【ENG SUB】💕Love Designer EP4 | Dilraba,JohnnyHuang | Chinese Drama 2020

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【ENG SUB】💕Love Designer EP4 | Dilraba,JohnnyHuang | Chinese Drama 2020

Luoluo, come out for dinner Song Luo If you can get along with your classmates and don’t make trouble, then I’ll forgive it Come out It’s none of your business You have already be dismissed without me You think I would like to go to school? What do you want to do if not? Whatever Come out Song Luo Luoluo, get on your earphone or turn down I’m just reminding you Next time you teach your sister Don’t be too strict Otherwise she will have negative mentality But if not, she will become more terrible Then you are so strict Do you see any improvement? Why not find the reasons in yourself? What’s it about? Mr. Song I don’t break my words I don’t want to talk to you too But last time, you said to me that you want to find the leak channel of the designs I have found your ex-boyfriend My friend caught him But he is cautious I didn’t get any information Do you have any ways? Send me the address Cheng Long Foreign Trade and Ye Zi Clothing are your partners? Alright, what’s your plan next? Mr. Song Firstly Let me apologize in advance I really don’t know this is the design of your company If I know, I will not do that What’s more We are also victims, right? You’re the boss of such a top company It’s unnecessary for you to mind this,

right? You’re one of the victims? My company is big Then we deserve being copied? I can’t be fussy because my company is big? Can I be fussy with you? Yes, you can I mean I’m not meaning that Where did you get the design? Tell you, I have other things Mr. Song I want to talk with Zhou Fang That’s a coincidence What coincidence? The person you just talk about is Mr. Song Wang Zeyang is so pity He is in the line of the fire Your CEO? I’ve told you that I get into this company WanFeng Group Song Lin is our boss He is your boss! Why not tell me earlier? I just went to court with your company If I know it earlier, I will He wants to talk to you alone What? Fang’er Give me one more chance! Battered-body trick? What battered-body trick? I have no tricks During these days we are not together, I have already regretted what I did I think I am not a good man Fang’er Sorry What do you mean? You think you do this, Song Ling will forgive you Tell you I don’t have the right Please me will do nothing It has nothing to do with Mr. Song I really miss you We’ve been together for so many years You know you are always in my heart You can’t completely disbelieve me because I have made a mistake What’s more It is Shen Peipei who tempted me I Are you the one last time the one who got hurt along with Chen Chen Yeah. You still remember me? Why are you here? The story is very long What a coincidence! Do you recovered? Yes Yes Go back to work quickly Yes sir, Mr. Song Fang’er I know you want to have your original design to have your own brand Do you think I want to go the way of high-copy? What I do these for? I want to get more funds, more resources, so that I can support you You exactly mean you become what you are now because of me? You need to be clear, be practical, then you can talk about dream For you I lost all my money I sold the house on a sub-loan You’re satisfactory now? This is not my original intention If I know it earlier, I would certainly not take this risk OK. My bed luck Well In your capability, you can’t imagine things would end up like this? I I really mean well and do badly OK I see But you’ve seen Song Lin’s resources and relationships You and him are not at the same status If you want to continue your career, give all your channels to him How do you get the designs of Si Yue? You should tell him exactly with no conceal Then this will do benefit to him That can be over Think clear It has nothing to do with me It’s all about relationships Besides Si Yue What brands do you have? Maybe two to three Why you choose Si Yue? These all belong to WanFeng Group Almost the same What’s more

