[创造101 Produce 101 China] EP09 | 冲刺总决赛!发布22人排名,黄渤助阵家人出镜打call

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[创造101 Produce 101 China] EP09 | 冲刺总决赛!发布22人排名,黄渤助阵家人出镜打call

Today, you’re going to meet the top 22 contestants of Produce 101 Are you all excited? Meng Meiqi! Meng Meiqi! These 22 contestants are preparing to burst into the final to win the contest = Pre-final Tutorial = They’re the ones we’ve been waiting for 101 gossip! 101 gossip! Will now be announced We are your special 101 hosts for today, Wang Ju, Sunnee Sunnee, do you know how long it’s been since we started on Produce 101? To be precise, it’s been 101 days Really? I’m quite emotional! That means that the final is drawing near I forgot my lines! This final has the same significance for us as the college entrance examination that just finished Before the final, we are very honored to invite a special guest here to give us some coaching This guest was part of the first wave of pop idol groups in Mainland China A good-looking and outstandingly talented male guest This is scary! Please welcome ♪ Our best performance ♪ ♪ Is right now ♪ ♪ Follow the beat ♪ ♪ Everybody shake your body ♪ ♪ Let’s keep cheering ♪ ♪ Jump up! Jump up! ♪ ♪ Our best performance ♪ Thank you, I’m so happy today I finally get to meet you girls in person Please sit down. Sit. Sit Thank you, sir Come on, we’re all about the same age You don’t need to be so formal Solo Solo? Solo Music What kind of music is this? Fine, music from any period is OK ♪ Hey, under that street lamp ♪ ♪ A young lady is crying ♪ How old is this song? I’ve never heard it before ♪ She only gave me her phone number ♪ ♪ She wouldn’t allow me to walk her home ♪ ♪ I heard you loved her before ♪

I forgot the lyrics You’re awesome, sir Pretty good, right? You’re so talented! A talented singer and dancer! An idol who can do anything! That’s true. Please sit down Thank you So, before coming on the show, I’d expected to give you a heart-to-heart talk, and then have a chat with you all to spend some time relaxing But when I came in, I gave one dance after another! Actually, acting is what I do in my spare time I watched your practice videos Back in my days, seriously, that’s a long, long time ago, when I worked as a dancer This is like a grandpa telling a story to his grandchildren In those early days, when we were building our team We called it a team, not a group back then, but it’s the same thing We had two boys and two girls, and another six dancing girls We travelled all over the country and we created our own show For our daily practice, you know, when we were training, we had videotapes that friends had brought back from abroad They would be cut up and we stuck them back together, which was the best situation Sometimes, we learnt from TV We were prepared, because we’d seen adverts, we knew who would be performing And we waited for it We removed all the tables and chairs, we were ready and warmed-up, because we would only have one chance to learn it and use it in our show There would be no rerun We only had one shot How did we practice? We couldn’t be at home It was not allowed At night we went to the mall after it was closed There were floor-to-ceiling windows With darkness inside and streetlights outside, they turned into mirrors Then my teammates and I would stand in front of the glass and practice We kept practicing and created our own unique style It was nothing like the original We planned our tour on the map We’d never been to Hangzhou, and it was a must-visit We got to Hangzhou, but no one had invited us So, we did test shows That means we’d take our show to different venues, and if you got the OK, you were in, you could perform there, and you’d be paid for it You got lunch and hotel paid for too If it was a NO, then sorry The worst time was when our team was in Nanjing, and we only had 10 yuan left People said we were far from good So, we came back So every time I watch you practicing in this nice place, I think you are so lucky I could have concentrated on dancing, and done better with my beautiful face You’re handsome and talented Handsome and talented Sir, I wanna know who you would pick out of us Who’s the most impressive girl? You’re all impressive Every girl has her own strengths The one who cries easily Here Biting your nails? Every time I see you crying, you remind me of a pickle -Pickle?! Salt water all over your face But I am the only ugly one There are so many pretty girls Oh, god That’s her But every time she gets on stage, she is so confident in her performance When she stands on stage, she releases all her potential Short hair and great energy It’s great. Very good All of your strengths and talents, actually come to you as gifts from heaven, so, don’t give up We all have some really special gifts For example… Yamy Yeah, you’re unique Make sure you stay that way I don’t want to come back and see that you’ve had plastic surgery. Not cool I won’t! And Miss Wang Oh, call me Wang Ju Wang Ju Right from the start, we’ve seen her hard work and her performance She showed everyone that if she gets an opportunity, she will never let it slip away from her In the future, you will probably have even more pressure Keep going. I believe in you Right, now I want to ask you something There are four stations here, A, B, C & D For those who want to stop all this, because you feel you can’t take it physically and mentally, and want it to end, then go over to A For those who aren’t sure, and don’t know if they want it to end and don’t know what to do, then go to B. Stop gradually For those who want to stay here, go to D You don’t want it to end You feel it’s amazing and you want to stay here forever Now make your choice This is not at all what I imagined Girls over here, what do you think? My reasons are simple Right now I’m really missing my family and friends

Especially my two cats I’m sure your two cats won’t recognize you when you get back Yeah I want to leave because I want to go away and learn more skills before I compete again Besides singing and dancing, I’d like to learn more skills, such as skateboarding, freestyle basketball Acrobatics? Right, acrobatics Or improve my rapping skills Right, Yamy? I feel like I’m ready now I think I can reach for my dream, and I think this will give me a good start Great Yang Chaoyue? This is the first time in my life that I’ve been on this sort of show, so I think it’s pretty good that I’ve stuck it out until now I’m worried I won’t last much longer I want it to end soon so I can bow out gracefully Bow out gracefully? Yeah I can see you’re under so much pressure I just can’t take it anymore I have never felt so desperate while dancing and singing Yes, it’s extremely difficult Imagine, you’re on a roller coaster At the beginning, you weren’t confident in yourself Then your confidence grew, and you became a team leader Today you experienced another setback, but isn’t that just life? How could it be just a dip? In your three months here, you have already shown great improvement I believe that no matter what the result is, you will always create more room for improvement I believe in myself too OK. Thank you, sir Alright. Next! Hello, Mr. Huang I don’t want to leave the show because I have learnt so much here It helped me develop and I’ve been given such a great opportunity Your Chinese is good now Right, my Chinese is improving But I want to leave because I miss home Right, this is my first time in China I’ve been living here alone and I’m so homesick Thank you Yes, I can feel it. -Stay strong When you’re back home, no matter how awful you feel, your parents are there to pat you on the head and tell you it’s fine, but here you only have yourself Luckily, you’ve got all your friends here to support you I understand your feeling. Keep going! Thank you Alright, who’s next? Why are you sighing? What’s wrong? Nothing, it’s just too high This is about standing at the top, it feels awkward, right? Right What if it’s you who get the most likes this time? Then I must be dreaming! Actually, being here is easy for me Over the last three months, everyone misses home and wishes they were higher on the list, but I never think about that I just feel happy to be here It was so difficult for me to persuade my parents, and the directors also spent ages trying to persuade them to finally let me come here Having this chance felt like starting pursuing my dream before returning to the normal life I had I felt so happy But after I came to class A, it was so stressful When I started… wait Qiuzi Don’t cry Have a tissue Crying makes you ugly Don’t cry, OK? That’s not like you When I came to class A, many people thought I wasn’t in the right place I’m not as strong as Wang Ju She’s always being herself and people like her But I don’t think I can do that So embarrassing. I don’t want to cry Come here and let me hug you I just keep I want a hug, too Come on, have a hug. It’s alright It’s alright Since I was a kid, my parents wanted me to be happy and I lived a happy life I’m a happy-go-lucky girl but other people think I’m being someone I’m not It’s so hard Has your mom been urging you to come home? -I can feel it. -Can we not mention my mom? It’s always about my mom OK, I won’t mention your mom Now let’s talk about your mother Your mother Actually I could sense where your stress was coming from Because in here, what makes you exhausted is not just the daily singing and dancing, practicing, competing and waiting for results,

