【ENG SUB】💕Love Designer EP32 | Dilraba,JohnnyHuang | Chinese Drama 2020

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【ENG SUB】💕Love Designer EP32 | Dilraba,JohnnyHuang | Chinese Drama 2020

I asked Huo Chendong to handle affairs He is quite efficient I don’t think in that position, he can be of much help Why not say something? You are jealous I think if you you can praise me more Don’t you think your boyfriend is really excellent You are excellent indeed Of course, there is no need to praise Brilliant and shining There is no adjective to describe your excellence I was wondering if you could think of some new words to praise me There’s no new words to describe you Look at the time, the meal is not ready yet Why not go to eat some fruits? That will be ready soon Come on. Stop it I have something to show you Electronic version? Actually it is received a few days ago, but you are in hospital at that time And he is deeply troubled so I didn’t say As for language school, Di said he will help you contact with them I have found one for her Have you already contacted with them well? One should be given a different look even though there are only three days separation Good. I have to go and cook Your brother got an investment And you also got the admission letter Good things should be in pairs You get busy first Female cook, cook more dishes Let’s go to have a talk Let’s go. Great Di is really attentive enough He wrote a luggage list Why dose he wrote so much I don’t think it’s enough Isn’t that enough? If you have time these days, go to the supermarket with me and buy some more Ok You are more careful than Di Stationery also needed Umbrella, Watches he also though about sun protection Don’t sharpen. Let me do it I’m almost there In case that you cut your hand I’ll do that You guys made up? Yes, uncle You may rest assured

I will try my best and become your family early Dad, don’t listen to him He had a fever some time ago His brain is burned out What are you saying? Why are you kicking me His brain is burned out Why you still want him to be family? Daddy Keep your elbow out Shen I was just passing by, and come to see uncle This is for you, uncle Qin Qing, give lawyer Shen a glass of water No, thanks I still have something to deal with. I have to go now Take care Dad, I’m going out Ok Going out? Shen While my dad was in hospital these days, thank you for coming to see him often My pleasure. That’s what I should do And Best regards Thank you Well, I have to go now Ok Dad It was delicious Congratulations to you Congratulations Zhou Fang, and Zuo You two are discharged from hospital successfully Congratulations on your return to this warm social family Come on Come on Cheers Lin The dance you showed at the hospital last time was really good It had a special feeling Who show it to you? Sorry, what did you day? Song Lin danced! At the hospital! I also videotaped it Why didn’t I know Let me see I forgot to show you Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up! No Oh no, Song Lin, you look nice with long curly hair Your crotch twist looks awesome Your crotch OK. Stop it Don’t spread this video any more No. Mr. Lin When we want to have a big meal, or ask for a leave etc., everything counts on this video Don’t smile Are you threatening me? Nope, No, No I’ll delete it later Come on Everyone is sure to be healthy, live in harmony and have a smooth career Come on Cheers Cheers Qin Qing These days my company is going to be very busy I don’t have time for you Won’t you blame me? But rest assured I will make time to cook nice food for you I won’t leave until you finishing eating Let’s go Why are you leaving I want to go back home If you don’t go, pencil boy won’t go, either Please stay here, OK? You can live here, OK? pencil boy won’t go, either OK, live in your house Is that OK? Brother!

Brother! Brother! He’s awake I fell asleep just now Don’t sit on the floor. It’s cold You come up to sleep Come on I can’t get up. My legs are numb Let me pull you up Be careful! My legs are numb Don’t be moved Zhou Fang, where are you? I’ll die if you don’t show up Just a piece of cake, You digress too much You talked like an unconcerned person Come here quickly I’m on the way. Don’t worry Coming right up Master How about taking a break? No, Lady Master How much is he paying you? I will double it That’s great. You give me double Eh You worked hard, Master Pencil boy That was my wine words yesterday I know When wine is in, truth is out You trick me It’s too tricky, but my heart is real Haven’t you had breakfast yet? Now the kitchen is unavailable I’ll get you some snacks from Bestore Why isn’t he here yet? You favorite, all kinds of nuts I’m not hungry STOP If you move again, I’ll call the police Call the police Why are you so late? Help me to talk him over He’s crazy Are you doing “imaginative play”? Miss Fang I live here every day Isn’t that cohabitation? It’s different The difference is great I don’t agree with cohabitation I strongly disagree I need my personal space I’ll give you personal space Don’t worry. Even if I move in, I will never affect your life Talk to him Pencil boy, I think it’s really good that you live together You’re a betrayer Move or not? Not move, move Zhou Fang, tell me Qin Qing, you are in hopeless situation. Just move Move quickly. There’s no time Come on. Hurry up! Thanks, Miss Fang I’ll help, too Why are you doing this to me? Ling Xi, come and sit It’s not easy to meet I got a cup of coffee for you If it were not for Huo Chendong’s repeated persuasion, I would never come here today But if you apologize for what happened that day Sorry I’m not gonna change my mind I have guessed a man of principles like you, don’t you? Indeed, Huo Chendong asked me to apologize to you Because it was so abrupt to go While I think, you shouldn’t be persuaded by him Unpardonable thing is still unpardonable It’s no use to apologize Why?

