Road Trip Special 2016

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Road Trip Special 2016

– Squirrel, come down Squirrel, come down Squirrel, come down Squirrel, squirrel, squirrel, squirrel, squirrel! ♫ La la la la la la la ♫ La la la la la la – Good morning, everyone – Good morning, everyone – We are in Boston today What, what, why are we in Boston, Parker? – Because we’re outside (engine rumbles) – What was that? What was that sound? What is that? Is that our RV? – Uh huh – Are we going on a road trip? – Uh huh – Right now? – Uh huh – Oh my goodness! (both yell) I’m so excited! – That’s so big – Oh I love that it’s got the United States made out of toilet paper Oh my goodness! – [Parker] Oh my goodness – [Jessica] Look around (mumbles) – I want to look inside of it – [Jessica] Want to go in? – Let’s go inside it, yeah! Oh (laughs)! – [Jessica] What? (Parker giggles) – [Parker] Let me drive it – [Chris] No, you’re not driving that You’re not driving it – So where do you– – [Chris] A couch with seat belts? It’s the safest couch ever – [Jessica] Is this where you want your car seat, Parker? – [Parker] Uh huh – [Chris] Your car seat’s gonna go there? – [Jessica] You’ve only seen half of it, you guys – (laughs) What? – [Chris] Is that a toilet? – Uh huh – [Chris] What’s that doing inside of a car? (Parker laughs) – They have a shower in a car – [Jessica] No way Yeah, you want to sleep in there tonight, Parker? – [Parker] Uh huh – [Jessica] Oh yeah, Jacob, show me the big bed That’s the Mommy-Daddy bed – [Chris] It’s opened up right now – [Jessica] What in the world is this? How am I gonna sleep in here, Jacob? Do my legs go all the way up there? – Yeah (laughs) – This is the first leg of the Scott 1000 Sheet challenge They have challenged five families to survive a road trip down part of the I-90 with only one, one roll of toilet paper – For each family, so we have our own – Right, right, we each get, we get our own We get our own roll, and then they get their own roll But we each only get one So we’re gonna see if five people can last on one roll of Scott 1000 – You guys think we can do this? You guys think we can do it? – Yeah, don’t skip to the end Write in the comments section Do you think we’re gonna survive on the one roll? I think we can do it Let’s get this road trip started – So we’ll check in and see where it’s at at the end of each day – [Chris] What are you doing? (Parker chuckles) You’re not driving It’s not, no, don’t push (laughs), get out of here What are you doing? You’re not driving – Yes, I am – Do you know how old you have to be to drive a car? – Uh huh – How old? – Two – No (all laugh) You need to be 16 Are you 16? – [Jacob] I’m almost – Is Jacob 16? No, is Bailey 16? – Mm mm – Okay, so who of the kids can drive a car? – Da da – (laughs) Daddy can drive car Mommy can drive a car Can Parker drive a car? – No – I’m trying very hard to make sure that Parker doesn’t drive this car – It’s fun – [Chris] It’s fun? – I’ve never been in a sideways car before – [Chris] Are you traveling sideways today? Buckled up, Bailey? Nice Do you like your new booster seat? (lively music) – Boston! – We have never been to the Boston Harbor before This is so exciting (lively music) – This is the Boston Harbor – Did you know that in 1773– – The king and queen told them, the people, that tea costed a lot of money And they were really sad, because they loved tea – Colonists dressed as Mohawks, dumped tea from the British East India Company into the Boston Harbor – And poured buckets of tea into the water – Isn’t that amazing? – We flew into Boston last night We are going all the way to Toledo, and there are four other families on this trip And this road trip’s going all the way across America from here in Boston all the way to Seattle – There’s so much beautiful brick architecture here (upbeat music)

