so that you can take the walks You can walk your dogs, so that we just would encourage folks to continue to follow the signs of honoring things that are closed, like our playgrounds, and practice social distancing, so that we can, in fact, keep those gems open for all of you We have a question from George, who is asking about some of the closures that have happened and also about the fact that we haven’t had a whole lot of snow this year, and was asking where some of the money might be going from resources saved from not being spent on snow plowing and potentially some of the trash collection I’ll let Director Walsh chime in after a moment here I think part of it is we’ve actually seen a large uptick in trash because so many people are under the stay at home orders So we actually are seeing larger volumes, even with some of the reductions in service to keep our employees and the public safe

But also, I would say that because of the impact of the coronavirus, we’ve seen both large and unexpected increases in expenditures on the county government side in our response trying to prioritize the safety and well-being, first and foremost, of all of our frontline workers but also all of our residents We also, unfortunately, are seeing significant impacts to our forecasted revenue for next year So if you’re interested in learning more about the status of our budget, and to help us have conversations about where we go from here, I actually would encourage all of you to turn it into our budget town hall, which we’ll be having next week on Tuesday night at 6:00 p.m Very similar setup to this town hall, directly on COVID We wanna hear from you about your thoughts We have a very challenged budget situation So even with some of those savings, we’re actually seeing significant revenue write downs and we’re trying to be thoughtful about how do we prioritize having as much contingency in reserves so that we can make sure that we continue to deliver essential services and prioritize our most valuable resource, which are our employees That was from George Steve, I don’t know if you wanted to add at all about savings and expenditures on things like snow and trash – [Steve] Thank you, sir I think you answered it perfectly, that any savings that are realized will ultimately go back into the bank, so to speak, for county wide Thank you – Thank you Dr. Branch, two other questions have come in more recently One is from Cynthia, one was not given a name, but I think they’re both good questions That the question from Cynthia is asking about homeless services and what is happening and what’s our approach been to making sure that we’re taking care of homeless populations across Baltimore County in this very trying time – [Dr. Branch] That’s an excellent question We have done quite a bit with our homeless population We’ve had a lot of folks in our homeless shelters And the folks who are high risk, meaning that they were over the age of 60 years old, or if a person had chronic illnesses, we actually moved them out of their congregate shelter and placed them in hotel, so that we would prevent them from actually getting the COVID virus We are working with our homeless population, and that if anyone else who needs to be in any type of shelter and have to be quarantined, we also have hotel rooms for them and we’ve also rented some RVs for people to be able to be in, so our homeless population are being taken care of and we are quite sure that, at this particular time, between needs that they have, we can provide it for them – Thank you very much And while you’re on, there was also a question about the status of the animal shelter Can you give an update to those listening about animal shelter operations in this time? – [Dr. Branch] We continue with our animal shelter operations We have actually closed off to the public for many hours, but we are taking care of our animals If someone is interested in adopting one of our animals, they can still do that, they can just call the shelter and set some time for them to go up so they’ll be able to adopt one of our animals, but we are taking care of our animals and we are walking them and having a great time with them over there – Very good, thank you, Dr. Branch We had a question come in before from Bonnie asking how she can assist clients in the gig economy get information She’s concerned about their denial of benefits and getting assistance So, Will Anderson, if you are on the line and wanna chime in about how we can help direct folks again to help clients who, or friends or neighbors who are in the gig economy, and are they also available for some of the benefits that are out there today? – [Will] Yeah, thank you, County Executive Thank you, Bonnie, for that question and for helping your clients This is something that we’ve been tracking very closely, where would independent workers end up, many of the communications coming into the county executive’s office and into our office was about gig workers, like Uber and Lyft and Airbnb These workers, independent workers will receive benefits under the CARES Act Maryland is now receiving unemployment claims for independence, and you, Bonnie, and your clients can file for unemployment for them on the Maryland labor site The federal PPP program I talked about,

