【ENG SUB】💕Love Designer EP42 | Dilraba,JohnnyHuang| Chinese Drama 2020

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【ENG SUB】💕Love Designer EP42 | Dilraba,JohnnyHuang| Chinese Drama 2020

Marriage propose? It means the parents of two families meet and then you can go to get a marriage certificate Why this happened so quickly? Well Actually I just casually brought it up I didn’t expect this I hope she can pay attention to you Then you two can spend more time together Then I can persuade her gradually I didn’t expect Xiaozuo ran things so fast The key issue now is that Miss Tian thought in a couple of months she can be grandpa You should make really good efforts No This is the only way out Pencil boy’s idea is right But I still think that it’s not a good idea You lied to her after all What do you think now? Just stay deadlocked? Pencil boy is an honest person But he has been forced by his mom like this I assume he was thinking he mustn’t let you down in the future and hurt your two’s future I can understand why he did so I got that pencil boy did this to put my mind at ease But I Qing What’s happened can’t be changed You must treat Miss Tian well in the future Miss Tian has lived a hard life being alone to bring her kid up In fact, a person like her values the kindness of others The most important thing is to care Should I get a marriage certificate now? What do you think now? Do you have anything else to do except that? Can you give me one solution? If you want to confess that what you were lying then what’s your plan next? No, you can’t Indeed Since Miss Tian made a gesture of good will, you may get a marriage certificate with pencil boy first In the future you can make thing up I think what Zhou Fang said is reasonable That can only be the case I agree Mom Let me take it Why are you coming home so frequently? Are you going to ask me for something? Can I come to your house when I just want to? Isn’t this my own home too? You can’t fool me like this Doesn’t Song Lin come with you? This isn’t reasonable Mom, stop being so hard on him

in case he may run away from me You are threatening me. How dare you Laoli Hello, Aunt Liu Zhou Fang is back It’s not easy to meet you as you are a famous designer I’m flattered I’m still far from being famous If you ask me I’d say you’ve done enough You are a girl Don’t be too successful You may scare men away Look at my daughter being a housewife at home How happy she is I took a call just now Allow me It’s heavy Not really Did it hurt you hand? No Aunt just tell me when you want to go shopping I can pick you up You are so busy How not bashful to bother you You are more important than work You can call me anytime when you go shopping How kind you are Ok I’ll call I was thinking you why looked so familiar Really? Really? Have you been on TV? Yes, a couple of time for work I remember Laoli, he is that big boss in business Big boss I meet you in flash finally You are so young and good-looking That’s really something! So great It’s really nothing I think I don’t deserve Zhou Fang I’m not good enough for her Am I? No. No You are excellent No Both of you are So for a woman Being confident and good at work will get her a better boyfriend Let’s go home Ok, let’s go Bye, aunt Liu Bye, aunt Come on, let’s go Aunt, you may teach me cooking Zhou Fang doesn’t like what I cooked Aunt Liu is a good person but not a sweet talker Especially after she became a grandma She just can’t stop provoke me with her daughter’s marriage So annoying Song Lin’s showing up is right on time which made you so proud You behaved well today It’s worth praising Aunt, are you dancing with others? Occasionally Next time when you are going to dance Take me with you so I can make you proud again Can you do the square dance? Aunt, I am a superman You may get so popular when you go there Song I wish you could come every day I am learning the chess manual But it’s not useful without a rival I have been busy recently so I didn’t come Song Let’s go and play the Go Ok What are you doing? How can you take him away from me? We want to play What’s the fuss? Song said he wants to cook today You see she’s changed so much She can even boss people around You are talking nonsense Ok, fine. I’ll leave him to you Let Song decide Song, say for yourself Are you going to play the Go or cook here? Me? It’s up to you Why are you looking at me? Nobody wants me I’m not a hot cake Then, uncle let me cook first Yes You need lunch, do you? Interesting Song, show us your cooking skills I’m on it Come on Miss Tian, sit on the seat of honor No, no, no Yes, you must You take the seat You deserve it, Miss Tian Thank you! Sit here It’s been time years We haven’t seen each other for ten years Yes It’s been so many years but you two still look so young and haven’t changed a bit You are too polite You see our children are at the age of getting married How can we still be young? be young? I heard from Linlin that you’ve received a surgery few months ago How are you feeling these days? Not bad As long as I take regular test then I’ll be fine Thank you for asking Thanks to Xiaozuo who helped a lot It’s really a hard work He should help you Being a man means to be responsible In the future if you have anything just ask him to help Xiaozuo is much mature than his peers Miss Tian it’s you who teach him so well You are too kind Hold on Qingqing how can you drink cold drink now? Linlin get a bottle of hot water for Qin Qing OK You kids have no idea To be honest when we just found out Xiaozuo is your son we were surprised Did you feel the same? Yes But in fact our families seem have something special Yes