but the emotion of people leaving and performing on camera You can’t avoid it We’re constantly exposed to comments on social media Some people will like you and some people won’t The pressure you’re under is coming from all sides I totally understand that, but it’s unavoidable In this industry, if you want to become an idol, perform on the stage and become a star, that’s what you have to deal with I remember one time when I was at an award ceremony, I said I discovered my talent and started my career by playing comedic roles, but I found that even when I was acting in some serious films, people began to laugh when they saw me So not just my comedies, but my whole existence became a joke That was scary So, after that, I acted in Dearest, and played different sorts of characters, I kept trying new things Your first talent is the one people remember about you It can be an advantage But gradually, if you want to be more versatile, you need to show everyone you have other strengths People will realize that if you show them enough Alright I believe you can do it Alright, thank you Thank you Sir, why don’t you sit and talk? It’s tiring to stand In my old age, right? Alright, next I I picked this position because, first, I don’t want to part with you guys I’m an emotional person. I don’t want us to part And second, because I cherish the opportunity that Produce 101 has given me to go on stage and perform I really love being on stage I don’t want it to end too soon, because I can’t get enough of that feeling when I get on stage, I want to keep feeling that -Let’s do it! -Right, let’s do it Let’s perform! Yeah, that’s how I feel Yeah, I’ve watched all the wonderful shows you’ve put on You’re just like the child I used to envy when I was young The trophy child ♪ The trophy child ♪ ♪ Is cutest in the world ♪ ♪ I will never be like him or her ♪ Like I just said, girls like Meiqi have a lot of pressure, because people’s expectations keep growing Every performance you do must be better than the last For example, now that I expect her to be good, but my expectations on her for next time are even bigger If she delivered any less, I would be unhappy I expect her to be even better That’s huge pressure on her I believe you can do even better Sir, do you feel any pressure now? What pressure? I just made a film, didn’t I? What film was that? It’s a great film It is called: The Island The Island When will it be released? Today we’re here to talk about Produce 101, not about The Island which is released on August 10th, or about how good it is, or how wonderful it is Who is the director? He’s standing right in front of you I will be honest with you, there are times when I want to crack People always say Huang Bo can do it. No problem They think I can do anything How is that possible? Stress is something we must deal with in this industry There is one saying that has always helped me avoid losing my mind “Ignorance is bliss” Don’t take things too seriously When you see the comments people have made about you online and the pressure piles on, just remember to have a good night’s sleep Don’t go to bed with knitted brows Alright, next Nice to meet you, Sir I don’t want it end I want to stay here forever She’s gonna cry Because this is a very important chance for me Don’t cry. -Perhaps it’s because my mom was a dancing teacher, and when I was little, she wouldn’t let me call her “mom”, only “Ms. Zhang” So all my best memories come from my friends and my experience here I’m afraid to see the results, and I’m afraid I’ll never find such a better stage So, I don’t want to part with the people here, and things like the dorm, the cafeteria, the watermelon and egg tart, and red braised pork in the cafeteria And also, I envy Zhang Yixing who has become the pride of Changsha city I would just be satisfied with becoming the pride of Yuelu District of Changsha We love you, Zixuan Thank you. Thank you

Zixuan I want to share my feelings, because you’ve made a really deep impression on me It’s enough that at your age, you’re already striving hard to achieve your dream Before every performance, while you’re waiting in the wings, while you’re on stage, and after you finish your show, your abundance of feeling, your passion on stage, is what really moves people deep inside I think you deserve to give yourself a round of applause It’s wonderful to have a youth like yours Zixuan, we love you What a wonderful time! You’re the same age as I was when I became completely obsessed with dancing It’s a really anxious time, waiting for your results I understand exactly how you feel I hope everything goes well tomorrow Thank you Thank you, sir Sir, when’s your movie out? August 10th Really, I love you guys What? Which day in August? August 10th What movie will be released on August 10th? The Island Is it a good movie? Yes! Right I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty good Seriously, I will strive harder Just like you girls, I’m waiting for the result of my test on August 10th Let’s keep striving together. Come on! Thank you, sir = Pre-final tutorial. We’ll face the storms to reach the sun. = I’m grateful that Mr. Huang Bo came today and gave us encouragements I poured my heart out in front of him, and feel much more relaxed Tomorrow is our first meeting with our fans I hope we’re on top form when we meet the 101 audiences Remember to take Space7 That way, in an emergency, we can still maintain our energy Strive for the center position Come on We’re on our way to the 101 fan meeting All of our fans will be at the venue We’re going to meet the 101 audiences What’s that? I’ve brought my magic weapon with me Inglemirepharm’s stay-up eye mask I can enjoy it sitting on the coach It’s super convenient With the weather so hot today, we’re always in air-conditioned rooms My skin gets dry and it’s easy to get fine lines under my eyes I’m afraid they might turn into wrinkles It’s fine, don’t worry Let’s use Inglemirepharm’s stay-up eye mask to remove the fine lines Now all I have to do is enjoy my nap on the coach ♪ The first time I saw you I hated you ♪ ♪ Who knew we would grow so close ♪ ♪ One of us is like autumn and the other is summer ♪ ♪ I can’t forget you. Hey! ♪ ♪ I can’t forget you. You’re in my heart ♪ ♪ It’s a romantic summer ♪ ♪ And a beautiful you ♪ ♪ Giving me a rosy memory ♪ This is No.1 Pier in Zhejiang Province = No.1 Pier in Zhejiang Province = Look, it’s coming, it’s coming! It’s pink! The cruise ship is here! Look there, a cruise ship is coming over! Careful, careful! Why did we have to run? We can all go on board anyway, right? Life is important They said we would meet our fans today, right? I thought it would be full of fans We would go on board and do a show, enjoy some nice food together, and have a pleasant day But when we got on board, it was deserted Had our 101 audiences fallen in the Qiantang River? So beautiful! Look! Gorgeous scenery How can I take a picture? Meiyun, could you take a photo of me with the OPPO R15? Sure, I’ll make it a fashion shoot You gotta use portrait mode Right, it has an automatic focusing system. Cool Its tone adjustment makes you look like a magazine picture It’s a fashion shoot And the out-of-focus background in the portrait mode is so pretty. -It’s true Wonderful It’s so hot that I’m melting So fast! Goodbye Welcome! Zitao!

