1szy rozładunek w EU, My 1st delivery in Europe, Iwona Blecharczyk

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1szy rozładunek w EU, My 1st delivery in Europe, Iwona Blecharczyk

Good day, I welcome you from my first trip Look what I’m driving, replacement truck. I won’t drive that Volvo pernamently But I will show you what I got I arrived here by the morning, before 6 A.M A small thing, I don’t even know what it is. I haven’t loaded it by myself I arrived and it was already loaded Now I have to drive it to unloading, ladies and gentlemen Belt fell off here That’s underneath so it’s nothing It’s so tangled that it haven’t done anything You see, double drop trailer a small one Some in our company call it scatterer Oh my god, a lot of work here, a lot of belts to take off and a tilt Leave it or take it with me I don’t know whose tilt it is Okay, we have to go back to work I don’t want to I won’t say that I want to Look at that pretty Scania approaching I won’t say that I want to But what can I do. I overslept already The first night was massacre for me I don’t know what’s with Europe driving, but it’s five times more How do you say it More exhausting than in America. Hour of driving and you are exhausted In America you had to drive for six hours to be exhausted I don’t know what is it about But I have to drive to company I wonder where it even is Somewhere close, because I drove on permission so I had to get here the fastest I mean using the closest route So I’m close to company. I think there’s an entrance on a corner So let’s drive to this company Where it will be Too late cars I already drove in This width is – sorry but it’s – a shit width, because it’s already a width, you have to drive with premission It’s as small as 10cm sticking out, you have to be careful So that width it is Fifty six I think it’s not there IPS, here ladies and gentleman You have to recall how to drive this Visit(German – Besuchen) I think we can’t drive in here Entrance is there You know what? First idea is always the best, so it’s actually there I have to reverse now Do I have a room to reverse? I don’t want to destroy something on a first day In Europe there is always someone who will offer you help with reversing. I have a room there,

but it’s better to check There’s It’s enough I would like not to get stuck on those rails This is In America it’s called Low boy A trailer that has middle section low It can be regulated, but you shouldn’t do such things on rails The man is telling me where to go I have to go forward, nice Two axles, but both can turn and there are “dancing” So I have to be careful It’s much different than normal set When turning you can catch something on a right side I mean on a side which you normally aren’t careful about Okay Boots Jacker etc I have to find out where I have it I really like this overalls As you know I really like work clothes, but I don’t like about it that I don’t have any reflection strips on it I will have to put on another jacker This has only those small ones. Okay I will stay like this for now, but when they will order me to put on They for sure will order me to put on, because there’s a sign So I won’t wait, I will put it on now I have a helmet, white one, even with a belt I have it so I won’t break my head on something – during work, and today I will be spool, what is for what Only jacket remaining Boots I will put on thick ones, ladies and gentleman, because I took a boots that are a bit I took a boots that are a size bigger than what I wear, because they didn’t had my size So we agreed that I will buy them by myself and they will give me money for them, I liked it that way the most, because then I will buy boots that I will like and not the ones Not the ones that are available So it was really good for me that they haven’t had my size I have fourty one, just so you know But I have my thick boots That they won’t realise that they aren’t protective boots Else if they realise But they will do for loading and unloading Now we have to go and ask if I can unload here, remove tilt or where, what and how. Jesus So much steps to do in this work You see how much there is to tighten it, so it won’t fly away Especially those tilts, this one is a bit thicker But it’s hard to do anyway to make the load not loose tilt So Everything protected But now we have to work our hand off to unprotect it Change of gloves, those are that stiff, that you can’t do anything with them Nice tilt, not too thin, not too thick

Now I have such set, and I’m wondering how to reverse with it Is it same as What was the rule of reversing How to turn it Pretty normally But smaller moves, because it has turning axles You turn slowly It moves aside so fast Unloaded Unloaded, so now it’s time to clean the trailer Put on all the chains on the back You have to play around a little Now I will lower the back of the trailer To make it even lower I want to tell you that I got tired

I remembered this job as easy, light and enjoyable And I got really tired, because of those chains and belts I really consided this job as light and today I’m exhausted wrists hurt from folding belts Arms are shaking from chains, fingers too Massacre, it’s not that easy as you would think It wasn’t easy, now it’s I’m probably tired I was lazy for past month so now it’s hard to work now Now I will go towards Bremerhaven There I will stop I haven’t shrinked it. I will stop on a first parking and I will try to do that, because you aren’t allowed to drive that wide Even if there’s only 1,5 meter Anyway I can’t, but here I can’t do it I will try elsewhere Hard work, I will tell you it’s hard work Who would have thought I found a little even place It still won’t go inside I found the cause! Won’t go back? Then go to the front! I made it, I know the cause A little stupid detail and it wasted so much time That’s how you gain experience Around hour of wasted time, nerves etc Everything should work, the rule of insertions is always the same and why it’s not working.. It turned out that the blocks I putted where the floor is inserting, it it’s so to say rails I placed blocks under And when I lowered it then This thick plate bended a little and locked the floor that had to insert So when I placed it in the middle Then it worked, I could’ve do it like this in the first place, but when I say guys do it with tilt trailers, they placed blocks on the sides, because it’s easier to get them out later So in this case it haven’t worked well But okay It took some time, but now I can drive I won’t get a ticket now

Thank you for attention, that was my first trip I’m so tired