7,000 Mile Roadtrip in a Civic and Miata – Episode 3

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7,000 Mile Roadtrip in a Civic and Miata – Episode 3

almost a year ago we drove an Evo 9mr and an STI swapped Subaru Forester from Florida to Alaska and now we’ve decided to take another road trip this time it’ll be in cars that we bought for five thousand dollars then we’ll be taking his supercharged Miata and I will be taking my type are swapped Honda Civic on a journey of seven thousand miles down to the southernmost point in the continental US and all the way up north to Nova Scotia we’ve made it to Toronto Motorsports Park with Speed Academy we’re gonna put our cars on track and see which one is faster they should be pretty comparable cars okay so we are here at TMP Toronto motorsports park with our Road Trip cars so now we’re gonna officially see which one’s faster not just driving on public roads in the tail of the dragon but very officially with lap times so to make this very scientific rather than just having both of us drive and see which one ends up faster what we’re gonna do is a team of three different people so that we can kind of average out these lap times with each other to remove any kind of external factors from this yeah so you and I will be the the middle rum the middle tier driver we both we both have a couple of track days under our belts probably about the the average driver and then we have some much more superior drivers vastly superior we have Dave and Pete from Speed Academy which that name alone should tell you that they’re gonna be much faster than us we also have our two cameramen that have come along with us who have zero track experience I believe a curse can barely walk he actually yeah Chris just learned how to drive manual on this trip yeah so that’s gonna be exciting and interesting for our clutches so yeah so let’s uh let’s go ahead rock-paper-scissors and see who gets to pick first okay rock-paper-scissors okay I’ve asked them they both seem to think that Dave is the faster driver I’m gonna come here Dave alright Dave get in here first picked on the team come on to the superior team here well against my better judgment I’m gonna pick Chris as he basically learned to drive stick shift in the Miata Devin I’m sorry you picked last your wonderful addition to team type are Ben and I have never been here before so before we go out driving as fast as we can we had Pete and Dave show us around the track okay we’re good I like this car warm up here so we’ve got a little bit of water coming on the track that’s not a problem for us it’s for front-wheel drive we’re going to be good and then right here what you want to do is get out your shooting gun downshift turn it nice and tight be very patient here especially with a promo dry this is the tightest area of the track here nice there are a couple of aspects you didn’t know the others were a three-person vehicle thank you how’s your neck feeling everyone good and your wail and okay so as you can clearly see we’re about to enter the glorious Toronto Motorsports Park a little bump there in the road yeah VTech sound of my people there’s turn one how’s everyone doing that’s a nice opportunity to go right off the track right there this is a really slow right-hander fairly tight as soon Pete and Dave did a great job showing us the track layout but after only one lap around the track it was pretty clear that the Civic had a problem rabbit so it looks like my header crack you think I should just go with it like that for sure send it does this look good it’s a hundred percent so I would say it’s actually probably ninety-nine point seven percent about an air that’s coming out of that that break is like the air wants to go through it doesn’t want it like yeah it’s not like it wants to get my concern is it’s just gonna continue them around and it’s gonna get worse and worse or keep this area like yeah end up peeling the paint off here I mean this perm a tiny part off job is awesome gonna pound it at the hood and yeah I get bubbling paint and I think you can read get up you need to go do a