Do you know where we are now? The Qiantang River That’s right. We’re on the Qiantang River, said to have the best current in the world As you all know, we’re going to the venue where you will meet the 101 audiences The Qianjiang Century Park across the river is the venue for tonight’s meeting However, I have to inform you that only the top 22 on the ranking list can sail on this ship and land at the venue Now I will announce the results of the public vote God, right here? Here? Oh my god, it’s here! Now I will announce the list for class A. 11 people in total There are 7 contestants who have been voted into class A three times in a row The first place Meng Meiqi The Queen! The Queen! And congratulations to Wu Xuanyi in the third place Xuanyi Yamy, the fourth Yamy Duan Aojuan, the fifth Aojuan Li Ziting, the sixth Yang Chaoyue, the seventh And finally, she’s in the eleventh place Yang Yunqing, Sunnee You have all been in class A since the first vote You show your different personalities which gets recognized by the audience Please share a few of your feelings with us I really want to thank all the 101 audiences who keep supporting me They really are very important to me I can’t let them down I can’t express myself very well, but I will show them through my actions Thank you, everyone Since I joined 101, I’ve laughed, cried, been angry and unhappy, but I have never given up Now I can confidently repeat what I said in the first episode Hello, all you 101 audiences! I’m Wu Xuanyi My goal is to be Number 1 Thank you Go, girl! So cool Hello everyone, I’m Yamy Everyone who reads Hamlet has a different idea of him I appreciate you voting for me, and reading me this way The ticket to the final is hard to get So I will spend the remaining time trying my absolute hardest to prepare for my final performance on Produce 101 Thank you I want to say I hope that during the final, I will give my best performance to all the 101 audiences who have voted for me Thank you, my fans! I will keep working hard Thank you Now I’m standing in class A Seriously, when I heard that some people had made it into class A three times in a row, I thought, how amazing! So when I heard my name I was like, have I made it 3 times? I feel like I have never really belonged to class A And… Oh my, why am I crying? All the other girls can rely on their singing or dancing, their talent and their charm to help them win over the 101 audiences But for me, it’s probably just the fact that I’m silly or amusing that has helped me stand in this position Many people doubt my abilities I don’t know if there is anyone who can put themselves in my shoes and understand my fears But I can still stand here because of the support people give me I can’t fail them I will stay here despite my fears But Chaoyue, keep going! I just want to say you’re all amazing You’re so good at dancing I think you must all feel sorry that it’s not you standing in this position

But you know, all the luck in the world will be shared out amongst everyone equally You haven’t been so lucky this time, but next time, it will be your turn to be lucky If you’re lucky at this moment, you will have to pay for it later So, don’t be upset Maybe I will have to pay a high price for standing here But I can take it Come on Good for you! Go girl! I don’t know what I’ve been doing for the past 7 years After coming to Produce 101, I found myself, and what I have been yearning for Thank you for all your support I will try my best, thank you You know artists are the loneliest people After I finished work, I used to want to go out and go on holiday Now I prefer to stay at home Why? Because when you move higher, the more people know you, the less freedom you’ll have After your group has been started, if you can manage to survive in this industry for over 5 years, you can be a successful artist When you finish Produce 101 and leave the show, you will be pretty busy when you’re first starting out, with all kinds of work Endorsements, activities and variety shows It will be all-consuming How can you stop it consuming you? Make your works How do you build them up? Put time in them You got that? Yes, sir Good luck! Come on! Thank you, sir Alright, 2 contestants have made it into class A twice in a row They are Zining, the eighth place and Gao Qiuzi You have been promoted this time You’re in the tenth place. Congratulations What do you want to say? You know, at the beginning, nobody had heard of me And now, standing here, there are so many people who know me It’s all because of you guys Whether the stage is big or small, whether I’m on stage or not, even if I’m in the corner, if you’d like me to, I will happily keep singing for you Love you! Previously I was under lots of pressure Many people doubted me Although I kept proving that I was capable, some people still looked down upon me But I think that now I will be strong I have nothing to fear If I’m not feeling strong, then all the people who like me and my fans who support me would not have enough strength So, I have to be strong and survive the competition As I’ve always said, I absolutely have to survive So… thank you, everyone You can do it! It’s such a beautiful cruise ship We should take more pictures and videos and post them on RED Do you know there are many popular posts on RED app? I’ve collected lots of them Let’s have a look OK This one is nice Let’s stop posing and make a video to post on RED app Alright Hello, everyone! Right now we’re filming this video on the pink ship It’s every young girl’s dream! We have been reading your comments on RED app Please keep voting for us on RED app We will give our best performance in the final Come on! In the vote ranking list, 2 contestants have seized their last chance to get into class A The first girl was awarded center position in the set-topic based performance test She is Lai Meiyun Congratulations. You’re in the ninth place Please go to your position. -Meiyun Congratulations. You’re in the ninth place Please go to your position Bravo! Meiyun ♪ I’m shining. I’m amazing ♪ The support from the 101 audiences and my fans makes me feel like I haven’t let myself down Thank you Amazing Thanks to the joint efforts of me and the audiences that I’m able to get this position They are always there for me and we’re fighting together That’s why I made it this far I don’t want to let myself down, and I don’t want to let them down either I can’t fail my fans Now for the final contestant going into class A It’s her first time in class A, but she’s number 2 on the rankings. -Wang Ju Congratulations, Wang Ju

Please go to your position Wang Ju! Wang Ju! Wang Ju! Wang Ju! From being number 90 in the first vote, you’ve shot up 88 places and entered class A! What do you want to say? Standing here unexpectedly, I feel really proud of myself Because out of the 11 girls standing on this little podium, only I am an independent trainee Thank you Produce 101 for such an incredible opportunity and thank you to all the audiences who voted for me Our vote data will be reset, so I will reset myself tomorrow, too Just like my first time on stage, I will be passionate I will be respectful, and serious about the final performance, and about every stage of my future life Thank you Now our ship is nearing its destination So, which 11 girls have enough votes to step ashore with us? Now I will announce the list for class B At number 12, Fu Jing Wow, Fu Jing! Go, Fu Jing! -At number 13, Liu Renyu At number 13, Liu Renyu Liu Renyu Come on At number 14, Gao Yingxi At number 15, Qi Yandi Yandi! Number 16 is Xu Mengjie Now I will announce number 17 in class B Li Zixuan Zixuan! Zixuan! Zixuan! Zixuan! Zixuan! Bravo! Don’t cry Zixuan! It’s OK. Smile! Now we can have meal together At number 18, Lv Xiaoyu At number 19, Wu Yingxiang Yingxiang Yingxiang Number 20 is Qiang Dongyue At number 21 Chen Yihan Chen Yihan Please will those who have been called share your feelings with us? Starting with number 12 First, I want to thank all the 101 audiences and my fans who have supported me all along To be standing in this position brings me back to the place I started from, class B In the final performance, I will give everything I’ve got to stay on the stage I hope you will all believe in me Thank you Come on, Fu Jing! Hello, everyone, I’m Li Zixuan from OACA Entertainment Thank you. -Zixuan Firstly, seeing as I’m still standing here, I still believe that if you try your best, you will definitely be noticed Just like Mr. Huang Bo said about me, I may cry and look like a pickle today, but when I raise my head tomorrow, I will have a bright smile! Zixuan, you’re the best Mr. Huang Bo’s tutorial yesterday made me sure about one thing: I really don’t want to leave this stage So anyway, there are only two weeks left Mom and dad, just wait at home a little longer! I will give the final my best shot, and try my hardest! Come on! I feel completely unprepared for this I never expected to be standing here Wei Jing and I had planned that we would go and visit the West Lake tomorrow We made our plan, we’d planned everything So, now I have no idea what to say First, I want to say thank you to all the audiences who voted for me Now that I’m staying, I will give everything I’ve got in the final performance I would prove myself and show what I’m capable of. Thank you Yingxiang, you’re great I want to tell all my fans that I’ve moved up 14 places in the rankings and I never expected to be standing here You saved me when I thought my time was up You’re totally my heroes Thank you and I love you I will keep working hard I’m your big fan Look, we’re already very close to the dock