Oh my goodness, we are six miles from the state line We are in Massachusetts and going into New York And look at how beautiful and green it all is (upbeat music) Scott 1000 got us a driver for the RV So we don’t have to worry about vlogging and driving and any safety while we’re on the road And I’m just so glad that they did this for us It’s so cool And it’s gonna make a better video for you guys It was really thoughtful of them and really sweet of them Yay! Bailey, are you in your booster in there somewhere? (Jessica laughs) – I love state lines Are we there? – Almost Okay, well, that was me turning on the camera as quickly as I could and still missing the sign that said, “Leaving Massachusetts, come back soon.” So pretend that you saw that I’m sorry And New York isn’t welcoming This is what happened with California When we came in from Oregon to California, we were like looking for it, and California doesn’t welcome anybody, apparently New York may be the same Oh, oh, look, it’s New York, it’s New York! (upbeat music) So New York did have a sign It was tiny, but they do welcome you California needs to work on their hospitality, I think – We’re stopping for some fun Scott 1000 activities – Let’s do it! – Hurray, hurray, hurray, hurray! (upbeat music) I got a snow cone – [Chris] You got a snow cone, what flavor? – [Jacob] He got a snow cone – You got a snow cone – Did you get the flavor of snow? – Uh huh – It’s snow flavored – Snow flavored? – Snow flavored snow cone? That’s exciting, how is it? – Good (upbeat music) I want, I want it (Parker grunts) I want snow flavored – [Chris] Right, just like that It’s snow flavored – [Jessica] I love that giraffe What do you say, Parker? – Thanks – [Jessica] Parker, can I see your face paint? What did you get? – A giraffe and a kitty cat – [Kids] Sno-Kones! (upbeat music) – [Chris] What are you getting on that side, Bailey? (Bailey laughs) What’s so funny? What are you getting? – Toilet paper – [Chris] You’re getting some Scott 1000 on your face? – [Jessica] Nice – [Chris] Was that your idea? – Uh huh – [Chris] Bailey, how does it feel to have America’s longest lasting roll on your face? Is it good? – [Jessica] You want silver sparkles, right? – Yeah – Watch my giraffe dance – Your giraffe is dancing? (quirky music) All right, let’s open this space-age door (gentle music) First off, how cool is that, right? You push a button, and it opens like a Star Trek door, come on But that’s not the point The point is how’s our roll doing? It’s looking pretty good I think we might just time this out perfectly – Yeah, I think it’s close to perfect, I hope I think if we had went a couple of extra days, we might need to switch the roll But for one whole day with five of us in this thing, damn, looks like a brand-new, regular roll of toilet paper – Bam Good morning, everyone It is day two of our road trip We are about to start driving through the beautiful New York countryside So let’s get going (patriotic orchestral music) – [Kids] We’re at Niagara Falls! – [Chris] What was that, Parker? – Niagara Falls – Niagara Falls? – [Parker] Uh huh – The big kids have been to the Niagara Falls on the Canadian side None of us have been on this side of the Niagara Falls And Parker’s never seen the Niagara Falls at all Do you even know what we’re looking at? What are we gonna see? – A trolley – A trolley? (Jessica laughs) Maybe? – He doesn’t even know – I see it!

– [Chris] You’re excited? – [Jacob] Yes – That’s squirrel pee – That’s the Niagara Falls? – [Parker] No, that’s squirrel pee – That’s squirrel pee? – Mm hmm (Jessica laughs) – Look at that What is that over there? – It’s smoke – Smoke? – Uh huh, from the Niagara Falls – From the Niagara Falls (laughs) – [Jessica] Do you see it? (Parker sputters) – This is what Parker’s looking at – [Jessica] Now let’s get a response out of Parker (Parker sputters) – He’s making his own Niagara Falls – It is incredible It is completely, completely, completely incredible And I can’t believe my child’s reaction right now I’m kind of ashamed – Maybe I’ll go on to the boat, and then I’ll scream – On to the boat, and then you’ll scream? – Uh huh – Okay, we got a plan What do you guys feel? – The mist – The mist – [Chris] Do you feel the mist? – Yeah – Is it gettin’ you in the face? (upbeat music) We are at the Top of the Falls Restaurant, and this is the view I think it’s time for a time lapse (dramatic music) – Look at the New York Cheese and Fruit platter (Jessica laughs) It’s shaped like New York – Hi, everyone I’m vlogging with Daddy’s camera, the big one He told me not to break it – My plate’s the shape of New York – [Chris] Do you see all that behind you? Oh my goodness – It’s all the way to the that – [Chris] It’s all the way to the that? – Yeah, the waterfall, wanted to go under the waterfall! – You want to go under the waterfall? We are on our way to the Maid of the Mist, and the first stop is an observation deck You guys ready to see some observations? – Yeah (upbeat music) I have so much muscles – You have so much muscles? (dance music) That’s our boat I’m switching to GoPro mode You guys ready? – Yeah! – I’m on a boat! (upbeat music) – Are you getting face tickled by the mist? Is it tickly? – Uh huh – A waterfall – Wow! – [Chris] Is that cool? – We’re going into the mist! (upbeat music) – It’s kinda windy! (Jessica squeals) (Parker laughs) – [Jessica] How cool is that? – Amazing! – [Chris] Wow (laughs)! – Did you see that? (Chris laughs) He’s trying so hard to see the rainbow – [Chris] Can you see the rainbow? It’s right there – What do you think of the rainbow? – Great! – [Jessica] Are you having fun? – [Parker] Yeah! – The Maid of the Mist was really awesome It felt like it was raining, and it also felt like it was really windy – I liked the rainbows (upbeat music) – [Chris] Are you taking a little rest?

