Floods, Earthquakes, and Mudslides Hit China; and Why Hong Kong Matters to the World | Crossroads

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Floods, Earthquakes, and Mudslides Hit China; and Why Hong Kong Matters to the World | Crossroads

Hey, welcome back everyone first off some breaking news The chinese communist party’s national health commission has declared that people who harvest the organs Of living people under the age of 18 will face criminal prosecution in china and it also claims to limit Transplants to family members only now this announcement broadcast by the chinese state media on july 2nd Is part of the draft version of the regulations on human organ transplantation And the draft also states quote in recent years We have accumulated a lot of experience in the acquisition distribution and management of human organs through practice We’ve formed a system of effective methods in this revision We set up the rules in this form of regulation to specify the institutional requirements for fair and equitable human organ acquisition and distribution Now that being said it’s unclear whether this will actually do away with the illegal or say state-run forms of organ Transplantation which heavily targets prisoners of conscience in china It also raises some questions of if they need to create a law forbidding the harvesting of organs of people under the age of 18 How widespread is that practice? Now moving on meanwhile floods and natural disasters are continuing in china. in yunnan province in southwest china Waters surged overnight from the bai shui river which made the flooding even worse And again, there’s flooding in 26 provinces at least right now There were earthquakes in sichuan province and Guizhou province on july 2nd at 3.2 magnitude earthquake in sichuan hit abba prefecture upstream of the three Gorges dam and soon after that a 4.5 magnitude earthquake hit Guizhou the earthquakes raised fears of potential landslides and overflow Of the three gorges Dam Which has again been one of the main focuses right now and in chongqing of sichuan province and in yunnan province There were large landslides caused by the heavy rains meanwhile, two ccp journalists have been deported from taiwan and the local government in taiwan is raising concerns about some of the Political propaganda being promoted there by ccp media. So three of the ccp’s mouthpiece news outlets cctv southeast television and Hiaxia tv Are being hit with controversy for broadcasting ccp propaganda. on june 28 The taiwan immigration department named several state-run ccp news outlets saying they came to taiwan under the banner of journalism Yet after getting in taiwan They’ve engaged in other activities the outlets are being accused of using the excuse of conducting interviews as a front And they’re using that front as a way to push the ccp’s propaganda Now folks before we jump into it crossroads is now going to be on cable And ntd news is starting a full cable tv station which crossroads is going to be part of You can find information on how to get that in the description below Also for our patreon supporters this sunday, we have a special treat epoch times is releasing a new documentary This one’s called when the plague arrives I had a bit of a hand putting this together for our patreon supporters We’re going to be showing this in place of the normal q&a so be sure to tune in This is an early access for our patreon supporters Now with that said, let’s jump into the first story of today So first off, what does the new national security law in hong Kong really entail? Sound of hope had a great outline of this now the national security law in hong kong Supersedes existing laws including hong kong’s basic law and others that are supposed to protect basic freedoms And the ccp’s national people’s congress is now allowed to interpret the law The ccp established what it calls a national security agency in hong kong which is allowed to directly handle cases in quote special Circumstances and it’s not specified what would qualify as a special circumstance? Anyone arrested under this law will be treated in the same way as mainland chinese And they will be denied basic rights including the right to see a lawyer This is being interpreted as the ccp extending direct control Over the rights in hong kong its judicial system and its law enforcement Now under this national security law judges and trials are required to be appointed by the chief Executive of hong kong which is regarded as a puppet of the ccp Appointed judges are seen as having loyalty to the chief executive and to the ccp And there are concerns this means cases in hong Kong will be handled like they are in the mainland where judges lose their independence And the mainland political and law commission determines the judgment and the outcome of cases. the ccp has also included Inciting subversion of state power in the hong kong version of the national security law and is extending enforcement Retroactively meaning that if you violated this in the past they can still go after you and you face life in prison

