Mayor's Town Hall 4-20-2020

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Mayor's Town Hall 4-20-2020

Okay well thank you very much and I just want to let people know that this zoom town-hall meeting is being broadcast on YouTube and Facebook. I wanted to use this platform so I could reach more Norwalk residents and keep them informed as to what’s going on. I want to thank you all for joining first of all this will be one of many town hall meetings that we’re going to be doing as we start to move through the situation in which we find ourselves.As we start to make the decisions that are going to perhaps ease restrictions and other kinds of things we’re going to be inviting other people from my staff and other people with various degrees of expertise on the pandemic and other things to join us as we move forward. I know that a lot of our Common Council members are joining us they’ve been in touch with me I’ve been in touch with them throughout this process and keeping each other informed so as we move forward if you wish to ask a question you can ask a question by hitting Q&A button on your screen. I’m going to do the best that I can to answer all the questions depending on how many we get. I do have to leave the meeting at 6:15 because I have a board of estimate and Taxation meeting finalizing our budget and looking at the Board of Education budget and seeing how that’s playing out so as I said I’ll be here for about 40 minutes. First let me give an idea as to how we got where we are today, back on March 13th I had a meeting with Dr. Adamowski and key members of his staff and my Director of Health and strongly urged that we close schools because of the pandemic. Dr. Adamowski and his team were in total agreement so on the last day of school was actually March 13th or actually the day before I believe. On March 14th I declared a civil preparedness emergency due to the Covid 19 outbreak that would allow me to make certain decisions emergency decisions for various things under an emergency preparedness or civil preparedness emergency. March 16th we announced that city hall was closed to the public but I want you to know that City Hall is up and running we are still providing the essential services to keep our government running and we have been from day one so we wanted to make sure that we closed City Hall to the public, but some of our staff are still in the office on a daily basis working and providing the services that our community expects and needs. March 18th I suspended pay to park requirements at all city metered parking spaces, this was because of the fact that restaurants were going to be closed we wanted to make sure that people could run in run out and pick up something curbside service etc. On March 19th looking at what was happening around the community as I would take my daily ride throughout the city looking at things that were happening I ordered all salons, barber shops, nail parlors, tattoo parlors and massage parlors closed because of the close proximity of the service provider and the claim and that was not a healthy situation and was certainly not consistent with practicing social distancing. On March 21st I ordered playgrounds and courts at the beach closed and Vets Park because I found that lots of young people were congregating and we’re in close proximity to each other and the whole idea of these restrictions is simply one thing to stop the spread of the virus March 22nd after reports of huge crowds at Cranbury Park I ordered Cranbury Park closed as well as all school facilities with playground equipment basketball courts and the like March 28th I suspended the plastic bag ordinance in Norwalk and prohibited retailers from charging for the paper bags and plastic and allowing them to use plastic bags. this was because of the question that reusable bags may carry with them a certain bacteria and other kinds of things and we wanted to make sure that we’re protecting our grocery workers. March 29th I gave three executive orders no vehicles in parks and beaches, many of the businesses we’re getting complaints from the various people that some of our larger retails the stores were crowded and people were bumping into each other and always next to each other. I also said that we should have one family member per family shopping at any given time, I was at a place and I saw a mom and dad bringing three children three young children into the store and felt that that was a danger not only to the other people but certainly to the children and exposing them to the greater possibility that they might contract the virus. lately of what we’ve done because of getting reports that

people were throwing plastic gloves and protective latex gloves onto the ground as they left the store I had all stores place specially marked receptacles to take the plastic bag I’m sorry to take the plastic gloves take the masks and so forth as people were leaving the store So now for the current situation we have approximately 950 actually 942 positive cases in norwalk 50 of our residents have died when we start talking about the numbers the numbers of people we’ve lost 50 of our of our citizens they’re more than just a number they are human beings members of our community that have passed on and have left husbands,wives, mothers,fathers and children behind and it’s really a very very sad situation in which we find ourselves, so we want to make sure that we do everything that we possibly can to stop this spread. Right now the downward trends in the hospitalization right now you’ve heard about it