(Parker grunts) (Bailey laughs) (lively music) (Jacob laughs) – I was trying to play hide and seek – We’re gonna play hide and seek I found you when I count I’m starting to count One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 12 and 12 Ready or not, here I come! (kids squeal) (kids laugh) (lively music) – [Chris] What are the rules to hide and seek? – Just slowly walk, not run – [Chris] Slowly walk, not run – Uh huh Uh uh – What else do you do in hide and seek? – You hide – [Chris] What else? – [Parker] You just hide, like this See how I– – [Chris] Is that how you hide? – Uh huh (lively music) Squirrel, come down Squirrel, come down Squirrel, come down Squirrel, squirrel, squirrel, squirrel, squirrel, squirrel Squirrel, come down! Please, squirrel, come down Please, squirrel, come down – We’re riding a trolley – We’re riding on a trolley – We’re riding on a trolley – We’re riding on a trolley – We’re on a trolley (lively music) – There’s another trolley behind me (lively music) – We had a great time at the Niagara Falls Now it’s time for us to get back on the RV and keep on going (upbeat music) Open sesame Right Let’s do our Scott 1000 check-in Boom – Today – We’re gonna make it (Jessica laughs) We are totally gonna make it Look at this Look at that – [Jessica] Yeah – Yes! – Good morning, everyone, we’re in Ohio, and it’s raining really hard Guess what? Today, I saw, this morning, I saw an animal’s paw print on the car window – [Chris] What kind of animal? – Before it was washed off I think it was a raccoon – We have spent a few days with this RV being our home, and I want to show you some of my favorite things Gonna join in, kiddo? – Mm hmm – Oh and Jacob, too – Me too (Jessica laughs) – First of all, this full-sized refrigerator, it’s like straight up a house fridge, and it’s so smart It has been a huge help to us We’ve eaten just about all of our meals on the road This is thrilling, and I want it in my actual home That may look like regular water, but it is blazin’ hot, and we can make tea with it, just immediately – One of my favorite things was in the bunk beds, when you press a switch or button, something pops out It’s a TV – [Jessica] What? – One of my favorites is these buttons I love these buttons They’re all over the trailer Come on in I have to show you something – [Jessica] Oh! (Jessica laughs) – And it locks it Like, if Jacob tries to unlock it, see, it has door lock and switch lights – I have never been in an RV like this before I have barely ever been in any RVs I’ve certainly never traveled in any So this was very exciting Just really, really, really cool Everything flips up So, like, this is a counter, but you can lift it

