A Swift Journey with Tugce: Kyle Hines

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A Swift Journey with Tugce: Kyle Hines

welcome how are you I’m fine that’s an absolute pleasure to have you here thanks for joining us oh I’m good how about yourself how’s everything there it’s going well how are you quarantine things going well in Jersey uh it’s going okay um everything is still sort of locked down right now we’re still able to kind of I live in a small town in Jersey so we haven’t been extremely affected so we’re still able to kind of move around and do things essential stuff is open and they’re starting to probably do it next week or two they’re going to start opening up other things they spend your free time during this process I saw you were cooking right yeah trying to do a little bit everything I have two small kids as you know many people know so they keep us very busy and then also like you knows trying to do something around the house things out probably normally wouldn’t do like cooking and little like you know repairs around the house stuff like that that’s nice and with Euroleague season I don’t know what you predict about the league but this season with Seska Moscow Nando de Colo sergio judaism curry higgins left from the team and you got new teammates this this season and and Kosta Koufos I’m like James science so do we can consider this as a new chemistry and as a team captain how would you consider the season cuz you nan de Ann Curry have been playing together almost five years right yeah so how would you consider the season and it was that’s just an observation but it was something like you just found your feet with the new guys but then the season stopped right is that Carlos exactly what happened um you know it took us some time to kind of build chemistry with each other you know we had a new team and a bunch of new players so it took time for us to kind of you know learn the system and learn each other but um I mean as you said you know we were we were getting to the point you know we just felt like we were playing good basketball we had just had a big win over Panathinaikos week in your league and we just played Lokomotiv Kuban who was you know a good team in a Russian league and we have two really good games so you know we thought that we thought we were playing well but you know obviously you know the situation occurred and you know other things became more important mm-hmm and if this season continues will you be able to start where you left off what do you think about that um I honestly don’t know um you know I don’t know what form I’m in I don’t know what shape I’m in right now because you know I haven’t touched the basketball haven’t played a basket you know touch the basketball almost I would say six seven weeks training during your downtime yes I’ve been know I’ve been doing like I transform our garage and select a little bit of a weight room and so I’ve been doing that and I have a park or a park across the street from my house that has like Hills and it’s kind of a grassy area so I’ve been training there so I’m in shaped like you know as far as physical shape but it’s more as basketball shape as far as like you know being able to compete at basketball I don’t know and I don’t know you know how you know how we’re gonna be able to come back and and play so many about the season cop um I mean I’m an optimistic person by nature so you know I think everybody wants to see basketball wants to see sports come back but at the same time I think right now the priority should be everybody self not just the players but also you know the world self in the global house so you know I think that that should take presidents and that should be the most important thing right now so um the only way I would like to see basketball come back is that if everybody is healthy and it could come back to his truest form but if we’re unable to you know protect and make sure everybody’s healthy and making sure that you know everybody is able to play under the best conditions then I think is best that we are you know waiting so that that happens you attended the summer tournaments TBT with Bryant Dunston and Mike James so I’m curious about your experience cuz a college reunion uh yeah I mean it was fun for me to go back to my college city in Greenville North Carolina and then have the opportunity to play with some of the players that are most of my er you know get a chance to play with like so Brian Dunston and you know Matt Liszewski and Nick James and Michael apt I mean uh Pacific James Mike James Nick Calathes you know all all these different guys so I read it was fun it was fun it was fun just to kind of have opportunity and we haven’t got opportunity to play in the States for a while or you know a lot of us you know only play overseas so was it good opportunity for us to come back and try to showcase you know overseas basketball overseas players and since we’re talking about grinding stone you attended a interview you did an interview with Billy Barron at you come and he asked you who are the strongest players you played against and you said Brian Dunston because it’s like looking