Where? You see that? That means our journey is about to come to an end But there is one final girl who can move into class B Su Ruiqi Luo Yijia Which lucky girl has qualified for the final? It’s Luo Yitian Su Ruiqi. -Xu Jingyun Xu Jingyun Angela Angela You were number 54 in the last vote, right? Yes This time, you’re number 22 What do you want to say? I’m so happy, because everyone in our dorm gets to stay You know Angela, every time there’s a vote she packs her bags and says she’s definitely leaving this time, and then she gets promoted! It’s hilarious I never expected to make it this far Ever since I came here, the atmosphere has made me want to keep going I have never stopped trying and I hope that in the final you will all see a different side of me Today, you’re not eliminated You’ve graduated from Produce 101 We graduated! We graduated! -Congratulations We graduated! Wang Ting, if you keep crying, you’ll turn into a pig Don’t cry Smile! You’ve graduated! Happy graduation! Bye-bye, Zixuan See you tonight You’ll always be No. 1 in my heart No one came to hug me Wang Ju Good luck! Bye! Keep going! You go girls! It’s time to say goodbye The 22 contestants who qualified for the final will be getting off Bye! Have a good show Chen Yihan Lv Xiaoyu. -Go, Xiaoyu! Jiang Shen. Jiang Shen Come on, Meiyun! We made it this far and I really wanted to get into the final It was such a shame Xiaoyu Duan Aojuan Xiaoyu, I’m here Yingxiang Yandi! Qiang Dongyue! I’ve experienced a lot here At first I wanted to leave Then I began to kind of want to stay And now, I really don’t want it to end I wish good things didn’t have to come to an end All of us are sailing on a boat called “Dreaming” I think as long as we never give up on our dreams, it will keep sailing forward Bye I’m always with you Love you We started out with everyone, all these girls on a journey together Just like on a ship But when we reach the port, only 22 will disembark Come on, Xiaocao! Come on, Danmeng! Xiaocao! Danmeng! You met a lot of people on board, but not all of them will journey with you to the end These three months on Produce 101 have passed so quickly Now there are only two weeks left before it ends I’m afraid of the emptiness What makes me worried and afraid is having no idea what will happen to me after I leave Produce 101 As far as goals are concerned, they can be discovered but not sought What we should be focusing on is the process of reaping our reward Produce 101 taught me

that if you want something, shout it out loud New company! New job! Survival! I won’t cry when I’m eliminated I’ll be a better person I won’t let people bully me My biggest desire in life is to be able to make my parents proud of their daughter I will keep striving for the things that I want I don’t want to go back to grilled chicken feet More importantly, I don’t want any of you to either! Mom and dad, I am Number 1! I will hold on to the top position Did you see me? I love you Dad, I remember when I was little, you used to drive me to school on your bicycle But now, you can’t do that any more However, since I’ve come here, I’ve felt like you were always with me, by my side I won’t let you down I need to keep trying I’ll work harder I will be the all-singing, all-dancing Yang Chaoyue I want to stay I want a happy family I want a pretty little baby Ella, thank you so much Hello, Chiao Manting in 10 years’ time! I hope you will be slim by then, and love yourself more than you do now Those who don’t recognize me now are going to regret! Goodbye Today, you’re going to meet the top 22 contestants of Produce 101 Are you all excited? -You know how many audiences have come today? -No idea! 3000? 3001 people! There are 3001 people at today’s meeting Come on, girls! That’s double the audience of our biggest show It’s bigger than we imagined It’s like a music festival Ready? Get ready to go on stage! So exciting! Please welcome the Produce 101 girls! Meng Meiqi! ♪ Hello, hello, hey ♪ ♪ Please give me the stage ♪ ♪ Hello, hello, hey ♪ ♪ Fail or succeed ♪ ♪ Oh hey, hey, baby ♪ ♪ With you I fear nothing ♪ ♪ My dream is waiting for me ♪ ♪ Because of your love ♪ ♪ I’m waiting for you to wake me up ♪ ♪ We are shining because of you ♪ ♪ No one can replace you ♪ Fu Jing Not all the fans at the stadium were mine But, when I saw the fans of all 22 girls cheering for us out there, I felt it was so wonderful It was the first time I’d ever seen this I think the color of your lipstick is perfect for today’s show But when I smile, my teeth seem a bit yellow Here I’ll give you some White Now toothpaste One use, instant whiteness But there’s nowhere to brush my teeth Right Let me see Right Here, Look This is the White Now Touch Whitening Pen It whitens your teeth instantly It’s like using foundation to improve your skin color It’s the make-up for teeth Here, just do this Shake it, and then, click it Then put it on your teeth Smile for 30 seconds

and it’s done! -Have a try. -Okay It really works Amazing It’s so handy! Of course It has an international patent for blue light technology Brightening optics won’t harm your teeth Instant white result with one brush So cool You can put it in your makeup bag, and use it to whiten teeth anytime It’s so useful! Next time we should all carry one with us It’s really great. -I have another one Here Thank you Are you the Xiaoshan F4 group? Xiaoshan F4 Right, the Xiaoshan F4 group We’re the female version of the Xiaoshan F4 group Who are you exactly? You three I’m Meng Zelei I’m Meizuo Fu Mingsi And I’m Shancai! Wu Shancai Here we have another Shancai This is Qi Shancai Qi Shancai F4 Let’s do it ♪ It’s just intuition ♪ ♪ You’re like the feeling of being wrapped in a quilt ♪ ♪ Like the wind I can’t catch hold of ♪ Come on That was really exciting Looking down from the stage, there were so many people I’m so happy about it. -Right And it made our performance even more exciting I really enjoy this kind of feeling I think giving our best performance is the best present we can offer them Have you ever seen so many fans? Never I have seen that many fans, but they were not ours! Even though most of the time I couldn’t see their faces clearly, I could see they were all holding placards with our names written in different colors, and I thought that they were so beautiful Being supported and liked by fans makes you realize that they are what helps you keep going in this industry They’re the source of power in this job, the main source of power There are so many people working day and night to support us, to make sure things go well Keep it up! Goodbye You’ve worked so hard We love you! Goodbye, bye, bye I will never forget the first time I saw my fan posters, and saw people who liked me and supported me When I realized that so many people were responding to me, I really felt a little bit of pride in myself But I will cherish that and try to avoid being conceited Right Today was really exhausting After the announcement, we went to the meeting We started sweating and had to change our make-up and clothes Yes? Let’s get on stage Okay What should I do now? Sing Alright, let’s sing After singing, get off stage and change clothes Change clothes, change clothes, and so on I’m starving I haven’t eaten anything at all today I drank a little bit of water, I didn’t even have time to use the bathroom But I think these things are only little trials We all know that being an artist is difficult So we just have to adapt ourselves and get used to it I want to eat something I’m starving I’m starving So hungry Hungry and sleepy I can empathize with the time when people used to have 8 or 10 children It would take so much effort to prepare dumplings for them all Today you have 22 kids to feed! Right, 22 girls I’m just glad it’s not 22 boys, you know? Sir You’ve worked hard! Good evening sir Come on in. Here It’s dumplings! Sir, we meet again Yes Chef Huang Are you hungry? Yes Good, we’re just about ready to have dinner Good. -This Right, we have two kinds of fillings Pork and celery And pork with Chinese chives Chives! Chives! Chives! I like both Both of them? As long as they’re made by you It must’ve taken you ages to make them all by yourself, right? Yes, it took a while. But Thank you for your efforts! It’s okay. It’s okay Thank you, sir You’ve had a long day Thank you, sir Sir, I feel so full of admiration for you