Because your opinion of a person is changed in a few words of him That means you are not taking responsibility for yourself You are right In this case, let’s call it a day No, no Today I come here with something else to talk to you I want to talk with you about the painting Sit down first In my mind, that painting was drawn If you want it back so badly, relying only on arguments with others is meaningless The more you argue with him, the more important the painting is to you in his opinion Since it means so much to you, it’s even harder to get back And I also looked around on that day There were so many paintings in the exhibition You painting is the only one not for sale I’m dying to know, in your heart, what price is that painting Not worth a cent Not worth a cent Not worth a cent I think in those years, you must have lots of your portraits about Lin Yun So why is this painting the only one displayed in the exhibition You are wrong My portrait He painted only that picture of me Let me tell you a story At the beginning, I was like your action on that day I think relationship is priceless It’s worth it even if a precious opportunity But in the end I find that everything is just a farce Feelings vary from person to person I think my relationship is really really reliable and trusted Is your girlfriend called Zhou Fang? Signed under Su Yushan There’s a bright future And She’s also one of most promising among current designers You check my background thoroughly But you give up so precious chance for her Aren’t you afraid it will influence your career? I sold the shares this time It was nothing with my future career So I’m not afraid it If you want to make a comeback, you must have enough funds If there are not sufficient funds In the end, it will be a crushing defeat You think it too much The crushing defeat is far away from me The funds support without selling shares You want to copy the miracle of WanFeng It’s impossible But on the contrary Zhou Fang’s future will become better and better also wilder and wilder By then, the gap between you two will be huge Isn’t that quite good? Song Lin Why are you here? I’m just passing by Let me introduce you This is the buyer’s equity agent Ling Xi This is my girlfriend Zhou Fang Hello Ling Xi It seems that you have recovered Zhou Fang My attitude just now was very firm This is the end of our deal Take it easy You don’t have to worry about it Our company’s equity is now highly sought after I’ve got a couple of companies competing for it I’m choosing here now I’ll choose the most suitable one You were afraid I’m worry about you, so you didn’t tell me I don’t even have the right to listen No But at that time the situation was so urgent You just in the hospital and I didn’t see you after I come back I didn’t have time to talk to you Don’t worry! But aren’t the two people together to share and care for each other? You always care me It’s unfair I didn’t think it’s a problem I surely could solve it, so I didn’t tell you I didn’t want you to worry about me all the day Did you get it? How about now? Can you talk to me now? Although I don’t have the sufficient funds to help you, at least I can be a good listener To listen to my boy friend about your stresses and worries If you want to hear it, I will tell you Yes What a mess!

Hey Still angry? Right I’m going to throw all your stuff away Just throw them as long as you’re happy I’ll buy new things By the way Today my mother called me and said there was an emergency at home, so she let me go back It’s good Honey You were so busy during this period of time, so you have no time to see your parents Or You just stay with your family Don’t come here today You’re my family, too You just wait me at home I’ll back after I finish it Linlin All these is I cooked following the menu your father left These are all you like Eat a lot Mom Your students came to see you again? How time flies They’re being parents now You’re not any young, you must be in a hurry Mom, you called me back Is there anything important? Tell me Come back to eat with mom is not an important thing? I’m sorry, mom I was busy these days, so I have no time to accompany you Being respected is a good thing But while working hard, you must learn to combine work with rest Work and life are inherently mutually reinforcing relationships Yes So when will you take your girlfriend to see me? As soon as possible OK Mom, you’ve got the occupational disease again to think me as your students Trying to get a word from me? Anyway, you have promised me But I have no girlfriend Where should I find a girlfriend for you? You give me the dozen careless eye again This time I took a screenshot Isn’t it you? Mom Do you think this boy is particularly like me? What is particularly like you? It’s you I’ve enlarged it Hey. Look! My colleagues thought I had a girlfriend This picture I saw it on the internet It was interesting so I posted a moment Did you? How do I feel this girl is kind of familiar? Mom, stop it How could it be You really don’t have a girlfriend? No I’m busy with work I don’t have time to make a girlfriend at all Mom Come on Eat vegetables, eat more Yummy! Then you can eat more You two What do you mean? Don’t go on sitting here? You’re a betrayer Miss Qing said she gonna kill you, so she told me to come here to help you Zhou Fang, listen You will be responsible for it From today I’ll live here and using all your stuff everyday When the pencil boy goes, I’ll leave Don’t do that It’s natural for you two Pretty good When did you see I live with my ex-boyfriends? No But living together is good for the running in of habit and character And it’s good for you to finding each others’ shortcomings Just think about it Two people live together The life is the daily necessities and minor squabbles It is inevitable that many unnecessary contradictions will occur By that time, we’ll easily break up So You’re afraid of breaking up but not living together That shows you’ve already care about him That’s right Zhou Fang All right We both have the same feelings You’re upset for living together with the pencil boy I’m upset for Song Lin What’s wrong with you two? Isn’t it quite good? I just know today

