Episode 3 Escape From A 'Plane Crash!

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Episode 3 Escape From A 'Plane Crash!

hello I just died I preferred that I’m till we know is a plane crash think of it today I go to see if I can survive it and I did survive as you can see as you can see this corridor see it says crazy people odd and you survived people see son wrote the paper well the plane fault eh don’t worry son Rick plane will crash into an island okay some reason he thinks it’s get a crash into an eyelid I won’t worry cuz I don’t think anything will happen so there is an area played will axe crash and I don’t know how you accept Bluebird fade three minutes hey the plane is obviously not here yet but how guy is probing is he using the bottom thing yeah he’s frozen robberies lighted there’s some filler heard it’s probably crash played some how people are spirit of boobs for isn’t paid already here is prettier but invisible no I don’t trust a mirage I don’t I just don’t shuttle Mirage with that Oh board with flight pepper folks here to oxide plane crash oh it won’t slow crack crack like you mercy anyways right now I don’t think that see but we’ll just see how this works out okay pearl and keep on this boy here wait i wud up Cratchit ooh and i probably survive lied ok ok I side I get ad don’t see why I help ok why am I not splayed ok stuck here miss lag but it still the help files will help oh hey he begged off subbed out in fact ok indeed reset my carpet fully cleared I set that

is where next time I know I could actually have to get on the plane okay the plan is bummed i’m going to go catch it if I XIV informally ver i bought the floorboards sounds good flag sir spike though gonna get on the plane I have lagging scope I’d like nobody’s ever to know it’s leaving without me okay I’m here ah Oh crud ah it’s up to God oh oh oh oh that it’s upside down oh oh oh is it is it done rocked oh my god I survived 45 I get a good pilot pletely hey ever to ride it I broke my tool box go I just died oh he’s now pick a survivable I give it beyond outside and play okay I guess that’s it I successfully adapt down six sets sweet God’s product of work and I time except food okay so I see if I could fight hello peoples oh my gosh go care knockoff know how sweet i disavow over because up yeah it’s coming yes it’s like you just said thanks to be four no actual reason well take as kindness no get upstairs that was a terrible

story I just wanted to give mobloc SIA editor for java that’s sucks bestow during my texture and that sucks one actually wear it sometimes I might actually want to change my shirt okay so yeah I want to talk i believe i can fly i believe i can touch the sky please I’d if I a touch Buster’s out there I believe I could fly I i am in return i made the very happy say hunt what the heck was that supposed to be 0 is 0 bag okay that was funny okay so I I can fly okay if you’re really committed suicide before his fight like that I got it must be done insane no come on except me tickets oh god it’s one of the head Wow no II voice fake he’s a noob he is I knew who he is I knew oh we stopped to get odd the purple get the poop far before you go 5 hype about your advice even though you at our lady with swagger look Sarah seriously can you hear me or something can hear me with my phone on over back back that is up to see your dog feed yourself together David it’s displaying it actually spells like here have a guide dog don’t mind again I am now the pilot of this wonderful machine and now get a pilot avoid two robots go I did nothing weird up Hodag dog okay that was a really strange jet I just died and i’m sorry get that on tape what max what it be to start another video yeah so I guess it’s good to me

off let’s see push be 0 thank you for kissing me it’s actually falling down it’s time is always played bad me it’s called on here biggest oh god that of Missouri’s boys said that I don’t believe I could flaw accepted the leg wow that goes last word back Oh turn to the left help me God seriously good algis fat Earth’s almost never actually figured of bathrooms stuff it okay if you’re playing roblox videos out there boom and I can see yes I prototype works frog box yeah I’m good you actually go to back stay dressed I’m gonna see how I get on crab you’re going to have to edit so should do more stuff good to do version B stand up on me expecting it let’s get up and it’s gone it’s not happening it’s the happening what happened to solve it I mean seriously Oh little orbit obscure bad boys ii whoo yes whoo no i ah ha ha ha ha re had Gothel invoke that’s like successful right ok so now I’m going to go and what to do it okay how are we doing it how do not let me down okay so don’t look first Apple big top Abby told people that died first whoa okay if I go down here Lucas over

wreckage below but is epic whoa seriously the biz my church said such a big old red Titanic records I became of world man that Titanic movie sucks it sucks and that I’m kind of World Records sucks i hate that movie anybody who hates that movie it agrees with me please write down to the comments below and leave a like and comment and what how can sabe keep them to be doing there whoop hey Wow seriously you go somebody’s last words p but big-eyed must have some serious problems with your head your route will very excited that paradise and that would be advanced serious problems of their head what’s mean just in time psych you to go in a flood plain it’s gonna be the most epic death a new way to access the cargo hold sad forever i will drive oh yeah this is gonna crash anyway oh baby no first this yes oldage how big how can I got into fair like that okay anyways front seat fraud Oh copy to lead family I love you micro world I survived I survived the plane crash well fault four of its five if you like buddy would be like it leave a like and comment tell me what you next time we’ll see you next time doo doo doo dee derp derp derp derp derp derp derp that many derp derp