laugh so do it I think you go out do a lap on your own and see what happens and if it starts getting really loud then you know this is good I’ll do my first flyer on a track that I don’t know but I’m just going around my first time you exactly with a crack things here let me unworried perfect I went out first to put down the fastest lap time that I could and it’s not good scrubbing off too much speed honestly the car feels very unsteady with these tires it’d be very good to have some more grippy tires that’s better give it too much speed gonna scrub it all off the quarters there I go right off it’s a little bit not bad did that BTech whoa 1:37 all right that’s gonna be all I do thank you is that going pretty good there he was going real good this one 37 that’s good that’s good ish that’s almost as fast as I went in a minivan one time next it was Pete Stern I was ready to watch him put my lap time to shame let’s go time our Civic oh she likes to rotate oh this thing is a full rotating monster it’s nice hi mark dip well for me pretty good here go out a BTEC there you always have to be in Vitek you’re not be checked you are not driving I only do that one 34 – Wow I don’t know if that’s good or bad actually I really don’t pee and I have completed our laps it’s now time for our last Drive Devin to give it a shot this is Devin’s first time ever driving on a racetrack so his lap time could beat anything that’s okay that’s alright stir it starter back up keep going so in those situations when you feel the car would happen there is you let off all the weight from the front went to the back so when that happens you just stay on the gas and it’ll push all the way to the back again and we won’t spin out like that okay that’s okay that weird we’re flying this is awesome you do it so good for your first time out now the second here perfect yeah you’re doing good to wash out a little bit and be patient here Mary patience they tight later and now back on the throttle nice at heart we’re gonna win this thing I’m telling you oh dude I’m excited yes it’s happening oh we have some exhaust coming up I wasn’t on it had a bit of a mishap I I lifted I lifted like in the in the corner and all the weight shifted to the front right yeah well team type are our average time is 139 flat I’m glad it’s in the 30s that’s amazing exactly yeah those guys yeah there’s no way I think so there’s no way magic is yeah even with a broken header I know there’s no we have the power we have the front-wheel drive

which i think is easier to drive good guys come in now Team Miata had a time to chase if I wanted to lead my teammates Dave and Krista victory then I’d have to best Benz 137 five luckily Miata is always the answer as far as our chances I feel like we have a tire advantage over Ben as well as an alignment advantage he’s got more power I reckon but also he had that header issue so that might handicap him put us on a little bit of an even playing field oh this thing is beautiful this is so freakin fun oh come on get around understeer oversteer big smile my face the whole time so fun tracking is the bomb that was a 42 I get old fast I gotta go faster driving in anger now that was slow that was really slow ah 139 ah 143 second slower than been garbage Oh what trash Oh I’ve let my team down three seconds slower bummer but so fun well I got a chase the time dude it’s fun you’re gonna have a blast dude oh no he’s not he’s been here a lot so for him now it’s all about going mode right that’s all I did close the deal you only have to go what like nine seconds faster than oh yeah she’s a tight fit you don’t sit in a Miata you wear a Miata it’s like a fashion accessory kind of like a purse or a hair dryer a curling iron all right time to go fast boys I’ve got oversteer and understeer happening at the same time there that’s entertaining not sure what kind of suspension is on this may have been built by a company called pogo stick because we are bouncing around in here the BS is slide out of the ass is there Miatas are good fun we can’t argue with the beauty of a well-balanced rear-wheel drive chassis Kenya that’s it for my third lap what do we get here what do we get come on all right mr. Hoshi race car driver well the bad news is I was six seconds faster than you five and a half seconds let’s call it five and a half seconds and the differential over here was how much three seconds yeah point six there’s no point five by far point six what did you do a 134 Oh a one sec well listen we still have Chris he could be the game-changing driver right here Chris how you feel I’m feeling pretty good yeah it’s trying to be Devon what time you think I need to put down I have no idea I’m just I’m hoping to do better than 145 I got it I gotta do it for do it for my team what do you have to do to beat our team probably like probably like a 120 or something stupid like 140 to a 140 oh that’s it yep oh okay what’s gonna happen there’s all rests on you Chris oh boy yeah that’s a lot of pressure Thanks oh my gosh all right he’s going fast he’s trying really hard as we saw from that spin and turn one but truth be told I am a terrible passenger I get motion sickness really badly and got a little queasy should say so yeah I asked to get out and get some fresh air but frankly after