into a mirror so from that point what is your relationship but Brian because you the year that you signed for Seska was the year that he signed for oh yes right I mean me me and Brian have a have had a long relationship we actually played each other I think my senior year of college I was at UNC Greensboro he was at Fordham so I mean we we’ve had a we have a great you know me a great relationship and we always every time we see each other I think we have respect for each other and for the fact that I mean that he wanted to come play you know all the team was he knows great so I got I’ll of this competitive spirit he’s one of the players that I respect respect the most is because you know the way he plays in a solitary place I think that’s like that’s just a coincidence but you were varying the same number right 42 yeah I mean III mean like I said I mean when I when I play against them I sometimes it’s almost like you know playing against I would see like you know if I was playing against myself that’s what you know that’s what pretty much would be like I would I would imagine you seems like you’re an active Instagram user right oh yeah I mean especially now during the times I mean I’m you know I’m I’m able to kind of know scroll and in the great part about Instagram right now is that there’s no a lot of great content there’s a lot of different things going on so I mean it’s a great way to kind of you know stay connected with people stay connected with fans they connect with people all over the world so you know I like you know meeting new people and and then talking about interesting things and or learning buttocks to things so I think Instagram is a great way to do that and I don’t know what you think about that but as I observed the way players approach to social media changed a bit I mean we know more about their personalities the way they approach the social issues for example so how did social media affect the modern sports world from your for my from us from asada gays they gave athletes opportunity to use their voice opportunity to voice their opinions and I think that is important I think from you know from going back maybe even 10 15 years ago before social media existed you only have to speak through a journalist or through somebody else that you never was really your own works so I think this gives a you know athletes opportunity to you know talk about the things that they’re most passionate about talk about the things that they most care about whether it’s social issues whether or not it’s just their hobbies are the things they do and it’s an opportunity for them to showcase that you know their lives outside of the playing fields or playing courts and stuff like that so I think social media has had a big a big influence on you know and athletes and fans are doing and you also did a docu-series named just the kid from Sickler village right so doing these pipe episodes we saw more about your family the locker room atmosphere from a portly players point of view so what what was the idea between this I mean how did you decide to do something like that um it was exactly that I mean it was every time I would come home you know my friends my family or just general people had asked him like what is life like playing basketball receives what is life by playing basketball or living in Moscow Russia so we were like me and my friends we were like you know what let’s this show people so we decided to you know take a year in kind of document you know the highlights of my life the different things that I kind of went through during that season and I think it can hopefully get people a unique perspective you know of what you know overseas basketball Intel so you know obviously my situations are the same as everybody’s but I think it kind of gives people a little bit different perspective from what they normally and usually see and we even saw your electric bill right yeah um my favorite episode I think is my when my son Justin was born I think that was the very every time I watch it I still cry and I’m not even a big crier like a super emotional guy but there’s like parts when they’re like oh and you know me and my wife we kind of debated back before whether in that was something that we want to keep private or something on the show but we wanted to kind of show that aspect like you know it’s not it’s not only just what players go through because we have families and it’s our families are part of that so we want the kind of you know show that that human you know aspect of you know the players lives you know having to you know like I said watching my son’s burger over you know over FaceTime and you know those those different things so are you sure to get quarantine episode right now not really um we’ve been thinking about it but we’ve been doing we’ve been doing this podcast that dead the first episode just launched today so we did a podcast with um you know we talked to a bunch of you know guys that are your League of Maestro former players yeah hotels so hotels it’s it’s the first episode but the idea is basically to kind of you know give players opportunity to tell their stories and until they Jory tell their journeys you know a lot of times you know especially overseas basketball players you know we don’t get opportunity to share our stories the way we want to share it so our whole thing is that we wanted to