Paycheck Protection Program, that also includes independent and you can apply for those funds through the banks on the SBA, and the bank website So they are covered Thank you – That’s a change from the past So this is something new If you are in the gig economy or know folks who are, it might be helpful Will, while you’re on, a couple more questions, this one came in online Do you know when the state will be able to take unemployment insurance claims for independent contractors? Or just generally, do we have any sense from the state about when we’ll be able to take those claims or when they might be processed? – [Will] We don’t have an exact date But as we work with our friends at Labor, they put out an FAQ on their website now that indicates they’re encouraging those populations to come in and apply on claims They’ve already taken steps of moving to earlier phone and office hours, and later to start to receive those independent workers So on the labor site, that is a bit of moving information, but we’d encourage all of our independents to go to our labor site, or give us a call at extension 8000 and we can help you – Very good And then one more, while you’re on, from Greg, who’s asking about if there are things we can do to help better navigate the system? We know this is actually a state run agency at the Department of Labor and just expressing some challenges in terms of lots of calls and getting a letter to apply online to call to speak to someone Have we gotten guidance in terms of best times or best ways to have folks get access to, I know that we certainly have seen large numbers and spikes and this is a big challenge for a lot of people, but any advice you wanna give to Greg or others trying to access the system? – [Will] Yeah, we appreciate that We’ve heard that over and over again and with historic numbers applying to the system, we feel the pressure on our partners at labor Fortunately, Maryland is doing a very good job with taking these claims and what we would ask is that people persist, the websites are going slow, the phones are very busy, but they are receiving these claims In fact, our team, our workforce team, has jumped over to help the state advance these claims and then do some of the workshopping afterwards So this applies also to the businesses that are applying to the small business programs and the state programs The websites are a little over run They’re running slowly and it does take some persistence to get through, but we are seeing people pop through on the other side So I think patience is the key, but stick to it, and give us a buzz if we can help, if you’re really getting locked out – Very good Thank you, Will This can sort of go to anyone and I would reiterate one of my questions too, but are there items that public can donate to support the community first responders, and this is from Sheila, and where should they be dropped off? So I will just reinforce the fund that we set up in partnership with the Baltimore Community Foundation If folks want to give online, they can go to If there are other opportunities for drop offs or distribution, I’ll open the floor up to Chiefs Hyatt and Rund if they wanted to add any information about how they are accepting support for community first responders, and any other information they wanna add about how we’re keeping our personnel safe again – [Melissa] Absolutely, and that’s a great question And I think that the route that the county executive just articulated is a very good one In addition, and I can speak for the police department, we certainly have received some donations to some of our precincts, some things like that for cleaning supplies and PPE, but with some of the protective measures that we’ve taken to keep in mind that right now our front desk of our police precincts are not open, so it’s something that we would need to have people call ahead and arrange But we’ve been incredibly grateful for the donations that we’ve received so far of cleaning supplies and PPE equipment And it’s really gone far to help keep our police officers safe and I’m sure that Chief Rund has more to add – [Joanne] Yes, thank you very much Those who would like to make generous donations, please go through the county’s donation line We wanna make sure that everything stays consistent and we can say, and keep tracking it to make sure it gets to where it needs to get to, but we are very thankful for any donations, cleaning supplies, any type of masks or anything along those lines, gloves that you may have that you feel that you could donate to us We are more than happy to take and just please go to that, through the county’s website and through the county donation site, so that the people that are actually tracking that can get it to the right location,