You lift it, and then it’s a sink Or it can be a counter, which is really nice I feel like home should have these options, especially small apartments That would be really smart (upbeat music) – All right, we might have a slight problem here, because the air is very humid from the storm Look at the lens (Bailey laughs) And so it’s fogging up the lens So I’m gonna be wiping the lens every once in a while Sorry about that My fingers will be in your face (Bailey laughs) – We’re just outside of Cleveland, Ohio – We’re going to Farmpark – It’s part of Lake Metropark It’s an indoor playground so that we can play, even though it has rain (upbeat music) – I’m on an ice cream truck (upbeat music) (Bailey grunts) (Jessica laughs) – [Jessica] Bailey, it says don’t feed the animals – Cow! A baby cow is called a calf – [Chris] That’s right, it is called a calf – So the cows are in here right now for us to see how they are milked, but then later, they go out into these beautiful fields and exercise all the time So they’re not here all the time, even though that’s what you’re seeing They’re very happy cows – I’m gonna milk a cow – I’m gonna milk a cow (Jessica laughs) – There you go (Bailey laughs) – [Man] Your whole hand creates a fist There you go – Oh good job, Jacob Hey, Parker, watch Mommy Oh! – Whoa! (Jessica laughs) – [Chris] Whoa, good job Oh good job, Bailey – Aw, it’s cute Does it have a baby in it? – [Chris] No, that one doesn’t have a baby in it – We’re going on a wagon, we’re going on a wagon We’re going on a wagon, we’re going on a wagon (singer whistles) – We’re gonna learn how to groom horses – [Woman] Great job! (slow folk music) (singer whistles) – I’m gonna brush him – [Jessica] What are you brushing? – I’m gonna brush the horse – [Chris] Are you excited? – [Parker] Uh huh (singer whistles) – When you cut his forelock This is called his forelock On us, on our hair, we call it bangs It’s the same thing Right here, this is called his bridal path It’s where his halter and his– (slow folk music) – This horse is awesome – You want to pet him like Bailey? (slow folk music) It’s lunchtime, and we’re gonna eat right next to this pond (singer whistles) You like the farm? – I’m so excited to be in Ohio I don’t know if you guys know this, but this is like my favorite place (upbeat country music) – You ready? – Oh my goodness (Jessica laughs) Oh – [Chris] You pet him?

– Uh huh – [Chris] What’d he feel like? – Soft, totally like a paint brush (Jessica laughs) – [Jacob] Here, cowy, cowy, cowy, cowy Here, cow Here, cowy, cowy, cowy – You asked for him to come here – [Jacob] I know, but he just went away – I think he herd you Yes! – I think he wanted to moo-ve – [Chris] You’ve got to say yes – I do it my own way – [Chris] And what’s your way – I do the sassy flip-away – [Chris] Parker, can you show me around this room Show me all the different kinds of chickens – That one’s black and red, and that one’s black and red, and that black and red, and that one’s black and white, and that one’s black and red And that one’s orange and red, and that one’s orange and red, and that one’s orange and red, and that one’s orange and red, and that one’s orange and red, and that one’s orange and red, and that one’s orange and red – [Jessica] You got ’em all What does the chicken say? – Bock, bock, bock, bock, bock Bock, bock, bock, bock, bock, bock, bock, bock (upbeat country music) – [Chris] Parker, what are those little baby pigs doing? – They’re eating their mommy – [Chris] What? – They’re eating their mommy – [Chris] They’re eating their mommy? – Yeah – I want one of the babies – [Jessica] Aw, they’re so cute (lively music) – I want the tiny baby (lively music) – I want to buy one of them – [Chris] You want to buy one of them? – Uh huh – [Chris] What would you do with the pig if you bought one? – I would play with it in my backyard, and then I would, at nighttime, I would put him in his cage Then I will go to sleep (lively music) – [Chris] Did you touch one of the baby pigs? – Uh huh – [Chris] What did it feel like? – Enormous– – It felt– – Toilet paper – [Chris] Enormous toilet paper? (upbeat music) – [Jessica] You are good travelers Did you know that? – [Jacob And Bailey] Thank you, Mommy – [Jessica] Sweeties – We are in Fowl and Fodder in Toledo, Ohio, which is a restaurant that serves really high quality stuff that’s sustainable and local and organic and delicious And look at these cool things that we’re eating I don’t know if you know this about Jessica, but she loves fried green tomatoes – Fried green tomatoes – [Chris] She likes them a lot And then these are pickled deviled eggs – Jacob got the algae juice, which is spirulina, pineapple, kale, another ingredient, and Parker got it, too, and they’re dying They want more I got a chia seed yerba mate made with lavender lemonade – This is my dirty lemonade, and it has activated charcoal in it I don’t know what activated charcoal is – [Jessica] Activated charcoal, Christopher, is all the rage, these days – Is it? – It is Well, look at me I’m trendy – It’s all the rage – I got the avocado juice – [Jessica] Avocado juice, how is it? How is it? – It’s pretty good – We are wrapping up our adventure right here at the bowling alley Are you guys excited? – Yeah! – [Chris] Parker, are you excited? – Yes, I’m so excited – [Chris] Bailey, are you excited? Are you excited? – Yes! I’m gonna win it – I get a ball (Parker grunts) – [Jacob] Here, use this one (quirky music) – [Jessica] Oh my goodness

