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Hi everybody how’s it going? Welcome back to Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis for more point and click adventure game action. We are back where we left off in this area with the big hulking machine with Sophia. We rescued her last time out and we are going to crack on. We’re trying to figure out what to do with this big thing. We’ve got the scepter which we know can be used as a lever and we’re trying to figure out whether we need a second lever because I think we do. We’ve been and tried a couple of different things, nothing’s really working too well, we know we’ve got to do something with these markings Perhaps position the levers the way the markings say? But yeah finding that second lever and also there’s this one as well but finding that second lever has been a bit of a problem we tried the hinge pin I think it was from the prison that we used to free Saphir earlier we couldn’t seem to get that out and I’ve had a couple of theories from people down in the comments below organics been giving me his ideas he can’t actually remember what you have to do but apparently his theory is that perhaps what we need to do is actually try lifting the gate up like we did when we were trying to get Sofia to go underneath it because all we did really was try to use items on it and I actually went back and watched the video after he said that and yeah we literally used the whip on it and we used a couple of other items to see if we could get the pin out but we didn’t actually try lifting the gate so I don’t know whether that could potentially work but at this point I’m sort of lost for ideas a little bit so we’ve had suggestions we’re going to try them out and hopefully you guys will have figured out what to do while I couldn’t so let’s do it let’s go back to the prison area it’s not too far away as it shouldn’t be too bad we’ve got plenty of orichalcum so we should hopefully not run out with that which would be a bit annoying if we did I’m not going back there I’ll wait here yes fine you wait here right into the dungeon right so we tried to move in it and it wouldn’t budge if I remember right I can’t wait into time right so can we do we have to open as you go but do we open the gate we do well done all good Nick you forget it out well I didn’t figure it out so I’m guessing that can be used as a lever then this was held up the door I would have actually taken me a little while I don’t know why I didn’t think to do that oh well I said back I’m guessing we can probably use it hopefully we don’t need a third lever because if we do I don’t know where the hell we’re going to get one from right let’s go on to the raft we’ll head back to that room so here we go so yeah well done you guys sometimes you figure it out in the comments with your own little theories and stuff even though you’re not playing the game so well done it was quite simple in the end wasn’t actually it’s just lifting it up from than trying to use items on it oh well never mind so you guys have saved me there okay right let’s get back to the big machine then so I think if I remember right this has been about a week since I recorded the last episode so if I remember correctly we had to use the orichalcum now we had to put the do we have to put the levers in place and then use the orichalcum the question is which which position do we put it in because we’ve got two potential positions the one on the wall and the one on the floor I’m not really sure whether we want this one which is like top left top right I think or the other one this has got an arrow and this has got a squiggly arrow thing with an with like it looks like you will statue I’ve said that before I think let’s try this one first and then if not we’ll try the other one so it’s even gonna be top left top right or bottom middle right middle so what

yes excellent right so we’ve got two levers now perfect none of those markings had lost my train of thought there sir I can hear baby Tyrion in the background and none of those markings had three levers in it so I’m thinking we’re probably gonna be okay I’ll hang on we’ve done that wrong something we’re probably gonna be all right for not needing a third lever so let’s just do that one day I will actually bother to look up the keyboard commands for the pull and push things but not now because I’m just too lazy right okay so let’s use an orichalcum on the mouth looks like another hungry mouth okay that hasn’t done anything so perhaps we’d do the other one will you put it in the the top left top left top right wasn’t it I think push push push it’s working there we go okay whoa look at this how is it turning whoa did we do it won’t go any further okay I literally do we then put it into the other position what the hell is going on oh no to our crap oh no we’re not in there okay too close I thought we were in there I was gonna say we got game over that was interesting wasn’t it um I don’t really know what to say about that it was pretty cool right we can’t go over here I guess we have to go up here I mean this is pretty awesome isn’t it with this big oh we can’t where do we where do we go here it’s that doorway or ah okay we can’t use any items or anything that the bars gotten to use items so what is this like a big maze oh it is right so I’m guessing we can’t go near the lava so we’re gonna have to sort of maneuver our way through here Oh climb back up the passage is too steep that’s the stones isn’t it like the Sun stone the moon stone in the weld stone right so we can’t go through that way this is a cool area I like this can we go through these other boys reach it what that up here I can’t reach it right now so we must have to go through this door then I don’t like the way this is all melted away our crossing over this is like a big maze I don’t that looks like a different door which makes me think maybe that’s where we need to get to I like this this is pretty cool so we’ve got two doors here let’s try these oh so that’s like a slide I’m guessing oh this is pretty confusing isn’t it okay we’re gonna have to sort of remember where all these doors go to wow this place is huge and very full of doors where the hell do we go we can’t do any of our commands by the way we can’t do look or anything we’re down here now it’s that I can’t reach it all right so that literally took us nowhere just to some dead-end okay