and please and thank you We are very, very, very thankful for anything that you would like to donate to us – Thanks, Chiefs And let me just reiterate my gratitude to all of you for the generosity you’ve already shown to Baltimore County’s first responders, frontline workers, because we know that it’s beyond just our first responders, they’re doing incredible work, but we also have people who are still picking up trash, people who are working in our grocery stores, people who are keeping electricity on and water running So we are grateful to everyone who’s out there, our nurses, our personnel workers I’ll just mention, as we’re getting closer to the end of our designated time tonight, just a reminder that we will not be able to get to all of the questions but I wanna assure everyone who’s watching this broadcast or listening in, that we will be sure to get to all of your questions with a response alongside the appropriate agency We have these sourced and tracked so, in addition to responding tonight, you will be getting an individualized follow up from Baltimore County’s agencies about your request There was one of several questions Lisa was one of several who asked regarding enforcement of the executive order I think this was touched on again, but might be worth going in a little bit greater detail between our health department, as well as police and fire to talk through what’s being done by the county to enforce the governor’s executive order and both chiefs and Dr. Branch, if you wanna not only talk about the work of the task force, but also how many complaints we’ve gotten to date and what few actions have been required in terms of driving that enforcement – [Melissa] I don’t mind starting, this is Chief Hyatt Since the governor started issuing the series of executive orders limiting gatherings and restricting business activities, we’ve had great success with collaborating with the county agencies that I listed earlier in responding to complaints and obtaining voluntary compliance The fire department, building permits, health, and liquor boards, along with the police department have handled most of the complaints And we found in most cases that there was no violation, or we obtained voluntary compliance or achieved compliance using enforcement tools Police have handled the majority of the outside gathering calls, such as groupings on fields and have similarly been successful in dispersing crowds and seeing compliance without having to use criminal charges In a lot of these situations we’ve seen groups of youth and we’ve really had to educate them, more than anything The police department and all the county task force members will continue the practice of handling these complaints and observe violations with a common sense approach, emphasizing the importance of public safety and adhering to the CDC guidelines regarding social distancing We continue to communicate with the Maryland State Police and the governor’s office as we work to interpret and enforce the governor’s executive orders So far, there have been multiple memorandums that have been issued by the Governor’s Office of Legal Counsel and we continue to appreciate everyone’s patience as we work through some of these challenging issues – [Dr. Branch] Thank you, Chief Hyatt This is Dr. Branch I just mentioned specifically, that over the past 24 hours, we’ve had seven complaints And overall, we’ve had 189 complaints that we were able to work through Specifically about our restaurants and our food establishment, we have our public health environmental specialists who go out and ensure and then we enforce the fact that we should not have more than 10 people and clearly have six feet distance Thank you – The benefit– – At this– – Go ahead, I’m sorry, Chief, go ahead – [Joanne] That’s okay, this is Chief Rund, and I really don’t have anything more to add, they both covered it quite completely. (laughs) – And I don’t have the numbers in front of me, but I wanna thank most of the residents of Baltimore County who have been complying with the governor and Baltimore County’s stay at home and social distancing and crowd limitation orders We are flattening the curve, we are saving lives in doing that We’ve had just under, I believe, 200 calls for complaints relative to folks who aren’t following that I’m happy to report we’ve only had to issue two cease and desist orders to break up those gatherings So you all are doing a fantastic job and I wanna applaud you, Baltimore County, for the work that you’re doing Thank you for partnering with our health agency, as well as our police and fire departments We’re gonna be wrapping up shortly I wanted to get back to a question on benefits and navigating the system, for Will Anderson This one comes from Kimberly She writes and shares her concern about being furloughed

from her job, having filed for unemployment And she has since received three emails requiring her to complete a job search and provide job search contacts, but is having difficulty finding another job She wants to know if you have any advice as to what she should do? – [Will] Yeah, thank you, County Executive, and thank you, Kimberly, for that question Labor has waived the job search requirement I think some people may be getting sort of hold over email reminders about the old system, you no longer are required to do the same job search during the COVID period On the issue of finding a new job, that’s where our team can help at the County’s Workforce Development Team You can reach us through the website or you can reach us by calling 887-8000 We have career counselors who are already helping people like Kimberly find a way back to work – Thank you, Will And I wanna just acknowledge that there have also been a large number of questions related to CCBC David had one, Erica had one, there’ve been others that have come in tonight