It feels a bit like your dad is back, right? Originally I’d said I’d be leaving today, but I thought I could move my schedule around I heard you saying that you missed home yesterday So, I wanted to make dumplings for you Sir, do you need any help? OK, who will help? I will! Really? Really OK, let’s do this Come and help if you can Wash our hands first Go wash your hands There’s a sink to wash your hands Wash hands first What if I don’t know how? Then just wait for food I’d like to sit in front of you and watch Sir, are these dumplings ready to go in? Yes, put them in Let me try one Sir, you’re so nice Right, I feel like I’m at home Do you have spoons? Are your hands clean? I’m telling you, I’m really serious about washing my hands I want to make dumplings, too I’m dressed like a dumpling waitress today You look like a chef Chef. -An assistant chef An assistant chef Teach me so I can do it too It looks pretty I can’t make dumplings stand up Can you make “Big G dumplings”, Meiqi? No Sir, do you make dumplings at home? I used to do it a lot But recently, I haven’t had enough time for it When I was in a pop group, I cooked meals for ten people I think a man who’s a good cook is so charming Charming They’re ready Alright They’re ready! What are you watching? See this video on the Tencent Weishi App? It has a gimmick to lengthen legs Qiuzi looks hilarious! Really See, her legs are super long! Yeah I want to try it Take a video of me OK The Tencent Weishi App has a leg lengthening function It’s so much fun Next time I’ll film you OK It looks great Alright, you can eat now Delicious! Really? It’s hot You wanna some soy sauce? Yes Do you want some? Really yummy Don’t you feel like we’re in the Spring Festival Gala? Because Mr. Huang Bo is here and he’s making dumplings for us My dad would be so happy to see this Happy New Year in advance! The main purpose of this is to help each one of you relax and enjoy your dumplings We won’t talk about the competition today We have something better in store Who do you miss? If you miss your family, then I’ll just bring them out in front of you now Seriously? Who? I don’t believe you You’re kidding There is truth and love in the world My home is far away in Hainan Province Really? Yes Well nowadays, we have such advanced technology that they can be brought to you A wishing door Come on, bring it out Really? Why did you have to arrange this? You see these? There are lots of little squares here What are those? Inside are your families, your fathers, your mothers, your grandparents, and other family members You must be joking! That’s impossible The program makers don’t know my family They don’t know them? I’m sure they don’t Well, let’s see if there is a video for Yamy Alright, Yamy Let’s watch the first video No way No way. How could they know my family? = Yamy’s brother = It’s Yamy’s brother! Hello, Yamy You must be working so hard on Produce 101 Remember I told you that I didn’t mind you pursuing your dream, but I really didn’t agree with you being a performer, because I knew it wouldn’t be an easy life Besides, you don’t have a performing arts background, which means you have to work much harder than the other girls We share the same habit of only telling good news to our family Now the whole family supports you pursuing your dream Don’t put too much pressure on yourself Don’t care about what other people say about you

I hope you will keep being true to yourself Stick to the Yamy style I think my brother is changing with the times And I hope that in the near future, you’ll be a household name! Keep it up! Keep it up! You’re really fat. Lose some weight! That’s your brother? He’s 9 years older than me My older brother Your brother is fatter than you, but he has much bigger eyes than yours True. I’m the only one in my family with such narrow eyes I even asked my parents that if they’d found me on the street Genic mutation Thank you for preparing this See, didn’t I tell you? It’s true Yeah Alright, who want to be next? Who’s next? I want to watch mine Yeah? I don’t think I have one You do. We all have one. -I’m not sure Because my parents never ask about my life = Liu Renyu’s family = I thought you said it was one person? Sweetheart, Mommy misses you Daddy misses you too Granny misses you Sweetheart, you’ve always loved singing and dancing It’s been your one big dream So we all support you We support you Right I feel like my dad wants to ignore me To be honest, I didn’t support your choice at first, but your persistence and hard work have persuaded me to change my mind I’m a busy man, but when I have time, I’ll always be concerned about you and support you On Produce 101, you should be grateful to your mentors, your friends and co-workers, and all the people who help you, especially the 101 audiences So, now we want to say thank you to the audiences Thank you for your concern and support Thank you At the same time, we hope you will stay healthy and happy Go for it, Sweetheart! Come on! You made the right choice What he just said What your dad said was pretty nice He supports you I’m a busy man, but when I have time, I always support you Gao Yingxi Yingxi Gao Yingxi OK, let’s have a look = Gao Yingxi’s parents = Hello, sweetie Hello Daughter, daddy is here He’s adorable Is that your mom? Your mom is so pretty Do you miss us? This is the first time that you’ve been away from us this long, and haven’t been in contact We miss you so much We watch your shows, look at your photos, watch your videos and read news about you on the Internet Her mom should be on Produce 101 Right I’m so happy for you It’s a wonderful arena I’m proud of you. -Your mom is cute like you Particularly in your first show, when I saw you holding a love heart in your hand while you were singing, ♪ Oh, your sweetness touched my heart ♪ When you let the heart fly, that was such a sweet feeling I want to pick your mom! Your mom should sign up for next season Your mom set your song as her mobile phone ringtone She listens to it every day Right This way, other people will hear it I mention you every day so that they’ll support you They know how to help No matter where you are, we will always support you We’re with you Yeah, right We’ve got your back! Love you. Love you And I’ve prepared a little surprise for you Hope you enjoy it Your mom is awesome She should be a center! ♪ Hello, hello, hey ♪ ♪ Please give me the stage ♪ ♪ Hello, hello, hey ♪ ♪ Fail or succeed ♪ ♪ Oh hey, hey, baby ♪ ♪ With you I fear nothing ♪ ♪ My dream is waiting for me ♪ ♪ Because of your love ♪ How is your mom so young?! I’m left behind on the starting line She’s better than me! Her mom is super cute She’s wonderful So lovely

Gao Yingxi, your mom should be a center What did your mom used to do? She used to be a singer and dancer She has been doing this for many years, right? That’s amazing! Seriously, for the second season, you should bring your mom to be on the show with you I mean it If she got a better ranking than you, that would be embarrassing Your mom looks younger than me True Do you all have water? Enjoy your food, but when you’ve finished, drink some water When you were smiling so happily, I noticed some chives stuck in your teeth Seriously? Chives are fine, but not chili Right, chili looks way more embarrassing Who want to see their videos? I want to see Qiuzi’s mom No Me too! We all want to see your mom Yes, let’s watch your video now. -Gao Qiuzi, I wanna see your mom too. Really = Gao Qiuzi’s parents = Here we go Gao Qiuzi How is your mom slimmer than you? Do you miss me? You miss me more, right? Because I’m the “dark mom” She’s wearing black clothes today The name suits her That’s her dad’s voice I miss you We haven’t seen you for ages We can only see you on a screen I hope the One Zero One stage He said it wrong. It’s One-O-One helps you find yourself We’re happy for you I should say We’re proud of you We’re proud of you Proud of you Yeah, so proud of you You make us feel proud I remember when you first went to Hangzhou Your dad was planning to go and fetch you if you didn’t listen to us Yeah, fetch you home Your mom is so cute I didn’t expect you to be so amazing on stage Seriously, man, come on! Especially your dancing You have never studied dancing To be honest, if I hadn’t seen your gorgeous figure, I could never have imagined my daughter could be like that We’re happy for you So lovely You’ve got to where you are today, because you have a dream, your personal dream Right And you’re striving hard for it No matter what is going to happen, remember when you were No.11, when you were in class A, you said that it would be better if you could move on, and you didn’t mind being eliminated as long as it wasn’t too soon. -Right Not too soon But now we just want to tell you, don’t worry, honey, when you fall down, we’ll be there to catch you So lovey-dovey! But I have to add, when you fall down, fall slowly, because I’m afraid your weight might crush us But anyway, we miss you very much Keep going! Go, “Big G”! I can see your family resemblance You’re your father’s daughter When my dad wears white, he has no neck! What’s up? Why is your head bowed? I feel so lonely when I think of my family I only have my father, so I’ve never felt the warmth of a real family Fu Jing wants to see Fu Jing Let’s watch Fu Jing’s video = Fu Jing’s mom = Hello, Fu Jing How are you? They’re so alike My mom’s mandarin I watched your performance last night and the video you recorded I saw you crying and it made my heart ache Jing, I’m not good at expressing my feelings, but today I want to tell you that my little girl is amazing So great My mom sounds like she’s reciting poetry She sounds like she’s reciting poetry Mom is really proud of you Baby, don’t cry I will always support you When the show is over, I’ll make you a delicious meal Alright, baby? I will always love you A delicious meal I miss my mom’s cooking, too My mom’s put on weight Maybe it’s because she’s on camera My mom doesn’t usually speak Mandarin People from Hunan Province can sound a bit weird when they speak Mandarin She has never said anything like that before, like she loves me or something

