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And road trip

what’s up guys I’m back for other video and today I don’t even kill on plugins at a store and we will get Tamar kicked out get up I don’t care what time I love you bro look out I’ve got my game kicked off so early I don’t think so well I hope this all counted in here because automatically I’m gonna get kicked out you will look around I’ll be outside oh okay with you okay guys so now I’m outside what’s your couch somebody ain’t for me guys this already pretty me see you guys no way my dispatches come out soon jo sergeant and pray and these two stuff on sites and this ones are here actually what I’m a good surgeon we were to surgery go it acts on the side that wasn’t good marriage I think sergeant sergeant in the back I played the shading up the red squares three guys some days in years on my I am going some were merch is coming out so I don’t forget to get don’t get to play that good to get the match monkey the tradition though I need not seen the brothers anything right now I’m in a mall do you hear the music in background might be all best so just let me know in the comment section below I’m okay if you like be honest place already deep and don’t forget to like it look it’s of thank you for your time saying it because I’m a knight if you wanna subscribe the doctor that is true I hope you looking right now right now because they think I’m too tough to talk to anybody on the phone oh yeah let’s go see your mother fucking father’s so yeah guys understand this what else it prompt I’m going to uncle’s uncle’s house and surprise so yeah oh my god guys up mostly ocean guys look up there all of you to see me in new suction hello camera oh my god what I know is this on my camera good guy I’m gonna clear my camera honey call my lips what is this there’s something white on my legs okay oh god damn it I’m freaking out my lens very good is something on my lenses God dang it what is this just to go something it’s on my phone right you guys know just not like the eye could see okay god I’m just always looking for us again and stuff I’m not gonna look around everybody but hey guys this is a point of Biggie Smalls ever if they get anything that can’t lucky I’m just missing you guys from actually mountainous on my lap if I get anything I can’t block me then yeah my good and you guys have been like because it should grab Scooby what do you forget to friend off we’re gonna let you know forget to subscribe oh my god guys everybody’s telling me like what what the hell’s this guys doing he’s talking to his phone like nothing is wrong huh like what is he doing they all not I’m afraid a blogger bro nobody knows about this rock that’s very funny is like suspiciously did I do that back at home take this looking so yeah my friends are being so long shopping well I could see Hannah like Suzy I could see the war is it is look around but he’s too busy watching me

description got you it’s certainly that confessor Oh beautiful as well okay under yeah we gotta go see how much it does turn a big end of the video I only get please and of course I’m not those actually ancient people I just do blogs and stuff so don’t be like don’t forget to follow my friends like scooter pro and finesses names could have grow any artist of course is Omega now she might just have some beautiful people this person I bang like because of course I am black and yeah guys you guys see that no my mother was his you cost me black oh but it’s dinkley that’s really racist and the way I think of these bones of my friend anything where makeup man about something my face is cracking up all it seems to be bumps I got a point is enough for those alright I know you wanna take better care of your 50 we don’t want to see this because nothing horrible and yes kind of a good look at my nostrils oh wait what is that you guys let me just pick out just because I can Oh a phone call so big round and yes that’s all love you any new funny and stuff and it’s good I was trying I’m trying and I’m trying to see the good cut up some parts and this like you know cuz though I do this too dirty anything the world I guess the only way home I get to do it song class is to livestream guys it is to realize Jane so home I come here to last you I have no clue the world wants to know how much I be able to let you know I am a clue oh my god someday I’m figuring past awkward now my house like brick waiteth broke my bust my head yeah Wow no that fancy man it’s a mess when she just burned my body robot huh our blog lucky enough for this year well I think you guys might be here but title yes I did kinda fight at school yes yes I got afraid to screw my stuff yeah it wasn’t that good don’t worry I’m a patient background for this background music if I’m uploading it is horrible and stuff so yeah and stuff and I think what I’m doing right now it’s oh my gosh I’m gonna get you some more psychic stuff and maybe sometimes I’m going to my grandpappy and I’m gonna be vlogging and they’re all do you think I’ll be dried up a four-wheeler I think now I won’t forget to blog that guys I tell you I’m a vlogger I know I felt gonna be every day bro but enough with that DC channel so oh I’m sorry called I said that but yeah auntie Edna caviar me just don’t you call just don’t because we go beyond me everything to go wrong and a problem – so – no I am a big fan of you cheating

