【ENG SUB】💕Love Designer EP23 | Dilraba,JohnnyHuang | Chinese Drama 2020

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【ENG SUB】💕Love Designer EP23 | Dilraba,JohnnyHuang | Chinese Drama 2020

Hello, Miss Fang Where have you been? I’m on my way, on my way! How about Qin Qing? Especially bad I don’t even know what should I do now I’ll be right there Don’t be sad Let’s me see You go back to rest first Can I talk to you when I arrive? What are you doing driving that far? Come and sit down with Dad Are you still angry with me? No! I’m not angry The operation will take place tomorrow I don’t know the result yet Generally, there is no problem But if… Dad, there’s no if! Certainly no problem I’m quite at leisure in these days I’ve been thinking about a lot of things Qin Qing, If one day, I really left, what I will worry about is you Tell me about it! You always tell us you’re in a relationship But there is no result at all If it happened before, I thought it was nothing as long as you were happy But recently, I’m scared! What are you afraid of? I’m afraid that one day dad and mom really left, I’m afraid you’re having a bad time No! Dad, don’t keep saying that Dad will definitely have a legacy for you But I still worry about it I now know there is someone who loves you He is by your side, caring for you and loving you So Don’t be angry with me and with Zuo either I called him here I wanted to help you see and give some suggestions I think Xiao Zuo is quite good You can think about him I’m not forcing you You can be with whoever you like You make your own decisions However, you have to promise me you are fine all the time

Take good care of yourself Dad, I am so worthless, so ignorant, and dandiacal You will raise me for a lifetime Uncle Xiaofang is here Xiaofang You just arrived Did you eat? You and Qin Qing go get something to eat Ok Uncle, have you eaten? Don’t worry about me, your aunt will be back soon Ok Go ahead Let’s go I’m just hungry I’ll go! Go ahead Go ahead! Uncle, we’ll go! Xiaofang Help me comfort her well Please I know, uncle Aunt, don’t worry It will be okay! Aunt, Miss Fang This is my boss Song Lin Hello, aunt What are you doing here? I’m here to see my uncle Is there anything I can do to help? How was it going? doctor How? Don’t worry! Everything went smoothly during the operation But still he has to be observed for a while Okay, thank you Thank you Thank you, doctor It’s all right The biggest characteristic of this person is that she is never bear grudges You don’t have to go on a hunger strike for this little thing Eat some meat! What a big deal, isn’t it? Don’t take it to heart You should eat and drink whatever you want She will forget what do you look like now in a few days Don’t be sad! Let’s eat! Thanks, Miss Fang Well Stop eating meat! You’re still suffer from excessive internal heat! Eat some green vegetables Eat something that doesn’t contain heat Have something weak Thank you, Brother Lin Come on, you like meat Eat more! Enough, enough! My bowl is full, then put it in your mouth Come Help yourself to have some meat Tell me whatever from Qin Qing’s father? When I first met you,

I always think you are very cold But then gradually, I found you’re warm Isn’t she your best friend? It’s sort of my own business In the future, you will have to express yourself more like this Otherwise, everyone else will think you are a machine without feelings No need for this! Show the good side to the People around Limited quantity? Of course limited! Do you know how to cherish it if it is unlimited? Ok After the new product was launched, the response was quite good I saw that The sales volume is quite good Youyou is doing a live broadcast By the way What? My mother Aunt What about you? You scared me! I dropped this thing and looked for it Auntie, are you here for a walk? Zhou Fang Zhou Fang Aunt Zhou Fang is not with me Zhou Fang Aunt Really! Zhou Fang Zhou Fang Zhou Fang Why did you see my mother the same as to see primary school teachers It’s because of you, isn’t it? Why else would you be afraid of your mother? I’ll go in first She’ll be back soon Go ahead Good night What’s wrong? What’s wrong? I can’t sleep Mom Why did you hide from me? Do you think I can’t bear it? Did you take me as a child? In your minds, was I particularly bad? It’s not worth it at all for you to be proud? You should have been very disappointed, right? We were afraid that if you knew, you would be sad But for mom and dad, children will always be children! It doesn’t matter with what do you do It’s common faults of all parents Although you were particularly active since you were small and often caused trouble However you are kind, open-minded, optimistic and free Nothing is more important than these Dad and Mom will always be proud of you Mom Miss Fang, your new work is so beautiful There must be a lot of people like it Hello, Miss Fang Is it that to be mainly on sale later? Yes! Take it quickly OK Tell me about it! During the live broadcast, will Youyou be blacked out? No, Miss Fang Netizens have limited memory There are so many breaking news for entertainment to be digested This little news of you There won’t be too many people hold on to it Don’t worry too much By the way, let me tell you something

