BodyProCoach | Volume No.71 | Train to look good | Home Workout | Praveen Nair | Maahek Nair |

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BodyProCoach | Volume No.71 | Train to look good | Home Workout | Praveen Nair | Maahek Nair |

all right listen up so welcome to train to look at volume number 71 this is an amazing one this is going to be damn fun all you need to make sure that when we give the option for you to work out a bit easier that’s going to be re-gretion choose the option if you feel tired take a break come back and join us so you’ll get to see most of the time we’re working for 40 seconds on 20 seconds off but in the core section we’re going to hit that harder by 45 seconds on and the 15 seconds off doing more hard right first movement take your right foot forward jump bend down uppercut one two three four one is sink down onto the uppercut and throw the punch first to the nose bring it back then to the jaw all right we’re gonna go in the next 10 seconds first move we got six minutes in the warm-up check it out a little bit first movement three two one sinking and easy go one one easy nice just punch pull back punch pull back aim for the nose aim for the jaw stay here in the last few routines you must have seen that we are incorporating a lot of kickboxing stuffs there’s an easy way to bring the heart rate up and increase the circulation of the blood stay in easy nice find the range use the shoulders sink and punch sink and punch last three two and one and now switch foot now what do we do to the right we’re going to repeat on the left so left foot forward right now we’re going to aim the left up down and punch all right let’s go okay let’s bring it up left foot forward to the front hip to the front go down three two one one one two two sing down three three okay it’s easy nice boil the punch breathe out the try and stay lower try and stay light on your feet 20 seconds so you know that we come live on tuesday thursday saturday at 5 30 all right so spread the word around let your friends and family join us last five seconds jab and uppercuts and done awesome shake it out a little bit so 40 seconds on 20 seconds off cheak it out next movement you can take it right back i want you to swing the leg okay swing the leg now the strength we’re going to take it out so you can see that range of motion all right back with the legs and the work in three two one face the front let’s go one easy only one side step a little back you look at your little movement because the movement down you can take that more higher all right let’s snap now as you bring that leg up i taught to breathe out that’s going to let you find more range of motion good job stay up is it nice there you go last five seconds last three two and one good job twist around for the next one its gonna be left leg right now nice easy start taking down now same movement okay same thing on the other side in three two one bring it up all right nice now maahek let’s sink the movement here 20 seconds brace the belly in all right here we go 10 seconds now last five three two and one check out the side kicks the next movement so we step step side kick step step side kick

step step side kick that’s what you want ready go yeah we’re going to go lower we’re going to go easy and nice now on the way we’re going to teach you the movement three two one one one step kick pull back step step kick back listen up so if you kick use the heel or the side of the foot to drive the kick pull back pull back so first this then this this and back 15 seconds now use the hands use the hands eight seconds three two one and change same thing to the left ready maahek awesome 10 more seconds or you are in five seconds to get ready you bring your hands up to the guard step step side kick pull back step step side kick if there’s someone doing it for the first time kick lower okay kick lower just stay at the moment use the heel and foot and drive and pull back check out the movement one two and three one two three okay keep going here comes the last 10 seconds last five three two and one awesome the warm up is done here comes the round number one on the plank walk check it out to the floor let’s take it down the first movement coming up it’s gonna plank then plank walk take it out stay here one and one check it out let’s go maahek you want to keep the hips tight and come on to your palm so now that’s the movement nice and easy so what do we need is squeeze the butt cheek as high as possible then keep your body tight push it into your palms come to the top okay so push on your palms and come with the top stay now if i’m showing you to jump neutral workout i will just stick around here i’ll be replaced option number two is given to you good job maahek stay strong for five more seconds you’re almost done last five seconds 45 seconds 15 seconds off three two is up now check it out in the palm plank we’re going to step to the side lateral shift take it out so on the plank shift the body up shift the body forward one one one one what’s going to happen is that you lose from here keep them tight let’s go maahek bring it up strong good job nice shift your feet and your hands together easy nice shoulders forward shoulders forward a little bit maahek good job nice that’s what you want so brace the belly in and sink the movement one two one two stay up the key is to keep your butt tight the key is to brace the belly in towards the spine more up 15 seconds more i tell you it’s a bit hard work today stay you’re gonna make five seconds buddy you do well proud of you three two one nice and easy okay plank jacks what can you do we’re going to plank but from here we’re going to jump your feet to side to side one two all right the key says to be always do the same thing let’s go it’s about keeping your butt tight keeping the belly tight and intact to the spine good job all right stay here at 30 seconds now shoulders forward sync the movement it feels good shoulders forward ask yourself if your shoulders forward if not do it now 15 more seconds right there belly tight squeeze the bum right there and five four three