in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey it’s a good thing, but I want to caution we want to get back to normal as quickly as we possibly can, everybody wants to get back to normal as quickly as we possibly can these are very challenging very frustrating times this is something that is beyond anything we ever expected but Dr. Fauci who is the director of the National Institute of the allergies and infectious diseases just this morning warned against trying to reopen too quickly I know there’s people that are frustrated and there’s demonstrations going on and he said that if we opened too quickly that we could cause another surge in the in the virus equal to or greater than what we’re seeing right now. We have to be mindful that this is a very contagious very serious disease and we have to continue doing the things that we know are working so we want to move forward but we want to do it properly. Parks and beaches are closed right now to vehicular traffic we want people to adhere to physical distancing but when it comes to talking about reopening and easing some of the restrictions we’re going to be listening to the medical professionals the people who study infectious diseases people who are studying Covid 19 the coronavirus people who can give us some good solid information as to when it’s going to be safe to reopen. We want to thank first of all our essential employees normally and we know the police and the fire in the EMS they’re out there every single day 24 hours a day 7 days a week protecting us, but let’s not forget about the other heroes and Sheroes we have the medical professionals the doctors the nurses we have the grocery store workers the people that are pumping gas for us or at the gas stations people that are serving food in the restaurants people that are doing the things that allow us to continue moving forward to some degree of normalcy, and we want to thank them because they’re putting their lives on the line every single day of the week as they normally do. So now we know that tonight effective at 8 o’clock tonight the governor’s latest order is that everybody going out in public if you can’t maintain social distancing that you have to wear a face covering. We know that masks have some limited efficacy we know that masks are not there to protect you from getting the virus but more likely if you’re asymptomatic to prevent you from spreading the virus so as of 8 o’clock tonight if you’re not able to keep physically 6 feet apart from other people whenever you’re out in public especially in our larger retail stores please make sure that you wear a covering a mask. Whatever you can do to help stop spread stop the spread of this virus. We have another school distribution site that opened today Columbus magnet school is open to any family with children under 18 years you do not need to be enrolled in the Norwalk Public Schools you can go get your meals and we’re looking for a couple of other places. The distribution by buses was stopped quite some time ago when it was shown that there were too many people crowding around the bus and we had large crowds gathering in close proximity to each other. Food pantries and other groups are in need of donations and supplies if you are able to make a food donation that would help your neighbors greatly Nonprofits the volunteer survey and local organization survey is online residents who want to volunteer can complete the survey and will help match you with a local group that you can help work with, nonprofits can also complete a survey as to what kinds of services they’re needing. I’ve had lots of questions about the spring yardwaste so we’ll due to the Covid 19 pandemic the

city’s hauler was unable to accept yard waste material until April that delayed the start of the yard waste collection by two weeks and one of the reasons the site was closed. The spring waste collection started today for residents with Monday Tuesday or Wednesday city garbage, during the week of April 27th collections will be for residents with Thursday and Friday garbage.The yard waste site opened to residents this Tuesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. while traffic is going to be detoured down Reynolds Street and onto South Smith Street there will be no access directly from Fort Point Street. Norwalk Police will be present to help with traffic control so if you want to bring your yard waste follow the directions and the site will be open from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m Business resources that were approved for small business loans and paycheck protection programs should begin receiving money very very soon Many programs like the state bridge loan reached their capacity in a matter of days showing just how serious this situation is We know business‘s are impacted and were working to provide resources and information. Economic development team is here to assist if you need any assistance with small business loans or finding resources please reach out to Jessica Casey my chief of economic and Community Development or Sabrina Church my business development director they will be more than happy to help you in any way that they can and point you in the direction where you might be able to find some resources.Another thing that we’re finding is that the people are asking questions about the vets Park boat launching. Boat launch will be open this weekend for Norwalk residents who have marina slips by appointment only we’ll put out information how you can make an appointment it will be open the weekend of May 1st for boat launch will