Today I contacted with a friend He told me Few days ago, Wang Zeyang borrowed money from him He also told Wang Zeyang’s company has gone out of business and owed a lot of debt This man is so scheming Why didn’t he scheme this up? Can your friend cooperate with us? How? Just tell him I am willing to lend him money but only in cash Let him get it himself Alright! I’ll do it right away How are you? Are you ready? You can start at any time Ok Youyou, don’t be nervous! Let’s take our places! The first round of promotion depends on you Show some energy! Come on! Get ready quickly I’ll tape! Reminder board! Reminder board! Three, two, one Hello friends I am Youyou I see a lot of little cuties are waiting for me Mr. Shen For uncle’s illness it’s hard for you and your aunt to accompany all the night Today it happens to be free for me Today let me be the company I also made some delicious food Eat while it is hot I’m not hungry Fine Eat when you’re hungry I’ll heat you up Let’s go! Mom I want to talk to you What is it? Mom, you let Shen Yuan accompany dad at night Is this appropriate? Is there anything inappropriate? We all looked at him growing up He just likes my son What if he misunderstands? That’s better I’ll be happier Mom, what do you mean? Haven’t you never thought about him? How can I do that? Then why aren’t you thinking about him? He has calm personality also knows to show respects to the elders The key point is he has loved you for many years This feeling can stand the test I always treat him like an elder brother I can’t have that kind of feeling for him You have feelings for Xiaozuo You want to marry him? I know that You young people fall in love, thinking this feeling can last for a lifetime But in fact, this is actually the most impossible After a long time and after the passion, the couple would talk about outlook on life, sense of worth and world view And the person’s character and morality I’ll tell the truth, your father has always wanted to see that you can have a secure relationship He wants you to get married early You just think about Shen Yuan! Mom won’t hurt you He must be the most suitable person for you to marry With him by your side, then your father and I will also be relieved No way! It’s really impossible for me and him I understand But mom still wants you to think again Feeling! Is it really reliable? When will it come and when to go Can you control it? Yes You and Xiaozuo have known each other for a few months That must be a feeling of love But he is so young, nothing we can be sure about him What? Do you really want to be mature with him? But the problem is you grow up with him until he is mature Does he still need you? I want to go home! Alright It’s not over, is it?

