Overlanding in Sweden – Spring trip 2019 (English subtitle)

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Overlanding in Sweden – Spring trip 2019 (English subtitle)

The whole of Bergslagen is like this It was here it all started Spring meetup 2019 Friday Hello, Im Andreas from Overlanding.nu Spring meetup 2019 have officially started and behind me is my car We have been driving for a couple of hours before we started filming due to heavy storms with thunder and rain so that’s why it’s a little less movie at the start But now we are at camp and it is Friday and now it has stopped and rain The thunderstorm was absolutely magnificent to look at we also changed camp when our first place was occupied by others incredible enough in the middle of nowhere But now we are here and it is time to rig camp We are expecting a participant who will come a little later, so we will help him find our camp Now, most of us have eaten dinner and fished i the lake now we will be social the rest of the evening Good morning it is Saturday the night has been good but very high humidity so it has been a little difficult to sleep but it hasn’t rained anyway The day seems to be perfect with sun Most of them were in bed at midnight breakfast around 8 am now we are packing down tents and tearing the camp then we should have a driver’s meeting where we go through the run today small gas station with simple products Diesel and cigarettes are what you can buy In about 80 km we will arrive at Hälleskogsbrännan

there all forest burned down five years ago with some deaths This is a huge area that is completely dead We hope to bring up a drone so that we can show some of the dead forest It can be good to do it for lunch good for all of us who didn’t eat breakfast or those who were promised breakfast but who did not receive anything In center of the Hälleskogsbrännan it is a resting place there we will have lunch there is also a lookout tower that you get a nice view from we stop for an hour so everyone can eat in peace and quiet the road to the area is narrow and last we found a car in the ditch fine for us with winches after lunch we will move on to the village of Sala Sala is a larger city it has what we need there we take a new break after that we drive up to the mine itself which is in the Sala itself a round 14:00 We have to look at the possibilities of getting down into the mine we were in contact with the mine that told us that we would have paid double if we booked in advance very strange way so we simply have to see what is possible the area is beautiful so even if we do not come down it will be a beautiful trip is all good Andreas? And you? – Yes just waiting for my food to be cooked Do you want? – No, I have my food over by the car Wow.. great size of that bacon

Overlanding bacon You have marinade around the whole stove yes yes, so it is, take a look at Ian´s, its clean and never used Have been a good trip so far ? You are allowed to say no Now my friends, here comes some security information you have helmets on you and they have to sit well so check this That one is a bit loose so you have to adjust it If you get a bang, it must remain on your head I wear a bicycle helmet Yes but they work well I carry a communication radio so I have contact with everyone above us But if it were so that I personally cannot call for help via the radio, then I hope someone can press the red button and talks to 911 and when that is said I hope we get a nice ride down the mine Here, where I stand, ventilation shafts go all the way up to the surface We will stay here it is not open there No, it is true, we are going take another path Hello! Now we have been down in the Sala Silver mine and got a fantastic tour Those who were not on the guided tours drove with Jon to our next camp but most of them chose to join the tour down the mine Now we are also heading towards the evening camp can’t be more perfect

It is not certain that more adjustments will make it better you can take a throw block that way Thats it! Now everyone is at the evening camp At a disused mine (not sure about the name) Will have to get the correct name later The mine is an open pit mine that is now filled with water divers use the mine to train and investigate the many aisles that are down there There was little rain during the time we set up the tents In the background you see a table that we have made of materials we found in the area marks in the gravel are from when we dragged out a boulder which becomes the foundation of our table Our own chef “Jon” is already on the dinner it will be chilli con carne to all our members probably strong with flavorful The rest of the evening we should just have a nice time Then we’ll see what we’re going to do tomorrow unsure how many people have to travel home to start working But more about it tomorrow This one I bought yesterday very good Good work Ove! Of course it will you get to feel a little macho this is actually a labor camp and not an overlanding trip Now we have just looked at the working group What shall we call you? The officers! Ah, that’s it or the consultants we think a lot and come up with good ideas Then we send an invoice! So here we have the officers and over there the workers It is a good distribution of tasks It had become too many people if everyone would help It’s true! But we come when the food is ready That´s how the officers work Then you do the same on the other side, much easier with this! Then peppers, onions chilli and garlic in the there then it shall rest because befor we pour in water lots of tomato puree I like the cutting board Ove! – I know!

