How I train my cockatiel to free fly

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How I train my cockatiel to free fly

you so today I’m starting the RICO training it’s not gonna be a Rico training right away because you can’t fly like I’m starting to let him learn the sound of the whistle what I’m trying to do is to create an addiction for him to the sound of the whistle right before taking them out for feeding oddly and then proceed this way he will associate the sound of the whistle to good things and it will very soon learn to love that sound later on when he will be bigger and able to walk I’m going to put him a little far away’s whistle and wait for him to come he will manage then again when he’ll be able to fly I’m going to put him somewhere where he needs to fly in order to reach me and then I’m gonna whistle wait for him fly to me and proceed with feeding only after he reached this way will make a transition into a proper record whistle this Rico training is not only for having your bird fly to you it’s also very important to locate your bird in the circumstances when you lose sight of him in the first flight it will happen a lot of times that the bird will fly behind the house behind the group trees and you will likely lose sight of him and me will be lost as well you won’t know where you are or where he is now I think now the bird can fly not well started today you can just flap his wings a little I suggest to do it endure because the first flights are messy the bird

so we finally did it it took like 10 minutes of the creation but at the end he did it there is my victorious bird one last thing I want him to learn before going outside is to come down from height they won’t find the Congress to come down it happened to me one time to bed you want a treat and I spent 30 hours under the tree waiting for him to come so I don’t want to so we are finally ready for the outdoor now we are going outside and I’m adding

under this tree this tree is great because he will learn to use his wings flying from branch to another and I will let him sit around here and take confidence with the outside world ready no now I’m leaving him alone for a while in about 30 minutes I’ll come here with the feeding formula and I’ll call him back he came back it’s been on the tree for like 30 minutes he trained for 30 minutes so he had his first bath under the ring and he was very happy wanna fly again what you doing here it’s been really good I have to say this one gives me huge expectations let’s present him with the rest of the crew work meet your new bat they’re gonna be friends that was his first more serious fly he’s still there having fun on the tree I don’t have to call him now yes to chill there relax get comfortable this moment is is learning the area now if you want the tree but later you will fly there then tomorrow we fly there then on my roof give him a few days a week at Max and he will learn this place perfectly then it won’t get lost anymore until then I had to stay with him and watch wherever he goes because you may lose himself show him the way to return to me after more than two hours he decided to come back the first times outside they don’t respond to the recall immediately they are just too much over stimulated to just respond so I have to give him all the time in Italy and get him eventually after a few time today he flew behind those huge trees over there and need an answer to my recall for like four hours so I spent a lot of time under those trees screaming whistling hoping to get a response but he was just chilling playing with leaves and he completely ignored me for like a lot of time then he finally decided it was born and he just answered and flew back to me

so now bubu is wind so I can recall him and reward him with a piece of cracker or whatever he likes you shouldn’t be on that tree it still makes the noise to be honest is not fully wind I still feed him some formulas a evening before going to sleep but it’s seeds by as well