I can tell Right And I’ve never said I love you or anything affectionate to my parents either I think it’s because we have a big family I have an older sister I’m the second Then there are my younger sister and brother So, I think that my mom has a hard time It’s such a big family So, all of us should be grateful for mom’s hard work Alright, who’s next? Sunnee! Sunnee! OK, let’s watch Sunnee’s video, alright? Bring us some more tissues We’ve gotta prepare This girl is gonna cry = Sunnee’s parents = Can you see? When you’re not home, your brother plays guitar But no one sings And look here, can you see? It’s gone rusty It’s all rusty Wow, it’s a video of daily life Your home is so big Look, look, your room is empty Are we going into Sunnee’s room? Now we’re in Sunnee’s room Come back soon! This bed is missing its owner So cute! Your dream started in 2011 In 2018, you’re still chasing it No matter how the result turns out, the process is the most important Make it wonderful We’ll always be proud of you You’re my pride Keep it up! Lovely What was the last thing she said? What did that last sentence mean? It means keep it up and we miss you After this is all over, whether I’ve made it or not, I want to go back home and share my experience here with them, make them proud of me I have never had success before Come on! Take us to visit Thailand Visit your home It’s so big She could fit so many people in her bed! OK, next Wang Ju Right, here’s Wang Ju’s video = Wang Ju’s mom = Wang Ju, how are you doing? I miss you so much I’ve watched every episode of Produce 101 The directors wanted me to make a video I considered it and decided that a voice message was fine There are two reasons for this Firstly, I was afraid it might affect your mood Secondly, I was afraid other people might comment Because I’m not as strong as you are But I just want to say that whether you’re chubby or slim, your skin is light or dark, you’ll always be the most beautiful girl to me I’ve watched your interviews, and I can see that you care about us I wanted you to study hard, so you kept your dream hidden At that time, I believed I was doing the right thing I didn’t mean to be an obstacle to your career I did that because you are a girl from an ordinary family Trying to get into the entertainment industry, you didn’t receive any help from your family as we had no resources to offer you Now you’re on Produce 101, you have so many good mentors who will help you to improve all-round And you’re surrounded by people who love music and performing as much as you do I am grateful you’re in such a sunny atmosphere I’m not worried about your ability, but it’s just You’re still so young, you just step out into society, you’re famous now, don’t lose sight of yourself Don’t forget to value yourself when you’re famous You got a long way to go to make your dream come true, but when you’ve reached your goal, don’t forget why you started out You know your dad and mom will always continue to support you

So touching Your mom is very wise Right Your mom really is eloquent Right That’s because my mom is a kindergarten teacher She thinks that young girls should prepare for work, finish school, graduate, and then become a teacher if possible It’s a smooth course It’s just It’s just an ordinary girl’s life But because I said I wanted to try and pursue my dream, I took the performance exam at high school But I failed it, so my mom said, you have tried and now you should give up So, then I went to an ordinary college and followed my family’s plan for me to become a teacher Anyway, my dream was always in my heart It never I never talked about it, but it was always there So, I want to thank Produce 101 for giving me such a wonderful chance Great Next Sir, I want to see my video Yeah? = Zining’s parents = Zining, our dearest daughter we understand how hard and persistently you’ve worked to pursue your music career You had been studying folk music and you felt so confused when you found it difficult to adapt to the popular music style You doubted yourself Seeing you in so much pain, our hearts ached for you We wanted to persuade you to give up But your persistence persuaded us to reach a compromise Now look at you, shining on the 101 stage You put on a perfect show and you got such good grades We’re really so proud of you My little girl, keep being courageous! Prove yourself with your talent We will always totally support you Go for it! Zining, Zining Come on You can make it! We support you Make it. Make it As they say in Sichuanese… you got this! You got this! You got this! When you watched my video, you said my mom could make it, but you didn’t say I could That’s a bit much! Well, my mom wanted me to leave! I want to see Angela’s video Angela I don’t, because my family can’t speak Mandarin They can’t? I can interpret for you Yamy can interpret I don’t want to hear their Mandarin I’m afraid if I listen to their Mandarin, I’ll Will they? = Xu Jingyun’s family = Hello Jingyun, you’ve never been away from us for this long I really miss you Your mommy and I, your sister and Bobby are in your workspace It’s the place where you practice It’s your own space where you can rest and practice singing We’re here with you, and support you Come on, Xu Jingyun Her voice! Her voice sounds exactly like Angela’s Don’t come back if you lose I won’t be able to use this room if you come back, right? Your efforts will be rewarded Keep going! Why won’t my mom talk? Yeah Keep going We’ve watched you go from class A to class C then to class D, and now slowly you are achieving something, slowly improving He means her ranking is not stable Sister, you gotta keep trying, OK? We support you in Hong Kong! We’re waiting for you at home So cute! That dog is adorable! Don’t come back You don’t need to come back until you win You got that? You gotta win, alright? Win! -OK, yeah! Was that your father? I thought he was your brother Don’t let him hear that He would be so happy Was that your sister? Yes You’re so alike She talks just like you Really, exactly the same I think Xu Jingyun Don’t come back She’s so funny

Who’s next? Let’s see Qi Yandi’s video Qi Yandi’s video Alright, let’s watch that OK = Qi Yandi’s friend = Friend? Who is it? Her boyfriend? Boyfriend! Yandi, it’s me She’s my assistant! My assistant! Oh dear Don’t look so horrified, alright? Today I am on a very important mission I’m bringing you a dear friend, you must miss her very much and who is an important part of your life She’s so serious. It’s embarrassing I mean hotpot! You didn’t hear it wrong But the rule is that you can only have this Why? I think you know She’s a terrible friend! Is she actually your friend? She’s my assistant Qi Yandi, don’t think that I won’t find out I watch you every day on Weibo, and you always have snacks in your hand Why are you showing me hotpot right now? Don’t force me to show this! Cute! So fat That’s when you were fat It’s a scam! That photo was fake! After the final, I will come to see you with some scales It’s embarrassing Yandi, Zixuan said that you can’t be friends with her She’s a terrible friend! Right, that’s my assistant. I’ll just fire her Qi Yandi at 143 pounds No, it’s been photoshopped! Well, sometimes it’s important to be nice to people, you know? I treat her well I want to see Meiqi’s video Meqi’s video Let’s see it I’m afraid I will cry. Oh my = Meng Meiqi’s parents = Hey, sweetie They have your portrait! Our dear baby girl, the Queen, you’ve worked so hard recently When you’re on Produce 101, we don’t care if you’re number 1 My dad is reading his speech Your mom is his backup dancer! We both hope you will stay healthy and strong We hope you will keep chasing your dream As we always say, we will always be your most loyal fans We’re with you It’s like an online diary post! And her mom’s mirroring him We hope you will achieve even better grades and put Henan Province and Luoyang City on the map! Go for it! Hello sweetie, it’s mom Watching your wonderful performance on stage, our whole family felt so proud of you What is my dad doing? Your dad Your dad is frozen Sweetie, your dream will come true Come on, sweetie! Super cute! Your dad looked like he was making a vlog No, he is just like me We can’t remember lines Did you notice? Yes And he froze several times in the video You can teach him later He should put his speech under the camera, you know? Right, then it wouldn’t be so obvious Yingxiang! Yingxiang! I didn’t expect this Yingxiang! Yingxiang! Wu Yingxiang I think it might be my sister Don’t fall in love with her = Wu Yingxiang’s family = Hi, Yingxiang, do you miss home? -Your mom is so beautiful Since you left home on 1st March and went off to Produce 101, it has been over three months The only chance we get to see you is on the programme We have watched every single episode, especially your performances which are getting better each time We’re happy for you We all think you’re wonderful And, no matter what result you get, I hope you will still enjoy being on stage and release your potential No matter what, the whole family is proud of you Hello, Yingxiang It’s been a long time Did you know, you’re super popular now? She looks like a TV host Right What’s her major? Psychology. At Peking University My college classmates all watch Produce 101 I hope you are happy there Take care of yourself We’re waiting for you to come home and go on holiday Keep going! Your sister looks like the host of a tourism programme She’s usually quite natural,