be open for daily boat launchers but for this weekend Saturday and Sunday we will be having the boat launch ramps open the information will be posted on our website the hours and how you can request an appointment to launch your boat I have a meeting tonight with the board of estimate taxation what we’ll be presenting their budget currently there is not an expenditure issue related to Covid-19 but we are keeping track of every expense that we feel might be related and might be subject to reimbursement we have spent to date we have allocated funds at the request of the Board of Education to sanitize all of our schools and to provide Chromebooks for fourth and fifth graders to enhance their distance learning experience. Those are the only two major expenditures that we have had we have more of a concern on revenues. Will tax collections go down? Will we lose state aid? We don’t know right now there’s just too many things that are up in the air we’re not sure exactly what the future is going to hold but we want to make sure that we are protecting the city and their citizens of Norwalk by having a buffer that will be used in the event that we have unexpected Covid 19 expenses and what we will do is use that money to offset the expenses and hopefully a good deal of that money will be reimbursable by either FEMA or by the state of Connecticut. We want to remind residents that taxes due July 1st can now be paid by October 1st without penalty The governor has allowed the city of Norwalk and other municipalities to make that adoption so that we have adopted the three-month delay allowing collecting your property taxes, so if you you can’t afford to pay your property taxes you can pay them on October 1st without any penalty whatsoever. Currently we have a hiring freeze for new positions exemptions would be made for critical functions if there was an emergency situation but right now we’re trying to be as frugal as we possibly can. So that’s pretty much the update as to where we are as I said before let’s take a real good look at reopening the city of Norwalk, reopening the state of Connecticut but let’s make sure that we do it right we don’t want to offset and find ourselves back in a situation where we have a surge in the pandemic and that we open too soon too quickly. I want to reiterate that I’m as frustrated as everybody else having to make the decisions to close beaches to close different things to put restrictions to closed businesses where people count on them for their livelihood. It’s not an easy decision but those decisions have to be made they have to be made in order to protect everybody and to make our community as healthy as we possibly can so physical distancing is the single most effective way of stopping the spread of the virus and we encourage everybody to stay home

if they can .If you have to go out obviously for medical appointments to pick up the groceries have one person do that and try to if you have the means try to purchase enough groceries for the week so you could only have to go out one time. We will get through this together Norwalk we will be okay in the end it’s just a matter of doing it right and not trying to rush back into reopening to a point where we end up being worse off than we were in the beginning. So I noticed there are some questions down at the bottom I will try to answer all the questions that I can within the time allotted if you want to ask other questions a private question or if I don’t get to your question please feel free to message me and we’ll do everything we can to answer your questions. So let me take a look Will the city consider purchasing and handling out quality washable masks to those in our city who may not have means or access it would help to ensure the safety of the public and will provide a safer masks than some of the loose regular fitting scarves? We’re looking at what we can do where we might be able to obtain masks right now masks have been pretty much reserved for the people on the front lines our first responders, fire, police EMS and health care providers, but we’re looking at seeing where we might be able to get masks but I caution do not rely too heavily on the mask for protecting you from contracting the virus, the masks and the face coverings which are somewhat effective as well better than nothing are there to help you if you’re asymptomatic to stop you from infecting somebody else Thank you next question we are seniors and would like to know how to get masks so that many are wearing like our other communities like Bridgeport are handing out? Thank you again I think I just answered that we’re trying to get the masks we’re trying but also face coverings are better than absolutely having nothing but we’re looking. I have my director of health and my chief of Community Services looking at seeing where we can obtain masks. They are at a premium right now they’re very difficult to obtain some of the other communities they obviously don’t have enough masks to give to everybody in their city but we’re looking to see and try to get as many as we possibly can. We have some neighbors that have relatives visiting from New York they do not practice social distancing and they do not wear masks so what can be done? Well we people’s observations to help us because we can’t be everyplace all the time so we want to make sure that if you see something that you feel is inappropriate or if somebody is not doing what they should be doing please let us know we can take a look and find out what we have to do in order to contact them and try to help them