And they’re even extending this to foreign citizens in other parts of the world even including in the united states Now with that said it’s unlikely that the united states would allow the chinese communist party to say arrest americans and the united states would extradite them to china to face trial but what this could mean Is that if you have criticized the chinese communist party if you’ve written articles against the chinese communist party If you’ve done anything that would violate this national security law Which really includes any general criticism of the ccp any undermining of the ccp If you were to travel to another country or have a layover in another country while flying abroad That has an extradition treaty with the chinese communist party You could be sent to china and you could face trial you could face life in prison And the ccp would have the ability to basically, you know control the entire legal process and charge you with anything That’s what this means. and so yes while they cannot very likely extradite americans If you travel, they could arrest you under this law now Of course with this said the ccp technically could have done this before through their own channels But they’ve only now publicly implemented this through the national security law in hong kong This is an interesting state because a lot of different countries were already putting pressure on the chinese communist party to not pass these laws Not only did the ccp pass them, but it passed harsher versions than anybody anticipated Now when it comes to the implementation of this law it is kind of clear and it’s kind of not clear Basically, the chinese communist party is saying that any subversion of its power any kind of subversion of the ccp itself Which could mean anything that criticizes the ccp which could mean any promotion of say hong kong democracy, which they would regard as separatism Anything that promotes taiwan independence which is which they would call separatism Criticisms of the chinese communist party’s human rights abuses which they would regard as a tax on the ccp and its policies All of these could be interpreted within the very broad context of this law And so it’s not that it’s not clear It’s that the law is so incredibly vast that it could outlaw basically any type of criticism of the ccp Or of its policies and for anybody who needs to travel abroad this could mean prison sentences in china This could mean life in prison in china and again They’re not just including chinese people in this and not just hong kongers in this but pretty much any citizen in any part of the world. now moving on australia is building a new national defense plan that will build a Military capable of challenging China Now australia has always had an interesting stance when it comes to the chinese communist party When it comes to say the business and political community a lot of them have been closer to the ccp. In fact And there have been a lot of very heated political debates in Australia where different officials have accused other officials of basically being in china’s pocket Now when it comes to that They’ve also been very active actually in calling out some of the different forms of subversion In the country being done by the chinese communist party including in universities again Including in their political system and especially in their business sectors And also the australian military the defense sector does tend to regard china Would say a more critical stance in many other countries despite all of this And so australia has always had kind of a middle ground back and forth stance when it comes to the ccp But when it comes to this new move of preparing its military To building a military capable of fighting against the ccp or at the very least of holding it off. This is a major move Now you might remember several years back. There was a book that was pretty well known in australia It was called the kingdom and the quarry now referred to china as the kingdom and australia as its quarry Regarding how the ccp regards australia is basically its ore mines Where it can go for iron ore and different things and the ccp has been trying to buy up gdp products in australia Including the different mining industries part of that book warned that the ccp was planning attacks against the united states And also against australia And so what this shows is that australia is now willing to more firmly stand up against the ccp and to do so more on the surface And on this note as well Another update china is warning new zealand to quote. Stop interfering in our affairs After officials there criticized the ccp’s new national security law Now attacks of the ccp and threats from the ccp like this have become more and more common They have what were called these wolf warrior diplomacy policies And so it’s not just australia not just new zealand. They’ve been calling out the uk, they’ve even they’ve even been threatening u.s officials With retaliation for different statements they’ve made against the chinese communist party Now will the chinese communist party move forward with things like that? They’re talking about it right now

They’re talking about putting sanctions on different u.s. Officials after u.s. Officials have passed these bills now To put sanctions on different chinese communist party leaders who’ve been engaged for example in these hong kong laws And in the persecution of muslims in places like xinjiang And the ccp has also become more willing to use its influence over different international institutions to put pressure on different countries When it comes to them threatening or calling out the chinese communist party and also now there are increased reports in india about the Ccp’s use of subversion in the political system business and culture of nepal Now nepal stands between india and china and the ccp has been putting a lot of pressure on nepal Because after the ccp conquered tibet took tibet by force many tibetans fled to nepal The ccp has been using different forms of subversion So that while nepal remains independent on the surface Ccp has found ways to subjugate nepal to different extents by putting pressure on its politics By subverting its economy and by subverting the different elements of its open system And india is taking that as a warning sign when it comes to these border conflicts that it’s having with china You might remember these stories in chinese soldiers killed an estimated 20 indian soldiers They used metal poles with nails in them, and they used large stones allegedly according to reports Now india has been taking a stronger stance on china and part of that stronger stance has been reports like this Where they’re beginning to look more carefully what the chinese communist party has been doing in other countries When it comes to subverting them using