The price of Si Yue are relatively lower Give me the contact information Actually, we didn’t contact very often What’s more And now it’s a crucial period I got it You said you want to apologize to me But you has no sincerity If you watch me out, why did you call me here? No, no, no Fang’er, Fang’er, Fang’er Please don’t go I didn’t watch you out These things are not really as you imagine What’s more There are many relationships in it Once I leap it, they will let me prostrating Fang’er They are powerful ones We are ordinary people Why don’t we get out of this We were lovers before Can you help me You want my help? It’s so easy Tell the cause and effect in detail Then I can help you These things are not really as you imagine What’s more There are many relationships in it Once I leap it, they will let me prostrating What do you want to do? He had made it clear That’s none of your business What do you want to do? As you want He could corporate with you But need some security No problem What’s your plan next? When I have all the things, I never dare do anything Now I have nothing, but I want to challenge something that I didn’t dare to do before Such as original design Nice Tell me if you need help Send me the recording OK What are you talking about? You’ve talked for so long We are talking about the recording Wang Zeyang, and the future Will he get close to you by taking advantage of this What are you thinking? He wants to hide himself Alright Wait and see Let’s go eating Hot pot Let’s go Homework Everyone, hand in your homework your homework What’s this? There are knowledge points on it and solution measures If you have something you don’t understand, ask me Last time, we find out more than 20 clothing companies They have stopped infringing act But there are still many unknown small factories They are our research blind ares which cannot be checked and verified Currently, on the market, some of the knock-offs just come out of these places I think we should center on investigating how our original design draft was disclosed? I see How about the brand acquisition? How about it? Yesterday I spoke to Sun on the phone Due to the positive impact of overseas warehouse, the company is very bullish on our group In the contract, there are still some details that need to adjust After the adjustment, it can be reviewed No problem I have to work now Go ahead Just say it. On what conditions?

I’ve made a deep reflection that I was really a little harsh on you I hope we can communicate more with each other And you should not be too self-willed We are family I hope that in future life, both of us can lead a happy life Are you sick? I am serious Did you either receive the psychological counseling or go to the juvenile psychology classes You do have some tricks Do you want to go to the music festival? All right Your attitude is commendable! Given my commendable attitude, do you want to express your thanks especially? So it is a trade? Not a trade! You are my sister There’s no trade I’m just having a little expectation of you What expectation? Add my WeChat again and don’t delete it Deal Happy now? Well, not bad Stop it, right? Come on I have missed it Childish Shall you go with me? Yeah Why would I buy two tickets otherwise? To reward you! Let’s eat Ok, I’m coming I thought you were not here Before you come, why didn’t call me first? Come in You’re ready for a journey? Yeah! Thanks When will you back? What’s up? I wanna see you Do you think I wanna see you or not? You don’t Have you ever been in a relationship? Yes, I have I promise I have So So, you just go travel first I’m waiting for you And I will find a way to chase you again I must go now Hold on Come back What’s up? When did I ever say that you can chase me? You did! Did I misremember about that? Do you really like me? Yes, I do What do you like about me? I Keke Are you getting fat now? You can’t even get on the couch Keke Keke, have a look I have a crash on you Look at this, now! I have a crash on you Sorry I Stop that, stop! You just go home first Your health matters I’ll leave first then Keke, it did not scare you, right?

Not bad Take off the sweater and it will fit you This one is okay It fits me well It’s just a musical festival Why do you buy so many clothes? Have you been given too much pocket money lately Just drop it! Do you think what can I buy with your pin money? Isn’t this just on sale on Vipshop? You can buy rest assured for all are branded goods Try this one again Hi Mr. Song, something new occurred in the acquisition team I need to right now to report to you What emergency? Sun has just telephoned to say that the contract on the side of the acquisition team is still being revised But the person in charge of the other brand met in private with the person who in charge of WanCheng Group I doubt that it was Su Yushan who behind this This concerns our overseas warehouse, our major events in layout, so I dare not neglect Okay, I’ll take a look This is also quite good You can’t go, can you? There is something wrong with the company I’ll call my friend to take you there I know there will be many music festivals this year I’ll take you to all the festivals, okay? Mr. Song, finally you are here How is it going? Last night, I talked with the colleagues of overseas warehouses They never thought about that we would do like this They did this, we have no idea about that What we can do is to see though their moves It’s you who are wise and decisive Mr. Song Mr. Kimura Sorry to keep you waiting, Mr. Song I’m really sorry for that Let you come over in person It means too much for us Can you speak Chinese? Mr. Song I’m genuinely sorry for letting you come over in person We cannot deserve this It’s okay You indeed deserve it Mr. Song, you’re kidding I’m not kidding I thought you were a person who especially keep good faith But it’s totally out of my expectation Like this, you Actually, you misunderstood me I‘m not doing like this if I don’t have to Yeah What’s the price offered by that company? Er You are making it hard for me Is this hard for you? Is keeping good faith hard for you? It’s not hard for you because you raise the price at will Excuse me, I have something urgent to do I have to go now Let’s meet another day Mr. Kimura Don’t bother I asked someone to arrest the boat This is against the rules I also want to bring friendliness into the business success I didn’t expect this outcome It’s not what I want I…This is my mistake… I will Let’s stop talking about this I’m turning them away It’s useless for you to do that I didn’t tell to sign the contract with you either You can call the manager of WanCheng Group to come over and talk with you OK What’s this now? What happens later is personal rivalry And it’s none of your business Go on with your work Yeah You

