Gold At Second Sight

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Gold At Second Sight

I will check out the bushes to my left First find One second please – the glove I decided to bring a shovel with me today Foil Foil again Dead end Let’s get out of here Foil I will detect near a stream today That was scary It’s the zombie-deer Is this a human bone? Hmm Looks like the deer got someone I can’t concentrate This a was a nail He is getting real angry Monster I’m not going anywhere It sounds like another nail It must be iron

Now there is something else Iron Deer cavalry is coming! I’m outnumbered now A bad sounding target It is a coin A German “1 Pfennig” (1948-2001) With iron core (that’s why it sounded “bad”) It’s a button with #2 A French military button from the 1700’s? GPS (POI) #1 Another button

A nice, promising looking spot It is a coin “1 Reichspfennig” 1929 It’s a wind cap from an old smoking pipe A piece of lead

It’s a button A big ring! Is it gold? I don’t think so It’s just gold plated And cut It’s heavy, but Copper underneath It would be too much shortly after my other gold rings But this is gold!

A pendant (maybe for a picture?) This site is made of silver And this looks like gold I will try to clean it at home I included pictures at the end of this video My friend the beetle I think, he says “Hi” I will check the left side Hmm I don’t have a plan – let’s just walk and see Foil Coke A piece of lead (probably a bullet) A casing

Copper wire This is iron (my DISC is set to “3”) Harmonica reed A piece of lead Rabies vaccine Another one. “Double impact” I’m back on the path But I will check the left side I’ve seen worse looking places 😉 Ring from a pigeon I’m going back A coin!

“5 Reichspfennig” (1936) Time to take care of ticks A small casing? Foil The sky looks like it’s going to rain any minute This feels like opening a present It’s a button Nothing else in the hole A lead soldier

It is a (Roman?) nail A coin “5 Reichspfennig” (1925) A (relatively) weak signal Let me change the setting It was just a quick test This probably is the deepest (“small”) signal I ever had with the Deus

Maybe it was 4″ deep on the side and fell to the bottom 😉 OK, it’s out A coin? “5 Reichspfennig” From 1905 A casing It started to rain What now I left my umbrella at home The trees are giving me cover I think, I should move up before it get’s slippery I will walk in this direction towards “exit” I have to put my mosquito hat on, to protect the camera A bend nail

Sorry, I have to hold my head to the right, otherwise the camera get’s too wet It’s not waterproof, the case for the powerbank is open Iron The coil cover looks broken I never noticed it A giant snail A round piece of iron Gold? No, probably part of a plastic bottle

This will be my last target Trash OK, I will end it here It was a great trip (at least that’s how I feel) “1 Pfennig” (1948-2001) Ring from a pigeon Lead balls & pieces A button Wind cap from a smoking pipe “5 Reichspfennig” (1905) “1 Reichspfennig” (1929) “5 Reichspfennig” (1936) “5 Reichspfennig” (1925) The gilded ring The lead soldier A French(?) military button from the 1700’s? The gold pendant Silver at the back A layer of gold at the front Trash And treasure. Detecting time: 3h:8m