in being socially responsible. Let’s see what else I have here okay are we expected to wear masks when walking around our neighborhoods? If you’re out in public and you’re unable to maintain a six-foot physical distance you’re supposed to be wearing masks according to the governor’s latest order so the answer that question is yes and if you’re not able to maintain social distancing. Let’s see what else I have here can you please sign the petition to the governor of Connecticut asking to create an emergency fund to help undocumented families of our state?more than 50 organizations have signed more than 20 state representatives the mayor of New Haven signed last week the state of California created a fund of 125 million dollars. Absolutely I think it’s important we want to protect everybody within our boundaries undocumented families are just as likely to contract the virus as anybody else and they also can spread the virus so we want to do whatever we can to help anybody within the city of Norwalk and in that state of Connecticut. let’s see what else I can find Thank You Donna Bender for your nice comments. let’s see what else we have okay trying to scroll through here and see some of them are duplicate

we expected wear masks in the neighborhood I’ve answered that one. I know this is a low priority issue but have you considered opening Oak Hills? we have been working with the chairman of the Oak Hills Park authority to figure out when the appropriate time to do that would be. we’re trying to work out something we know that some golf courses around the state have opened some never closed some of the private courses it’s a challenge but we’re trying to make some protocols that would allow Oak Hills to open soon when I say protocols increased time between tee off times one person to a cart doing the kinds of things that would maximize the social distancing but we’re trying to do the best we can again we’re trying to get back to some degree of normalcy as quickly as we possibly can and certainly we understand that people want to be out at the beaches, people want to be out at the parks, people want to be out playing golf, people want to play basketball and lacrosse and all the other kinds of things that are normal to us and with the weather and getting warmer people are going to want to do that more and I certainly understand that and I want to assure everybody that whatever we need to do we will do, but we’re going to ease into reducing sort of relaxing some of those restrictions because not doing so could be catastrophic and we want to make sure that we don’t lose the momentum the positive momentum we’ve made already so I want to thank everybody for their patience, I want to thank everybody for being responsible, I want to thank everybody for doing the things that they need to do to help us in this endeavor because we’re all in this together Let’s see we need this in Spanish when is this going to be available in Spanish? good point I know we’re trying my wife is actually typing or translating my daily briefing into Spanish and it’s getting posted in Spanish so we need to make sure that we do reach our Hispanic speaking community and we want to do whatever we can so I’ll be discussing this with with my staff. can I explain the tax deferral and do I have to apply? no you actually don’t have to apply the tax deferral, taxes are normally due on August 1st actually I really due on July 1st but we have a grace period to August 1st so that you can pay without penalty. with the governor’s executive order we are allowed to defer tax payments up to October 1st so you do not have to pay your property taxes until October 1st and rather than make people apply and prove that they’re unable to pay we decided it just to make it a universal and anybody who wants to can pay their taxes on or before October 1st without penalty.let’s see what else I have here when do we think things will return to normal? boy you know I wish I had the answer to that I really do this is a very challenging time nobody ever expected to be in the situation in which we find ourselves, it is a difficult thing because we’re used to being able to walk around as we want and do the things we want and be out in the community and meeting with friends and going to dinner and to the movies and doing all those things that we’ve become so accustomed to. I can’t give you that answer I do know that we really and I can I’ll say it again we have to be very cautious. we want to make sure that we don’t lose the momentum we’ve made. we are in a situation that if we don’t do this right we could cause a resurgence as I said Dr. Fauci just this morning mentioned that we have to be cautious and the city of Norwalk and my team we will be listening to our community seeing how we can make things better but we’re also going to be listening and relying heavily on the medical professionals the experts who study viruses infectious diseases who can tell us what to expect. You know when we first started this there was so little known about Covid 19 about the corona virus, but every day we’re learning something else the first thing we were learning