give guys the opportunity in the platform to tell their stories tell their journeys and also you know give fans and give younger players because a lot of times younger players ask me like you know what does it take for me to play overseas basketball be successful so we’re like well why not you know here you know how other other players have been successful you know in their journeys Wow and you also did interviews named a quarter rest class yeah yeah yeah you did interviews with Nick Calathes Derek Williams and Ultimo hunter so yes before a few days we did an interview with Joe Lucas and he talked about his journey through the courts to the sports media so have you ever thought about what would you do after you retired from the court and could you ever imagine yourself as a member of sports media exposure I remember but yeah unofficially I guess I am initially I never thought I would be you know in sports media I’m kind of like I was always a kind of a quiet kind of guy that kind of always stay in the background but this is something I like doing I like creating stories I like storytelling I like you know giving players opportunity to tell stories so I think so I think I think it would be you know something you know that I would enjoy doing you know they have like I said giving players opportunity to kind of tell their stories and you know speak about you know their their desires and speak about the different things that they like going my way isn’t available on Spotify or how yeah so so right now um we just launched the first episode so you can see the video for the video version on YouTube I’ll send you a link so maybe you can post a link but uh there’s a video version on YouTube and also it’s also on Spotify and soon to be in the next couple weeks would be on Apple and all all partners available right now it’s on Spotify on YouTube wow that’s great and all the vice president of yearly Players Association and you know both both sites when you compare the current structures of Euroleague players association ELP A&M BPA what are the major differences I know that’s a deep subject but let’s generalize it um I mean it’s a deep subject but um I think you know from the LPA side is that basically what we’re trying to do is I were trying to make sure that the players voices are heard when any time there’s a decision any time that there’s anything that is involving the players to make sure that the players opinions and voices are hurt so I think that’s number one I think that you know we alpha is as we call it is is player driven it’s player focused it’s all about the players so we want to make sure that the player is able to maximize their careers maximize their earnings and maximize their opportunities and make sure that like I said before that their that their well-being is definitely at the forefront and in verses like you said being in and with your elite you’ll be my relationship with your league is more or less as trying to almost similar you know trying to help you know Drive you know the I guess you could say the the media coverage and every things that happen with your league and also try to give them you know perspective from what happens with players so sometimes you know which is makes sense you know they’re only thinking about the whole big picture they’re thinking about you know the league the official staff fans things of that nature so you know sometimes it’s better for him it was best for them to you know understand you know what’s going on my players are are you in connection with team captains or are you do you do some meetings online I mean how do you communicate with them yeah so for the players association every every team has I guess you say a person that is in charge a representative so we all have a group chat so I mean those in those everybody knows GT told me you know it’s been about your player he’s the president of the organization so you know for him he helps in longwood bulking up are they help facilitate you know everything and you know we’re just you know kind of one alliance you know trying to make sure that all players are where it was going on I mean all players basically have you know a system in place or process to play some to understand you know what’s going on a yearly basketball and you have time to watch NBA during the season uh I mean I’m in Russia so usually it’s like a seven or eight hour time difference so it’s difficult and I like I said I have kids so you know I I go to sleep from one side I go to sleep very early but also wake up very early to so I get opportunity to catch some of the West Coast games and kind of catch some like the tail I was gonna ask you if you have any strong rookies up and coming if you watch any of them uh from Europe or MARSOC or just in general let’s just compare it you know I’m in the NBA I mean I was everybody was talking about Diane Williamson you know he’s a he’s a you know a great player um I think he’s

gonna be you know a tremendous talent a superstar type player overseas there’s a kid that plays for I think um in Germany and I think he’s killing Vegas Killian Hayes or something like I can’t reminder saying but I really like his game I’ll be like the way he plays um in the young French point guard I can’t think of his name right now please excuse me from as though do feel milord um something like that I think he definitely has a possibility of you know playing really well in the NBA who has been your favorite player doing this season in Euroleague in Euroleague my favorite players to watch I would say obviously Mike James you know cuz he’s my teammate so you know watching him watching him play is definitely cool Shane Larkin just because of the things that he’s been able to accomplish Nando de Colo just because you know he’s one former teammate we have you know a great relationship and you know