and mechanic subscribe to UV I liked every day’s I do everything every I hate today what’s up everybody I don’t know where we’re all doing I’m just waiting for a way to come out to their own Denise right over there I can I show this rank I cannot burn up it’s a spider yes yes what am i doing but yeah I’m gonna break my hair in the wood huh comedy that’s a fan yes cuz Sunday I might get some light to vlog me count me in too long because I can’t be hold this camera wrong at the same time that’s boring if you guys are bored and stuff tell me what you want me to do friend I’ll do anything to be good I meant way me anything I meant anything and stuff kind of bitchy all stuff coming in my hair you guys can see that cooperate well she is not that good and there’s some things I’m I heard they think it is tengo ever be this older I am I getting old guys well I’m sorry that my hair being um thing that was kind of tangled it’s kind of twisted attorney kinda Brentano warned nobody cares anymore I need to go get my other day together she’s gonna college so yeah let me see where they are I’m sorry he’s the one that’s been keeping the camera destiny for another kick well hey guys I’m keeping the camera low-key I met looking at actually looking that’s up to the one in every way on camera I’m just I’m looking at cameras the guys but ya know what we gotta keep it our little keep I don’t get invited faces and we sure I’m not getting everybody faces we got say that I’m keeping it looking at my facebook so proud that great now not black guys I’m brown just a lie to you terrible nineteen terrible what’s to discuss okay guys we are going on the escalators and I’m gonna be putting my hand up on escalators on the right down Missy can you hold this Missy this and a happy ending camera turnaround all time cuz I didn’t want to

get you and it’s gonna be taking a lot editing to blot your face that’s gonna be a sadly using computer my computer actually to blot your face and stuff I got a guy keep it low-key and again okay so yeah oh oh oh yeah good back on this chair we’re actually now says now if because haven’t so I went down the escalators right behind me we’re only using my hands yes guys like you know say that is Handy’s I just started putting on you I just started putting our money hurt on my arm feels so easy I got I do pawn to your I do I do I do and so I’m where we guys and then see I’m here buddy tight off this me other day cut to her my phone about to die but yeah guys I’m gonna try to roll as best I can for my phone dies I stop guys so yeah I want my one dies in your area well within my video could I’m gonna make the other one and stuff and I’ll be paying my phone the guys that got other this nigga mom I would be on we have to be editing this video called Marco thermoform be charging charging everything and good almost see that your friend oh my god nigga better I think I’m sicker as my family see to get CS she has a charger I could trade my phone yeah make it look I didn’t recognize you as a mother daughter then you like it’s a good I’m gonna tell me feel nice so yeah don’t make the bitch walk they can’t do anything and she just saying Donna just shadows and just cuz it’s a first so funny my stuff so yeah oh my gosh yo market laughs but yeah most beautiful and I see where’s exits you guys ain’t so bad to the bone Ichi are you watching right here more often I got I’m watching my hair tonight cuz I’m gonna pick them all I’m gonna keep on going my phone dies I don’t know what my phone’s dying so that’s a problem see I got a lot of people talking Romney this particular life you gotta learn to make them all is myself so it doesn’t make sense a girl everybody’s voices it makes sense to do that for you I might get ice cream I know guys it is camera dies I am going to edit the vlog well break era dying the camera guys I’m gonna have to upload this vlog make captain a funny thing surely I met up here as well do that again if I get a phone call kites I’ll be super super super pissed because I’m

gonna be that’s area to vlog can I get a front row I happened to be last mom called me and the blonde does it automatically so yeah thank you some tips what should I do for you guys since you guys might be bored I’m gonna dig lock up the son of my ears he’s a bottom that had to block on sound because oh my god it’s kind of weird and yeah guys it’s a threesome ideas why should do 4 bucks like I’ll be across maybe tomorrow maybe our dirt bikes maybe and so so and I was a more entertaining stuff you have at least a plasma comedy but still because you can see if I look up five times go so close it is seeing that it’s getting dark if he goes my lives are on the camera mount but without gonna be actually mounting my camera oh my god I got you talking so long everybody that pop oh yeah this is Montalban will it meet you guys I’m moving somebody let me show you guys me at my time cellphone once I get to my home country this vlog will be added I’m stopping everything to be good echo has information too long like you know think this vlog I wish I had get this thing forgot my stuff my brows are my videos and stuff that’s the MIDI yeah guys my phone dies it has to end of the LA my longest time yes the students come around look at this guy so de Franchi this is for this is though what good looks in sight guys luck never airs like two trees cheese did it to the leaves oh my god I was the person whose face it’s on my camera but I got a way a personal even look at my favorite cookie gonna eat stuff Craig’s talking louder because I don’t feel like I’m this like you know I’m whispering because everybody who passed me this gonna think I’m crazy he came here like you know he and stuff what is entrance but what’s interest of a lot of a people passing a blackboard echo happening why cause I think maybe I already recording and I’m Jesse comedy kind of comedy maybe come with you that’s a close-up – hi guys hey guys oh my god what happened to the life plays abrasive sooner I’m officially I’m a card security incident until dinner Marya oh and what’s happening right in next but yeah we can do like everything with this I belong kind of like you know poopy method I’m just joking guy yeah I’m leaving the one person that me love is my father Shawn a cut day actually I’m happy that I was gonna happen at lightest leaving Esther oh my god I’m just pressing random stuff