there’s a door here and there’s what appears to be a way over here let’s try seeing what’s over here we’ve been don’t know if we did go through those doors let’s try that other door first this one over here see where that takes us to and then if that’s no way good then we’ll go back up that way and up the stairs no no okay ah so that leads to here where he said it was too steep every time he makes a noise like that I get paranoid and think he’s falling into the lava hopefully that’s not a thing yeah this could take us a little while so where did weak I can’t remember we went here I think we weren’t free this one didn’t we why is he saying hey we oh okay we didn’t go through that one so that’s two that lead to the same door then hmm okay did we go through this one I can’t actually remember maybe I should have been writing these down to show which way we want to go right so was it this one then that we went through whoops yeah so it brought him out down here didn’t it yeah that one which one of these did we go through oh man I can actually remember I might have to write these down right okay we’re back over here so we went in here didn’t we is that gonna make us fooled again no okay right that’s that’s what we’re back where we were now so wanna go up to these stairs I think it’s gonna be a whole episode if we going up and down the stairs and through doorways I think right so there’s two doors here to choose from left or right should we go right first let’s go right first all right where’s okay we’re not going through that one so that’s a deathtrap are we down here now can we get a different way if we go up here right okay we do go different maybe we can interact with this once we get up here No okay so we didn’t want to go that way hmm we can’t no we can’t go over there huh okay I mean I’m guessing we don’t want to go into this door just because to me that’s me yeah I mean that’s just gonna kill us right so we’re not going in there so we’re gonna have to go back down down we go hmm this is something of a mystery a different type of puzzle though I like it perhaps that was the right way when we came out of there I think that’s the one that you fall down isn’t it if we ever come out of here yeah we have okay so what was this story again right that’s this door so you can’t do anything through there right so let’s go back this way I’m so confused I will get it eventually I promise all right did we

go through this door oh no it’s a slippy one it’s a slip you one I can’t climb back up the passages to strike a case we want to avoid that door and where did this one go to are you coming oh that’s out we don’t want to go out what do we want to go out oh maybe that’s another way we can go up here actually I didn’t think of that maybe there’s somewhere else we can get to yes that’s like an upper and I see there’s a little doors so can we go down here no we can’t we can literally only go to a place wait what’s this is this oh that’s where we came in wasn’t it I don’t suppose we can go back out oh we can right so we can come back out here so what’s this area then this is just where so now the hallway is just this thing wait your easel doors we can go in around the edge or are they just oh I see is this just meant to be the right this is just meant to be that corridor that we’re in and we’ve guess we’ve crashed through the wall somewhere wait where do we go oh there is that it right yeah I get what’s happening now wait no we want to go in there and we I wonder I want to go in why won’t you go in what the hell oh there we go you have to click actually on the door so it looks like we can only go this way and that brings us out there yes so we can only go this way you can’t go on any of the I’m guessing these other paths are actually what’s down here so well that’s that explained anyway unless I’m sure it’s not anything to do with that door in fact we can’t do anything down there would suggest to me that it’s it’s not something we can do I’ve forgotten these doors already where do they go here right so if he says hey is that the right way then I’m guessing it probably is oh hang on we’re back here again right so let’s go through this one them right see slips down to here so this looks up where we’ve got to get to write down these stairs perhaps but that that bits all like broken up by the larvae unless we can walk on it I mean it might be that we can walk on it and I’m just being a bit silly wait hang on have we been across here let’s go across here for a second I don’t think we’ve been across here ah this is the other set of stairs I’m guessing there’s nothing we can do up here doesn’t it like it no okay so perhaps we do have to get to that bit and walk across like the molten like the magma I don’t know maybe I kind of feel like I don’t want to try that just because I’m a bit worried that that’s gonna gonna kill us oh yeah that’s that trap line isn’t it mmm okay I’m starting to sort of learn where the doors are now that’s the main thing I’m struggling to see how else we’re going to find is that disappearing is there like a time limit in here a

he says hey like you found something I can’t climb back up the passage is too steep I don’t is it disappearing no no maybe I’m just seeing those little bubbles go up and getting confused of that right okay so let’s try this again we’ll give it another go now we’ve still got a couple of minutes before we have to call the episode so let’s go into this right one we want it to go into the left one oh no we didn’t we’re fine we find forget that I was it this one yeah and then the right one was it oh no wait and how it was the left one damn it why is this causing me so much grief I’m gonna be a little bit annoying if we were supposed to just walk across here somehow at to me just seemed a bit obvious well not obvious a bit stupid no no I said obvious right into here then through this left door okay that’s that brings us out here then we go into here alright a question is where’d we go from here alright yeah that’s about right isn’t it and then through this one ah it was free the right one of course it was right you know what guys I think I’m gonna leave it there for this episode then and we’ll try and figure out the right combination to use in the next one it’s just gonna be trial and error I think cuz we can’t use any items so I doubt it’s in Plato’s lost dialogue or anything so we’re just gonna have to keep trying it and see what happens so that is gonna do it for this one so as always thank you very much for watching if you enjoyed the video click on that like button it really does help with channel to grow so I do appreciate it make sure you hit that subscribe button and the notification of everything you or just haven’t already done so and I’ll see you all next time