Betsy's Kindergarten Adventures – Full Episode #14

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Betsy's Kindergarten Adventures – Full Episode #14

[Announcer] Coming up next on Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventures: I’d like to introduce you all to a brand-new student This is Newton He sure looked nervous And then I thought, maybe I could help him [Mrs. O’Connor] I want you all to create an art project and discover the secret to primary colors [Betsy] Why don’t you guys make your monster and we will make a doll? [babbling] ♪ A, B, C and 1, 2, 3 ♪ ♪ It’s kindergarten time for you and me ♪ ♪ So climb aboard and take a seat ♪ ♪ For kindergarten fun with Betsy ♪ ♪ We’ll meet new friends ♪ ♪ Along the way ♪ ♪ And have adventures every day ♪ ♪ It’s Betsy’s ♪ ♪ Kindergarten Adventures ♪ [baby cooing] [chirping] [screeching] [screeching] Kitty, were you chasing birds again? Well? Mom! Kitty’s chasing birds again! Oh, that silly cat! Why do you cause so much mischief? [purring] Oh, you like that, do you? [purring] You should give up, Kitty The birds are all on to your tricks Yeah, but what if a new bird shows up and he doesn’t know all of Kitty’s tricks? That’s why I’m putting this on Kitty’s collar [tinkling] There! Now, they’ll hear Kitty coming [tinkling] [tinkling] [tinkling] [twittering] I don’t think Kitty likes her new bell Well, it may take Kitty a little time to get used to it She doesn’t like to try new things Sometimes, I’m the same way [chuckles] Sometimes? Remember how you weren’t sure if you were going to like kindergarten? Oh, yeah And now I love it! Exactly You just have to be willing to try something new Now, let’s get going You don’t want to miss your bus, do you? [giggles] No way! When I got on the bus, I was still thinking about what my Mom said about trying new things Who knows how many wonderful new things you might discover! Good morning, everyone! [All] Good morning, Mrs. O’Connor! Did anyone bring in anything for Show and Tell today? Ooh! Ooh! I did, Mrs. O’Connor! I did! Well, would you like to come up front and tell us all about it? I sure would! Yesterday, I went to an audition for a TV commercial, and they let me keep this hat! Oh, my! That’s quite a hat, Maria I had to sing, too! It went like this Ohhh! ♪ If you want a great baloney ♪ ♪ Take a taste of Hammerschmidt’s ♪ ♪ It’s by far the best baloney ♪ ♪ Others simply are the pits ♪ ♪ It’s not phony, gummy or bony ♪ ♪ It’s the baloney kids ask for ♪ ♪ Hammerschmidt’s makes great baloney ♪ ♪ No fillers, it’s simply pure ♪ Hammerschmidt’s, we’ve been full of baloney since 1895 [kids laughing] [laughs] Thank you, Maria That was wonderful That was the first time I ever sang at an audition At first I didn’t want to But my mom said I should always try something new Well, Maria, I think your mom was absolutely right Wow, even Maria has been trying new things [knocking at door] Sounds like someone’s at the door Come in Good morning, Principal Warner Good morning, Mrs. O’Connor Good morning, children [Kids] Good morning, Principal Warner Sorry to interrupt your class time, but I’d like to introduce you all to a brand-new student This is Newton His family just moved here from New York City, so he’s new to Lakeshore School