I really want to ask you How did you do it? Just be refused by the mother-in-law and forbidden you to go to there anymore It seems rich and good looking cannot work Don’t you dare to say it again? I’ll cut your brake tubing Can you believe it? Don’t, please It’s too expensive! I was wrong Why do I feel not steadfast today? With deep affection! And you have something on mind Make a phone call and ride my beloved scooter Hey, what are you doing Nothing I’m worried and asking if you are alright! He is out now I won’t tell you yet I have something else Such a dog! Call me to come here and tease me! What shall we do? Follow him Safety belt! It should be this unit! One more week If you don’t pay back the money, don’t blame we hit you hard then This kind of person should be punished without doubt Otherwise he didn’t know to return the money Let’s go Fine Why are you here? You come here to help me? Wang Zeyang, Don’t touch her! Wang Zeyang, don’t misunderstand us Just like the group of people, we are here for punishing you Punishing me? Zhou Fang I know you are not that kind of person, right? Then you misjudged me I am this kind of people Don’t morality kidnapping me To one like you, it’s unnecessary to be kind Peipei What is wrong with you? In the past, you are not like this We had those good time in the past Don’t you remember? Shut up! You are so disgusting! Wang Zeyang, you are so disgusting I got no beefs with you You dead dwell on me? The design draft of Quanye is stolen by you, right? Zhou Fang I have a skeleton in the closet Otherwise I will not earn this money You see my wounds and look at my house Look what they did to them If I can’t repay the money Next time I will be more pitiful I’m already been listed into the defaulters I’m trying to borrow money But I can’t Peipei, you know our relationship I’m so good for you Don’t you remember? Would you just do me a favor? Wang Zeyang, are you sick ah! What you said just now is none of our business You made the problem yourself You solve it on your own Yes, I deserve it But I have no other choice You can make so much money You just treat it as poverty alleviation Borrow me some As soon as I get enough money, I will repay you immediately Shame on you! Wang Zeyang For this small amount of money You set me up? I have no other choice I was going to get the money Can you understand? Why do I need to understand? You think about it Why do I need to understand? If you’re a bit of a conscience, you now have the design draft destroyed in front of us Then I will consider whether to blame you for that I thought you are here to help me So that’s what this is all about If you want to get back design draft Take the money to exchange Wang Zeyang, you are so disgusting Now you are still thinking about making money How much can you earn by this? Not much Two million yuan What? Two yuan is not possible! Then you can’t blame me

Have been with you so many years, it’s not hard to make some money By the way Shen Peipei If you let your dad invest my company earlier Would I be reduced to this situation? You also account for some responsibility Wang Zeyang, till now you still talk like this? Are you human? My life doesn’t count a lot You like to beat? Beat now! Or take the money to exchange No money, no way! You continue to dream on! Nope Then I’ll dream You are not willing to converse There are many people who are willing to Hello! Is that Mr. Song I am Wang Zeyang About Zhou Fang’s plagiarism The original design is in my hand If you are interested We’ll talk about it face to face When? How about tomorrow? Not tomorrow. Now Where are you? Send me the address I come for you Ok I’ll send you the position Hello! Song Lin, Song Lin I tell you If Wang Zeyang wants to talk to you, don’t give him a response Why? If he comes to find you again, don’t give him a response, and don’t answer the phone Ha wants to get money from you You don’t have to worry about that I’ve got it I’ll hang up I understand your meaning That’s good Mr. Song You’re the boss of such a top company Just spend a small amount of money You can give Zhou Fang a relief Right? You You can steal the design of Zhou Fang Sign the copyright of the design What a Dump! So what? We’re very busy I don’t want to gossip with you You stand out now to make clarification and apologize to her Then, I don’t hold your responsible Mr. Song, it seems you don’t understand the current situation Now it’s not you who can hold me accountable It’s me who may hold Zhou Fang accountable Talk to you directly It’s my name that is written on the copyright What I should say, I have already said What I have to tell you, I have already told Better behave yourself! I don’t hold your responsible is my last kindness to you I know I came for nothing today Don’t get me wrong Let’s wait and see Zhou Fang Zhou Fang, open the door Dad, mom, open the door! Where come the drunkard? Screaming in the middle of the night Open He is the ex-boyfriend of Fangfang I heard he was the bad guy who cheated on a woman See what? Who is the bad guy? You are the bad guy What did you say? Come here Who is it? Dad, me Zeyang Wang Zeyang Miss Lan Hello! Ruhui You and Zhou are not at home? Someone is downstairs Shouting for a moment What is he shouting for? I am not at home. Zhou is at home He stopped shouting now He must be drunk Has he gone? I’ll check it Well, I know I will call Zhou now Sorry