two and one that’s what it is huh check it out the next one you get it back plank we take one hand bring it back other hand bring it back we’re gonna march into superman fly goal let’s go come up yes maahek you’re good all right let’s go one shift one a bunch of the work here you’re going to brace the belly in nice and tight good job i’m liking it awesome work maahek everybody stay around stick around stay stronger stay here drop stay here drop stay here all right now ask yourself basically in the butt are you putting your belly in or not stay in straight away almost done last three two and it’s one good job now check it out the next movement we’re going to take your right hand up from the palm plank and left leg up in the plank all right let’s go it’s gonna be here in the palm plank take it up one drop take it up one drop in three two one let’s go ah let’s nicely good it’s pretty good movement maahek so you got the movement all right so we need to engage the abdomen or the core in order that we can balance better so option number two if you’re beginner you’re gonna be doing this what maahek is doing right now if not let’s get around let’s get this game up stay here see easy nice key points abdomen tight stick around last three seconds last one awesome nice and easy check it out now bring the thumb back one to go lift and twist option number two stand down and the slow edition of the body okay so rotation start now let’s go two options option number two is gonna be this from here we’re gonna look rotate okay if not stick with me on the palms okay 25 seconds over stay around stay on elbow straight like last three seconds okay done nicely 10 more seconds to the break we’re going to go one more round of the complete break ah it’s amazing what a core work that’s gonna be round number two now starting in eight seconds first is gonna be plank walk so stick around bounce to the elbows starting the elbows palm elbow palm same thing keep going on stick around the work so push through the palms and come back to the elbows nice and easy okay fifteen seconds over over all right 15 seconds now shoulders forward keep the body in the work last five seconds stop good job next movement into plank lateral shift starting in five seconds let’s go maahek shoulders forward push them down nice let’s go shift shift let’s go shift shift small steps one make sure that you have that engagement onto the abdomen all right so small and nice steps small nice steps pressure on your pumps ask yourself how you put that belly in and tight and that’s key now

all right 15 seconds check out your feet constant movements stay here last three seconds and done good job ah plank jacks on the planks on the elbows this time we’re starting soon oh god three two one jack hi everybody stay down here sit down from here sit down from here this should be kind of a table so if you make everything flat to the bottom and stick around in that flat table for a long time and that itself is a plank and we added resistance in the plank which means that a long way 15 seconds now shoulders forward butt down stay here all right last five four three two one good job doing pretty well next movement is gonna be palm and raise one one hand all the right hand raising up are you going you guys ready let’s go now and plank looks one two there will be a minute hip movement that’s fine but our major work is to maintain the flat position of your back of your hips so stick around what i’m talking about is this keep that back back and really push your body forward in order that you can move your hands smoothly off the floor all right let’s go the shoulders forward this is what you want keep it tight you will see that you are able to do it more easy when you keep them tight okay three two one and that’s the change next one one right hand one left leg it’s gonna go up floor hand balance repeat the repetition again to get more weight starting in three two one one side one side step down all right we got you can’t even do that just keep that hips down stick around the work all right 26 sec stay here three two and one oh that’s really work let’s turn out this movie rotation from your plank all right let’s go press down the floor nice and easy all right so you choose the option with maahek let’s go ahead start shift rotate bring back same thing what do we need to see the rotation happening on the ground stay here stay strong for this lets go two options again one of the palm in one on the other push down before left put it so a little bit movement you can see them keep that feet wide to make a movement more easier last three two and that’s one nice and easy done with the great job here comes the main zone stand on your feet but you go through one push ups and one toe tap ready maahek you can choose your optional knees if you want in three two one check it out one push up come back up tap two push up come back up tap the other side tap here so what i want you to focus is that push up keep the elbows in push back the butt that’s going to stretch your hamstrings and keep moving so you got it maahek