But I’m sure you’ll all help make him feel welcome Goodness gracious, where did he go? Well, that’s funny He was right next to me just a moment ago [Kenji] There he is! I see him! He’s outside the door! [gulp] Hello, Newton I’m Mrs. O’Connor I’ll be your teacher He sure looked nervous I could tell because I felt the same way when I first came here And then I thought, maybe I could help him Welcome to Lakeshore School, Newton Thank you, sir Goodbye, children [All] Goodbye, Principal Warner Newton, please take a seat over here [sighs] Well, it’s now time for recess, so this would be a good time for you all to introduce yourselves to our new student, Newton And when we all get back inside, we’ll talk about shapes [All] Yay! Hi, there! Hello Welcome to Lakeshore School You seem kind of sad Is anything wrong? This place is so different from my old school I don’t know if I’m going to like it here, and I miss all my friends in New York Then you just need to make some new friends What kind of things do you like to do? Me? Well, uh, I like to build things with blocks Blocks? I know just the person you should meet What other things do you like to do, Newton? Well, I like to ride on my skateboard Skateboard? That’s great! This is Newton Guess what He likes to build things with blocks, too! You do? Then, please take some blocks and play with us! You are a very good builder, Newton Thanks, Kenji! Building blocks are fun, but what I really like is science Science? I like science, too! You do? I sure do! Great! You know, sometimes I even help my big brother with his science experiments He’s in the eighth grade Wow! How do you do? I’m Molly and these are my friends Sarah Hi, Newton And Maria I heard you’re from New York Have you ever been to any plays? Oh, yeah! My mom and I would go to see plays all the time [squeals] You’ve been to the theater in New York City? Sure Oh, that has always been my dream! I would love to see a play in New York City! Oh! I think I’m going to faint Somebody catch me [groaning] [thud] I thought you were going to catch her I caught her the last time It’s your turn Oh, never mind Well, it’s nice to meet you, Sarah, and– and Maria, and, oh Molly! Molly Newton, this is Billy Hi, Newton! Hi! Billy likes to skateboard, too You do? Well, I’m not really sure if I like it or not I just got this skateboard for my birthday, and I kept falling off it all weekend Didn’t you use any pads? Pads? Sure Whenever you ride on a skateboard, you need to wear elbow pads, kneepads, oh, and always wear your helmet That’s the first thing my big brother taught me [Other Kids] Wow! Gee, you mean this stuff? Yeah! Those are your pads! Let me show you how to wear them Is there a helmet in there, too? Yep! [All] Ooh! [skateboard halts] Wow, Newton! You make it look so easy! Awesome! [chuckles] Thanks, Billy But you know, it took a lot of practice to learn how to do this Practice? Uh-huh Well, then I’m not sure if I want to try Hey, like my big brother always says,

you can do anything if you’re willing to try something new Even make new friends? Yeah, even make new friends Could you teach me some of those cool skateboard moves? Sure, Billy Anytime Way cool! I think I’m going to like it here at Lakeshore School You’re going to like Mrs. O’Connor, too Yes, she is a wonderful teacher She sure is, and Oh, my goodness! What is it, Betsy? I just remembered Mrs. O’Connor said we were going talk about shapes when we all got back from recess Shapes? Oh, no! Not the shapes! Why does it have to be the shapes? Why? Why? Why? Do you even know what shapes are? Eh, no, not really [Molly huffs] Shapes are what things look like on the outside [All] Ohhh You mean like a block has a square shape? Or a ball has a round shape? Uh-huh Some basic shapes are First, there is the circle, which is a basic round shape Then the square shape, like Kenji said Then there’s diamond shape [Kenji] The diamond shape looks a lot like a square sitting on one of its points [Sarah] Yeah! Or a baseball diamond! Then we have the triangle This looks like a piece of pizza And another is the rectangle shape A rectangle looks a lot like a square, only it looks like it’s been stretched [ringing] Looks like recess is over It looked to me like Newton was going to be fine I guess everyone needs a little help now and then trying something new I hope you all enjoyed recess and are ready learn Oh, yeah! We sure are! Does anybody know the name for this shape? Oh, my goodness! Okay, Sarah, I saw your hand go up first Do you know the name for this shape? Yes, ma’am That’s a circle A circle is round like a baseball, or a soccer ball, or a tire [gasps] or a donut! Very good, Sarah! Does anybody know the name for this shape? Okay, Newton What’s this shape called? Oh, that’s easy That’s a square, Mrs. O’Connor That’s right! My goodness, this is shaping up to be a great day [kids giggling] Okay, Molly, do you know what this shape is called? Yes, I do, Mrs. O’Connor That’s a diamond shape A diamond is a square that’s sitting on its side That’s right! I know! Does anybody know the name of this shape? Okay, Betsy Please tell everyone what this shape is called That’s a rectangle, Mrs. O’Connor That’s absolutely right! Well, we only have one shape left today Does anybody know this shape’s name? All right, Maria What’s this shape called? It’s baloney shaped, Mrs. O’Connor! What? [kids laughing] Whoops, I mean, it’s triangle shaped See? It’s the same shape as the one on my hat That’s right, Maria They are both triangles Yes, Billy? All this talk about baloney has made me really hungry Is it lunchtime yet? Yes, Billy, as a matter of fact, it is lunchtime [stampede] You know something, Mrs. O’Connor? I think I’m going to like Lakeshore School One of the things I really like about kindergarten is that you never know what to expect each day Weekends are fun, but I like school better [Betsy] There are days when you think nothing much will surprise you, and you think that everyone sees the world pretty much the same way that you do I was about to find out that not everyone sees the world the same I will show you my treasure, but you can’t tell anyone what it is Wow! I wanna see that one! Ah, the tiger’s eye! Ooh, look at that beautiful green color!