open means what the chinese communist party Would refer to as strangling you with your own systems Now moving on china is demanding the u.s news outlets submit information on their staff finances and real estate holdings in china these outlets include the associated press cbs news npr And united press international This has been an ongoing tit-for-tat battle between the united states and china The u.s has been going after different chinese state-run news outlets in the u.s. Including measures like this including for example restricting the amount of visas they can get Including putting many of them under the designation of foreign missions of the chinese communist party based on their structures in other words They’re no longer just foreign say foreign agents of the ccp acting on behalf of a foreign government many of them are now Designated as being branches of the chinese government essentially operating in u.s soil And the ccp has been pushing back on this in different forms This is the latest chapter in that but this is a move the ccp has very little to gain on Because already for businesses to operate in china, including news agencies If they’re going to be in china if they’re operating in china They are already following to an extent. The chinese communist party’s different requirements on news coverage If you violate those principles, you will be kicked out of the country You will lose your visas epoch times is an example of this. Epoch times. Actually we founded in 2000 We actually had reporters in china. They were arrested our editors spent 10 years in prison That’s what happens if you try to tell the truth in china as a journalist Now the ccp is going after these other news outlets that have already been operating in china And have already to an extent if they’re there they have to been following some of the chinese communist party’s different requirements This is unlike the ability of chinese media to operate in the united states Where until very recently they’ve been given basically the same access as any other news outlet even more so to an extent Because many of these news outlets even had reporters in the white house And so again, the chinese communist party is fighting a losing battle It’s playing this tit for tat game doing these retaliations against u.s media. The only thing that will do Is lead these media that already have very harsh criticism against u.s policy To begin putting more pressure on u.s policy when it comes to putting pressure On the chinese communist party and that is very likely all we’re going to see from this at least based on my analysis Now yesterday I had the pleasure of interviewing elmer yuen He’s a hong kong businessman one of the activists right now calling out the chinese communist party for its new national security laws We’re going to jump into that now Now elmer it’s a real pleasure having you on crossroads Hi. Yeah, so well first off, I understand you’re in dc right now and you’re one of the more outspoken voices Against what the chinese communist party is doing I guess first off for you. What does this mean? Why do you feel it necessary to speak out? Hong kong is going to lose all its freedom has already lost its freedom since yesterday because of this draconian National security law they can do whatever they like. They can send their police I think they’re going to send at least five to ten thousand military police into hong kong. They have their own prosecutors And they can appoint their own judge

and without going through the hong kong final court of appeal and they can even send the uh, Whatever suspect to china and have a trial in china, as you know, they can do whatever they like in china There is no limit on detention before trial. There’s nothing there. It’s a lawless country That’s what it is. I know I know the chinese communist party is now saying they can go after people retroactively Meaning that not just going forward but if in the past they believe you violated this law you risk life in prison And here you are Your own record all your emails and not only hong kong residents They have the right to go over anybody in the world. Suddenly. They have the whole world as their jurisdiction It’s unbelievable. Let me explain to you. It’s not even a country china is basically a gangster’s land so there’s no nation. There’s no government everything belongs to the party and the party is really a few families, you know Like the crime families and dominated by them and the country is a facade right government is a facade behind every government official There’s a party secretary pulling the strings even behind every business. There is a party secretary pulling the string So it’s it’s really not the country. It’s a huge land this greater china with one party and inside the party few families, and then they have 90 million gangsters and 1.4 million basically slaves That’s what the hierarchy is and hong kong is a separate area with freedom and we are the free chinese And they are the slave chinese. That is the difference. They don’t want the free chinese to survive They want the free chinese to live the same way as they do That’s what the law is for. And I know that it’s it’s brave for people to be speaking out right now one thing that surprised me was after the chinese communist party threatened people with life in prison You still had a large number of hong kong protesters take to the streets, and I know even you yourself I mean they could come after you for this and you’re here speaking with me. my family they can take my Family as a as as a hostage And to shut me up and I was also surprised how many people went to the street on july 1st now one thing that surprised me I honestly did not expect the chinese communist party to do something so Overt. to to do something so in the light plain as day Making it clear basically that everything the hong kong people were afraid was going to happen has in fact happened They’re not trying to hide it and