At the beginning I thought this was coincidental But you see the conditions of my family may let Qin Qing down No Miss Tian My opinion is that if the two kids like each other share similar view of life and values and can be tolerant and understanding for each other and supportive to each other on career That’s enough Xiaozuo is self-motivated and responsible I believe he can have a successful career Yes, yes As long as they love each other and have a good life Miss Tian I know that when Qin Qing was young, she made a lot of troubles for you But now you can see she’s getting much mature and more responsible and is a really careful and hard worker In fact, as her parents, we are not expecting she can be really successful What we really want is she can find her Mr. Right and build her own family and have a happy life Then we will be satisfied You are right As long as they have a great life That’s great Since you two have nothing to worry, then let set the date as soon as possible It’s troublesome to book a wedding site nowadays Yeah Don’t wait until Qin Qing’s belly getting too big and can’t move easily Mom That’s it Sorry for that I should have talked you If you told us, I wouldn’t come to have this lunch Mom, forgive me Actually, Miss Tian is nice to me How can you say that? If Xiaozuo didn’t lie to her can she said yes to this? What’s more, in terms of your condition you are too good for her son How can she be so picky? No. No She is not picky on me No No She’s just afraid that people would say that our family is way out of her league so she had a second thought Don’t help her Be calm Whatever Xiaozuo is a nice guy As long as they love each other We don’t need to ask too much I didn’t mean to fuss so much I’m just afraid that life is gonna be hard for our daughter Mom I won’t After we get married, we are gonna live separately And I have you two to cover me Who have the gut to bully me? Do you agree, dad? Beat me if you are so upset just beat me You silly girl. You are silly Mr. Su, there’s something wrong The system key broken by a hacker gets the highest authority R&D and PR are discussing the way to fix it We are waiting for you to make the final decision I see You go first Miss Fang Mr. Song is nice to you He even gives you a Sogal wardrobe So you can put the clothes you make in it you made in it You like it? Yes Then ask your boyfriend buy one for you But I haven’t got a boyfriend yet Hello, Zhou Fang Hi, Miss Zhou Chuangpin website’s online customization had a data leakage of users There may be troubles with the former orders What? A leakage? Yes Mr. Su is working on it He asked me to send a notice to the brand sides on the platform so you can get ready for the fact that you may lose a huge number of online customers Ok, I got that Youyou ask Quanye to come It’s definitely a great opportunity Su Yushan needs time to fix the website So we can use to time to get more users I agree with Mr. Song’s words For us it’s really a big chance as long as we make sure that our background has no bug and increase the promotion to get more users Then the marketplace will be ours That’s great I didn’t expect Su Yushan, the wily old fox, got himself into this trouble It’s a great chance to promote our products But there’s not many coincidences on the battle field of business And we don’t know what’s really going on behind the matter with Su Yushan Now, we may be suspected the most Right? So our next move should be careful