with high bridge of the nose, bright and beautiful eyes and good figure, why is nobody willing to talk to you? I’m online for several days Just a few is truly for chatting with me Go to a blind date More than 100 candidates signed up and there is at least one who will have a crush on you Over 100 candidates! Next weekend, I’ll take you there You will go with me? I’ll take you there I’m afraid you are going somewhere else Dad Dad You’re such an old man Life lies in experience Dad wishes you a pleasant surprise Sooner or later You have to go through this All right, listen to your mother Hello, nanny Mr. Song Luoluo It seems that I haven’t come back all day, but you did not have the meal I cooked at all I called her, and she didn’t answer either I’m afraid that is there anything else wrong OK, I got it I’ll check out with another phone call Cheers! Cheers! It’s so to my heart’s content I’ll be right back Playing with these two beauties How interesting is it! Who are they? I haven’t seen them before I also just met them It’s OK We’ll get acquainted after meeting a few times You’re crowned with my life The beautiful night, though dangerous, there is someone who drop tears in the darkness all night I You’re just hiding from your brother He won’t do that anymore Sorry the subscriber you dialed cannot be connected for the moment, please redial later What the hell? Hi It is too late Similar girls chasing pretty much the same They have similar wishes My friend is looking for me I need to go there When will you be back then? They are nearby I’ll be back soon Hey Guys, guys, Help me take care of my sister No problem Xiaodi Xiaodi What’s the matter, aunt? Come here Song Luo could not be reached Really? She recently did well in school Then who does she usually play with? The ones who caused the trouble last time I saw she often with them It seems that they are not like students How about you call ask the head teacher? Her brother called He said that she could not be reached That’s why he call me He called again. Wait a minute It come up to my mind There is a way! You can locate her You said her cell phone has been turned off? How do you position? It’s Ok At least you can see where she was when the phone was power off The account number was applied by me And I know the password I’ll send you the location Okay Then you send it to me and I’ll go there OK I need to go there Aunt Let me go with you It’s okay. I’ll come back and tell you You go to bed early Be careful! What are you doing? Sorry, sorry Sorry, may I ask? Have you seen this girl? No Let me see No. No! She is not here She is not there? Thank you so much You’re welcome Hi That’s right I found the place Positioning is correct Let me check it again What’s up?

Hold on, Luoluo? Luoluo! Luoluo! Luoluo Who are you? Who are you? I’m her elder sister Who are you then? I am her friend She’s drunk I will take her back She is under age! She is drunk? What’s your name? Which school are you in? You just tell me! Come on Tell me! Which school? Security! Security! Hurry up! Hurry up! There is a punk who wears a leather coat. Go catch him! Luoluo Luoluo, can you walk? Come on! Go She is all right The doctor told so, too The punk was arrested and is under investigation Okay I have ordered the earliest flight What about your work? I can just leave it aside Before I go, can you help me taking care of her instead of me Okay! Don’t worry! Thank you You finally wake up You, please get your parents over here Thank you so much Luoluo I don’t want to speak you now Come here I said I don’t want to speak you now You don’t want to speak to me? What do you want? Do you want to continue with your bad friends? See if you look like a student Have a look Turn around! You go out! If Zhou Fang was late, do you know what consequences will be? Do you know? I tell you From today on, you are not allowed to go out Understand? Then I will sue you for illegal detention Sue me? You can bear it, right? All right Come out You just give her a break Come out What? Calm down, okay? How can I calm down? How can I calm down about this? This is true But you can’t now talk to her like this What do I say? According to you, I can’t scold her, follow her, respect her Yes, I did What outcome? She did something wrong I want her to know Calm down, okay? You have to But she is a girl Encountering this kind of thing, you scold her like this How can she listen? The police office to go over the police office I know We can’t release that person You go first I will go later Go ahead Luoluo Wake up and eat Luoluo I’m not hungry Have some The cleaning-up work is almost done

