Conseils et Guide d'achat d'occasion Boxster 986

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Conseils et Guide d'achat d'occasion Boxster 986

Hello, Piston Kirk is back! I am regularly asked for purchasing advice to choose the right Boxster 986 So rather than responding to you individually as I do each time, I’m going to cover the subject, once and for all, in this video, guiding you on the choice of generation of the engine or options, but also by giving you some advice on the mechanical points to be checked during the test Before listing the points to check before buying a Boxster 986, I will answer to a question that I am often asked: Is it expensive to maintain? Frankly, this car does not cost more maintenance than my Peugeot 307 or my Mini Of course I do not have it maintained at the dealership, otherwise it would cost me a little more Basically, to keep it simple, consumables like filters or pads are not more expensive than with general manufacturers The only thing you really feel the difference, is for tires Given the width of the tires of a Boxster, I have at least 800 € for 4 tires when it cost me around 350 € for the Peugeot 307 For big operations like changing a clutch it will cost between 1000 and 1100 € which is 200 to 300 € more than what I paid for my 307 and two times cheaper than what I have paid for my Mini! Yes, because this car is painful to dismantle and it costs a lot of labor Like what, appearances are sometimes misleading, Just because the Boxster is a Porsche doesn’t mean everything will be more expensive In use, in terms of consumption, in theory it uses between 10L and 13L per 100 km (23 – 18 MPG US) for a 2.5L and a 2.7L and between 11L and 14L (21 – 17 MPG US) for a 3.2L (Boxster S) but as a matter of fact, I consume less with my 3.2L than with my father’s 2.5L The reason is simple, the engine management is better and it has a 6-speed gearbox instead of a 5-speed gearbox The advantage of the Boxster 986, is that thanks to the internet, you can easily find new or used parts for a reasonable price including for body parts But hey, don’t kid yourself, a Porsche remains a Porsche if you want to save money, take a Dacia instead, it will be better for you and especially for the Boxster Indeed, the problem of the second-hand market of the Boxster 986 is precisely there: as it’s an accessible Porsche, too many people buy one without having the means to maintain it properly and when you neglect the maintenance of this kind of car it quickly becomes a nest of problems that will have to be paid at a high price sooner or later But hey, normally if it is well maintained it is a reliable car which can perfectly serve as a “daily car” especially with it’s two trunks where you can easily put the shopping of the week for a family of 4 or go on a couple trip Now you are reassured, let’s move on to the buying advice Step 1: Which engine to choose? And no, I will not answer this question for you, simply because this choice is linked to three parameters which are specific to you: What use are you going to have? What is your budget ? and above all, what is your feeling behind the steering wheel? I had three Boxster 986: a 2.5L with an automatic transmission a 2.5L with a manual gearbox and my current one which is a 3.2L with a manual box but I also wanted to clarify that I had the opportunity to drive a 2.7L These different 986 led me to several conclusions and the first of them is that I will never take an automatic transmission on 986 again In my personal opinion I find that on a 986, the automatic transmission kills driving pleasure The only scenario where I can recommend an automatic transmission on a 986, is if you use it as a daily car and if you have to drive in traffic jams every day Regarding the choice of the engine size, I prefer the Boxster S 3.2L and its 252 hp especially if you often have the opportunity to go on mountain roads And if I did not have enough money to buy a Boxster with this engine, I will fall back on a 2.5L and its 204 hp because it’s already very reactive and the difference with a 2.7L and 220 hp in terms of perceived power does not justify the price difference Step 2: which options to choose? Before we talk about the options, you have to wonder which generation to choose If you can afford it, I recommend taking Phase 2, not because it has a 8 more ridiculous hp, a glove compartment or a retractable cup holder, but because the soft top has been completely redesign It has better insulation and above all a glass window with incorporated defrost which is a real advantage compared to plastic window which tends to get tarnished and crack over time for those who do not know how to differentiate a Phase 1 from a Phase 2, I invite you to watch this video which lists all the differences between the two versions I will put the link in the description below this video Regarding the choice of options, I have my own list, but in reality it all depends on what is important to you In terms of security, electronic grip assist systems such as “Traction Control”