Don’t worry, Mr. Song We need to strengthen our safety barrier What’s going on? Chuangpin website’s data leakage of users may involve our orders How did that happen? How can this happen? Then shall we make this batch of order? Yes The order’s been made anyway We have to do it But who’s for? They are made to order Give them to who ordered Because Because the data leakage of users is the problem of us and the platform It has nothing to do with the users And even if they cancel the orders we will just keep those clothes for nothing We might as well give them the clothes as a thanks to their support We will do business with them in the future Fine, if it’s your decision Mr. Su The Technology Department is fixing the bug as soon as possible But how to deal with the problems led by the data leakage is what really matters now As for the data leakage there must be someone stronger behind it Otherwise there wouldn’t be interest or reason for doing this In my opinion it must have something to do with Song Lin We fell out with him before And we are now the leading companies in the market of high-end customization If we fall, he will be the winner So, Mr. Su this time, we can’t make him get what he wants Close the part of online customization Fixing bugs don’t need a long time We don’t have to stop online customization It’s just a tiny part of our whole product We can’t seek small gains at great cost of our reputation Investigate the case thoroughly I need to know who on earth stole our data of users So we can give the customers an good explanation As for the rival we should try to hold them up in case they seek more loopholes Ok, I got it That’s it then How are you recently? I think I’ll never come again Why? I am really tired If you are tired, we can stop to see the view around It will be great I said the same thing to him, but he is just not willing to stop for me I’ve made up my mind I want to divorce him Mr. Su Thank you for letting us interview you As for the data leakage of the users of Fitting Room, what do you want to say to the users? First of all I want to apologize sincerely to our users The fact that the project of Fitting Room is just running on the Chuangpin website for now is because that we are not so developed on network safety So I don’t want our users’ interests to be damaged again Could you please tell us that if you ever has prejudged the issue of private safety of Fitting Room? At the age of Big Data Network Security is an eternal issue I don’t believe that there’s a perfect cyber defense Any firewall can be destroyed including LinFang Technology But we will try our best Now the loss has occurred Do you take the inescapable responsibilities for it? Yeah Yes, I take all the responsibilities This accident also remind us that we need to focus on the duty of how to protect the private of customers in the future And I want to warn those who stole the data of customers They deserve the hardest hit Mr. Song it’s so obvious that Su Yushan wants to drag us down with him and destroy us You stay calm We can’t be panic How can you be so calm? We are not what we were now What’s the difference? We have the same team and high-tech and more funding We are only better The difference is that you don’t have faith in me Not at all I swear you have my total trust I’m just afraid that they may mess with us Stop saying nonsense Last time you’ve lost so much

I still feel sorry for you As long as we make the perfect software and offer the users the best user experience We’ll win No one can hurt us Understand? Go on with your work Hello Don’t let the negative news spread so fast I believe that so many people want this day for so long and they will kick us when we are down You can rest assured You keep an eye on all the details in case there will a chain reaction I got it. That’s all You sleep on the sofa again? Get up Come and seep in bedroom I don’t want to get up Come on How’s it? Going well? There are too many orders Is there something wrong with Chuangpin website ? Why do you have so many orders from them? It’s the old orders from it We can’t cancel them now So we have to make them Is there anything I can help you? Can you massage? Of course, where? You know I am a prestigious figure Right? I have money and resource Why don’t you just use me? I am using you now You are using your strength right and you have really soft hands You can be a good masseur in the future You can talk to me Don’t just take it all Song Lin why can’t you two try to get a win-win situation? Why must you fight against each other? This is competition This is how the market works If one wants to get a win-win situation, the other must compromise and to make a gesture of good will And even if one party compromises and shows the good gesture the other may not agree to stay peaceful But for you, I can try I don’t want you to do it for me And even if you want to compromise Su Yushan may not take it as a good gesture That’s possible. He doesn’t has a big heart like me Change for this leg Drink the War Horse to refresh yourself Thanks How is the firewall test going? The safety hazard is much worse that we imagined The system level is still not enough You’ve finished a really hard job My pleasure When can we realize intelligent automatic upgrade and the update of the defense system in real time It’s not impossible But for now it mainly depends on human labor After the test has been finished let’s see the comprehensive data analysis and then we will find the solution Lower a little So many requirements Let me give you a massage? Aren’t you tired? Get down No, thanks Come on Get down