– I win! – [Jessica] Jacob (quirky music) Wah wah (Parker whimpers) – I have to go again (Jacob laughs) – [Chris] Are you set? You’re gonna use the ramp? – Uh huh – [Chris] Give it a little push, you don’t have to – Be really official I’ve seen the movie Kingpin Wait (laughs) I thought from over here I was going to I can go all the way up there – [Chris] Yeah, you can go to the line – Okay Okay (giggles), I’m so nervous Get one, just one Yeah (laughs)! I got the one Get one more (Parker yells) – Mama, you won! – [Jessica] Move, move, I can’t see the pins That was totally editing, ’cause you blocked the shot, so I think you cut and– – Why wouldn’t I give myself a strike? (kids yell) – [Jessica] Look who’s here! – [Chris] Oh oh – [Alejandro] Hey, guys – [Jessica] Hey, you guys – [Chris] How’s it going? You want to say hi to the Reyes? – Nice to meet you (quirky music) – Yay, I did it! – [Chris] Nice! – Oh! – Nice, there you go (Bailey gasps) All right, it’s time for the last frame Jacob’s up first Parker kind of gave up, so we all kind of played his Jacob has 24 points Bailey has 37 Mommy has 71 Daddy has 104 I think you’re gonna take the lead right now, Jacob Let’s go – Aw! – [Chris] (laughs) Oh the pain! (Jacob groans) Oh, oh no! Oh no, are you gonna recover? (Jacob grunts) (Chris laughs) – [Chris] Nicely done, Bailey – Oh it did that slick thing I don’t like it What it does is I bowl, and my thumbnail flicks it, and it feels like it’s falling off, and then I get really freaked out (quirky music) (Chris grunts) – Missed one – [Jessica] You didn’t even need it, though – I missed one Parker was actually sad that he gave up, so I’m gonna give him my last roll His job is to get this last pin down That one right there You think you’re gonna hit it? You gonna hit it? Okay, go for it Blow really hard, blow, blow! Try and blow it down! Did it work? – Mm mm (Chris laughs) Yes, the pusher did it – It knocked it down for you? Oh, great We just got to Toledo, which means our part of the 1,000 sheet challenge is done We are now going to hand off this RV to That Reyes Family, and you can follow their adventure at, but first, I want to see how our roll is doing We got one roll to see how long we could go on one roll, and we could’ve kept on going, look at that (Jessica laughs) Look at that! – I can’t believe it – It’s still there Look at it – Grab it – Boom – I did not think we were gonna make it

And we have so much left Like, we could definitely keep on going for more states – We’re gonna keep on I’m keeping this, and we’re gonna keep on going Are you gonna miss being in the RV? – Uh huh – Can you read it to me? What does it say? – Scott – Scott, yeah – 1000 – 1000, oh my goodness It’s time to pass on the RV You guys have fun – [Bailey] Bye, hope you like it – Thank you, appreciate it, man Thanks a lot – Yeah, absolutely, have fun – See you, buddy – [Jacob] Bye, I’ll see you – Hi Let’s talk about what we learned today We learned that Parker is not allowed to drive the RV We learned that when Bailey makes this face, it means it was pretty good And finally, we learned why the Ballingers are so good at sports It’s because of our big muscles Thanks for watching, everybody We’ll see you next time (upbeat music) ♫ La la la la la la la ♫ La la la la la la