which from 2001 became the PSM that is to say the ESP are a very good thing, especially on wet or snowy roads because I remind you that the Boxster is a rear-wheel drive car which makes it as fun as dangerous I recommend this option at the top of the list to avoid ending up in a wall after a head to tail To find out if the Boxster you want is equipped with it it’s very simple, just look at the center console to see if there is one of these two switches For comfort, it is better to take a Boxster with air conditioning To recognize it, it’s very simple, if there is a screen and buttons to adjust it, it means that there is air conditioning if there are manual handles to turn, is that there is just heating I imagine at first glance, that you don’t necessarily see the point of having air conditioning on a convertible but you have to keep in mind that you can’t always drive with the top open on long trips The sun is beating down and it’s noisy Air conditioning is therefore a real advantage Heated seats are obviously not essential, but they are still very pleasant especially since they are not used in winter they are also very practical to ride with the top open when it is not yet very hot also know that you can install them afterwards, if you are a DIYer and if you find a used one in the right color And since we’re talking about seats, be aware that some very rare Boxsters have the memory driver seat option But personally, it’s an option that doesn’t help me because I never lend my Boxster to my wife no it’s not sexist you just don’t know her The seats are in leather but with the “full leather” option you will also have the dashboard and door panels in leather This is an interesting option especially when you don’t have a black interior because the colors hold better over time in addition, the visual rendering and the touch are much more pleasant This is an option that can be identified at first glance looking at the door panels because the leather versions have an additional seam that vinyl models don’t have Cruise control is a fairly rare option (in France) before 2001 it was mechanical which made it quite difficult to fine-tune Fortunately, from 2001 it became electronic which makes it more precise and above all easier to install afterwards what Atelier Palmers regularly does Again, this option may seem redundant on a sports car But on a long journey, it is still very practical to avoid being caught by a speed camera Step 3: Other parameters to take into account It may sound strange, but before buying a Boxster 986, the question of resale must be asked Do you want to keep it or resell it in the medium term? If you plan to keep it to the end, you can buy a Boxster approaching 200,000 km (125 000 miles) otherwise it is better to stay below the 130,000 km mark (80 000 miles) to be able to sell it more easily after one or two years of use The maintenance book also plays a very important role in the resale of the vehicle For many porschists a booklet with all maintenance stamps done at a Porsche dealer or a recognized independent service center is a real added value when buying This makes resale easy When you go through the French or Belgian classified ads, you will find that the Boxsters imported from England are much cheaper to buy those who have one say you get used to driving with the steering wheel on the right very quickly and that it’s a way to buy a Boxster S for less than a 2.5L with left-hand steering wheel Even if the driving pleasure is the same, keep in mind that they are a little more difficult to resell Since we’re talking about resale difficulties, be aware that a modified car tends to put off buyers: a color that is not the original one, an aftermarket spoiler or headlights, tuning bumpers all these modifications can lower the value of the car Purists will even be put off including if you are using genuine Porsche parts like for example Phase 2 bumpers on a Phase 1 or one of the many 996 front bumpers which have the advantage of being compatible with the 986 The only change that will not adversely affect the value of a 986 is to have replaced the front and rear headlights with orange indicators by versions with white indicators taken from a Phase 2 Of course, your Boxster will not depreciate if you add options from the original 986 catalog For example: engraved aluminum trims doors, a “Chrome Line” gear lever, door subwoofers with their original door panels a three-spoke steering wheel, a rigid storage box at the back, chrome armrests and handles, an aluminum tank cap or cruise control All these added elements will not affect the value of the car but they can also facilitate resale All can be added afterwards you will find the list of tutorials in the description below this video Before concluding with the additions, I wanted to clarify that there are two aftermarket additions that still appeal to purists although these are not official Porsche options And if they are so much appreciated it is simply because they are both invisible and useful First there is the SmartTop relay which allows you to open your top while driving at a speed of 30 km / h Then there is the MP3 box that you can connect to the original car radio at the socket normally dedicated to the CD changer

