Страна Сальвадор | Опасная Находка | Ruslan Verin #11

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Страна Сальвадор | Опасная Находка | Ruslan Verin #11

Hello dear viewers Feel yes? Authority as spoke Herringbone What are they looking at me? Because I am exotic for them Well, half past seven in the morning, and we are already in the saddle Today a few kilometers away Maybe ten kilometers, I do not know There will be a border with Salvador This is Ching volcano He is just on the border is Knolls are good In the morning it does not soar too well But I want to have a straight road so well let’s see how we will have the passage of the border so wakes us up a new country. Guatemala class But tired of the mounds, I was very tired right they got me Not so much physically as morally tired of them. Height we have 1034 meters above sea level a half past seven temperature is 19 degrees there is still no volcano you want to take more and so here pretty boy Good day. Where are you going? El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua All by myself? Yes! My name is Ruslan Stamp? No, he is not here. Only control El Salvador stamp? I do not have Is the asphalt over? Yes, there is no asphalt He will be a mile away I want to rejoice but in fact I am not yet in El Salvador. I have not yet passed this customs control, migration service Somehow still suspicious Three people stood there. We looked touched the bags. Inside did not look And everything says – drive! And it turns out that I, with Salvador, can drive to any village in Honduras Well, let’s see I’ve already traveled a couple of kilometers around El Salvador The map shows me that I already drove And I still do not see how No check post. I’m thinking maybe it’s just simple local border between neighboring villages Because Guatemalans did not answer me that I left Says we have no print in the database I didn’t get anywhere, I don’t understand something at all Smacks of adventure to be honest Now I drove to the police station Salvador police Well, I explained to them the whole point of the situation I say that when I stop and leave, they always stamp. And then they say no They say everything is fine, they will put you there on the border You will have no problems Type if in another place I would call in a stamp Something like that I do not understand In another place would have been stamped, but here do not put In short, remember this person yet Not anticipating and not knowing what will happen to him I think the outcome will be unexpected for me The main thing that I was not forced to return Something like that here is a lot of locust And alive and dead But he is huge and beautiful How are you lucky that I do not eat people like you Well, do not fly? Here is a lazy And then the road began in Salvador

Here I booked myself here Hotel to exchange money buy a local card My name is Ruslan Verin. I booked a hotel for today Did you book a double room? You can put there It says the soup is coming Now we see what we have for the money in El Salvador Requires a pin code What we have is US dollars There is no local currency in El Salvador there are US dollars. Stupid huh? Gringo Gringo, while they themselves use US currency Walk around the city of San Ana This is El Salvador What is the danger? First of all here lattice shops are all in bars And probably the best idea so walk now with the camera Well, I’m from Ukraine guys I’m from Odessa Next card I am lying with a fingal and a camera just kidding It is the very center of the city the very beauty and around such a souvenir and and sweets sell. And here is a small park You can still sit and relax. And without a bicycle I feel somehow not very With a fun bike nice I don’t know what it is This is probably for confession Well, you get on your knees and you say it window And he sits here opens this little thing and listens to you There is all kind of food Noise, nobody serves me they don’t like me I took my own and go in the park to sit down, probably Where are they all sitting? And where they all sit I don’t want an urn here There is a grandmother sitting, but nothing. Here they are all sitting Here are the bins immediately. But it does not say that it is pure In general, after Guatemala, there is still good

good aftertaste that’s why I still think it’s okay Well, no whatsoever With all this, normal adequate parks With swing with lawn cut Even trees at the edges clipped There are already eggs sold in this store The change is also issued I buy myself such a thing For one dollar Cans with onions and peppers Mustard Mayonnaise What a beauty This is how it turned out beautifully Here you can sit here Tasty hot dog and salvador hot dog Three-liter Pepsi, how are you? Worth one dollar ninety cents So guys let’s go here I’ll take eight bananas for myself It makes me happy, the language is already somehow disassemble their language Damn, and she bought eight bananas For one dollar Okay, tomorrow we eat I have a Pepsi three-liter We buy sweets Here so through the lattice Remind the hotel costs nine dollars breakfast included I look people are already sitting here according to reviews here type here is very cool and everyone praises breakfast so much, it was also one of the key moments why i chose this hotel But my friend from Australia beans, eggs and bananas Today I want to ask our friend again, he also travels on a motorcycle let’s call this rubric dream has no age In short, when he retired six years ago he went with

nephew to asia and in one word he had an idea to travel on a motorcycle and this is not a dream from childhood, in general it is fun but he is not married, there are no children, of course he can travel 2004 BMW 1150 BMW Dice I will show him, he was in Florida near Miami sold for $ 3,800 He tells the story of how over 3500, okay 3000, 2800 and as a result he took him for 2300 and said, so he had an American card, and they just had to sell He has a friend in Panama, he left And this paid all summer, just utilities Rested there for three months Not married and no children, but of course you can relax Says he will go to Veracruz, but in fact he will return on from Colombia because in Panama everyone knows that from Panama to Colombia can be reached in two ways by plane or by ship, that’s why the price is folded over there and he says last time 550 dollars for himself paid for the ship and $ 550 for a motorcycle 1100 dollars for two, here wants now to Veracruz and is cheaper there than regular freight by ship It’s okay He’s all here until the end Says he wants to marry a Venezuelan girl wants to marry Here is such a great eccentric turns Motorcycle of this friend He has a broken headlight And he himself made such a mount And what’s interesting he has of course state numbers well and says that that I would not be harmed a motorcycle so that they would not think that I am a gringo he stuck the flag of Mexico and now they think that he is Mexican and will treat him better I thought he would tell some romantic story How he saved his whole life and went on a trip And he has everything much

more prosaic but well done All said goodbye Outdoor heat, palm trees – all things It’s time to wear a cap. And drove through El Salvador A little bit from the hill, and then there will be a rise again And at the same time check the windshield punches or not drove into the village for lunch that’s all I managed for 2 dollars 75 cents, together with water they consider beef, rice, pasta and salad tartae here is a plump tarty it’s usually hot sauce yes, acute I wanted beads, it’s a cool thing, they say three on dollar can be found, but they are closer to six or five open so in the next collective farm we sing I like it, if you really need it, they go right on the road dry clothes corn Not a lot of pork give All I’ll go with the boys sit And that’s what I like about my four cupus I can take as many greens as you like and of course I will not deny myself And here I am still looking at the bike I can even meet the boys, but I still speak Spanish What I like is that you can eat with your hands I really did not wash them But is it really important? The guys certainly eat more modestly than I do. But that’s their business Going to one kind of awesome place you should like it I’m not ready to turn the pedals, I’m still going from the slide but I believe that there will be a place fantastic, but not today. But tomorrow morning And the drone flies, and I take pictures And then I tell you that I am at night in El Salvador for some jungle went

I think people of course will be in shock those. they will know everything About the same situation I had already in Pakistan so much fun driving at night and where I was at night just did not go fun actually six hours twenty minutes we have time in winter, the day is getting shorter but here he is always like that In short, I caught some kind of boa he crushes me but not much I hope to see him ah some evil, come on, what will you do to me? well presses in short, well, I love snakes, I love what a great some strong so untie your knot and the main thing on me is no shit yet oh what handsome it is clear that he has a good face and the coloring is beautiful, shimmers, and the tail is glass well handsome And he will live with me somewhere in the neighborhood at night oh what, let’s still show language Well, tell me something Well done, how are you tongued again you are not long enough you are a fat and lazy snake you just do not crawl to my bike I say to the great not crawl! let’s go to that side Well done But if I saw at night so handsome? compare it with my leg how would you react? Ruslan Verin