was that it might be less contagious than the flu then only to find out that it’s far more contagious than the flu this virus has spread so quickly so rapidly throughout the United States and throughout the world that it was a surprise to everybody so I’d love to be able to tell you when things will return to normal but I can’t uh you know I want things to return to normal as quickly as they possibly can so we’re going to be working trying to make that happen. okay so now I’ve been asked to remind people to use the Q&A to ask questions a number of people log on after I’ve started opening my remarks so if you want to ask a question use the Q&A button on your screen. let’s see what else we have here trying to go through these and when will the city start fining people not following the ordinances or using masks keep social distance in litters PPE? well we’re we’re hoping that people will engage in what we call willing compliance, I know there are some people that have not practiced social distancing. I know some people that won’t wear the masks and they dont do the things we are they don’t do the things that we’re asking them to do so we are going to be looking at the possibilities there. the police department is aware if you have any situations where people feel people are being irresponsible please let us know we will investigate and we will take whatever appropriate action we can take. I we’ve been in touch with the corporate executives from all the big retails stores and the outlets and told them some of the things that we expect them to do. as I said awhile back I indicated that or I it gave an executive order that I wanted the stores to reduce their capacity by 50% and to allow only one person from a family in now we also know that people going into the stores have to wear masks and/or face coverings so we’re hopefully going to get some get more willing compliance. see you previously said that Norwalk wouldn’t open until we have zero cases how can you expect this it is impossible to expect that in the next year? what we need to do is to the the idea behind this is to ease out of restrictions and listen to the medical professionals. I am NOT a medical professional I have to rely on experts like dr. Fauci what has been said in the past and some of the things that we kind of look at is if we don’t have another positive case for two weeks that would indicate that perhaps the virus has made it as has passed its course so we excuse me I’m sorry but we want to make sure that we do it right so I don’t think there’s a magic time when we can say okay everything is clear, but we have to use our best judgment as and rely upon the people the experts who have all the information thank you from open doors the city of Norwalk and your team in providing credit incredible leader. okay well thank you very much you know I do import I do really appreciate all the wonderful comments that we get this is not easy nobody wants to make the tough decisions but they have to be made and I’ve gotten a lot of support from an encouragement from the people who recognize how difficult this is how they recognize that we’re in this together they know that this is a serious situation so I do want to thank everybody who’s been so kind with their words. let’s see where else we are. can I give a shout out to the class of 2020? do you think we’ll have a graduation? well let’s give a shout-out to the class of 2020 and all the young people in all our schools you know this is a new thing for everybody thankfully we have the technology that allows distance learning we’ve helped the city of Norwalk of the public schools by purchasing extra Chromebooks so we can give them to the young people so they can continue to learn. do I think you’ll have a graduation let me tell you something Nicole we’re gonna do everything we possibly can to give you a graduation. we know what a special time a graduation from high school is. every year I look forward to addressing the class of 2019 2020 eighteen of Brien McMahon high school and Norwalk High so we are aware of how

important it is and we will be working with the Norwalk Public Schools to see how we can make that happen. we will do everything within our power and congratulations class of 2020 you’re remarkable you’re enduring a lot just like everybody else’s and your rising to the occasion. I find it interesting I know it’s a challenge but I’ve been speaking with the superintendent of schools who said that there is 97/98 percent attendance so I think we’re onto something here and hopefully we’ll continue to have that attendance level. for my son what about adult rec directly leagues this summer also beach concerts this summer has everything been canceled for summer 2020? the answer of that is simple not everything has been canceled but we are looking at what we can do and what we have to cancel based on the situation any given time. I know the governor’s next date that he’s looking at is May 20th we’re going to see what in a May 20th he’s going to be looking at what the situation is right then and there and determine exactly how we have to move forward what strict restrictions can be eased how are we going to move forward and not create a situation where we might find ourselves backsliding and and having another surge in the coronavirus, so right now we’re looking at different things I believe we have to say I know the Memorial Day parade has been cancelled unfortunately that’s our time when we pay tribute to and remember the heroes the men and women of our armed forces who lost their lives in service to our country that’s a sad thing but we’ll find ways proper ways to honor them at some point so not everything has been canceled yet I know that rec leagues are we’re looking at that we’re looking at the summer concert serious series. it all depends on where we are when all those things are supposed to be happening how will coronavirus affect the budget and taxes? we don’t we don’t know you know it’s it’s it’s a challenge you know we