Walmart Suing Visa

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Walmart Suing Visa

no this is way this is dan this is Billy and this is faulty logic what’s up people today we’re going to talk about walmart for mostly no water is just a supercenter that polygon neighborhood but for those who want to know more found is 62 by sam walton multinational company as I September there’s like traffic 12,000 stores but you don’t need to know all that today just want to talk about a few little things that’s been coming up recently and maybe talk about some stuff in the past you guys what’s going on with Lamar recently alright I haven’t really heard anything about warmer tell me tell me all about because the big thing right now with the walmart is the battle between walmart canada and visa which is pretty awesome why what’s going on because someone’s finally fucking standing up to walmart because this fucking hate walmart when I can’t stop buying it from the is so cheap it is so cheap but they have to do dirty shit to be the chief you don’t walmart like advertising is fucking amazing because I remember growing up as a kid you know that smiley face volleyball thing I still have them rollback not otherwise just my face I don’t know there’s a volleyball but as a kid I remember that thing and it made me I thought walmart was I go home mom and pop shop owned by someone that settles it this was in the like 19 ok so i thought–like it was like because I remember sellers and other places right and I’ll in series I was like Walmart it’s so much better than because this hair getting us out yeah didn’t advertise like Walmart they were this is a family place this is where you come to know you didn’t really care they had a whole person at the door greeting you know I don’t they don’t they definitely don’t care about the advertising worked well on me at the kid I kept going back to walmart to buy shit record pocket for me okay anyways so right now there’s a cowboy between warmer and visa pretty much it haha you guys variable our walmart so tactic God by different vendors now I like the negotiation gamers like uh well just one second because i remember uh economical eyes well console costco like how whole company runs in general Ray like Walmart is is originally with sam walton how it was rain is how costs always ran now is they care about their people have sam walton wanted to there’s a there’s a video that we can link below no one’s really haha i will never leave videos a lot but there’s a video that I’ve seen basically a documentary about sam walton how he started right so he originally wanted to create like a superstore to pay his employees fairly to treat everyone so that you can kind of like get back like it’s like the like the trickle-down economy yeah he really really believe in that and then but as things got bigger and bigger as it became more of a corporation you have less and less control and got older and older people started you know taking more control of the company right he had less control over that so costco actually runs in that way where they actually give their employees benefits they pay them fairly you know you know you know it doesn’t seem like it is because it looks like it’s such a shitty place that be right but they actually treat their people really really well so much then I’m not seeing the same video because the video i seen a walmart they’re assholes yeah no I’m saying walmart assholes but no not originally like right now Walmart is totally for assholes but the time of this is in the nineties run double yeah when sam walton branded was in the whatever the seventies because the video I saw like back in economics in high school pretty much taught was talking sh about walmart pretty much because of their business tactics because walmart their shell spaces such in high demand water can you know dictate the prices that they’re paid for their goods last that’s pretty much what it is and this is what’s going on right now okay because Walmart’s being a little bitch and won’t even lower fees from visa and accordingly they’re saying they’re actually a pretty favorable rates but warmer doesn’t want to pay that much because they’re encouraging roughly a hundred million in credit card fees a year is it yeah you can yeah this cannot happen again okay that makes sense this comes from the code is making billions yeah okay well in fees I guess is like 1.5 to three percent ok so i think average fees depending on how bigger companies can be 5.5 % + 25 cents per transaction like that could be how is that on there that could be off the structure but the water was just 1.5 yeah because water is such mass out of transactions that they can probably lower it yeah but neither say i don’t want to pay that much either right it’s like I can just pay man what the fuck you make the soldier money in sochi so what’s visa do okay so pretty much what we’re saying fuck off easily we’re not gonna pay rates and so what they’re doing now like with their powers like what they would do to inventors is that they’re kicking them out the source so like certain promises in Canada didn’t cut them out they look like Mesa no longer taking Jesus I think the Manitoba whatever okay interesting so now visas gonna be like oh yeah fuck you bitch really give people $25 gift