OK Come on Mr. Song Please close your eyes The eyes have been closed Is this ok? Not bad Well Qin Qing and pencil boy are getting married How about you? What about me? Do you wanna get married? You are such a prestigious figure You are not holding a huge ring Do you think I can say yes when you are proposing like this? If I am holding one huge ring now will you marry me? Take a guess I won’t I’m not gonna propose now Such a bully What are you doing? How dare you run away! Linlin, you are home Mom Come and sit Mom You called to ask me to come home, what’s wrong? Go on my son If mom did something wrong, please forgive me Mom did everything out of your benefits Thanks mom Since you are going to be a dad, then you must be a accountable and responsible husband You can’t behave so childishly like before Did you get it? Mom Your father left us so early I myself tried hard to support the family and didn’t give you enough care But You must let your child have the love from father You must give him or her a complete family A child of single parent lives a hard life Mom You rest assured I knew that dad left us early You had a difficult time to bring me up After I get married with Qin Qing I’ll treat better If you want any good for me, then you should bring my grandchild to be with me often If you don’t have the time, then I can leave my word aside to babysit for you Miss Fang The orders of high-end customization have been canceled mostly The turnover of ready-to-wear garments last month increases by 30% finally I have no idea whether we are affected I can go and talk with our customers then we may maintain the orders Miss Fang If they don’t trust us, we can set stuff to do the measurement Even if the customer is in another city as long as we can find someone to do the measurement for us, we can at least maintain the order and try to be break-even as well as save the reputation of the ready-to-wear garments of TKYSHOP If we do this, that’s is to say we deny ourselves of the possibility of online customization Whether it’s feasible or not has nothing to do with us Our job is to finish the underline business But we also need to realize that those orders are all from the customization platform Otherwise as the popularity and the influence of our brand, we couldn’t have made our sale amount increase so rapidly We can’t stand the worse because the platform is not working now We should stick to our own styles and do what we should do Are you still going to finish the orders cancelled and give them to the customers for free? Yes We should let the customers know our sincerity and make them realize the accuracy the effectiveness and convenience And the issue of distortion of measurement online has been improved We should make the customers enjoy the online convenience We can do better in the future I’m sorry I will be a tyrant today That’s ok, sis You have my support no matter what Even though I don’t agree with you I support you still Are you really going for this? Honey I promised that I will fix it This accident and I will be responsible always Although it is not

the best way But I know my mom If we stay the same we will get tired soon I don’t want to be like this, honey You don’t need to worry It’s me who lied to my mom I’ll find the chance to explain to her and comfort her She will say yes But, I only wanna know one thing Are you really willing to be with me and marry me? Or I wanna marry you of course I am sure You don’t need to worry You have me no matter what I wanna tell you something I think it’s the best time to leave Chuangpin website Come and work in my company You are asking to poach me from your rival or simply want me to work for you You can say whatever you want It’s the starting point of online customization Every brand is a rival to me You see, your own business has just started, then the Chuangpin website is suspended Now you have to return to the offline business right? It has a really huge impact on you Then can you offer generous benefit? Benefit? My company needs an excellent designer like you and a great brand to enhance soft power I, Song Lin, myself also need you very much Generous benefits they are really But I think that now the company is facing a really huge challenge For me it’s really a huge crisis I just want to see how long can I manage just like you when you were facing difficulties and didn’t compromise And Mr. Su treats me well I can’t just run away when the company is in trouble Don’t rush to decide Think about it When you think well of it, just tell me Then will I think about it Go to work Okay, see you tonight I‘m coming come on Open the door with me I‘m coming Miss Tian Why are you hug it? It’s all bacteria It’s dirty You are pregnant now Now you can’t touch these animals Do you know Toxoplasma? If the pregnant woman is infected, the fetus will be deformed Did you get it? There should be no problem I often bathe it and vaccinated every year It’s useless. It’s all bacteria It still has Just listen to me Hurry to give it away Give it away By the way Do you have coriander at home? I forgot to buy it I usually don’t eat coriander How can you pick food? This time you can pick food You should eat everything You should balance nutrition. Get it? I You can’t come in You are pregnant now so can’t enter the kitchen There is so much smoke It’s bad for the baby Today I cooked ribs soup for you It enriches the calcium Miss Tian I have something to tell you I will talk to you later You don’t come in I gotta go Seeing you like this the poaching was failure Kind of Zhou Fang wasn’t willing to go She said that she can’t leave now We should respect her and let her go I’m now more and more able to understand how different Zhou Fang