Yes! But the most beautiful one is [crash] [marble rolling around] Arh! Oh, no! This is terrible! Billy lost his marbles! [both laughing] Oh! The marbles must be found! I found a yellow one Isn’t that color wonderful? I found a pink one My best one is still missing The blue one! That’s my favorite color There is goes, Billy! [rolling] Oh, thanks! Let’s go to your classroom No dawdling, children And no running! Gotcha! And no marbles! Good morning, class! [All] Good morning, Mrs. O’Connor! Today we’re going to learn about colors Do you have a favorite color? Yellow is the coolest color! No, it isn’t Purple is the most beautiful color Yellow and purple are nice, but there’s no color as beautiful as pink Colors are an important part of life We use colors every day to help us identify things Like little round things to eat might be Blueberries Yes! If they’re blue But if they are…green? I know! I know! Peas! That’s right Sometimes we can even use colors to describe how we feel If someone’s feeling sad, you could say that they were feeling blue Or when someone is jealous of another person, they may be acting like a green-eyed monster Well, that must be why the green-eyed monster I heard about is so unhappy He’s jealous! Rahhh! Reahh! Ng ng ng ng ng! [laughing] Could be! Pink usually means “happy.” Colors also play an important role in art And art, like colors, helps us to express ourselves This weekend, I want you all to create an art project for Parents’ Night, and discover the secret to primary colors What are primary colors? Primary colors are red, blue, and yellow [sotto voce] They have a secret? All I will tell you is that they are more than they appear Who has an idea for the art project? I know! Let’s build a giant robot! That sounds like fun! Robots are not art We need to paint a beautiful picture A picture of a monster! Monsters are creepy, horrible, and ugly! Hey, what if we made a monster? That’s it! Perfect! [all roaring] [roaring continues] I don’t want to make a monster [gasps] What if we make a doll? That is a great idea! Yuck! Why don’t you guys make your monster and we will make a doll? All right, Betsy The secret of the primary colors would have to wait for now We needed to come up with a great idea for our doll Now, what kind of doll are we going to make? How about an action hero? One with super powers! I think we should make a princess doll I think they’re prettier We could make a fairy princess She would be beautiful and have magical powers [gasps] What a great idea! Our project will be the best ever! It’s not as good as my idea, but it’s okay [giggles] Great! Let’s get started [barking] Gracie! Mom! [all yelling] Now what are we going to do? Half of our supplies are ruined! We’re doomed! The monster has to be really big! Rahhh! Oh I don’t know if we have enough to make it really big And he should have three eyes and slimy goop dripping from his body Rahhhr! Arhh! I’m scary! Rahhhr! I don’t think we have any slimy goop And fur! And a tail! Rerrr! Rah roarrer! Uh, um, nope, nope No tails or fur here either