certificates for you’re not shopping at you home and war yes so that’s what’s going on which is it’s pretty damn good it has affected us because we don’t want you guys reason so i actually don’t using i have a MasterCard you have yeah well you did but halted you use it it’s the only kind of half so yeah all the time always like this just like back then it was always about visit now it’s more basketball mastercard i think is still second to be the visa is for by far like in certain percentage wise and just around the world is just by far dominates don’t take these at costco yeah but you know what I duty amex but costco they actually the only recently took mastercard though because they actually change the parties to be american express it wasn’t one of the companies they don’t take everything no only one partner Oh apparently area that is so large convenient for everyone else to hit I think it was until I late 2010 around not even that maybe 2011 where temper and started taking a like credit cards right remember the last person for a while they start to debit yeah i believe and then to talk mastercard which actually went against their what they were going for because back there was speed of services whether that’s the bullshit i was starting with that by you know those things are set to fix a faster no that’s the thing no that’s why you never took it before that’s always kind that’s why we could get to the service because we don’t take debit card or best start because it takes too long to put the transaction well just let people know me and we worked at him or the other we’re all along i would hope we’re not gonna tell you which one but was by a beach okay haha in Toronto that so after hearing like that situation that’s gonna ask you guys for saab sure one of them give it and just be like okay i’ll take the shit she wore my pay the fees that they were all given show visa be like okay I’ll get your prices what do you guys think about that mmm personally I think that our walmart should be paying what was originally negotiated because like from what it sounds like to me is just one bully trying to bully the other bully and it doesn’t really benefit to walmart significantly because they’re going to continue to be able to undertake all these other small businesses that are trying to make a living right yeah and like it’sit’s really going to bankrupt the whole ton of other businesses it’s a monopoly almost i think in terms of the consumer perspective it’s good when they compete and fight amongst each other women between like Walmart be so yeah because ok so but they’re not competing with you Charlie no but they ultimately will help consumers at the end of it right so they had warmer now has the potential to lower their prices even more to gain more market share over like hard it’s tough because they can price there are some things more competitively these are might like now oh maybe we have to lower our rate structure for other people as well which what won’t happen but as an online vendor someone doesn’t commerce if you have less visa easier to pay you have more profit right yeah so it big companies fighting with each other to about the rates and fees is good for us ultimately except for the people who are in the same industry as visa or whatever walmart like is kind of everything right so if you’re kind of selling the same stuff as warmer that kind of sucks for you and your kind of in a credit card industry mastercard sucks for mastercard right for me is like I couldn’t want them both to kind of suffer yeah there’s a special yeah because it was such a big company you know what I don’t want walmart to get the unwanted management for certain reasons that 10 nationally it’s like apple vs samsung right now they had like a one-billion dollar lawsuit or the shape or the stupid button why’d ya something stupid like the shape of phone and shapers I am and yeah it’s basically the gestures or something like that but it’s like that it’s like big-ass companies fighting and it doesn’t really do anything ultimately except for like we we want and you lost kind of thing right looking over it just don’t watch that video you can always make that how they they have literally had their old building for negotiation no other vegetation or two though they bring people there put the pedal down and pistol-whipped the mineral containing because they don’t put up one I think we’re pretty much put down their terms and had the better science thing either side or get the fuck out mm right so that’s what the Tribune now playing what that’s why the cards to do the same thing kind well not the same thing as either haha dude how the rates are gets the trumpet but you get charged yeah right number of transactions no not just that so it’s the company that I have right now somewhere so it’s other transaction type of a retailer maybe people don’t know also the type of card I’m not talk about either Visa MasterCard and probably where there’s a premium parking lot you know how you have the option to get like was like RBC has what a beyond where which is the panhard on an IV on who you think’s paying for all those are extra shit is not the banks is the vendors so whenever the sword is coming to your store to buy

something extra I’ve been buy something with a really nice card the of the merchant paying for that so I think I still fucked up that’s all there was even a coffee shop down the path down counter all they have to cut out credit cards because just cut it to the right by so much yeah don’t heard of it no but i don’t it does make starting a business really hard if the fees are so high that’s why i think yeah if walmart wins and they say you have to lower your visa and everyone else I owe their lower their feet for walmart they need to lower for us right now benefit the consumer the end or I guess the small like business right yeah so that is good because i have seen the fees and it is like it just makes no sense i guess someone asked me if they want they’re gonna start ecommerce site like how much money you want to lose first of all right how much money are you willing to lose in just the whole general feast part of it right because you’re gonna lose like a huge portion of your income and it’s just it’s not like it’s not fun right to just see it all set away it’s like basically paying taxes twice yeah what do you think the song these twice that so after that what do you think is the reason why the just cannot give it I think because its precedents for other people right yeah i think once they so once they allow walmart to win yeah other company will be like I want to guess I want that to be the biggest one is even more Canada that’s gonna affect them its once the given to one more camera all you want to fuck us more present if you think hundred millions a lot on your credit card fee and the u.s is in the billions yeah holy