The interior therefore retains its original appearance this box not only allows you to listen to music stored on a USB key or SD card but it can also connect via bluetooth to listen to music from your phone or even serve as a hands-free kit If you want to know more, I detailed their installation in these two tutorials whose links are in the description under this video Step 4: Points to verify on site Now you have all the elements to choose the model that suits you, you will be able to look at the ads to find the Boxster of your dreams Then comes the time to meet the seller to see the vehicle for real so I will list the points to check on the car common to all used cars Look at the maintenance booklet to find out if it has been maintained regularly At least every 20,000 to 25,000 km (12,000 to 15,000 miles) or every 2 years maximum A stamp proves nothing, that’s why you should not hesitate to ask for invoices during the test, on a straight line, if there is no one behind you, do not hesitate to make an emergency braking to make sure it brakes straight If it’s not the case, there may be a problem with the chassis, the steering or the calipers If the gearbox is manual, remember to check that the clutch is not at the end by gently lifting the pedal and seeing when it hangs Also make sure it starts cold, which means you have to ask the seller not warm it before you arrive you will also have to take a look under the car not just to check for rust but also to check that there is no oil leaking from the engine or the gearbox or a coolant leak under the radiators at the front bumper If you can, also check the wear of the brake pads and discs keeping in mind that a set of pads for the front or rear wheels costs between 35 and 90 € and that a pair of discs costs between 100 and 200 € About the suspensions, it will be necessary to lift the plastic bellows to make sure there is no visible seepage which would indicate a leak at the joint if this is the case, you will have to replace the suspensions in pairs, that is to say the one on the right and the one on the left, which can cost you between 600 and 800 € labor included It is also necessary to check that the tires have uniform wear if this is not the case, there may be a problem of camber or parallelism Take the time to check everything that is electrical headlights, windshield wipers, central locking, the windows, mirrors, heated seats, The air conditioning or the car radio A breakdown can be anecdotal it can be a switch, a relay, a fuse, but it can also be much more serious this may involve the car’s computer box and in this case it is much more expensive So my advice, is to agree to buy the car only when the broken down elements are repaired During the test drive, remember to test the cruise control if there is one Also remember to check that the engine does not heat too much when you are in a traffic jam If so, it could be either an anecdotal problem, such as dirt and dead leaves accumulated at the front radiators, which is a fairly common problem on the 986 and which can easily be solved by following this DIY tutorial which will explain how to clean them And if it’s not that, it can be a much more serious problem, which may involve replacing the radiators Also take the time to go to the rear trunk to check that there is no mayonnaise in the oil if it is, it may be that there is a cylinder head gasket to change which is not going to be cheap You also have to wonder if this car was used on the racetrack It is often said that the racetrack wears the car out 3 to 4 times faster than the road So in theory, a Boxster that would have done 10,000 km of circuit would actually have the wear of a 30 to 40,000 km car then you understand better why some sellers hesitate to say that they used it on the racetrack That said, a Boxster 986 that would have done 10,000 km of circuit, it’s still very hypothetical, not to say improbable Since you cannot necessarily trust what the seller tells you, you can ask to do a PIWIS test, also called PIWI report, to get engine usage statistics and thus to know if it was often used with a high range engine speed But this test is not necessarily representative of the maintenance or the way the car was daily driven it is therefore not an absolute guarantee In addition, you must know how to read this report correctly what few people actually know how to do But this test still has the advantage of informing you if the car has suffered a significant impact or if the mileage displayed on the cluster is actually that of the car The problem is that since this test costs money, few sellers do it Many of the points I have just explained may seem obvious to those who are used to mechanics but as I could see, this is not the case for a very large number of my subscribers, that’s why I preferred to start from the basics so that we all start from the same level Aside from the PIWI test, everything we have just seen are the things to check on any popular used car, but the Porsches as well as all the luxury brands are a world apart, so there are a few additional points to check Step 5: Points to check on a Porsche We already mentioned it before, but it is worth remembering that without a scrupulously followed maintenance book

preferably at the dealership and with all invoices, a Porsche loses its value on the second-hand market Likewise, the car will undergo a discount if the engine has been changed following a breakage even if it’s the same engine and even if this engine has less mileage than your original engine, purists will tell you that this is not any more “matching number” in other words, that the chassis number no longer corresponds to the engine number which in their eyes implies a discount, so personally it never stopped me after all, it’s up to you Regarding the exterior, it is better to have a perfect bodywork on a car of this standing Also check the alignment of the sheets, because an imperfect alignment can betray the fact that the vehicle was damaged Whatever the brand, an accident vehicle leads to a certain mistrust but in the world of luxury cars it can really become a crippling point for the potential buyer Step 6: Points to check on a Boxster 986 One of the known