We just don’t have the right stuff to make a cool monster Don’t be blue What exactly do we have? Um, posterboard, glue, paint brushes, construction paper, scissors, and colored paper Well, we’ll just have to find what we need Make way for the queen! I don’t like basements They’re gray like a cloudy day We’ve been looking all day, and we still haven’t found what we need Don’t worry We still have tomorrow Heads up! Hey, that’s it! We can use this old ball for her head Wonder how the boys are doing We could use the big blue marbles for eyes Yeah! And if we mix the glue with dirt, we can make our own slimy goop Hey, this grass would make great green fur! Uh, but what will we use for his body? She needs hair A fairy princess can’t be bald What are we gonna do for her hair? I could get some corn husks for her hair [laughs] Oh, no No, that will not do She should have beautiful curly hair We have to find something We’re running out of time [gasps] Gracie, no! [object falling] [Girls] Ah! The mop! Rah! Ah! [laughing] Hey, the trash can! That would make a great body! [Maria] Oh, Betsy, those eyes are beautiful Thanks, but we still have a lot of work to do and not much time left All we have to do now is paint her I’m so excited about our pink fairy princess Pink? Pink? Who said we were going to paint her dress pink? Wait, I thought it was going to be yellow I prefer red If we wanted the prettiest art project, her dress must be purple! Well…Sarah, we could paint her hair yellow Oh! She could have golden yellow hair Okay! And Maria, you could paint her lips red Yes! Red lipstick, like a model Betsy, her dress must be purple! Well, you think purple is the best and I think pink is So, what are we going to do? [roaring] It’s alive! It’s alive! [all laughing] I’m just about done with his fur And this is the last of the slimy goop All that’s left to do is paint his face green Green? His face has to be blue! Because I like blue Besides, there’s no green paint What? No green? Where’s the green? I have an idea Make half of it blue and half yellow Fine I guess it will have to work Mrs. O’Connor only gave us the primary colors: red, yellow, and blue I don’t know what she has against green I can’t believe it! What? Look! [Billy] Wow! [Kenji] That’s cool! At the far edge of the earth, battling the hairy grass monster, we discovered the secret of the primary colors! Mrs. O’Connor was right They are more than they appear It looks like we have green paint after all Cool! All I have to do is paint blue over the yellow half and it will be green! [Scott] Great! Let’s get this guy finished! Molly, if it’s all right with you, maybe we could paint the top half of her dress pink and the bottom half purple Hmm, well, um, let me think about it Yes, I guess that would be okay We only have an hour left Let’s get out the paints! Where, um– Where’s the purple paint? Oh, this is terrible There is no purple paint [gasps] Ooh But there is the most beautiful shade of red The yellow is perfect, but there is no purple or pink Pink is easy You just mix white and red [gasps] Wow! That’s a pretty neat trick! Red, blue, and yellow Didn’t Mrs. O’Connor say those were

the primary colors? Uh-huh And she also said that they had a secret, that they were more than they appear All that appears to me is that everyone has their favorite colors except me! I’m sorry, Molly I don’t know the secret, but don’t be blue Pink will be really pretty I know it You’ll see [clanking] Gracie! Gracie! No! No! No, Gracie, not the red paint, too! Aw, no, not my red paint This is terrible Now we’re never gonna finish in time! Gracie, you’re purple Where did you get purple on you? Purple? Red and blue mixed together makes purple! Betsy, your dog is a genius! She discovered the secret of primary colors! [Mrs. O’Connor] Welcome, and thank you all for coming This is our Parent Night art show The children have done a wonderful job of creating some beautiful and unique art pieces I wasn’t really expecting two art projects, but I must say, it is a pleasant surprise Anyway, enjoy yourselves Wait, Mrs. O’Connor, you haven’t said which one is best There’s no reason to pick They’re both equally wonderful How can they both be best? You see, each person has their own likes and dislikes, their own opinion, their own special way of looking at art, colors, and the world There’s no right or wrong in art So, even though I think pink is the most beautiful color ever, someone else might like red or yellow or purple I still think blue is the greatest, but I do like the monster’s face being half green Your monster’s not so bad He’s really kinda cool Oh, thanks I guess the fairy princess doll is kinda nice, too These last few days really did open my eyes to see how other people see the world, that people have different ideas of beauty, art, and colors And that can be a good thing Everyone was very happy with the way things turned out As for me, I guess you could say I was tickled pink [Mrs. O’Connor] Visit the Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventures website and see how Betsy’s getting ready for school Play games, color pictures, and meet all of Betsy’s friends at [Betsy] My friends and I love to read You can find all kinds of fun and interesting books to read at your local library Visit the library in your town today to have your own adventures, just like me [giggles] Of course, garbage will have to be taken out by somebody strong [Billy] When someone gives you a responsibility, you should always do your very best [Mrs. O’Connor] How about Billy? All right! I get to take out the garbage! Closed-Captioned By J.R. Media Services, Inc Burbank, CA