Can I move today? No need to move today I found a moving company It will come over tomorrow What moving company? We are all here What are you afraid of? This is not hard work you will do We still have some money Thanks, Miss Fang Look out Hello, may I ask who you are looking for? Miss Fang What are you doing here? What are you doing? Moving our company! It’s too big Right now it’s just the four of us We’re moving to somewhere small Where are we going? Suburb A warehouse What’s wrong, do you have anything to do with me? I’m inviting you Everything is well Why do you invite me for dinner? For Luoluo To thank you I was just stirring a finger to help You don’t have to do that How she’s doing She’s fine I let her be at home Have a good rest Miss Fang It’s your mother’s call At the moment Mom Are you still busy? Yes, I got a lot of work to do Do not gimmick with me And this afternoon, if you don’t go on a blind date this afternoon, from now on, you are not allowed to enter this house Have you heard? Don’t be late! I’ll be there for you in the afternoon You know the address, right? I don’t know Didn’t your dad send it to you? I I, I will call him immediately to send it to you It will be soon Hey, dear! You can’t find boyfriend? Have you never been on a blind date? I don’t have that chance Congratulations! It’s so far for more than forty minutes Sorority! You saw that already I have no time to eat with you More than one hundred high-quality men are waiting for me I’m leaving now I’m done working There is no need to load the rest of things The moving company will come and load them tomorrow Go to bed earlier! Okay, byebye, Miss Fang Don’t you leave? Bye Bye Is that Miss Fang’s new boyfriend? Yeah! He has a good taste of dressing So handsome! Look at you! He is just taller than me, otherwise, he is not over me! He is over you in all respects You really have no taste Really No wonder you are still single Wish you being single lifetime As the saying goes, if the two are destined, they are to meet despite thousands of miles I am relatively straightforward, so I come straight to the point I don’t lack anything but a son My daily hobby is to write poetry, and listen to symphony Miss Zhou, do you know Tchaikovsky? If you don’t know, it is okay If Miss Zhou and I enter a relationship I will definitely help you love symphony Miss Zhou, your skin is so good You are so beautiful Don’t be afraid Don’t think me like the way I behave Actually, I am such a true man! Hi, Zhou Fang I am Song Lin Why are you so idle? Today How the results? Nothing at all! It’s also in my expectation What are you doing here? Because I’m curious What are you curious about? Come on You came to joke me I said don’t be so angry when you talk to me OK? You behave like this, man can never like you I don’t mind Since then, why are you sitting here? I give you a chance to choose whether Or go out and have a drink with me Or continue your blind date here I will not bother What are you doing? Wait a minute

Wait a minute What are you doing? Where are you going? I will go out for a while Hello, aunt Hello You’re chatting, right? Great! Aunt You wanna join us? No, no! No, thanks You You two go Do your best Go away! We have to go now Then I …Okay I know Hey Chap, Me? Come here Let me ask you something That…That girl Yes That’s all, bye, Mom You’re not reassured No Then she asked how was our chatting Really It was fine I said it was not good How? You and your sister What’s wrong about both of you? Aren’t you saying something was wrong with my way of education? I went back and thought about how to change Take her to a music festival try it out But – Too busy You will make another appointment Yes Actually Luoluo is angry about that, which is understandable She cares so much about you and too dependent on you I have too little time with her In the hospital that day I saw that At ordinary times, she was not afraid of anything and lively Actually she is quite lonely And she only has you Your responsibilities might be heavy, right? Why are you looking at me like this? Nothing I think you should thank me sincerely After all, I helped you out of such a big trouble You are right Not this one only, the one about Wang Zeyang, you helped me a lot, too Then you look into my eyes, and say thanks to me After all, you were so unreliable before You mocked me I’d like to see you how you are when you say thanks sincerely Actually, I have something else What now? After Luoluo came out of the hospital, she never have meals And she never came out of her room, and ignored me Then you still have a mood drink coffee with others You are not communicating with children with your own tricks Help me figure it out Before this, say thanks first Let me think if I got some ideas Zhou Fang Thank you