on my phone and it’s just doing this I don’t know what this mean for a bird like it’s something I planned you guys came like I don’t know just because you match link in description boy no honey no because especially I did you know but it’s not looking good picking and I got a good they’re gonna go they could make a dig it every day see you guys I’m keeping it low-key again sorry guys and it’s official neck if this video finish and I’m doing okey I’ll be really pissed and I’m gonna see time so guys yeah I was like hold you back until my phone dies stuff I’m I found every phone that I wanted my phone dies yeah it’s a problem I’m not gonna be sure I got half wife with it well next be sure if we have Wi-Fi edit this video I said call me and tell my wife I edit this video like I serve myself we gave her such a rare man I’m still we’re now back to lucky so can you a coffee don’t just print our coffee yeah dirty that is so weird oh yeah I said like this is on of paper there’s the same two dollars back yep one type trade in one side mom why you got it one blouse that’s so pretty that one class the when it comes in the way in that red I’m just hiding in a corner enemies with Riley’s camera let’s hang out in a

corner but they can’t find no I’m just gonna be like this I fam at it is a video here maybe just a little bit more home and did to my phone does and oh there we go bye how about your phone guys I sound like your uncle on to my phone dies let’s keep on going yeah oh okay somehow that for this I know I got my point but today he could make home that we know I’m stuff and I’m this rid overhead this far for everybody think I’m in Quebec escalator I don’t know but of course no feet no hands no – don’t let go get it I bet it offends you see I let’s go to the quick to the food court and grab a bite Gloria’s ago she had like you know I’ll use the one and I need okay so I’m Missy’s using the bathroom I’m just gonna go walking around this blue sky to once it Donna do this do that did after this Oh like you know blocker bro I’m gonna look at the camera I’m just looking at everybody’s looking at me I’m mad that stuff I’m people look few who are all like workers I just looking at me like what is he doing Frank thank you know you’re just looking at me we’re still okay it’s just about the views so I promise you guys find stuff we’re gonna cook up should I wait too late to the swing there I’m falling I’m dulling it rolling I’m calling hmm I’m tripping why ain’t you been couch yeah it falls on the growing guys oh my god you guys liked it horrible right now I’m actually putting this on my knees it is flexible flexible miss look the bonus makes you guys it is your hands what sucks bonus I’m but got my it’s just just making but yeah like you know you boys flexible that doesn’t get me wait over what time it is so we take what see what time in this guys I’m gonna just is 6:32 p.m. in the night this is why this guy is dark myself like you know I ain’t gonna sleep early today yes I did something is the money it’s the truth it’s a once it’s a just answer Friday Monday to school days I don’t go see that early like you know I mean I always eat that late and cheese um school days but weekend I could sleep late asleep I started last my went to sleep was like oh no one he’s gotten going around in circles around this man stuff right now we went above and above it still but circles around the world and yes because I sound boring to me and stuff and I’m not gonna do my stuff for what I do not think I am I saying Percy your dreams ma’am you guys don’t want to see a genus of do not listen to those mother father’s no I see it James you won’t be a vlogger be a blogger like me and so if you wanna be given to be a

gamer that’s going to be me don’t be like you my game with stuff that’s the end I just want to do things then just do it but you just wanna see the punky it’s sad that’s gone hey guys somebody’s gonna machine upon here sometime right now it’s my fault I’m about to die I was coming so far to see my phone did yep the phone’s about to die here guys I just check hands on 1% so ya got I’ll see you guys tomorrow and yeah peace artists