the subscriber you dialed cannot be connected for the moment Zhou Fang Zhou Fang Your dad hasn’t been answering the phone Something wrong? It’s ok, mom, just take it easy Well Have you seen Wang Zeyang? Yes What did you talk to him? I don’t know what’s the matter about him! He is like being crazy He ran to my house Like drink too much Now, where were you? Mom and I are heading home now My dad is at home alone I will come now No, thanks Dad, you may have to make decision for me! I worked for our family for so many years For what? Just for you two and for Zhou Fang I have treat you as my parents really If you don’t help me If you don’t help me I have no choice but to die If I die, we will die together! We’re family Zeyang You should listen to me Now just calm down OK? I’m calm I’m calm I’m not calm? You said to me I just want equity Why? Why this world is so unfair! Zeyang Zeyang, put down the knife Dad, Wang Zeyang, what are you doing? Wang Zeyang, have you done? I’m telling you I was blind! Before I treated you as my child Your own child? Who am I? Who am I to you guys? I am just a ugly duckling Put the knife down! Anyway, I can’t stand up Let’s die together Zhou Fang Don’t come over! We will die together! Zhou Fang, you come here! Dad, I have nothing any more Drop the knife You drop the knife No Put down Die together! Die together! Dad, watch out! Call the police quickly! Call the police, call the police Well Where is my fruit knife? Stop, stop, please! All right, it’s fine now Forget it, it’s all over now A little bit cold? You wear it, you cold, too Fine I’m fine, you take it Man is not afraid of cold Man is also human Don’t treat me as human then I’m not human Give me your hand Right hand What are you doing? My hand is cold Hand is cold? Then I’m going in My parents are not sleep yet Go ahead Zhou Fang Don’t try to be brave Tell me in such a dangerous situation Put on your uniform first Go home and rest well I think I made a big achievement today Is there any reward? Just say your mind, I will consider it Consider it Kiss on the Wall! Come OK?

This is what I want to say I’ll be back Go back Dad, Yeah Dad, It is too late Why are you still up? Where is my mom? She doesn’t feel well She’s taken some pills and gone to bed That’s hard for you It’s all my fault How can we blame on you It’s Wang Zeyang’s fault I didn’t even see what he was going to look like Not to mention you A fall into the pit, a gain in your wit You’ll have to remember it Fine It’s time to sleep, dad You too Will you go to work tomorrow? No But tomorrow morning I need to go out for some errands You don’t need to wait me for breakfast You are so busy! Then I’m going to rest Good night I am just a ugly duckling Anyway, I can’t stand up Let’s die together Aunt Fang’er, why are you here? Come and sit Come here Sit please Haven’t eat? I’ll cook for you Thank you, aunt I have eaten I just come to visit you I’d like to know how you’re doing Fine Fang’er I already know I already know It’s all his fault Stinky! Fang’er I’m so sorry for you Aunt You don’t need to apologize to me This is not your fault It’s all over for a long time I have forgot already I just come to visit you How about family’s situation? I heard that Wang Zeyang is been in debt all the time lately It is his brother’s debt! He likes gambling The money borrowed accrues interest It goes on and on He has run away The usury can only turn to Zeyang Life is worse than before He can’t even afford his sister’s school fees Mr. Song, Mr. Song Hello, Mr. Song Hello, boss Aunt, stay Take care Ok, you too Mr. Song Here are some contracts for you to sign OK leave them here Have a seat What’s the plan today? There are some projects I need to discuss with you

The project leaders have arrived Can we have the meeting at 10:00 a.m? OK Your teeth are real or fake? Really Let me see Boss It seems you are so happy It’s not good to be happy? Is it the nourishment of love? Love can make you happy But you can’t get it All right, just be happy I’m heading out See you Are you really ok? Do you want stay with me for a while? Our online store has been doing quite well recently If there are some buyers who give opinions For example, they want to return what they bought, we should take the opinions OK. Miss Fang Zhou Fang Well, just do your work first What are you doing here? You don’t get me wrong Today, I’m not here to get you in trouble My mom has told me I want to thank you Don’t mistake me I am helping your mother She is very kind to me She is very nice It’s none of your business Stop contacting me later I see I can’t understand when I suffer most, you are the only one who wants to help me Thank you By the way I’m here today I’ve got something else for you The money you give I just give you an IOU Take it! Don’t use this to contact me again! And don’t use that as an excuse I see I know I’m sorry for you Sorry