riding with him for a couple of hours he was doing so well I was just kind of deadweight so I’m glad to see he’s still out there ripping we’re gonna go we’re gonna do now now any money shifted are we okay what happened though not exactly the most composed on track I must admit that Chris gave it his all after he finally set a clean lap time always loved to do was tally up the times so I did a 140 you did a 137 5 Dave did a 134 5 thanks 6 like for 6 that’s right was with 134 for 5.59 and then you did a 130 for 1 2 or 2 1 6 8 1 6 yeah well round it up Devin did a 145 clap and Chris for your first oh great my best laughs it’s a 140 109 despite the fact that the Miata won the challenge it was only as a result of Dave’s masterful wheeling and christopher’s apparent death wish laughter laughs the Honda is the faster car between the two but just to make sure we decided to have a drag race down the front straight haha oh man that’s great as if that drag race wasn’t clear proof enough we handed the keys over to one of the fastest drivers here to drive both of our cars Time Attack champion James Halton James holds several production chassis lap records a number of racetracks and today he drew of both of our dinky little cars around this track as fast as he could and the results speak for themselves hey mark the best bro what laptop you put down 31 – so that’s three seconds faster and the Miata I did a three hops times don’t live boys and girls they do not lie 31 to the fastest time of the day goes to the thai part listen the math I did a ringer here bag let’s be honest who has more seat time in tight bars at this track than this guy hey bars are good they are good this is like pretty kind this is pretty tape Irish yeah I would call it tape our ask yeah what’s it what’s it missing what does it need to be type our before it needs anything – I know but it’s pretty good like even the suspension yeah it’s all like not that bad you know what else it might need though a header that doesn’t have a giant crack in it I like that it adds character let me show it oh yeah let’s take a look at it now yeah a little smokey yeah so we got like holy bleep et line it back up already our names in the dirt here hello everyone how are you Jimmy loves to rip VTech after a great day at the track we had another meetup in the Toronto area and we were shocked at how many people showed up I’m like blown away thank you guys for coming out we thought like five people would go thank you for coming up here how’s this turnout dude I know phenomenal huh you know I was – yeah we were talking like Oh it’ll be great if we have 15 people show up and it’s like wow look at all these cars yo bro how’s it going man this is Liu Yan stop hey I’m Austin welcome to Toronto guys hey guys Daniel my Instagram and YouTube is legacy GT underscore 9 and welcome to Toronto hi I’m motto welcome to Toronto Gilson gasoline is much people it’s like okay like I know you have like a lot of followers but Jesus watch all the videos then I’m not Monsieur thanks for coming out girl

the next morning we went back to speed Academy’s shop to get the header fixed on the Civic the header had cracked all the way around but that’s not a problem for Pete he’s gonna have it welded up in no time before welding on anything it’s a good idea to clean up the welding area with a wire brush to make sure the weld will set better after wire brushing the header heat wiped it down to make sure that it was clean and then he started the weld meanwhile I was cleaning up the mating surface to make sure the new exhaust gasket would seal up once Pete had finished fixing the header he found another problem you know what there’s still a rattle going on here somewhere and if you tap this or here it’s not hitting the chassis the exhaust isn’t and it has something to do with something is inside the cat how much power do you think we were done when we had the race been oh jeez I think at least 20 horsepower easy easy like a little bobber in there it’s really like I get it there you go oh look there’s the cat that’s right now you see it now you don’t the air has to travel through there so you can see so we definitely had some restriction going on with this because it could have moved itself up that way right so the air is trying to go through so like I said at least sixty five horsepower lost with this I think over 200 horsepower was lost just from that plugging up our turbo and supercharger yeah he lost been lost 400 horsepower yesterday because this was Kent no matter how many beat X he had yeah there was no coming back from that beating that was a TK that wasn’t even a TKO that was just a full K out you guys got ko’d I think that’s great up tapped out once Pete had finished completely overhauling my exhaust system I cleaned up my engine bay and used the oil that we had gotten that advanced auto a few days ago to change both of our oil so we’re doing an oil change on the me a tee after a hard day at the track breaking down the hole or that put some fresh oil in there to make sure it’s good to go for the rest of the trip with our cars all fresh with new oil we were ready to continue our journey it’s been a great time here with Speed Academy but now it’s time to head to Nova Scotia we were back on the road and headed for Nova Scotia it’s gonna take a few days to get there though as it’s quite a long way away but that’s not a problem for us because our cars are prepared for anything up ahead that is anything but snow you