to see him playing and obviously I miss him as a teammate but to see him how well he’s playing and then always in the legendary spanoulis you know when he was before he got hurt you never see him and see how he continues to you know excel and show the longevity of his career and someone really liked your background oh yeah so I got some I got some this is my college jersey I can’t sleep so and then this is my LeBron James LeBron James championship Terezin and I got some oh yeah yeah you can see my little sneaker a little sneakers a little sneaker wall behind me Wow sneakers um so I’ve been collecting sneakers probably since I’m gonna probably say so I first started playing overseas um you know everybody I mean I love Jordans just because you know and people know obviously now with the with the um the last dance you know people are kind of getting at the start of the thing and you know for me like I love no basketball sneakers and basketball shoes and you know collect you know because not so much about wearing them but I think it’s more or less like a nostalgia phillium feeling that you get you know when you have the sneakers you remembering you know who wore them and a player to have them so what my favorite sneakers I don’t know if I have them out here oh yeah there’s your 11 to 10 kilometer piece my fair ones these are one of my favorites right here and those probably just those I have out so many but I would probably say those are probably definitely my favorites right now okay and Carl you’ve been playing for a Seska for a long time and I’m curious about okay New Jersey and sick level is your home but what country and city in it field makes you feel like more like home except New Jersey’s um I would say now Moscow just because I’ve been there for so long mmm-hmm I’ve been there for almost seven years so me and my family you know we call Moscow home but then also um Athens Greece just because you know I played there for two years in Olympiakos and you know I have you know so many great connections there’s so many great memories there so I think those two places are the two places that um that I played but I mean I think everywhere I played I would consider home honestly but I mean those two places definitely stand out amongst the other and we see the young country has has the most passionate fans um it’s it’s tough for me your league fans are I would say definitely you know the Turkish fans with what’s known about you you know always very funny like every time we play in that arena is definitely difficult difficult um you know I remember even back before playing with galaxy s2 Rob he played against galaxy’s right you know that was a those fans and even Positas you know playing there so I think the Turkish fans in general even this year the past couple years but efforts you know having you know what their season they would have a Serbian fans and Belgrade you know playing in the park playing like versus partners on or or red star you know playing there and then definitely know the deal up yeah Coulson or Panther Nicholas in Greece I think goes definitely Noda probably but you know the three you know top places that majority people would say oh how good that’s nice and they have that family culture right for example I remember a game a parentage was at the other team and the game was at UK arena and yeah coach was yelling him and fans didn’t yeah definitely culture is definitely there like I feel like one you know once you’re a member

of the team you’re family so I think that’s the u.s. other treating and would you want to end up you’re carrying Seska have you ever thought about that um honestly I don’t know I really don’t know like I said I’ve been there for seven years so you know I would love to you know continue to play there for as long as possible but um you know we all know this is a business so you know sometimes your business sometime things kind of go you know definitely didn’t plan but for me it’s like you know I just want to be able to continue to play you know play basketball as long as I possibly can I mean continue to enjoy the game and this is my cliche question that I ask and do you have any tools that you do before the games oh man I have too many we’ve had to do a whole podcast oh I mean for me it’s like I would even call them rituals I would just say more or less its habits so you know I eat the wish I think most people do like I before the game like I have I haven’t a special necklace that I wear which might be like that my kids gave me so anytime I go before game I always wear only wear that on game days I eat the same thing before games when our team I’m usually this first or second person off the bus always always make sure on the second turn off the okay I don’t it’s weird um then I get in the locker room that what I’m gonna locker room I have the same routine that I’ve been doing for a long time you know listen to the same music um I didn’t know it’s kind of weird but you know I kind of dress the same I drink you know I drink like to power is before game it’s like a bunch of like little stuff and I do the same routine so it’s it’s it’s a little strange but you talk to any athlete like any athletes or just about any person like they have some type of them extrange routines or strange rituals that they do before they have a big game or a big meeting or big tests or whatever so yeah even I have some so I totally understand that yeah you establish the basketball camp