nice and easy that’s that’s what’s happening right now coming up time toward the toes great exercise to the strength last five seconds all right here we go stop done good job coming up that’s when you spot over two rounds about eight exercise which means 16 minutes of the work one squat one front kick check out the side view so one squat one front kick squat front kick we’re gonna bring that hand to literally balance it so from the car open and balance so guys squat only one side ready go right side there right side good what we’re looking forward for you that thing lock the floor finding that full range of motion to really activate your gluteus maximus that’s what you want one squat one kick one squat one kick stay again for five seconds and done change round we take the side views to show you the range of motion with your body last 10 seconds ago same thing on the left now oh coming up in three two one one squat left kick one squat left kick same movement left kick keep moving up good and whatever you looking forward for is that the kick bring the knee up first again bring the knee up to the chest and then you extend the knee forward so push it a little push forward through the hips that’s gonna create the force for exactly one squat kick squat kick squat kick squat stay on three two and one check this out now lunge one knee drive working on one side so right to the front left to the back this step step drive simple three two one go down step step drive step step drive now you make sure that you have a deep lunge you have a knee going to the floor almost with that tear back foot that’s going to actually create a lunge if you do not lift the heel up you would not be able to create the actual lunge so step down lunge get it check this out drive it okay step down step right forward one need to be kind of martial arts the drive step follow drive step follow three two and one good job stay everything done left and front right leg moving back ah three two one do the same thing step down come back and drive simple one two and three if you done martial art’s you know what i’m talking about so easy step step and drive step step and drive step step and drive listen up out of the jump out of the jump last 10 seconds oh my god last five three two one one more check out the next movement now feet goes by from here jump a little lot of the corner stops trust me it’s going to burn up ah we’re going to glut this maximus and we give you burn a lot more calories in three two one go one one two three four five six seven eight nine easy listen up every time you sit down i want you to make sure that you take the butt down you take the back straight two things are very important but down and your back straight down 15 seconds more to go

10 more good job stay in last four three two and one good one check it out now we did feet wide right lock the fingers keep the hands tight and hard from here chop down you may make a lot of mistakes in the movement so pay attention exactly you understand what i’m talking about good to go keep it understand let’s go now chop it down one keep on pointed heels lift the heel up lift the heel up and turn your hips to the movement turn hips turn your hips straighten hips heel and your hips good job now be the put force to your hands lower boot chops stay lower breathe out stay lower last 10 here three two and one all right a short breather one more round to go on the main zone this one is gonna be one push up and toe reach let’s go get back all right we’ve start in three seconds three two one one push-up one drive remember keep the elbows same in and toe tap at the back okay let’s go good job maahek one move your hands quickly to the bottom it feels good how many you can do we got 40 seconds so somewhere above 25 reps is a good count to go all right five seconds three two oh my god good one good one people let’s go one squat one front kick on the right side let’s bring up one ready three two one let’s go one squat one front one squat same side constantly take the right remember drive the kick move your hips forward again okay that’s on got some i just stand up drop the head to the guard here stay up stay it up 10 seconds last three one more good job turn this around comes outside now i take 10 more seconds tough but awesome going on in three two one check it out let’s go left side okay why you bring your knee to your chest first and then drive that knee in the chest of the opponent so boxing or kickboxing it’s all about imagination so bring the imagination power and keep drumming up good up maahek nice just be there so you want to get that kick down last 10 seconds sit down let’s sit lift sit lift we got three two and one nice and easy one lunge one right knee drive left back right to the front and standing ok go ready yeh so 5 seconds 3 2 1 one step just going seeing the movement just stepping sync easy nice just stay the moment easy and nice you are familiar stepping back now now i want

range of motion sit down lower a great example here amazing regular lunge there’s an option three seconds done switch around now heartbeat now tough but tough makes you stronger ah left back right forward left turn back right drive forward three two one go left forward mine yeh alright okay got it stay in the work check it out now from here bend down stay down come up and drive 8 seconds two and one okay 10 seconds more here comes in and out squats three two one go trust me open this outside now all right open this outside i want you to sit down in the back more straight last round last two minutes before you finish the routine all right let’s go fast now 15 seconds side view sit down three two one oh my god lots of rotations and five seconds three two one feet back two positions one two three four sink up breathe out right side still so when i say still over your knees are always flexed is always bent stay down stay down and jump jump 10 seconds turn again almost hold three two one tough but it’s awesome ah thanks buddy hello guys thank you so much for tuning in this is train to look good volumes you you all make sure that ah you subscribe the channel hit that bell button and share it with friends and family and please support us and give us lots and lots of love as you always do right that’s why you want to remember one more thing guys check out our blogs the more the information that you have you can be fit forever luckily forever so please make sure that read the blog section on our website that’s a lot of love we’re looking forward to see you on the next routine thursday 5.30 p.m that’s right thank you