don’t know if we are if the money from the state is going to be coming in as we expect. we know that taxes if people are not going to be paying their taxes until October 1st we figured that the cost of the city of Norwalk by not getting the taxes until then would be some in the area of $50,000, but we that’s something that we can absorb we think it’s more important to get people to taxes deferment into taxes because many of them have not gone back to work many of them have been laid off and so forth so we’re not sure, but with the budget the budget remains the same as it did before. If you are able to tune into the BET meeting tonight you’ll hear the budget presentation from my chief of finance and he’ll explain that we have a buffer he’ll explain the mill rate and he’ll explain the impact of the taxes or the budget on the city of Norwalk. when will Town Hall be reopened? hopefully very soon but again we have to be cautious know that City Hall is being staffed by people in in City Hall right now providing essential services that has been the case from day one.the town clerk’s office is opened, the tax collector, the law department is is fully functioning,the customer service customer service line is being operated or being staffed, so the essential services are being provided, at some point and and inspections are being done home inspections doing inspections on the outside for now, permits are being issued a lot of the services are being provided so we will open City Hall when we feel it’s safe to do so I feel kind of powerless being stuck inside and I want to do something to help any idea on what I can do? well the thing that you’re doing that’s most helpful is being stuck inside you know it’s a physical distancing thing we appreciate that there’s if you feel that you can make face coverings for people if you can contact some of the food distribution places and make donations those are the things that really help people. Our non profits are hurting right now too because a lot of their donations have pretty much dried up people that would normally donate to them don’t have the resources to do that anymore so making donations

helping making face coverings getting the word out getting on social media reminding people of what they need to do be to be responsible putting out the information we put out on your social media that’s all very helpful. let’s see some towns are only allowing public participation by email can people still participate in Council and BOE meetings? the answer to that is yes we will be doing the Zoom meetings thus in the same platform we’re using right now and there are a couple of ways number one if you you see the agenda of either the Board of Ed meeting or the council meeting you can email a question in advance or we have a public participation session in the beginning Jim asked me what’s your every what’s your day like every day well? you know Jim it’s pretty much the same as your as I imagine social distancing, isolation, conference calls day in and day out, meetings at night and working with my staff dealing with issues that come up so it’s pretty busy but we are we’re getting through it. Usually every day I do take a ride around town and see what’s happening I look at some of the the stores that we mentioned where people were complaining about crowds going in we take a look at that I was pleased to see that a lot of the stores are having lines queue up outside of people waiting to get in so they’re there actually practicing the five 50 percent capacity level so that’s about it I ride around I look at what’s happening in town I’m on conference calls all the time meetings dealing with different issues that have not gone away that still need to be attended to, but it’s still extremely busy probably busier than I am when I’m normally in City Hall. Rose asked is the census still happening? yes but I believe I just heard something that they may be pushing the the the pushing back a little I’m not sure but the yes the census will be happening that’s something that we have to do and we will be doing it. Mr. mayor what’s for dinner tonight? I love these questions well as we’re sitting here my wife just turned around we’re having salmon salmon and carrots are very healthy she makes a wonderful salmon and I’m looking forward to it. let’s see Lisa H I’m not clear on taxes if not paid before 10/01 will interest be charged? no interest will not be charged you can pay up to October 1st and interest will not be charged now there’s a caveat under normal circumstances you have until October I’m sorry August 1st to pay, so what will happen is if you don’t pay by August 1st your interest goes back to July 1st so you have to pay a whole month’s interest because you didn’t pay by the grace period. that’s the same kind of thing we’re looking here if you don’t pay by October 1st your penalties go back to July 1st, so do everything you can to pay by October 1st let’s see what else I have here thank you David Heuvelman in any quarantine series or movie suggestions mr. mayor Wow I’m going through I’m going through Roku and I found several old movies one of my favorite movies of all time I’ve watched some of them I loved watching The Godfather I loved watching a lot of the different movies that are on the older movies so if you have Roku,Netflix Amazon Prime whatever you have they’ve got some wonderful movies. um uh let’s see I’ve got a few more minutes to answer questions let me see. if I’ve missed any there are lots of people volunteering to make face masks how can we get in touch with your director of health to see if we can donate directly to the city and the distribution bid can be put up in City Hall? you can get in touch with my director of health her name is Deanna D’Amore or first initial d last name Damore or at Norwalk and if you send her an email she will respond. she is in the office every single day doing a lot of research and one of the things that she’s finding and this is something that we’re looking into there probably are more cases that are not documented right now and not