is in your eyes Where? Compared with women of the same age she is more independent and direct with her own ideas and positions And you know how to love and protect her and give her enough space This is where you fit for each other Zhou Fang asked me a question She asked why I and Su Yushan couldn’t get a win-win situation What did you say? If you consider a win-win strategy at this time, it can help WanFeng solve its urgent needs But Su Yushan may not appreciate it If the two parties’ wishes cannot be unified, then one party must lose miserably When I helped WanFeng in the project evaluation I reminded him that that there are many bugs in this application But he was too impatient for success and he didn’t listen to me Today’s situation is also expected If we immediately work out a promotion plan Taking this opportunity By doing promotion, we can seize the market, But if you are sure to help Su Yushan I’ll support you too After all, it can expand our online high-definition market I also don’t want to see my old owner get so worried about this Do you think Su Yushan can agree to this proposal? I didn’t know him well But I think we could have a try You’re back If you’re tried, sleep first I feel like I haven’t seen you for a long time I will not sleep Get up Honey You just married me like this I haven’t bought you a diamond ring yet I deal with jewelry every day It doesn’t matter if I don’t have I can’t be doesn’t matter Wedding diamond ring is a must for women How about this? Tomorrow, you go to pick diamond I’ll pay for it Don’t save money for me I’m Mr. Zuo now Ok Thanks, husband Miss Qing, come on These are just arrive at our shop with very goof conditions I don’t show them to ordinary people It’s true But this time I’m pick it for myself It’s much good for me You’re getting married? Congratulations! Congratulations! You pick for yourself shouldn’t you pick the best one? I…it’s not essential and I don’t need And I see them every day Don’t you? It doesn’t like you Don’t ask me any more You pick out some ones for about 10,000 yuan for me Let me see Okay But this one is really nice Miss Qing Are you saving your boyfriend money? Is it obvious? Yes He didn’t work long It’ s not easy to earn money I don’t want to spend too much his money Miss Qing. You’re so pompous in peacetime I didn’t think about that when you get married, you’re so considerate Do I look so pompous? It looks like this time is the true love Miss Qing I think the wedding ring can’t make do If you really like this one I have an idea What idea? Anyway, you have the money You can make up the difference I will give you a 10,000 yuan list In this way, you can have the diamond and won’t hurt his self-esteem I’m just saying Don’t be unhappy Why haven’t I thought of it? You’re so smart Let’s do it But Why are you still standing here?

Hurry up OK. That’s it Are you off work? Not yet. I’m rest I miss you, so I call you So good. My pencil boy Honey, I’m sorry I had no time to pick diamond with you Have you picked it? I’m waiting to pay for it I have already picked it I’ll show you then How much? I transfer it to you Your pay card is in my hand You still transfer money to me? You give me so much pocket money every month that I can’t spend them all Then you transfer me twelve thousand So cheap? I have the discount I can apply for the lowest discount You don’t lie to me? You just rest assured I won’t treat myself bad I must choose my favorite one If you like, then I’ll like WanFeng Group was accused It should be quite troublesome About that thing I heard from my dad that many people are jealous Su Yushan all these years Now he’s in trouble and the stock slumped There are problems with those projects in their hands It should be quite troublesome You should pay attention to it Don’t be implicated Don’t worry So much What? Pencil boy transferred me so much money honey 277. What does it mean? 53277 Pencil boy loves Qin Qing