fuck they must be because their population is whatever ten times offers advice the difference was already number one how many people live in here a lot but the other ways to get fit for 30-something male yeah oh yeah I have more Buffalo the people as a ten-time know about that we just we just not that was that was that was the American population yeah now it’s all that said the US war oh the last time we’ll credit card fee structures oh yeah so you know ok that’s what we just can’t do it you know as as much as they want to still make this money they’re gonna lose yes there are always a lot because it was gonna be like yo I want the fucking discount get the fuck out right yeah man they have such a huge ownership of this industry the visa and like I think probably fifty percent of transactions is these are transactions are using more than just one person yeah majority of the people because i used to see our credit card transactions and like fifty percent all over 50 way over fifty percent so I was like playing generous like because I would say like I can’t say where but it would be like a lot like seventy percent issue would be the other card transactions and then 50 i would think more realistically everywhere else to say that I still one fucking Baltimore to get a deal yeah it is so fucking rich because you don’t know what’s it like as read other articles it because it reminded me of black friday sales i’m guessing because they have so much power to determine their the pressure by shit everything made a holiday yeah and I think that’s why they can have so much fucking sales mm you know how like fucking black find out water is fucking insane yeah i don’t i don’t even go out on black friday cuz I’m scared well you know in the in Canada but ya know that bad but I’m just one day it just takes one time for people to get trampled in canada number 12 thats exactly what happened to the states right and also adding a worker and it happens every year not every year every year there’s no report anymore because now you need to start getting insurance you’re working a wallet that Black Friday thing was like okay we can afford insurance in America yesterday also they might be denied today like you work at Walmart no no I just like that Obamacare yeah like maybe if we just don’t give water that fucking deal that maybe the head heart such cheap prices and give somebody fucking like but it’s such a man its feel so good by something so chick the easier to be to go baby go buy something on sale with a dealer or not i know i feel like the best thing by are like electronics you know over yeah I you willing to like Walker crowds and workers now that’s why I don’t want to go by feel like the best things i would like to buy is like like big-ass TVs now I thought you want to watch my big ass by some big asses their you looking at too much of people of walmart you see that no oh yeah I see it you know how this humans of New York or whatever whatever i guess so yeah sup people that mr. Graham is it no it’s just watch like no it’s a ratchet people in the state’s that’s like super fucked up there on those are one of those that all think those carts that that’s why the most number one you can see how about fucking leopard-print would you guys ever go on those like or get one of those yeah would you think that it’s free you wanna do together the scooter things where you just like zoom on I want my garage actually oh my god i just saw it the other day when I was like cleaning

and no other coalition’s do hanso the little girl coach one of my parents comment I would love to use that thing if I wasn’t judged you know but i would get so fat cuz imagine Lee it’s ok you got just going to warmer with it now would go everywhere fits I would go to the grocery store i will go to coffee somewhere and walk I don’t need to walk anymore it’s like Wally you know there’s little that guy that floaty thingy things like that just put yourself in a taxi or something so people always something to be sure I take off my phatty afterwards gonna get home but we were your opinions of one anyways like throughout the past other than just cheap stuff order and i actually just went to walmart today I would like you to build i’m actually got a few times this past two weeks I’ve been to any of my ingredients of something there for money or by understood the cheek twice this week too I don’t go with the flock and took my visa gift card is visa prepaid that I pretty card was soon you’re gonna get a gift card from visa that you can use a walmart i hope so that’s very sweet give me because there’s they’re so close by like before I know but it’s so fucking ratchet not the one either that nothing i have anything I don’t the ones the ones are bar dad’s place now fine what you’re at what I can’t I can’t see where we’re okay why would you say that that was pretty good ok too but this still we’re not including that where i live at the one that there where I used to live ok you mean that that’s the worst fucking what ever been to we should try to look up we will leave that little bleep out where everyone way just said cut that up bitch okay so yeah fucking on the one near my old place is always packed and was so fucking ghetto me more station maybe it doesn’t cause a racist because I said it’s get ok whatever shoot is so fucking up and the return line up at the customer service booth is always like a fuckin long way back to people by self and they know they can return it with no hassle because my sister used to buy tense once the tents and we just heard the tents I know people like that no problems at all as Ali they’re gonna fill the ten-in-one water tested this is why you get a costco membership yeah console look amazing because you can return shit with out of your seat and after you return your item you can return the membership to perfect really yeah you can determine if you’re not satisfied so let’s say 11 months 29 days into your membership is like I’m not very happy with this can we get a refund wow thanks classical costco knows that you’re just gonna keep going to call out