name unfortunately due to pandemic it is canceled this year but what are your plans when you’ll be able to be back with I think is that is it thing about kids or younger basketball players yeah it’s most it’s mainly for kids we usually do for the kids for the area of my hometown we wanted to have for them to have an opportunity to you know use basketball to learn about ball we try we try to teach life skills things that they would need and in the real world through basketball so it is very disappointing for me to have to cancel the camp this this year because I it’s one of the things I looking forward to most to you know spending time with the kids and spending time with the youth and giving back to the youth but obviously now because of the situation it’s the you know the best solution right now but we are trying to figure out alternative solutions to try to do stuff right now we’re doing a lot of virtual stuff thank goodness for technology that were able to kind of you know still reach kids and do different things so yeah it’s definitely a passion of mine something I love that you know for the have opportunity to you know influence kids I mean I still remember all the camps I went to when I was I was young and you know my guidance counselor’s or my coaches when I was young so you know for me my brother and fraeno everybody that does the camp that’s our main thing we want to try to you know teach kids that you know they take them to can know possibly you know strive and reach their dreams because you know we were able to do it I’m sure you have a huge impact on them open to international players so we we leave it open to international players we’ve had a couple of international kids that came you know we had a player come from Bamberg Germany we had a couple other players that came from they were accompanied in another camp and they came so yeah I mean for us you know it’s we’re open to possibly help as many kids and many people as possible you know I think next next summer depending on what happens we want to try to do it international camp in Europe so that’s what we’ve been talking about maybe doing it somewhere you know maybe in Greece or in Russia or somewhere like that we want to do a camp that we can cut off you know and bring some of the top you know trainers from America over to over to Europe and you know teach some of the kids there so it would be so nice yeah and now I have some good questions okay what is what is your favorite place to visit in Jersey you know sunny day my backyard I have a I have a I have a swimming pool in my backyard so anytime it’s like you know sunny I love this going into the backyard and they don’t say no you know swim there so I think that’s it I was expecting something like I’m a homebody

I like staying at home who’s always on your playlist JC I was a jay-z and try closer to my own my favorite song maybe you can recommend us something who got a spot here um jay-z for me that’s my sure like artists affair rappers so any song Drake he just put recently put out a new mixtape or album whatever you want to call it so I think that I’ve been listening to that a lot lately so Amy those two I think yeah and what do you do in Moscow on your day off um usually uh my day also usually for my family so you know I love my wife she usually plans you know whatever we’re gonna do during that day and you know usually something you know what the kids we usually have we either go to a play space or we do something with the kids because you know we travel so much we’re on the road so much that you know I don’t get opportunity to see my kids see my family so we use that time you know as family time and I enjoy it I enjoy it the most how are you rushing food by the way Oh actually yeah I actually like Russian food I like how many boss you know some of the Russian cuisines they have we have in Russia they have Georgie and barbecue whoo there so yeah I mean that that’s something I like doing like you know me and you know my family we like trying new foods and experiencing new foods so you know I I love I love I love rushing cooking I love I love all I love international cuisine I love eating everything and your favorite arena except Moscow my favorite arena it’s that Moscow um I would say I would say my favorite arena to go back to is Seth vehicles just because I played there so it was always a good opportunity to go back and see the fans there and then my two favorite arenas to play in because of the fans because the atmosphere are ouka and Panathinaikos and the fenerbahçe ülker arena with fenerbahçe because of the fans there and we have lots of Olympiakos fans hello everybody hello my stock people barely I’ve seen some other people Chevy trot me and my guys say hello to him who else is there greetings from Vancouver I mean I keep playing hard and everybody else all the circus man’s everybody else’ll oh wow hello I also informed Brian Dawson but he didn’t see my message so I’m sure he will check me but Oh Brian Brian just had a newborn so you know Brian is yeah I know I know he’s like that’s pretty much it like he has his newborn and I know he’s a big he’s a big gamer I know he plays video games too so I know that you know those are his those two things and who’s the funniest teammate um the funniest teammate that I have I have three guys and probably one is probably a surprise one Mike James Mike is super funny will Clyburn is hilarious and Nando de Colo Nando near Fernando