that when I was in the hospital, he could come back to see me was because he give up the negotiation with buyers So he offended the agent So And that deal wasn’t success It seems that Song Lin is really infatuated I should find some ways to help him This agent Shen Peipei Do you know Lin Yun who is holding a painting exhibition recently? Yes Then could you help me to find everything about him? The more detailed, the better The most important is we must find the material about he and his ex-girlfriend Ling Xi Because I heard from Song Lin today about what he happened in that painting exhibition I think this ex-girlfriend is important for this painter Lin Yun No problem. Leave it all to me Now you know I’m so important I always know you’re important When it succeeds I’ll treat you two to a big meal That’s settled! Right You shouldn’t tell Song Lin about it You must keep it under your hat for me OK? OK There you are I was looking for you for quite a while I’m back What are you doing? I’m making the bed I’m going to sleep Tomorrow, in the morning I have an early meeting Just sleep here? Or? So that’s you called living together You said two people live together all days There’s no private time I’ll give you some space It’s such a house It’s a waste if I don’t live here, right? Alright, goodnight Wasn’t your mother looking for you? Is there anything important? She just didn’t see me for a long time So she wanted me to back to have a dinner with her Good night Good night If something happens, send a message to me What are you doing? Why don’t you sleep? Shopping on Vipshop APP I want to buy something for you I’m worry that you don’t have time to new clothes So I prepare them for you So sweet I saw this brand in the mall It’s expensive You mean I should buy it It’s OK if you think in this way Buy it Vipshop has a large discount rate It’s cheaper than the mall I’ll buy everything for you if you like You’re so generous Luoluo When you get there, take care of yourself Don’t worry Shen Di is there too Although you and Shen Di are not children any more, you’re still in high school If you want to develop further, you have to wait until after college OK. We’ll talk later OK I told you that last time He’s really just a friend You just like my brother thinking too much I didn’t go abroad for him You two You and my brother After being through so many things, you can’t just easily say break up no matter you’re make a quarrel or have a problem Why did you say this? Like an old aunt I’m serious OK You two should be good Have you heard? I’ll give my foolish

brother to you Have a sleep Go to bed with my sister-in-law Eat up Eat up Quickly I’m so busy that I forgot my birthday Right Thank you for your gift I like it very much It’s fine It’s good Eat up Ok Let’s have a dinner tonight Do you have that time? Yeah Now I have nothing but time Ok After I book a restaurant I’ll tell you Ok Welcome What I want to express in this painting is

the complex and bad living environment of modern society and living conditions of all kinds of people Mr. Lin It seems that the picture was drawn by efforts Nice Hello, Mr. Lin Hello Sorry Bother to ask The painting on the opposite side should have been painted before you became famous How do you see that? I’ve learned painting since I was young I could feel some of your feelings from that painting And most of your paintings are abstract Only one portrait painting Compared with other paintings from your image in life the technique of color application of this painting is very naive But it must be very attentive You are right that painting was drawn This is the one that cost me the most And I think it’s more valuable than any other painting Well, you can all see it’s priceless That’s why it’s labeled below Not for Sale In fact I’ve pay attention to your works long time ago Then you must know I used want to give up painting After all I couldn’t have enough to eat and wear For livelihood, I drew pictures for visitors on the street And she was my first customer Why are you tell stranger about this? It’s simple Because after I became famous, you are the first person to speak out about the painting In this case, Why not just gave the picture to the lady in the picture Is she make you here to convince me? No I met Ling Xi once, I cannot say I know her But I do have something to ask her for help Just like you were When Ling Xin really understand the meaning of that painting to me I’ll give it to her So for now that painting was drawn It still not for sale I have something else to do Luoluo Still don’t clean up? Almost You got everything? Don’t leave anything When you get there, call me if you need anything I take everything I need Just transfer the money to me You just know money Er In the evening, I asked Qin Qing to have dinner together to see you off I and Zhou Fang will pick you up early Alright Okay Don’t worry about me Don’t you have to go to work? Go to work quickly I’ll stay with you for a while No, you go to work Go OK! I gonna leave Slowly Now the modeling system has been built The current problem is the collection of clothing data It requires the participation of of different brands with large product number to cooperate with us in collecting samples At present, several enterprises have started this project including Baisai What Xiaofei just said Baisai is better than us None of this is a problem Now what I care about the most is information security and privacy protection These’re what I’ve emphasized since the very beginning But I saw your upgraded system in this aspect, there was no any improvement at all Mr. Song I see what you mean But If we want to improve

the realistic effect of fitting we have to collect customers’ information as much as possible, so that we could improve the accuracy I hope when our products are on the line the customers could not just feel it is creative and convenient but more safe and reliable Customers’ trust is very important to us Once lost customers’ trust, all our efforts were wasted Everyone knows the severity of the data breach We must figure it out in the shortest time Mr. Song About the time, there may be delays No problem As long as our products are good enough and the details are perfect enough, there must be our market I got it, I would like to ask If we continue as we are, how long can the funds in my hand last? Ok