this surprised me for one main reason which is that the chinese communist party uses hong kong As it’s basically, you know business hub to reach the west It uses it as a free trade hub and it has now sacrificed that. the us is now You know looking to end the different kinds of trade benefits that hong kong was given And i’m curious from you. I mean, I know you’re a businessman from hong kong How do you see this affecting business in hong kong? And why would the ccp do something like that? That would harm its own self-interest? For the sake of this. Joshua, when their economy economy is doing well When their power the ccp’s power is not challenged They would do what you are saying They have no reason to sacrifice hong kong’s economy and the ability to earn us dollars for them But in the last few years xi jinping feels that he’s threatened There are so many fractions inside china and outside threatening his position So that’s why he’s willing to sacrifice the hong kong economy the china economy and also those stolen wealth Of those rich families outside because they may be sanctioned all these high officials. He’s sacrificing all those For his own staying in power as simple as this the communists the way they are the way they become It’s very much like a gang family when their power is threatened They’re willing to sacrifice their own gangsters or their own people or even their own family That’s the way it works. very different from ours. We have orderly transfer of power They don’t. so the way they grab power xi jinping spend their whole life from beginning of the term to now Grabbing power because they feel in so insecure There is no rule how to transfer power. So that’s why they’re sacrificing Everything they know the whole world is against them. So hong kong finished. We’re going to be a dead city and the chinese economy Nobody wants to buy anything from them. as a result, those wealthy families money will be all sanctioned and frozen by the US Sooner or later, it’s all happening now Now i’m curious going forward. What do you see happening to hong kong? first off Do you think people are going to are going to actually stop Protesting, do you think that they will be willing to bow down to the ccp? I mean really after living their whole lives in democracy and suddenly overnight. Those freedoms are taken away What do you see happening to hong Kong going forward? these cantonese will continue to protest

Right, but the problem is not hong kong U.s. Is terribly hurt by the pandemics 120 000 and going up to 200 000 people will die and this Is a bloody debt. u.s Must get them to pay that is the main issue so I’ve met many senators in the last few weeks they they are under pressure from their voters to do something dramatic because somebody died I Just met a congressman from new jersey. 13 000 people died. When have you heard a state. one new jersey? I’m, very familiar with New Jersey. 13,000 people died and more on the way. He has to do something So it’s not just the hong kong is just a reason for them to do something but u.s will have to escalate And and xi jinping also have to escalate it’s going to be a war As simple as that, I know nobody loves war especially outside china in our peaceful free world But that the escalation Is going to be because nobody can dares to back down xi jinping cannot back down if he backs down He’s finished donald trump with a re-election coming and also with the whole world supporting him. He cannot back down either So it’s going to be escalations Which will lead to war. It could be a currency war It could be a financial war and eventually it may even lead to a kinetic war And now tell us in your own views Why is the potential of the fall of hong kong something to the world that matters to the world? Why is this something that people around the world should really care about in your opinion? In hong kong we share the same universal value with the whole world except china All right, except china or maybe north korea and iran, so we share your value So if hong kong is lost it’s very similar to berlin. It’s like losing berlin You remember US used to airlift into berlin west berlin just to save them. It’s the value It’s the freedom and the value we share and that’s why u.s Of course they’re not only doing it for hong kong but that is an Opportunity and open up for u.s to do something with the background of the pandemic laws So that’s the reason u.s wants to be involved and that is the first line of defense and if if they lose hong kong the next maybe taiwan the next maybe southeast asia or or the south china sea so for US Represent the whole free world. They also need to win in hong kong I guess just last question if you would hope people understand one thing about what hong kong means for the world about what’s happening right now What would you tell them? It’s the civilized world against the barbaric world China is the barbaric world. You see how they legislate this law. the national security law You know how barbaric it is. only when they are ready to publish they let everybody see the detail You don’t get to see the detail. This is the way they pass a law. That is how barbaric they are They are still in middle ages. We live in a civilized world when we have a law It has to go through lots of inquiry first reading second reading and voting All they do is they did everything and then publish it in hong kong gazette. So you understand One simple sentence. It’s the civilized world against the barbaric world and that war has to be fought right now That’s what I want to say. Great elmer. Really appreciate it Anything else you’d like to say. Any points you feel we missed you want to touch on? No. Thank you for supporting hong kong Now with that said folks again the show we’re broadcasting Monday through friday five days a week and also on sundays we’re going to be doing a live q&a for our patreon Supporters. with that said please take care of yourselves. Stay healthy. Stay free