is and that may be a surprise de mando is hilarious me and Nando we sit we play for five years our seats were run across to each other on the plane and you know we will laugh all the time about different things and yeah he’s so serious on the corporate like you know off the court like he has you know some great jokes and some great things so you know he was somebody that I got to know really well so I think he’s definitely you know very funny well and if you wouldn’t be if you weren’t a basketball player what would you do what would you be I don’t know because that’s all I I would think I don’t think probably something related to I was still being involved in sports in some way and somehow we’re probably something related to like kids and like you for something like that so I think that will kind of be well with do because I like being like I said like you know teaching kids and teaching teaching game teaching the game and you know helping kids learn and they they say number why didn’t you you guys don’t you guys don’t need me for no but you got Yan you got Derrick Williams I would just be I would just be in the way okay and here’s my last question okay let’s imagine that you a coach and if I would want you to pick a five but except your teammates so from your late

let’s say um except my teammates past teammates are formed just teammates currently I would like to save test cuz I’m sure you okay point guard I would say point guard missing Nick Calathes to guard Shane Larkin 3gz to Tommy for Anthony Randolph and five I’ll go i’ma go young Vesely where would you would the game take place in new jersey city new jersey where the okay I’m trying to take some questions if you have some questions could you please write it like actors I asked some questions okay I’m trying to go there okay we have some Turkish ones okay so now by Jeff Ann Arbor to Olympiakos I think you should ride again guys it is such a place such a pleasure to see you there okay someone is inviting you to all the life s right now I’m trying to find hum okay is that okay so I I found a question here oh okay I’m sure that’s just so crowded there who is the goats they asked of all time Michael Jordan yeah Michael Guerin definitely I mean I I think people can see evidence so why watching this Latin but the last answer watching this documentary that I mean I think everybody’s getting an opportunity to watch mm-hm and they asked Olympiacos 2030 or 13 or Seska less Who am I I don’t know I’m just gonna say it’s gonna go into overtime and because it’s the most recent I’m gonna say check for 2018 Wow and oh people compare you with Charles Barkley what do you think about that oh yes so that’s actually how I got the the funny nickname sir Heinz because you know needs to call people Charles Barkley searched all barking so when I was in college just one down sir was like oh you know he plays like Charles Barkley so all my teammates started like you know teasing mean it was like oh Sir Charles Karl Heinz and all this other stuff so you know that was like what I was when I was in college so it didn’t you know once we had the Instagram page you know I will always put you know as a handle so that’s kind of how like you know my teammates the people who started calling me that so I thought it was kind of fun I was wondering that and tell a story from your time in Verona um funny story I see a funny story in barely okay so the punish the funny story in verily is that the first day of practice I got this car and you know I’m super nervous so I’m driving to the practice facility people don’t know barely is like is on top of a mountain so it’s like a mountain sound so you got to drive and it’s very hilly so I pull up to practice my first day and I get my scar there’s a ditch or I guess you can call this like a hole in front of the arena so I parked my car because I’m so nervous I parked my car in the ditch this is the very first day of practice my very first day I’m 21 years old and I have no idea what’s going on I parked my car I get off my car my car is in the ditch like this hanging like this so I had to go so I had to go tell the coach and the management and everybody I was like yeah I parked my car my car isn’t so every ball that all my teammates and everybody came on and started laughing at me and I was like yeah welcome to Europe how this is you know I’m very my very first practice my very first day and this is what happens your favorite air jordans I have so many um I think right now this very moment I would say the Jordan ones right now this moment but I have so many favorite pairs I mean the tens Elevens the fours the threes the files but right now I will say right now the Jordan ones the the original Jordan was the banned from TV ones that he wore his very first season best player in Europe I think for

now that’s kind of I mean I would say right now who’s playing the best and who probably will win MVP of the season is Shane Larkin I think you know people people said that um but I was saying like my James I think is right now I would say 1a 1b is Shane Larkin in my James market now and all right Kyle thank you so much I really appreciate your time I appreciate you it was a really good interview from my side so I wish you how stay safe stay home I said to you thank you this was fun this is bit this is funny hello hello to all the fans out there everybody there stay healthy stay safe and looking forward to it you know seeing everybody again soon