but they don’t care he was my most pleasant memory of costco chicken popeyes know what you can haha cosco because i was just need the chicken fingers and fries are pretty fucking good to end their pizzas pretty good picture no but I was returned Bella and her hot pocket there hot dog at costco is a dollar-fifty with weaponry and with real-time a trick it’s also about 50 of the state Oh like it’s something we’re getting good meal get a good fuck it’s such yeah it’s like I was returning the sunrise by my dad a new car battery and the huh I’m so glad you know that 22 so fucking good it is so when I brought my dad’s old barrier because that was also from costco put them in my mind is still remember it was less than three years because they had a warrant you should or whatever right now I’m like yeah i think the bus 23 years they were able to change the system and what I got a full refund Wow and easy yeah but that President better actually went up so it’s so good so that but over to me no constable mark Wohlers advertisement or just tricks you because you know people do say is the same shape but then I’ve heard people say that they’re also work at war say she’s actually not actually it’s pretty comparable yeah is exploitation by three sides of my feet gummy bears ya SE 92 i think here that they pay so much duties that it doesn’t really become super cheap beers being transmitted yeah so they have to import it because like if you go to shoppers your target well I don’t know not many forget you but shoppers drug mart if you’re going to buy shampoo and all those things right it’s pretty cheap they’re very competitive where it’s like around the same when it’s on sale so there’s not much I think I warmer that you would i would specifically go for I think I go there just cause it’s like everywhere and so community oh yeah the convenience of it yeah and the only thing I would actually say like Walmart more than Moscow is warmer still has a variety of 1800 know how cause they’ll have the last stuff like packing shampoo but don’t we have the classic I wish there was a one-off are there was a clipboard and it’s in my bag I wish there was a costco near me let’s go to the told the colon so freaking pissed off the highway so far only one God rather go to the 100k Markham who started all 14 hiza walmart

avisa I want your toggle moment visa I’m on the side of my getting cheaper shit so whatever whichever one will give us cheaper shipping and party with that walmart i think i want ya I’m our side fuck you too Billy at that I would like cheaper credit card fees because it’s so fucking expensive you’re paying the fees Melbourne is but if you’re gonna like what was just getting the profits from it you’re gonna start a company or like doing a start something it’s such intense fees was making billions and billions of dollars did not gonna like cry over tonight for losing few sets on a purchase it really is like thinking of it as like if he was like a small business owner or something like that yeah it’s better if you would like to have those lower fees Billy Chinese you don’t take credit cards cash only haha percent discount that would you dr Spector on I’m kind of in the same boat as Billy like I want i’m very Pro small businesses so I wanted how we want whatever helps them on growing something you want so much of a burden to the ground yeah I hate big corporate businesses and consumers a man i don’t so i think it will burn to the ground that would actually be chaos in this world probably because they’re one can find like you don’t know why she’s your friend really we’re going to disassemble this Amazon that’s true i have amazon we make a freaking collision what if walmart can just conclude what like a mass card amex against Walmart I think they’ll do fine because you know what you mean against visa not get know like Visa and MasterCard and AMEX yeah against Walmart all over one abandoned mall people don’t have caches that they need the credit card yeah i just say right because they need to build up their debt because that’s the American Way maybe the Canadian way too i don’t know i use a lot of credit cards yeah do you have any credit card it yeah no yeah okay my credit card every month yeah I don’t think oh I had you have met people with humongous credit card debt I’m just like I just paling minimum yeah every month what the fuck or i could do that because these are crazy should people be just like to make that but you know for people like the other everyone knows they just use clickers for immediate know what’s going to go walmart anymore if you’d have to carry cash I don’t carry cash I don’t want to get Rob I only carry cash for the sake of like or the chance that i’m gonna go to a an asian place is your place oh yeah that’s a buy nothing catch ya if it seemed like he was riding home yeah every time I seals cash on my fuck and then don’t you can really see ATM machine that takes 250 service i hate those ATF fuckin lady i just spent at least ten dollars ya know not nor the one you just take video of AT&T yeah because like I have to go buy food last time the chinese food court and like I had to pick up my cousin ordered it I as if it takes credit cards is like I don’t know but debit for sure i go to like cash only I like fucking shit and right in the middle of the court was a magical each year that takes 250 and service charge that’s thirty-five cents about look back from chinese people take the cards that fucking Walmart but keep providing cheap shit they were don’t be cheap just subscribe this is causing shit ok but please if I just offended you I’m very sorry that sorry never sorry but we really love our active people yeah ratchet your number one in my box yeah just right back at ya muhammad we love you keep keep commenting we’re gonna have like a deep conversation tok you know ask us for our address i’ll give you a fake one but whatever just come out by piece oh wait no that’s what that’s no Muhammad I’m sorry okay you better know that’s going too far yes you do that here with that won’t stop it good alright what’s going on it