but she is a bit of nervous in front of the camera Your family looks so wonderful Your mom and sister are both so pretty Very good family genes Really I envy your neighbors, getting to see so many beauties every day Let’s see Qiang Dongyue’s video Qiang Dongyue I’m nervous = Qiang Dongyue’s parents = Your mom and dad Hello, Qiang Dongyue Hello, are you well? I miss you You must work hard I heard you have become more famous now People say you’re like the Olympic mascot That’s true. -They’re fighting for attention So cute Our little mascot is so pretty Pretty mascot Our beautiful mascot You should go to Beijing in 2022 They’re playing Alright? They want attention Qiang Dongyue, keep going Qiang Dongyue, you’re the best girl in the world Who are they? My brother and sister-in-law I missed the birth of their baby Baby, give a wink to support your auntie! Come on! Come on! Come on! So cute! Come on! Come on! I was watching the two dogs, and didn’t pay attention to my parents We only had eyes for the dogs! They got our attention Your video was so warm and sweet First the dogs, then the baby! Let’s see Aojuan’s video Aojuan! Aojuan! Duan Aojuan = Duan Aojuan’s grandpa = Aojuan, I’ve been following the programme really closely I watch your show every single night I am happy that you’ve achieved such good ranking I miss my grandparents First, I want to use this video to thank your team leaders, your mentors and all your colleagues, for looking after you We’re colleagues As for the ranking you’ve achieved, don’t be too proud of it Now you’ve entered the final stage, you need a balanced attitude, no matter what the result will be Aojuan, you have a competition now, I’m rooting for you I wrote a poem for you It goes like this: A young girl suffers hardship, to break into the entertainment industry She dreams of making her way, and keeps pushing to progress Come on, Aojuan! Come on, Aojuan! Repeat the important thing four times! My grandpa has always been very strict with me And he often talked to me about his poetry and things Every day since I was little, I have been listening to them He’s always writing poetry, right? Right, always When I told him about participating in Produce 101, he was like He gave me a lot of advice and his expression was like So serious However, today, he looked so lively, and Come on, Aojuan! His last words were really great It should give you strength Come on, Aojuan! Great! That was great Who else? Meiyun Let’s see Meiyun’s mom I wonder if she is cute too? = Lai Meiyun’s mom = Yes Meiyun, I haven’t seen you in months I miss you Do you miss me? You’re working hard I have been following your progress I hope you are staying healthy Don’t stay up late and remember to have lunch I notice you’ve lost weight Hope you will never give up on your dream Remember why you started out Enjoy performing The competition will end soon Keep going! I will always support you So sweet Go, Meiyun! Go, Meiyun! I won’t forget it My mom is the sort of person In our family, my mom takes care of everything single-handedly She looks after my grandma and me And, she has always indulged me in whatever I wanted to do She would allow me to do whatever I wanted

What I’m doing now is all because of her I told her that I’d always enjoyed singing and dancing And she said she was afraid that if I did that kind of work, it would be really hard for me But she said if I liked it, then OK While I’m still young, she hopes I will do what I want to do Because she told me that when she was young, she wanted to do many things, but she never had the chance So, she hopes that I will do something now with my youth Just do whatever I want to do So, she let me come here Now she’s at home alone, and feeling lonely But she must feel so excited I think her loneliness will be worth it Every day she comes home and sees her daughter being so amazing on screen She’s noticed you’ve lost weight When I was fat, she still said I’d lost weight All parents say that Xu Mengjie Let’s see Xu Mengjie’s video Mengjie’s video I wanted to be the last, because I’m afraid = Xu Mengjie’s parents = Mengjie, we haven’t seen you for ages A barbecue restaurant? Come home for dinner I miss you so much Keep going! Your mom has the same smile as yours Mengjie, since you’ve been on Produce 101, our restaurant has been busier. -Mom is crying Your mom and I have much more work We’re both so happy for you, especially your mom If she feels tired, I just mention you, and she brightens right up These past few years, you’ve been away, we haven’t been able to help very much Everything depends on you We hope you’ll stay safe and take care of yourself Try even harder to show the best of yourself as much as possible You don’t need to worry about us We’re fine You just need to work hard and keep going Stay strong, Meiyun To be honest, I don’t want them to work so hard So when it’s possible, I’d spend my summer or winter vacation working in the restaurant But I found what I love doing and wanted to keep working for it And they supported me They’re busy at the restaurant, and I want to be able to use my efforts to change their situation This is the first time that they’ve ever said so much to me I can tell that your dad is a man of few words We seldom use words to communicate with each other More often, we use actions Yeah, this time you’ve been away for a long time Right And now is the time when you’re missing home most deeply Don’t forget that when you go back For me, it’s true too I can’t spend much time at home Time goes by, and then suddenly, you find your parents are old Be with them whenever you have time Talk to them and connect more I genuinely want to thank you all I can empathize with you You are sacrificing your youth to strive for your dreams No matter what happens, I wish you all the best Thank you Thank you, sir You all have different rankings But in my view, since you’ve made it to the final and you’ll be on the same stage, then nothing is impossible Who will turn the corner and join the group of 11 girls in the final? I look forward to it Now I will announce the two songs to be performed in the final Turning the Corner and Blossom = Turning the Corner Blossom = Right, just two songs Only two? Right, just two songs Exciting Only two songs Now let’s listen to the two demos = Turning the Corner = I like it I think the chorus sounds good ♪ Your votes make me braver ♪ ♪ So I can fight fearlessly ♪ ♪ It’s an exciting competition ♪ ♪ More romantic than love ♪ ♪ Just wait for me to turn the corner ♪ ♪ Just wait for me to turn the corner ♪ I like the last line Next up is Blossom = Blossom = ♪ Let me fight against the wind ♪ ♪ I want to shine in the sky ♪ It’s wonderful ♪ When I look back ♪ ♪ I always remember why I got started ♪ ♪ During the long dark times ♪ ♪ You brought me sunshine ♪ ♪ Now let me blossom for you ♪