attributed to Norwalk to Connecticut to some of the other communities in Connecticut because some people contract the virus they are they are isolating at home they may get better and we might never know that they have the virus so we’re looking for that as well but yes reach out to Deanna D’Amore and she will assist you in any way that she can let’s see what else I have here I think I’ve answered pretty much all the questions that I can see on here. I just saw on the news here just came in I saw in the news some people are protesting in Hartford to open up the state again why aren’t people taking this seriously? I think it’s more frustration than anything else John, it’s very very challenging we all know how difficult it is to be locked into the house to have to stay in to have to wear a mask when we go out as I said we never expected to be in this situation. I think this was a shock to all of us and the rapidity of which this virus spread was even more shocking so people are getting frustrated and I get it but I would ask people before you start looking at protesting or not paying attention to the restrictions the word that’s being put out there listen to the medical experts the medical experts know what’s going on they are the people that have the information they study infectious diseases they can track this and know what to expect they’re telling us do not rush to open up. let’s give it a little bit more time let’s ease into easing those restrictions let’s make sure that we do it right because we’ve done it right so far we’ve done it right so far let’s not go backwards right now let’s keep moving forward I heard one Mayor D Blasio say don’t take your foot off the gas pedal right now that’s not the time let’s keep moving forward. thank you for keeping us informed. thank you for saying that Joanne we are going to keep you informed we’re going to keep moving forward we’re going to have more of these these these zoom townhall meetings and I think that we’ll get more information out this way and it’s critically important. to the person who asked about the the Spanish the Hispanic community we will do what we can to see how we can make that happen as well Illiana thank you for everything in your staff are doing to keep us safe you are in all in our prayers every night. thank you so much you know we all need to be praying for each other we all need to be working together we all need to be supporting each other this is not a time for politics as usual this is a time for saying look there’s no democratic or Republican way to deal with the pandemic. we’re in this together let’s work together let’s share ideas let’s make sure we get it right. nobody can do everything but everybody can do something everybody can contribute and that’s what we look to as a community looking to work together because that’s what Norwalk is all about that’s what Connecticut is all about that’s what this country is all about working together to make sure that we support each other to do what we have to do to get through this as quickly as possible but as safely as possible. what advice would you give a young person who thinks they are invincible? well I would say that young people can get the virus as well if you look at the statistics that we put out and that the state of Connecticut puts out we we do have young people that are getting this virus and every young person that gets the virus they may be okay because they don’t have any underlying health issues their body may be stronger there their immune system may be stronger they may be able to get through it with fewer symptoms, but every young person that does get it and that doesn’t experience physical and social distancing has a risk of bringing it home to mom to dad to Grandma and Grandpa the people that might be more susceptible to a serious episode so the young people they’ll get it if they’re not careful, but they have a social responsibility to make sure that they don’t give it to others so that’s what I would tell them tell them to practice social distancing they are parts of our community they are a very vital part of our community and they need to do the things that we know are responsible. it is 6:15 I thank you all for tuning in I really really do this is so important to share information we will be doing this again we will set out a schedule I would hope to do one perhaps either by the end of this week or the very beginning of next week. we

will keep you informed and I do so much appreciate everybody signing in today asking the questions get trying to get the answers we know that it is our obligation to provide you with answers so the updates are available in Spanish I mentioned that earlier I know my wife just gave me a little note here the updates that we put out daily are available in Spanish and we’ll try to figure out how else we can get that word out that’s online. so again thank you everybody for tuning in I truly truly appreciate it Norwalk we’re gonna get through this Norwalk strong let’s do it and we’ll see you at the next town hall meeting if not before thank you