weaknesses of the Boxster 986 is the bearing of the IMS which can cause engine failure So it makes sense to ask the seller if this bearing has been replaced by a reliable version If it is not the case it is not dramatic either especially if the car has exceeded 120,000 km (75 000 miles) because the risk is lower That said, if it’s been done, it’s still good to take because it proves that the car was well maintained Keep in mind that the 2.5L has an IMS double row bearing which breaks much more rarely than on 2.7L and 3.2L that have a single row bearing, but I’m not going to give you a talk on the subject because I have already explain in details this IMS bearing problem in this video that will answer all your questions Again, the link is in the description another weak point of the 986 it is the radiator expansion tank located in the rear trunk Some 986 are over 20 years old and over the years the plastic becomes brittle and can crack It’s not very complicated to repair, but it’s more work It is therefore better to check in the trunk that the carpet is not wet Some worry because they have heard of problems with scratched cylinders but rest assured it does not concern the M96 blocks that equip the Boxster 986 and Porsche 996 In fact, as confirmed by some recognized professionals like Atelier Palmers or JM Méca, this problem of striped cylinders affects essentially two models of the next generation i.e. the Porsche 997 3.8L and some rare 997 3.6L therefore no need to become paranoid on this subject On the other hand, there is a final point which must be particularly attentive: the soft top ! do not take a car that has even a slight leak whether at the glass seals or at the soft top itself because the computer compartment is located under the left seat that is to say at the lowest point of the car precisely where all the water will go When a computer case gets wet, this can generate a multitude of problems and unfortunately, it is expensive to change It cost around 500 € used and at least € 1,300 at the dealership so to avoid this kind of inconvenience, remember to check that the carpet is completely dry behind the seats and do not hesitate to water the car abundantly with the garden hose to ensure the tightness of the seals and the top Since humidity is the enemy number 1 it is therefore better to favor a Boxster which is parked in a close garage and since we’re talking about the top, I recommend that you never take a Boxster whose electric top does not work Even if the seller assures you that it’s just easy to fix, Nothing is less sure ! If that were the case, it would surely have been done a long time ago In fact, most often it is the 2.5L which is concerned because they have a stop switch in the frame and when that switch fails, if you try to close the roof, it will start the engine, but in the wrong direction Therefore the motor will force, the side plates will twist and the rods will break Unfortunately, even if you replace the rods or even the entire roof frame, as the side plates are bent, you’ll have alignment issues, some elements may rub on the body and ultimately, due to constraints, the rods may break again The concern is that no autobody mechanic is able to straighten the sheet correctly, not even Porsche dealers, because for that, they would need a special tool to reproduce the original template and to my knowledge only the junk yard Pacific 986 has manufactured such a tool In short, you understood my point, if you find a Boxster with an electric top that does not work run away it’s a bad deal There we are, I’ve given you all the elements to find the Boxster 986 of your dreams Keep in mind that this is a versatile car perfect for everyday use and with which you can travel comfortably on the road or have fun with on racetracks because you must not forget that it is a real Porsche that is to say a machine designed for the pleasure of vibrating behind its steering wheel You do not believe me ? Here is a little anecdote that will convince you: If you look at the Zeperfs website , the Boxster 986 2,5L

that is to say the least powerful Boxster, sets a better lap time on the Nürburgring racetrack than the Ferrari Testarossa which has 186 hp more And curiously, still according to the Zeperfs website, this same 2.5L Boxster and its 204 hp matches the 300 horsepower of the Porsche 911 type 993 which is a benchmark in this area which was marketed between 1997 and 1998 that is to say at the same time as the 986 2.5L that proves unequivocally how well this car sticks to the road, which is both due to the rear central position of its engine and a fantastic chassis associate to a running gear especially for a convertible What’s great is that this car is an accessible dream as I speak to you, you can buy a 2.5L Boxster for the price of a new Dacia making it a great way to enter the world of Porsche at a lower cost This car has given me a lot of pleasure for several years and I sincerely hope that this will also be your case, so while waiting to find it, I invite you to dream a little more with the book “From nowhere to nowhere” (only in French) in which a Boxster 986 has a central role and it is written by a passionate who is none other than me! And yes, it’s advertising That said, I would be wrong to deprive myself of it 😉 So for those interested, the pitch and the link to order the paper or digital version are in the description of this video I also invite you to discover a little more about the 986 Watching this video Good research to all