♪ Never give in to sadness ♪ ♪ Never give in to fate ♪ I like it Sounds great Now it’s time for you to choose You can pick the song you like best If you like Turning the Corner, please stand to the left If you like Blossom, stand to the right ♪ Come on! Come on baby ♪ ♪ Be a star ♪ Please don’t hesitate If you do, I will too This is the last choice you get to make on Produce 101 Please decide carefully Trust your intuition and go with your first choice It’s not about the name You have 10 seconds left to decide 10 9 8 -7… Come on 6 5 You all left! 4 I want to sing the last song with you I’m not sure 2 1! Come here Alright, now you can’t You can’t change now. -The other side has fewer people They have one fewer Now, on each side, please arrange yourselves in order of your positions on the ranking list Ranking list I don’t want to sing that song So he means, if you are at the back of the line, you have to sing the other song? Yeah Right One of the teams currently has more than 11 people So, in order of your rankings, No.1 to No.11 can stay The 12th girl will move to this side I don’t want to sing that song Angela It doesn’t matter But just now I thought you said you liked this song? I didn’t I was there from the beginning I was sure about it No, no, really No You don’t want this, but I’m OK with either I was on the fence If you want to swap, I’ll give you the chance You two can discuss it She really doesn’t want that song, so why not Angela, listen to your heart Listen to your heart Alright = Turning the Corner List Blossom List = We’re down to the last 22 At this moment, they all have a 50% chance of winning The only thing that can help you is the effort you put in If you fail, don’t blame others If you succeed, everyone will just shut up When I arrived, I found you were all under a huge amount of pressure I believe you’ll go all out for it Because the flames are licking at your heels Right You probably feel like you have no time to even gasp for breath Some of you may be required to shoot commercials, do some interviews and many other things You can’t just focus on what you’re doing as a trainee When it comes to things like that, if you end up joining a girl group, you’ll find life is much harder than it is now This is their last chance So, all of the instructors gave the girls the most sincere and sometimes even the harshest advice we have Cruel to be kind We needed to make them feel the pressure Whenever you have lunch, somebody may be taking photos of you Even if there’s something on your teeth, they still won’t stop You have to put up with that That’s the price you have to pay It’s a very happy life here at Produce 101, because we push you to perform during every show and do things to help you break through and face the challenge You know what? When you become a group member, this won’t happen automatically You’ll have to find things to do Right Which means that if you stop challenging yourself, then you will be forgotten Really well said Really I’ll continue what Tiger was saying In terms of finding new challenges, I feel like, somehow, mysteriously, I have kept doing this In 2004, after I’d won a talent show, all I could think was that was OK But I went to other competitions And I went on to the talent show, I am a Singer Someone said that was far enough, you should take a break But I didn’t want a break If I took a break, then I knew Someone would surpass you Yeah, I would be disappointed in myself, and so would other people Everyone is brilliant In the Chinese music industry, everyone should work together True We should share everything That’s why I’ve shared all the best stuff I’ve done

over the past ten years with you in my classes I believe in facing challenges and preparing for the future In this way, you can take control of your life At the beginning of every talent show, they announce they will form the best girl or boy group But who can really make that happen? I don’t want to see that after this show, no music is actually produced So, I expect and look forward to it Hope it can make the audience believe that the primary goal of this programme is to prove to everybody that we’ve got the best girl group in China = Ranking List = = No. 23 – No. 36 = = No. 12 – No. 22 = = No. 1 – No. 11 = Congratulations to this week’s No.1, Meng Meiqi for earning an extra 10,000 likes! = you can vote before the final result is announced on the evening of June 23 = What’s your ambition for the final? To be honest, my greatest ambition is to make some progress in something I’m not good at If I can give it my best shot, then I will have no regrets Hope to show the best side of me for everyone to see Then I will have no regrets As long as I try my absolute best, and enjoy myself on stage without making any mistakes, I’ll be happy I’m still me I’m still Wang Ju Why should I change my style? Since I’ve made it this far, I will really give it my all in my final performance Now I can say this quite confidently to everyone: I want to be Number 1! Yeah, I want to be the winner! I wouldn’t be Yamy if I didn’t want to win I’m brave enough to say that now I’m happy just to be one of the top 11 I don’t want to think about it The more I think, the worse I feel It’d be nice to be a group member No matter whether I win or not, after this ends, I hope I will keep trying to be an artist and doing what I want to do If I can join a girl group, I will work even harder and show all the people who doubt me that Gao Qiuzi is really powerful I want the final to be a performance which is very different from the others and has a really cool stage Hope to have a really cool show on stage I want to do a show that people will remember I will give it my all Fu Jing said she would give it her all Well, I will give it my everything!

I can’t wait! I am ready for this I don’t care about the result The journey itself is my youth I don’t actually have any goals = Has Yang Chaoyue lost it? = I think the thing we should focus on most is not the result We should focus on what we’re able to learn from it No matter what the result is, no matter what ranking I’ll get, I think as long as I enjoy the show, then that’s enough I’m looking forward to it and am excited about it I’m not feeling that stressed or nervous about it I really want it to come soon, but I’m also scared it’ll come too soon Because when it comes, that means my 101 journey is about to end, and I’ll have to start a new one I feel like I’m waiting for my college entrance examination It’s a complicated feeling Go for it! It doesn’t matter if I fail It’s happening anyway, and I will stay until the end I feel confident I don’t know why I did that Anyway, I really believe in myself Hope you guys believe in me too ♪ My dream is waiting for me ♪ ♪ Because of your love ♪ ♪ I’m waiting for you to wake me up ♪ ♪ We are shining because of you ♪ ♪ No one can replace you ♪ ♪ I am the one you love ♪ ♪ Baby you want to pick me up ♪ ♪ Call my name aloud ♪ ♪ Hey, hey, hey, hey ♪ ♪ I’m thinking of you when I dance ♪ ♪ Pinkie swear, let’s do this together ♪ ♪ Hey yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ Share myself with you ♪ ♪ Let’s create wonder together ♪ ♪ Pick me, pick me up ♪ ♪ Pick me, pick me up ♪ ♪ Your love makes me more lovely ♪ ♪ Pick me, pick me up ♪ ♪ Pick me, pick me up ♪ ♪ Your love makes me more lovely ♪ ♪ 1, 2, 3, here you go ♪ ♪ However good she is ♪ ♪ I have my merits ♪ ♪ I’ll take what belongs to me ♪ ♪ Create the future with me ♪ ♪ The glory belongs to you and me ♪ ♪ Give me five ♪ ♪ Come on, come on, baby ♪ ♪ Be a star. Be a star ♪ ♪ Come on, come on, baby ♪ ♪ Your compliment makes me smile ♪ ♪ I’m waiting for you to wake me up ♪ ♪ We are shining because of you ♪ ♪ No one can replace you ♪ ♪ I am the one you love ♪ ♪ Baby you want to pick me up ♪ ♪ Call my name aloud ♪ ♪ Hey, hey, hey, hey ♪ ♪ I’m thinking of you when I dance ♪ ♪ Pinkie swear, let’s do this together ♪ ♪ Hey yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ Share myself with you ♪ ♪ Let’s create wonder together ♪ ♪ Pick me, pick me up ♪ Hello, everyone I’m a 101 girl, Sunnee, Yang Yunqing Thank you for supporting me at the “The Ranking List of Produce 101” event on Weibo Thank you for your support So, today the performance I’m gonna give is something that you all want to see I will… sing… a song for you ♪ You need be brave about rumors in love ♪ ♪ If you’re sure about it ♪ ♪ Everything makes sense ♪ ♪ We all need courage ♪ ♪ To believe in our love ♪ ♪ Even in a crowd, I can feel you ♪ ♪ I keep your love in my heart ♪ Because of your love and your support, I have become brave enough to do what I love doing, and keep shining on stage From this day forward, I am going to be your sun and I will shine brightly for you Hope you will continue to support me Give me all your love, don’t take it away! Stay here, alright? The show is coming to an end I hope that in the future, you’ll stay with me, OK? Remember to follow me on Weibo

Goodbye See you in the final