One was about central parts of the course being rescheduled relative to work programming, whether or not CCBC can look at a pass fail system We will make sure that we connect with the community college and provide those answers to you Just as we will provide answers to everyone else regarding the questions tonight Will, I don’t know if this is also for you, or just a general question, to anyone who wants to hop in Nancy, among a few others have a specific question about whether or not lawn mowing companies will be listed as essential There were also just generally a lot of questions regarding who determined essential businesses and how that determination is being made and how people can find more information regarding essential services and essential businesses in Baltimore County and across the state – [Will] Yes, this is Will, I definitely wanna talk to, the state decides what essential businesses are and you can complete an essential status request form to apply to be included in that list if your businesses are not included in there, that’s linked from our website, you can fill out that form and go right to the state – This is one of many questions and I think this has been handled a lot, but I wanna give all of the directors a chance to weigh in KY was asking about police men and women, about what they’re being given to protect themselves I know that the chiefs have done some of the pretty deep dive in terms of how we’re changing our protocols and procedures In addition to giving them a chance to either reiterate anything they wanted to share for the public to know maybe someone who came on later, and/or if other directors wanna share how they’re keeping their employees safe Give you all the opportunity to share that at this point – [Melissa] Well, I can jump in for the police department This is Chief Hyatt Our officers are equipped with masks, gloves, goggles, and gowns Additionally, we followed suit with what our fire department was doing and now we’re taking the temperatures of our police officers everyday, before they begin their tour of duty Between some of the assistance that we’ve gotten from a local car dealership helping us keep our vehicles clean inside and out, we’re trying to do things to create distance for our folks, which is why we also implemented some of the different adjustments for our calls, whether it’s a telephone recording or online reporting – [Joanne] I’m happy to report for the fire department With the fire department, you will see your providers, if you do have to call us and come to your house, we will definitely be there and we may be all dressed out in our personal protective equipment with masks and gloves and gowns and eye protection as well Also know our providers go through a healthy workplace check every time they come to work, and they go through some extra healthy workplace hygiene efforts as well to make sure that we’re hand sanitizing, we’re washing hands, we’re cleaning our units We’re stepping up with regard to all of that, so know that any of the providers that do respond to your house have gone through a healthy workplace setting and they are healthy for the day and they are there to help you as much as we possibly can – [Pete] Thank you, Chief Rund Pete Kriscunas back here I just wanted to jump in real quick, let everyone know that we’re at that time

where we’re gonna get ready to wrap it up but I want to let the callers who are still in the line that at the end of this call, you may press zero and leave a message and that message will get directed back to the county executive staff who will get it out to the agency and be able to get you an answer on your question that way, and for those who are viewing at home, you can still send your questions at [email protected] and I’ll turn it back over to the county executive Thank you – Thank you all And Pete, you’re not seeing, for the those of you who are watching, for accessibility reasons on our streaming, but Pete Kriscunas is a wonderful partner of our team I wanna thank everyone who made tonight possible within county government, all the folks who worked hard on our communications team, our information technology team, and for all of our partners and leaders in the departments and agencies who are on tonight I just wanna, before we close tonight, again, just say how grateful we are to all of the residents of Baltimore County who have been great partners in this work This is, again, something that is completely unprecedented, that we have never experienced before We may never experience it again But I want you to know that we are gonna get through this together and that we have all of the right people prepared to be there for you and with you And so this is just one more example of our efforts to be connected and engaged with you If you have additional questions or concerns, please send them to us Please continue to reach out to us We are all in this together Tonight, we’re gonna wrap, but if you have any additional needs for information, you can stay up to date with the latest on this issue by visiting, again, Again, Baltimore County, we are grateful for the opportunity to serve you and to partner with you Please stay safe, take care of yourselves, and take care of one another God bless and good night, and we’ll see y’all soon Thanks