You have the world’s largest cutting board Solid and stable, reasonably clean and you do not have to wash it No absolutely not, that arranges mother earth Go get a bowl Go get a bowl. I have no more and they weren’t good enough Do we need one more knife? Just bring one more, then we can sit here and chop It will be a therapy dinner Good morning, it’s Sunday It’s not so early but you could have slept a little longer, for various reasons even if i went and let me around at 00 the night has been absolutely wonderful, perfect temperature then it has blown little which made it comfortable in the tent some participants were up early and got caught a fish one large pike but it got returned back to the lake now it’s breakfast then it is out on the road again The Swedes do not have vacancy on Monday as in Norway So many will cancel here and return home The rest of us will drive back to the Norwegian border where we will have our last camp I don’t exactly know where, Jon is the leader today but we’ll find out later Then we left camp and are on the motorway towards Karlstad where we are going to eat lunch half of the participants are with us the rest have returned home because of work tomorrow (Andreas, we get a gap to the car with trailer) That said, in Karlstad we take lunch and so on towards the evening camp We also had a short stop in the town of Sunne where we have filled up with fuel and food for the rest of the trip

now we are heading for camp now we are a little higher up the mountains we shall camp at a lake We’ll see if we come to camp via major roads, or if Jon takes difficult trails it will be exciting Watch out, there is some big rocks over here Have you called for help over the radio? – Yes Then I just have to go and see how it goes there But Ove! I know, but it’s first It doesn’t look like you’re stuck? It is the first time it is stuck in the mud I a can roll a little back, and then a couple of inches forward But Max When you are done with Ove, there are several stuck further back – What did you say? When you are done with Ove, there are several stuck further back he with the trailer is worse than you I’ve hit rocks twice on the way here It’s on this side I’m stuck now I understand Do you have something nice there? – How do you do this? I have no idea!!!! It sounds good Now we drive, I can check on YouTube how to recover a Landcruiser That’s when it is sad with poor cell phone coverage Now it starts to look like something! Max has traveled all the way from Finland to save a Swede You mount this one where the led-lights are? that’s right! Just put it in the led lights, make sure you bring the camera as well I also have on the roof Ah there comes Andreas with a couple but they can be muddy What? – They can get dirty Can you move it a little forward Ove? (We are trying with Maxtrax right now) don’t you come over with speed? it is dry where the cameraman stands

or add a maxtrax to the other side There is hope!!! a little more Is it good? – Yes It’s probably smart to have a strap on them But now you see how many MaxTrax you can put down there without them being visible one! Hello, hello How are you? – Just great thanks nice to see you again Hey! – You had no problems running before No no no … in the mud do you mean? No, kids play I know you’re playing, but you have to eat too must we have the same food as yesterday? ha ha ha it is fun to cook for you darling But I don’t want it But what do you want then? I want something I like then it will be difficult You can get some meatballs I get a plate Then you have bread there, take one Dad, now I’m a real ninja But then I should not see you

do you see me now? Perhaps As you can see, we have camped north west of the town of Sunne and into the forest by a beautiful lake now everyone eats dinner ome eat leftovers from yesterday, and other eats a completely new dish like me Today it will be bacon, sausage and some meatballs It blows a good deal today, and it is also a good deal of cloud It can probably start to rain a little later but who knows half of the mine had collapsed The Swedish technique was dig, dig and dig, further down then we bring everything we find so we do not lose any silver, and then then we put everything on the roof of the mine more and more, finally it was empty down in the mine and full on the roof mine collapsed and all died But the part we went in, is the new part of the mine Now, it´s just trying to bring home everything we just throw it into the trailer